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Fandom Avatars of Dark and Light

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, Anime, LGTBQ Friendly, Super Powers, Supernatural

Dragon Slayer Arcos

Stealer of Thunder
Plot: The Avatar after Korra didn't do much in his life, similar to Kurrak, and didn't want to interfere in the world as his predecessor quite literally changed the world many times over in her tenure as the Avatar. However, during his lifetime, a unique cosmic event took place that would forever change the fate of the world. The event sped up the growth of darkness within Raava, allowing Vaatu to be return. However, because of the unique way in which Vaatu was reborn, he took on traits from Raava. Namely, upon Avatar Boscoe's death, Vaatu split from Raava and became attached to an unborn human. Also thanks to his time with the Avatar Spirit, Vaatu now had the same powers as Raava, specifically to imbue his host with control over the 4 elements. For the first time ever, 2 people would be able to bend the 4 elements, and 2 Avatars walk the earth, one of light and balance, the other of darkness and chaos. The world is entering a new age as these two supreme forces resume their eternal struggle.

Technologically: Modern/More eco-friendly than our world.
Bending: No longer heralded as special and is no longer commonly practiced.

The Avatars:
Light: @Dragon Slayer Arcos - Fire (Open) | Air (Locked) | Water (Locked) | Earth (Locked)
Dark: Open - Can choose their first element. No particular bending pattern to follow.

Ravaa's Avatar will be a fire bender, unaware of his status or role.
Vaatu's Avatar will be unaware of his/her status as well. However, Vaatu's influence will definitely be a force to be reckoned with.

To addition for the role of Vaatu's avatar, send me a PM with a 2 paragraph RP sample with your character losing a bending fight.

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