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Taal was relieved that they didn't have to make some dramatic escape thanks to Ruiko, and as they were marched over to the place in which they would be under house arrest, he chastised himself silently. See, there was no reason for you get antsy. Everything will be fine! There's nothing good communication can't fix.

Upon entering the noble house, Taal was in awe. He had never seen a home so lavish before, let alone been in one. There was way better air flow in here aswell, so he could breathe much easier. While the others moved about their separate ways, taking in the space and getting comfortable, Taal examined the plants in clay pots on the windowsills. Ginger root, soy, and Jasmine. Taal plucked a few petals of the jasmine flower. He wasn't sure when he would get his herbs back, but for now he could make everyone Jasmine tea. After the initial shock of being thrown in jai, everyone seemed to be getting along. Perhaps their meeting was fated for some reason. He would like to think so.

As the water tribe men whose names Taal didn't know yet apologized and thanked Ruiko, the other fire nation girl was calling from presumably the kitchen offering to make them all food. It was at that point that Taal realized he was starving! He made his way over to the kitchen too, bringing his Jasmine petals. The kitchen was a sight to behold for one such as he, cabinets, a table, and things he had never seen before. What caught his eye right a way was the kettle.

"You are kind to prepare us a meal," Taal said in his breathy tone. "How about I make some tea to go along with it?" He brought out the petals and moved over to grab the kettle.



Ruiko was walking through the house, eventually making her way up to the second story of the large house. She walked down the hall until finding one of the bedrooms walking inside; she looked around. There was a large bed with green sheets, a small table with two chairs, and various other things in the room. The house was no doubt fit for a noble, though the fact they had been placed here was strange in her mind. Why would they place people under house arrest here? Eventually, she returned to the main entrance after dropping off the items they had returned to the group.

There were so many questions she would need to answer if she could get the chance. Letting out a sigh, she heard footsteps; turning over her shoulder, she saw Sutar. "No, this isn't some kind of conspiracy that I'm dragging you all into," she stated before he spoke. Afterward, she tilted her head slightly to the right as he apologized. She took him for the sulking in the corner type when he was wrong about something. This surprised her. "It's fine; I think most people have a reason to hate the fire nation for something nowadays," She concluded before nodding.

She heard other footsteps coming toward her as it was now Ling, "well, if by selling out my people you mean trying to end this stupid war, then sure. The fire nation was once a proud nation that was respected for its power; now it's only feared and hated because of its arrogance," she stated, shaking her head. She didn't like the idea of selling out her people, but she figured it was one of the ways she could undermine the war effort and hope to bring it to an end. "Anyway, care to explain why the other fire nation girl called you a thief? I mean, we are all under the same room, for the time being, might as well tell us the story," she chuckled.

Before anyone could answer, someone else was pushed through the door by the guards, turning to face the new arrival. Seeing as the man wasn't saying a word, "Do you speak?" She inquired as she looked at the apparent Airbender in the house's main room.

She then turned to the other water tribe member, "Well, I could have left you all there to stay in that cell; however, I thought you would rather be able to move around. Or was I wrong?" She inquired, placing her hands on her hips. "If I had to guess, they don't trust us; we are all strangers to this land or, well, most of us anyway," she theorized as she didn't have an answer.

"Hog Monkeys? Well, you seem to be in a more reasonable mood at the very least," She sighed before shaking her head as there was the sound of an Ostrich Horse being brought into the courtyard outside. Looking out the window, the group would see Saki's mount being dropped off at the stable. Though at the far end of the courtyard, several guards were now placed to keep the group from leaving the area.

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