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Welcome to the Library of Auverand, where you will find everything you need to know about our beautiful country. From the five main holds that unify this land, to the types of inhabitants that call it home, you will find everything you need here. Have questions? You can ask the librarians who have held these halls for centuries. @RadioRacoon or @txlos check their inboxes often, and will get back to you via raven with any questions you may have.
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The Map of Auverand
Below in the spoiler is an extended map of Auverand
Underneath the map is a spoiler of the lesser towns surrounding the five major holds
If you have any questions of it, please send a raven to @txlos


The Towns of Auverand Include
○ Faymoer
○ Clayshire
○ The Strands
○ Barebrook
○ Salt Home
○ Grimpost
○ Newacre
○ Ebonmere
○ Baystrand
○ Direbury
○ Fawn Hollow


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The Vogaul Family
Home in Bellguard, the Capital
"The First Men"

Bellguard is said by many to be the birthplace of both civilization and man, and as such, House Vogaul is regarded as the oldest of the five houses, deeply rooted with countless traditions and customs. With an ancient heritage, most of the people of Bellguard are deeply prideful, turning up their noses at the mention of any of the other houses. Similarly, Bellguard and House Vogaul are typically seen as being high-horse elitists, only serving to distance the royal family from their subjects. Bellguard has an awful tendency to ignore the problems that come and go across the rest of the kingdom, being far too preoccupied with their own politics.

While Bellguard has very little to offer of their own by means of production, the markets and merchants of the ancient land are wealthy. Bellguard thrives only because of the powerful merchant guilds located in the capital city, which in turn all pay their taxes to House Vogaul. The Vogaul's would largely be powerless without the financial support of the the heinous taxes they demand be collected. Without their income, House Vogual would lack the resources to field any sort of military, and would crumble.

Politically speaking, Bellguard and House Vogaul aren’t well liked by the other lands and houses. The have an especially heated rivalry with House Mercer, who in recent years has grown in power, enough so to seriously challenge the hegemony of Bellguard. In order to make up for it, House Vogual has numerous mercenaries from The Wilde, a weak attempt to intimidate House Mercer.

The towns of Faymoor and The Strands largely answer to Bellguard.

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The Mercer Family
Home in Millhold
"The Valleyfolk"

Millhold and House Mercer were originally formed by colonists from Bellguard, searching for more fertile lands for crops and their livelihoods. As such, Millhold and Bellguard once shared a very close relationship, founded upon shared ancestry and trade. However, as Millhold began to grow, both economically and militarily, tensions began to rise with the Royal House. The high taxes put in place by House Vogual were highly disputed, nearly to the point of rebellion. Millhold rallied their armies and well known cavalries, threatening to ignite a war of independence. Luckily, war never came. Bellguard and House Vogual folded. Millhold was no longer just a small colony across the sea. They had become a true rival to Bellguard and the Throne.

As the name ‘Millhold’ would imply, the surrounding villages and farms are home to some of the most fertile fields in the entirety of the kingdom. The crops here always seem to grow in overabundance, and as consequence, so do the cities. Of the five major houses and their capitals, Millhold is the largest. It’s markets may not be as rich as those in Bellguard, but they more than make up for it with their population. With such an abundance of people, Millhold has no problems when it comes to fielding an army. They may just be men-at-arms, going through basic training and not much more, but they are many and proud in their hold. In addition to the vastness of land that Millhold seems to take, it is no surprise that they also hold the largest cavalry in all of Auverand.

Being the largest exporter of food, Millhold trades with all of the other houses (even Bellguard). The Mercers have capitalized on this specifically, doing their best to make allies of the Wilde clans to their south, and Westnor to the southeast. The Mercers are respected, but the people of Millhold are mostly just seen as simple farm-folk.

Recently, Millhold’s reputation with The Wilde and House Payne has suffered, due to House Payne taking money from House Vogual as payment for their military support.

The towns of Clayshire, Ebonmere, and Newacre largely answer to Millhold.

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The Bren Family
Home in Ironfort
"The Shippers"

Of all the Houses, none hate the Voguals more than the Brens. Ironfort was originally a prison colony, an island where Bellguard disposed of it's criminals. It has long since evolved from that, growing and becoming more civilized, but the people of Ironfort never forgot their roots, and the bad blood with Bellguard and the Voguals was never forgiven. The Shippers are happily isolated on their island, far from the snobbish noses of Bellguard.

While The Brens and Ironfort may not have the largest or most powerful army, their navy is unmatched. Ships waving the Ironfort banner can be found all across the world, even in the far north where the waters freeze over and monsters are said to lurk. They are poor though, most here are just fishermen, doing their best to survive along the rocky coasts of Ironfort.

As hard as life may be along the coast, outcasts from other lands still flock here. Whether its a thief from Millhold, or an Mage from the Drift, no one is turned away here. Ironfort is a land of second chances, and as such has become incredibly diverse. You may find Dwarvish smiths competing on the street. You can drink ale in a Dweller tavern, and find sleep in a inn ran by gargantuan half-giants. Anyone can make a home here, without the fear of being driven away, just so long as you follow the established laws. Break the law though, and the Brens are merciless. The punishment for any crime is the same; Death by drowning.

Bellguard does their best to avoid dealing with Ironfort, looking down on the Shippers are criminals and vagabonds. However, The remainder of the houses have no issues with Ironfort. Ironfort and The Wilde share a especially close relationship. There has been talk of the Brens and the Paynes forming a military alliance.

The towns of Salt Home, Grimpost, and Barebrook largely answer to Ironfort.

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The Payne Family
Home in The Wilde
"The Wildmen"


The other Houses and their lands are unified entities, The Wilde are more of a loose confederation, held together by the powerful Paynes. The Wilde is just that, wild. House Payne does very little to regulate anything, not in the capital city or the woods that surround their lands. Bandits are rampant along the roads, but the bandits should be the least of your worries. In the woods, monsters have made home. Boars the size of grizzly bears, monstrous hawks that can lift and throw men. The Beasts of the Wilde Woods hold some sort of magic, allowing the animals here to grow far past their normal standards. If you come across a pack of Wilde Wolves, you best pray for salvation…

Even if the beasts of the Wilde Wood don’t get you, you’ve still got more to worry about. Raiding parties from The Drift frequently venture north into the Wilde. Orcs, and trolls are all too common, pillaging their northern neighbors before disappearing back into the deserts.

Obviously, The Wilde is a dangerous place. Even if House Payne were to try and regulate their lands, there is little they could do. Men, either born in the Wilde or coming to seek their fortune, often meet their deaths here. Those that manage to survive this land of perils emerge as true warriors. Battle-Tested. Honed by the the Orcs of the south or the beasts of the wood. Only a fool trifles with a soldier waving the banner of House Payne.

The Wilde and House Payne boast some of the most skilled warriors in the land. They may be few in number, but a single swordsman from The Wilde is said to be worth twenty men from Millhold. Whether or not that is true has yet to be proven, but Wildmen mercenaries are well paid and sought out for. House Vogual has invested quite a lot of money hiring House Payne and their warriors, though they have yet to have any use for them.

The towns of Baystrand and Direbury largely answer to The Wilde.

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The Quorse Family
Home in Westnor
"The Westnori"


The Quorses, though appearing human, are indeed not. Fire ignites at their command, and the earth trembles at the sound of their voice. The Quorses’ bloodline is one of mages, and powerful ones at that. Aside from mages, Westnor is known to be home to people and creatures that otherwise wouldn’t exist. Giants roam here, serving House Quorse just as they have for hundreds of years, and most elementals choose to make their home here.

To the other four houses, as well as the entirety of Auverand, the Quorses are largely a mystery. They aren’t open with their business and they only trade for what they absolutely need. The Mages themselves, though powerful, largely lack leadership. The Quorses may be in charge, but they refuse to risk a civil war trying to enforce their rules.

The town of Fawn Hollow answers to Westnor, without question.

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Humans are by far the most common race. They compose all of The Great Houses, aside from The Quorses, though not much else is to be said about them. They first appeared in the lands of Bellguard before spreading to the surrounding areas, making home after home, enemies and alliances. They are adept hunters and farmers, though are easier to kill due to their general anatomy.

Important Notes
○ Humans are unable to cast magic
○ Human can be effected by magic
○ Humans are known to make up the best cavalries
○ Humans are able to have animal companions (within reason)
○ Humans are able to marry outside of their race (with great skepticism from others)
○ Humans require real-life or realistic art FCs

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Elemental Priests/Priestesses

The Elemental Priests and Priestesses are mostly just referred to as ‘Elementals’. An Elemental is born of human parents, though they are sterile and may not have children of their own. They appear entirely human, aside from their eyes. An Elemental’s eyes will take on the appearance of whatever one of the four elements they are aligned with. A Fire Elemental’s eyes may look like embers of a flame, or a raging inferno. A Earth Elemental’s eyes may looks like emeralds or rubies. A water elemental’s eyes almost always look like frozen ice. And a lightning elemantal’s eyes flash like dark stormclouds.

Children found to be Elementals are almost always sent to Westnor to be trained and educated, but they may be found nearly anywhere.

Important Notes
○ Elementals cannot have children
○ Elementals can hone the power of earth, water, fire, or lightening. No others.
○ Elementals rarely appear on the battlefield
○ Animals are known to fear Elementals, therefore they do not have animal companions
○ Elementals may not marry
○ Elementals require real-life or realistic art FCs

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Dwellers are the most mysterious race of Auverand. Most make their homes deep within the forests of The Wilde, but handfuls can be found wandering the world in search of adventure and trouble. They are made of the very earth itself, comprised of roots and branches, making a human-looking creature. They are known for being extremely curious, despite living well into their 200s. A Dweller is not considered an adult until they are around 50. Dwellers are rarely found in any of the large cities, choosing to stick the the forests and fields. They make excellent warriors and rangers though, being nimble and agile. Dweller warriors and rangers almost always have to purchase or steal their belongings from other races.

Important Notes
○ Dwellers are unable to cast magic
○ Dwellers can sometimes be effected by magic
○ Dwellers adept in beast training and herbalism
○ Dwellers are not known for any sort of craftsmanship
○ Dwellers may marry outside of their race
○ Dwellers require realistic artwork FCs

Need help finding art for a Dweller? Send a raven to @txlos


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The Dwarves are somewhat of a rarity, though handfuls can be found in the great cities. They homeland is far north of Bellguard, where the snow blocks out the sun and the ice never melts. They almost never grow any taller than four feet tall, and typically sport long beards for the men and braids for the women. The Dwarves are excellent smiths and craftsmen. Dwarven weapons and armour are extremely expensive, being incredibly durable. And though those in the land of Auverand are willing to pay a pretty penny for a Dwarven smith to do their work, many dislike the shorter humanoid race, calling them racial slurs such as “Half-men” or “Stunties”.

Important Notes
○ Dwarves are unable cast magic
○ Dwarves can be effected by magic
○ Dwarves are adept smiths and craftsmen
○ Hearty domesticated animals seem to flock to Dwarves (big dogs, built ponies)
○ Dwarves tend not to marry outside of their race
○ Dwarves require realistic artwork FCs

Need help finding art for a Dwarf? Send a raven to @txlos



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Mages look entirely human, but they have the ability to call upon the unseen powers of the world to cast magnificent spells and curses. Mages and humans may have children, but a the less “Mage Blood” a child has, the less powerful they will be able to become. In places like Millhold and Bellguard, Mages are often hunted, seen as evil beings. A Mage would do well to keep their identity a secret. Though most, at least the smart ones, flee to Westnor to hone their powers and be protected.

Important Notes
○ Mages can have children with another mage or a human

○ Mages hone specific powers (minimal necromancy, illusion magic, etc)
○ Mages are considered 'secret weapons' on the battlefield, but are often kept as slaves
○ Mages are able to have animal companions (within reason)
○ Mages are adept at medicinal arts
○ Mages can marry, but normally do so within other mages/humans
○ Mages require real-life or realistic art FCs
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