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Multiple Settings ava’s roleplay search [fandom + originals]

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New Member

 ava’s roleplay search 

the basics
» my name is ava
» she/her
» 21 years old
» working full time in journalism
» cat owner
» tea and books enjoyer
» book worm

roleplay preferences
» i only roleplay with people that are 18 or older
» i would consider my replies to be around 5 paragraphs on average, sometimes more, sometimes less
» i write in third person only
» ooc chat is welcomed
» plotting together is required. i will not be the only one working on the plot and the roleplay
» be able to write at least around two paragraphs per reply
» semi-ghost friendly? i don’t appreciate it, but i understand that it happens
» good communication is key. i’m always up to change things in the roleplay if you don’t like it!
» for doubling: i expect equal effort for both sides of the story
» no mary sue characters or god-modding
» be able to play female and male characters, as well as side characters
» patience with replies. i will be patient as well
» i’ll mostly be able to reply thursday to sunday, but outside of that window as well every now and then

bold — craving; strike through — not looking; italics — preferred characters to play but not a must

i am interested in doing oc x canon as well as canon x canon roleplays for these fandoms. you’ll find oc x oc ideas for fandoms further down! if someone you'd like for me to play when we double up and they aren't listed here, feel free to ask for them anyway!

» marvel cinematic universe
i can play: natasha, yelena, wanda, peter, steve, bucky, thor, scott lang, mj, steven grant, sam, vision, valkyrie
want to play against: strange, tony, loki, scott, steven grant
ships: peter/mj; wanda/vision; steve/tony, steve/bucky

» stranger things
i can play: nancy, steve, jonathan
want to play against: steve, jonathan
ships: nancy/jonathan

» peaky blinders
i can play: ada, tommy, michael, gina, arthur, alfie, grace
want to play against: tommy
ships: tommy/grace, tommy/mae

» star wars
i can play: leia, rey, luke, mando, fennec, obi-wan, ahsoka, padme, poe, finn, jyn, cassian
want to play against: mando, cassian, luke
ships: han/leia, jyn/cassian, poe/finn, obi-wan/cody, padme/anakin, luke/mando

» harry potter
i can play: hermione, ginny, luna, harry, ron, fred, george, remus, james, peter, sirius, neville, lily, newt
want to play against: sirius, george, fred, neville, remus, newt
ships: harry/ginny, hermione/ron, sirius/remus, neville/luna

» criminal minds
i can play: emily, garcia, jj, reid, morgan
want to play against: hotch, reid

» shadow and bone
i can play: alina, nina, inej, wylan, jesper, zoya, genya
want to play against: kaz, nikolai
ships: nina/matthias, inej/kaz, genya/david, jesper/wylan, nikolai/zoya

» game of thrones
i can play: daenerys, margaery, jon, robb, tyrion, oberyn, jorah, sansa, arya, ygritte
want to play against: jon, jaime, oberyn
ships: jorah/dany, dany/jon, robb/theon, sansa/theon, margaery/robb, jon/ygritte

» detroit: become human
i can play: markus, kara, connor, hank, north
want to play against: connor
ships: hank/connor

» resident evil
i can play: claire, ada, leon, chris
wanna play against: leon

fandoms (oc x oc)

» star wars
rebel/empire, jedi/sith, rebel/empire spy (or vice versa), pilot/spy, smuggler/jedi

» harry potter
hufflepuff/slytherin, pure-blood/muggleborn, deatheater/ non-deatheater, ravenclaw/hufflepuff

» game of thrones
noble/poor, king (prince)/handmaiden

» the elder scrolls
open to anything

» assassin's creed
assassin/non-assassin, assassin/target, assassin/assassin

» detroit: become human


word bank:
romance | gritty | forbidden love | star-crossed | angsty | rainy nights | heartbreak | lost | small town | strangers | hope | single-parent | enemies to lovers | forced proximity | larger threat | team-up | childhood friends | mystery | curses | medieval | historic | dancing balls |

» mystery
» cyberpunk
» historical (until 1960s)
» fantasy (high and low)
» medieval fantasy
» supernatural

prompts will be added!

if i was able to capture your interest with any of this, feel free to message me!


*Gasp* Need Water!
Hi! I would be interested in doing a double up roleplay for Star Wars! I am interested in making a storm trooper oc who joins the rebels and was wanting Luke, Leia, or Ahsoka for her love interest! I am also looking forward to getting to know your oc!

I am 21, and in college going for a bachelor's in organismal biology, so I can be quite busy during the school year. It's summer though so I should be able to reply often.

I am looking forward to hearing back from you. :)


Roleplay Availability
Roleplay Type(s)
I would like to rp
Criminal minds
Marvel universe
Or original

My name is Tiffany I am 18. I use she/her prns. Possible lovers for criminal minds is Morgan, Reid, Prentiss & Alvez. Marvel is Natasha , Peter Q , Peter P, Tchalla, Tony, & Sam

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