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Fandom Avatar: Shattered Fate [Closed to Further Applications]

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High Moon

Kayser-i Rûm

The Fire Nation nears total victory. After over half a century of war, all that remains to stand against them are the corrupt in walled cities and the desperate in desolate holdouts. The tides were thought to be turning in favour of the allied nations, the Avatar coming into her supreme power in the Northern Water Tribe, but it was all just a cruel trick. An illusion of hope. For the Avatar, selfless in her nature, was struck down in cold blood by her allies in the Earth Kingdom. By the Dai Li. With her death, the North was truly subdued, it’s last remnants fleeing through the spirit portal she had opened with her last breath to the familiar yet foreign South.

Why did this happen? Why would the Earth Kingdom commit such heinous dishonour?

Officially, they didn’t. Internally however, it was part of a much greater plan. For Earth came after Water, and with her death a new Avatar could rise that would bring the Dai Li, not the Northern Water Tribe, total victory. As for the inconvenience of no Avatar in the preceding years, it wasn’t like Avatar Ziah was winning her battle anyway, helping her people retreat as it was. They had fought for over 30 years, they could last another 16.

Yet the cruel tricks kept coming, and none would be struck as high as the Dai Li themselves. They searched far and wide, in every village, in every cave, for a child that possessed the ability to command all elements, and they found...nothing. The possibility then arose of something that made Generals pale and Sages quiet. There were lands that lay within the Earth Kingdoms claim, yet were not within their control. The invader had invaded after all, and those lands were firmly in their grasp. In their arrogance they might have gifted the enemy a weapon that could not be matched. Contingencies had to be made. And a Fire Lord, a people, tricked into believing there was no Avatar. The cycle had been broken in the North for all to see. For their own people, they adopted a more hopeful stance, parading around an Avatar of their own for propagandic effect. For the most part, the plan worked. The Fire Lords government was tricked into believing there would be no more Avatars and thus did not search for one, whilst the Dai Li, ever consistent in their tight control of information, tricked the anarchic provinces and peoples of the Earth Kingdom into believing that Ba Sing Se had brought them hope once more.

Now the world has resumed its great war with an almost religious fervour. Time passes on as the Earth Kingdom battles the Fire Nation, Omashu stands alone against all powers, and the remnants of the Northern Water Tribe combine with their southern brothers, abandoning all hope for reclaiming the North, providing some form of unity for a broken nation, raiding the shores of the south with ferocity only a broken people can know.

Rumours gather in the skies of battles to come, of the Great Admiral Shin, Conqueror of the North, being given orders unknown. What those rumours dare not say, for they do not know, is of the boy Ikairo. The Admiral's own adjudant. A colonial with Earth Kingdom roots. A lava bender and….the Avatar.

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Hello Everyone, me and my friends( Bradchon Bradchon Basil the Bulgar Slayer Basil the Bulgar Slayer TheTypestitute TheTypestitute ) present to you AVATAR: SHATTERED FATE. A spin on the tale of ATLA. Diverging with the death of Avatar Aang during the initial stage of the war, which led to the reincarnation of the Avatar Sprit.

We are looking for four players.​


B-Baka Dolt!
I'm rewatching Avatar so I'm a little interested in this. Though I would like to know the type of characters you would like writers to make, and the overall plan for what direction/plot the story is going to go down.

High Moon

Kayser-i Rûm
PrismaDawn PrismaDawn I honestly wasn't expecting this much interest in this, but it is a welcome surprise.

To answer your question we are actually looking for a wide varierity of characters, we have characters pushing the plot in both the Fire Nation side and the Earth Kingdom so anything goes really as long as it makes sense. Be it a Bounty Hunter, Colonial Rebel, A Sage from any of the nations, perhaps even a member of the secret order of the White Lotus. More detail regarding this will be out when we reveal the Character Sheet.

In terms of story we are taking a page right out of the series and organizing the RP into 'Books' with each one detailing a region and a plot to advance the overarching plot/theme we are going for. While I don't want to ruin the experience by giving out every detail I can say that the First 'Book' will be centered around the Fire Nation Colonies and the City of Omashu and will basically lay the groundwork for the Establishment of 'Team Avatar' and the opposition to that.


B-Baka Dolt!
High Moon High Moon sounds like this idea is well thought out. I'm totally game then and will be looking forward to the CS. Since you have so many people interested you might want to consider running a "CS contest" and just pick the writers/characters you want to be in your plot. I understand managing a story with a lot of writers can be a massive headache and often bogs down story flow.

High Moon

Kayser-i Rûm
Indeed that is what we will be doing Midoria. While I don't think we'll strictly follow the four-player limit since we have so much interest now, however we'll have to have a bit tighter of an application process for the submitted characters because we plan this to be a long running rp (hopefully) and we have to keep everything in order and on a steady course.

The Character Sheet page should be up in a day or two at most. In the meantime don't hesitate from asking any questions you guys might have.


A classy, literary, broad
That sounds awesome! I can't wait to see the character sheet, especially since I have some atla ocs that I'd love to use!
I have been working on some interesting CS things myself. I can't wait to share it with everyone. The outlines are done, and we are just working out the kinks and dynamics of the character ideas we already have, and making sure that what we provide you all will be accurate and comprehensive enough to not only introduce the world to you, but also engaging enough to inspire some really cool characters. So, yeah - can't wait to see what you have in store!


big oof
This sounds pretty cool! I‘d be interested. Just one question: Are you going to use animated face claims like in the show or is it like a real life Avatar? (Not like the Movie though, cause that was...not good haha)


Infectious Eldrazi
I would be incredibly interested in getting involved with this, space permitting! Whatever you would need me to submit regarding my character (character sheet and the like) I can easily provide!


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