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Fantasy Augurium ~ IC

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Aelia Aeldyne

Leanansidhe - Vitae Island

Lea was walking in the grass, musing about while enjoying the sunset. Dressed casually (as usual), the boy wandered aimlessly, his feet carrying him from one point to another while his gaze did not avert from the setting sun. It was almost a miracle that he hadn't bumped into someone already. A miracle, or the workings of something or someone... Or just plain old dumb luck. Well anyway, Lea was avoiding any and all obstacles deftly, either hopping over in a simple motion as if he hadn't noticed them, or swaying around as if he was doing a dance step.

And talking about swaying... Lea's allure was certainly drawing gazes, even though he wasn't really noticing them. His lithe and thin body made him look like a sort of emo-gothic doll with the clothing he wore, black shirt red skirt, completed by thigh-high black socks and a pair of sneakers. His hair was adding to the impression, what with his hair fluttering in the wind and the last sunrays playing tricks in the silken weave, Lea's red stripe like a streak of shining garnet amidst an onyx mane.


His familiar and long-time friend and pet cat Maeb was running around him in circles, trailing in the grass, sometimes bolting between his feet, jumping around like excited pets are prone to, mewing as it did so. Amused, Lea plucked a pomegranate from a nearby tree and, sitting at its feet, took a full bite. The slick pink fruit burst open as he chewed away a chunk of it, the thick, syrupy juice flowing down in his throat and at the corners of his mouth and somewhat spraying over his face too. A drop flew in his eye, making him wince slightly. Wiping his face off with the back of his left hand then slowly licking off the sticky liquid, he murmured in the wind

"And that's why you swallow and don't bite, girl..."

Quickly licking his lips, he contemplated the rest of the pomegranate and... "Ah, fuck, that" and he swallowed it whole, emitting a subdued but audible gulp as he did so.


Lying sit in the grass, back against the tree and both arms across his belly, he contemplated the sunset as the school amorced its descent upon the brazilian wastes. Maeb came to rest in his lap, curling up in a small ball of white fur that Lea absentmindedly stroked as time passed.

When the impact happened, the little kitten jumped off so hard that it hit Lea in the jaw, throwing the boy's head back against the tree's solid trunk, knocking him out cold. Panicking as the island began to tilt, the animal was running circles around its master, all of the other people scurrying away in fear. As it noticed that its master was starting to sleep down, the beast's inner instincts took over, and Maeb's presence lit up the surrounding few square meters with green light as it stimulated the growth of life, entangling Lea in vines and grass to prevent him from moving more.


That done, Maeb jumped in the tree, hiding amongst the branches, keeping watch. Its master was safe - for now.


The world just isn't fun without a little chaos.
Hira Graves

Interactions: Gavin @Kyrenka
Hira continued dragging Gavin all the way to trade island, her familiar Raze flew near them as they made their way through the portal to trade island. The huge crowd was annoying but she slowly started to relax their grip on Gavins arm upon reaching trade island. The grim look on the staffs face here made it clear that this was not a drill, which was interesting to say the least. Though they didn't know how common occurrences like this happened nor did they know how prepared the school was when it comes to dueling with these sorta situations, so they had no idea on what to make of all this. They checked under their uniform for their trusty gun that was usually always there ,hidden from sight but accessible in case they needed it. Seeing that it was still there they then looked around their surroundings, their familiars screech gave a indicator to other students to give them space as they descended towards the ground right next to them. Their familiars tail axe struck the ground, also turning some of the concrete into dust when their tail axe hit it. Which did send a clear message to others that their familiar was pretty aggressive which made others even less keen on wanting to be near them. Still though Hira didn't pay much mind and instead focused on the principle and Gavin. And after a moment they spoke Gavin without taking their eyes off the Principle "Seems this isn't a drill, hopefully you might survive this predicament." they said that in a dead serious tone making it hard to tell if they were joking or not.



One Thousand Club
1589341698793.png1589341738453.png Kitchi noticed the fear and panic of others but was unaffected, they were just going to wilds like their homeland. Wouldn't be too hard to survive. Chepi was feeling the effects however as she squeezed his hand and regulated her breathing. He decided it would be best for them to ride on Achak, he moved into his familiars back and pulled Chepi up and set her in front of himself where he held her tightly to calm her. He sensed the people around him but he felt a large presence in the distant forest, much like the tyrant of their home forest... except much stronger. "I sense something big. Best we avoid it, shouldn't be hard."


The world just isn't fun without a little chaos.
Kira Kawin

Interactions: IDK Ahmar?
Kira was in her dorm computer out and on face chat with their friends Noa and Yura, though it wasn't exactly her who group of friends they were the only ones that she could talk to at the moment. Noa looked pretty happy and Yura was drinking tea as usual, Kira honestly thought that the only thing that would make that girl frown is if someone said to them that they ran out of tea. Either way Kira looked at their screen with their cheeks resting on their hand and a smug smile plastered on their face as the spoke with their friends. Noa was still going on about how she wished to see her in person again and get the group back together, though when they stopped talking Kiras interest perked back up looking at her friend who seemed to be shocked. "Wait Kira, you didn't tell me you had a pet?!?" Kira then relized what had their friend so shocked as the glanced at their bird who apparently flew onto the bird rest they had behind them, though it was a bit far the camera was still able to catch it. "Oh that, yeah the school gave it to me, their name is Leven." Yura then paused from drinking her tea to ask "What made you decide to name them Leven?" Kira then mused a bit on the question before moving on to pick up on replying "Well i -" Before she could finish though the ground shook and they held on to their table as a loud sound could be heard. "What the THANOS SNAPPING -" Kira then looked at her screen online to find she lost their signal and their Familiar has left its perch to fly onto her shoulders likely for their comfort or cause they wanted to protect them. Though it didn't matter much to Kira as she lost her Internet Connection and was now super annoyed as she stormed out of their room . Preparing to yell at their roommate for a explanation, the fury in their eyes made it clear they were angry "What the -" Before she could finish her sentence she then started to hear the booming voice of the principle , telling all students to report to trade island for some sorta emergency. After that revelation Kiras Fury, changed into one of shock then resignation as they sighed and said "Great, school problems, just perfect. I guess we better head to trade island." she didn't even look at their roommate as they marched straight for the door murmuring things under their breath as the made their way to exit.


St. Ka'alia
~Lee Owens~
Trade Island

Lee Owens.jpg Lee nodded along as Talvyn spoke, feeling some tension leave his frame. Of course Talvyn knew best! He was right, they would be fine. The teachers were mostly Ultimas! The best of the best! And the school was full of Ultimas in training! Maybe someone wanted to cause trouble, but they wouldn't die. Maybe get hurt or be delayed but nobody was dying. Buddy wrapped around the redhead's neck like some sort of scaly scarf. Using one hand to pet the familiar, Lee gave his roommate a relieved smile, "Gee, I'm really glad that you're so smart! I was getting really scared." He still was, but his downward spiral of fear-induced panic had been halted. He glanced at the crowd around them. They too seemed to have collected themselves somewhat as the mess of bodies became more organized. More than a few students were shuffling around in search of people. Maybe their friends? Lee had made more than a few friends since classes first began. I hope everyone is OK... A thought struck him suddenly, causing the redheaded boy to ask Talvyn in a hushed whisper, "What about Miranda!? Should we find her? I can help you look for her if you want?" Lee knew through his roommate that the girl had an older roommate, a full-fledged adult actually, which meant she was more than likely safe. But Talvyn likes seeing her. Friends help friends, right? Talvyn liked keeping his distance but this was sort of an extreme circumstance; maybe he'd want to confirm with his own eyes that she was safe. Lee wouldn't mind diving back into the crowd to find his best friend's love.

((Interacting with @Peckinou's Talvyn | Mentioned @Blackrose7's Miranda))


St. Ka'alia
Trade Island

Chepi.png Chepi appreciated it greatly when Kitchi pulled her onto his familiar's back. The chaos had thrown not only the spirits into turmoil but the souls of the living in the crowd as well. It was overwhelming, trying to ignore so many intrusive souls and their strong emotions at the same time. She let out another slow breath as she forced herself to recenter herself. "Do you think it's what struck us down?" It didn't matter either way, it didn't change the fact that they were falling, she just wanted to keep hearing his voice as her husband answered her questions. His presence made the weight on her mind lighter. Rubbing her temples, she resisted the temptation to take her glasses off. She may need them and wasting time getting them out again during an emergency could be the difference between life and death. I need to get used to this. If my peers can handle it then so can I. Her gaze swept over the mingling bodies again. When would the teachers begin organizing everyone? Most of the students were mostly untrained and needed leadership. They needed to be prepared. Perhaps there is no enemy then? She hoped so. Battle was exhilarating, but the taking of another's life wasn't. Neither was the loss of a comrade.

((Interacting with @EldridSmith's Kitchi))


True Black Rose Beauty
Miranda Olesen
Satur, the 7th of October, Year 500
??? - Dorms -> Trade Island
This week was fun for Miranda. Because not only was career day fun, but she got a new friend to play with. The familiar was named Rainbow, and they are an adorable mini alicorn. The excited Miranda was playing with Rainbow on Friday, because that was the day they had hatched. But today, Miranda was planning to go get a wind magic tutor. As she needed someone to help her control her wind magic, since it is going to end up hurting someone eventually.
As Miranda was getting ready to head out with their wand, a deafening boom went off. This caused Miranda to run towards Rainbow, because she needed a supportive hug. Maria then grabbed one of her arms, and ran out the door. This terrified poor Miranda. Because she doesn't know what was going on, but she didn't let go of Maria.
They were met with a flood of students evacuating the dorms, and Miranda was trying her best to get through it. However, it was difficult for her to get through, but lucky for her. Maria had scooped her in their arms, so Miranda could get a better grip on Rainbow. She let Maria carried her to Trade Island's portal. For she knew that she was safe in her arms.
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St. Ka'alia
~Liliana Bermudez~
Artor's Office

LFB.jpg Gazing at the egg sitting limply beside her on the couch, Liliana took another bite of the honey bun that Mr. Artor had offered her at the beginning of their session. The pastry was sweet, and on any other occasion she might've been more inclined to scarf it down, but as of now she didn't have much of an appetite; she could only stomach taking a single bite every once in a while out of politeness. Her familiar still hadn't hatched. Everyone else in her class had theirs but hers still hadn't hatched. Staring down at the honey bun as she fought off tears once again, she placed it back on her plate and avoided making eye contact as she talked. "Is there something wrong with me?" There had to be. Nobody in her family was a Tenebris user, she looked so plain unlike everyone else in Terra Augurium and the vibrant colors that decorated their bodies, and her powers were manifesting in really weird ways. Or rather, she didn't have powers; it felt more like she just had a presence at her command. It would explain why her familiar hadn't hatched yet. No mana, no familiar. There's something wrong with me. Dark thoughts circled through her head as she rocked a little bit. "I've tried everything that I could think of. I asked for help. I looked up books. It won't hatch." She shrunk in on herself as she felt her self-esteem crumble. The brunette sniffled and wiped her eyes with the back of her sleeve. Why do I even bother? She didn't fit in here, she never did. The students here were all talented beyond her range of abilities. She couldn't keep up and this was proof that she was a failure. Feeling lost, Liliana stared at the floor as she waited Mr. Artor to reassure her. That's what counselors were meant to do, comfort people. A morbid part of her hoped that he wouldn't so that she'd have a reason to stop trying. All of this effort was just so tiring. Existing was tiring.

Her downward spiral was forcibly halted as the office violently rocked as objects around them clattered to the ground. The brunette screamed as something shattered. They quickly came to her rescue. Wrapping the girl in shadowy arms to ward off the falling objects, They also shielded the unhatched egg so that nothing would smash it. The quaking subsided but didn't stop, and the Principal's announcement paralyzed Liliana with terror. She could feel Them shoving the familiar egg into her hands, but it felt numbly distant. Gaze sliding over to her now fallen and ruined pastry, she felt a tinge of guilt for letting Mr. Artor's floor get dirty. Her body rocked as the ground continued to shake. She couldn't unlock her muscles for some reason; she was glued to her seat. Mom and Dad would be pretty upset if I die. It was concerning how little that motivated her to move. They didn't have the capacity to realize that Liliana needed to move and just continued to shield her from potential threats. Turning the egg over in her hands, she vaguely wondered if it wasn't too late to give it to someone else. Surely there were more qualified people to take it than her.

((Interacting with @ManofManyRoles's Mr. Artor))


St. Ka'alia
~Gavin Heidrich~
Trade Island

Gavin.jpg Gavin sputtered before shouting, "What do you mean hopefully!?" He wasn't that bad! Hell, he even had a tutor before he came here! If she was joking it went straight over his head. Being able to tell when people were being sarcastic or serious was never his strong suit. Offended, he huffed a little before pouting. Taking in their surroundings, the brunet noticed a few familiar faces. Like those tall ass wasteland people. Damn, I wish I had a bear. His familiar didn't have great combat abilities like some of the other students' familiars. Lettuce was like a flying rat that only responded to bribery in the form of food. Another pair was that hard-ass from The New Holy Roman Empire and her sweet roommate. Strangely, being able to recognize the people around them comforted him a little. These were his friends and classmates. He could trust them to have his back. Gavin glanced down at Hira, noting the gun slung along her back and her aggressive familiar that he was positive came from the depths of Hell itself. As aloof as she was, he knew that she too would have his back. His familiar chittered again as the island they were on swayed as its decent continued. I really hope nothing's waiting for us on the ground.

((Interacting with @Peckinou's Hira | Mentioned @EldridSmith's Kitchi and @Blackrose7's Miranda))


St. Ka'alia
~María de los Ángeles~
Trade Island

Maria.jpg Still carrying the younger girl and her familiar bridal style, María watched as the mob of frightened students calmed slightly. Feeling like this was as good of an opportunity as any, the soldier put Miranda back onto the ground. In a firm voice she said, "Keep close. If we get separated find a teacher and stay near them." It wasn't a suggestion, but she doubted that Miranda would purposely try and fight the order given the circumstances. It wouldn't be too hard for the smaller girl to find a teacher anyways; they were the only ones not wearing a student uniform after all. The ground beneath them shuddered once again. This is bad. The buildings around them were starting to make her nervous. What if they collapsed from the impacts? Where are our orders? They were here on the island as instructed, when was the Principal going to tell them the next step? All the brunette knew was that they should brace for impact. Searching above the heads of the crowd as best as she could, María spotted her prize. Grabbing Miranda's hand once again, she led the girl to a lamppost. It was tall and sturdy, having been embedded in the ground securely made it a good thing to brace against. "Grab the post," she instructed. Once her roommate was gripping the metal pole, the soldier crowded behind the younger girl; caging the girl in between the post and María's body. If the island's impact onto the ground was rough, Miranda would be shielded from the worst of it. "Don't let go."

((Interacting with @Blackrose7's Miranda))


One Thousand Club
1589341698793.png As he tightly held Chepi against himself she asked if he thought the large creature he sensed was the reason. He honestly didn't have a clue. "I don't know. It's possible." He says began noticing she was still nervous. He began softly singing the song that was sung on their wedding day, his deep voice rumbling as it did so, but the song was still clear to Chepi. He held onto her as Achak carried them forward. Whatever the result was, he would be at peace with it as long as Chepi survived.
@Kyrenka (Sorry it's short.)


Zak of Moon

source-4 (1).gif
Chaos swept like tropical twisters through trade island, scattering obnoxious students who impersonated panicked fools. Spreading doom they advertised cowardice at high volume but Zak was completely immune to their antics. He was behind something impossible to circumvent or destroy, an immovable object standing against unstoppable force of volume — a defense known colloquially as Zak's restful sleep.

Hibernating well enough to reverse amputation he was experiencing "hold on, how do we repeat that" rest levels that drug companies killed for. Nothing could stir such divine ordinance, even as Augurium shook with an explosive bang and fell from the bloody sky! Dreaming well under rustling maple branches his lone, discombobulated reaction was a grumbling "oy that's me roasted cat leg" picturing slum delicacies while the school physically skewed.

Well slanted the position could wake skeletons from sleep — but not Zak. Rolling sideways he unconsciously slammed his sturdy maple and curling forward around her shaking trunk he mumbled "oy that's me roasted cat arm" still dreaming about five star cuisine. Apparently the student could powersleep through anything; snoring through school announcements and whooshing air, dreaming through toppling market stalls and screaming children! Sounding musical the backdrop was driving warm memories, playing out as nostalgic home videos from early childhood through the boy's mind. Such insanity was average around Zak's neighborhood, so how could obnoxious noise ever wake him here in paradise?

Only when someone physically slammed Zak would he finally spring from sleep. Across diagonal park grounds some rotund clothing merchant had rolled into his position, and weighing twenty stone he brought bouldering momentum against the boy. Momentum that ripped Zak from dreamland while yelling a well confused "OY THAT'S ME ROASTED CAT'S TAIL" over the island's deafening atmosphere.

Emerging into chaos the cranky boy was trapped inside mental fog. Ignoring apocolyptic events he focused attention instead on merchant man who scurried up the diagonal trunk for vacant canopy space, gasping from puffed jowls. Watching close the student wondered which horrible name matched his new friend the best? Many jokes described him but which insult really cracked the nail? Lunchpale? Walrus? Donut? Manbaby? Deciding wasn't easy — roasting him was like choosing which part of roasted cat to eat first.

But as pandemonium crystallized, Zak Moon contained insults. Finally rebooting his brain understood the situation and replacing wrath was absolute disbelief. Augurium was an untouchable bastion that crowned the world, no way there was an assault? Surely some freak accident caused their situation right? But even that seemed impossible with experienced engineering departments running the show. So maybe someone out there really was crazy enough to attack Augurium? Sporting lobster level intelligence with giant steel cajones they were completely insane! But smart money wagered possible mechanical problems and Zak held bets until the merchant randomly stammered "I ca-ca-cant believe we're under... under attack!"

Confusion immediately infected the student's face but for colder reasons than his neighbor. Strong forces were everywhere and maybe some could challenge Augurium, but why take an aggressive stance? Everyone knew the school's infamous history where upstart aggressors were nuked, so whoever attacked was extremely stupid or stupidly strong — maybe even both! Zak drew empty blanks when mulling suspects and wanted answers as the school crunched down thousands of tropical trees.

Sounding tremendous their landing cast a thunderous boom that rode magnificent shockwave blasts. For ten miles hurricane winds swirled from the balancing islands, sending exotic birds fluttering away in kaleidoscopic waves. Meanwhile on Augurium everyone could finally stand up and shut up with their screaming doomsay — bunch of scared mongs! They were safe now after gravity missed her chance because nothing in the jungle posed any serious threat. Augurium's flagship carried too many cold cocked killers.

But one man still danced with death! And that man was the round merchant who hung desperately from the newly upright maple tree.

Falling could prove lethal for the weighty man and his risky situation seem inescapable without some help. Completely inexperienced the unathletic bean-counter was dangerously awkward on descent, swapping tepid hands from branch to lower branch while shuffling his shoes down the maple's trunk. Zak could admit the stunted moves were surprisingly effective, but descending meant less capable and less numerous tree limbs for the man to grab. Handholds were vanishing and surely some painful mistake was destined now.... would anyone find the kindness to intervene?

Well maybe superman would coast down from narnia because Zak was entertained watching the spectacle. Leaning against his tree the student passively observed because calloused inaction was the perfect revenge for merchant waking him early. But everything lost humor when the businessman slipped during his scared descent from crippling heights!

Spurred from knockoff human decency, Zak planned his rescue attempt within milliseconds. Concentrating deep an obsidian aura formed around him and darkness tethers fired from both hands. Stopping below bigman the student's shadow vines expanded, catching merchant on some awkward waterbed construct. Rescued from acute snapped spine the panting man rolled from plush darkness into wobbled standing, considering which reward his savior deserved most? Kids enjoyed keychains right? Maybe one percent discounts for two weeks? Perhaps some stylish velvet socks were appropriate? Anything from clearance containers worked too but the boy was gone before massive rewards were given.

Making haste the student flaunted instructions and flew toward west ends. Envisioning mythical forests with mutant beasts he pushed unsafe pace, casting unstable explosions for propulsion. Exceptional danger was matched with exceptional speed but chance favored Zak today! His dangerous methods actually worked, driving his approach over west ends.

Dropping behind crowded observation areas the student aced powerful superhero landings. Carrying momentum forward he pushed through randoms as some savage beast, enduring many colorful insults! Embracing hatred he flashed sarcastic grins toward every heckling moron which enraged the group even more and cursing Zak's name they expressed deep disrespect, but scared of confrontation they watched hopeless as the boy rammed past cluttered parade lines.

Standing inches from the edge, Zak was free from visual obstruction and could gaze across epic forestry. Colorful vistas of magnificent scale reached green horizons many leagues west, and what endless treetops concealed was anyone's guess. Lost civilizations could rest below them right now? Maybe ancient stashes of old world technology? Mechanical metal dragons? Who could say? The world's a fascinating place innit...
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The world just isn't fun without a little chaos.
1590103792394.pngTalvyn Welsworth
Thursday, the 5th of October, Year 500

Interactions: Lee @Kyrenka
Mentions: Miranda @Blackrose7
Talvyn mused a bit on finding his shining star Miranda who was no doubt likely with her roommate Maria, he knew enough about her to know that they were pretty close and that the Maria girl would keep her safe. Though Talvyn wasn't really known to take risks when it came to his lovely Miranda but then again they didn't want Lee to have to deal with the crowd again. So Talvyn came up with another solution instead, their familiar was pretty good with tracking so they leaned down to them and pulled out a cloth with Miranda's scent and gave it to their Shadow Hound to smell it. They then leaned down rubbed their Shadow Hounds head before saying "I want you to go find my little shining star and make sure they are safe, you have permission to attack anyone that means her harm, you can come back after 10 minutes, ok Zibron?" Zibron responded with a bark of confirmation to Talvyn, and with that bark Talvyn gave them a smile of approval before standing back up and going back over to Lee. While Zibron left to go find Miranda, Talvyn went back over to Lee and laid down and covered the back of his head with his hands, as if it was nighttime and he was gazing at the stars. After a few seconds he said to Lee without moving his head "I wouldn't worry about Miranda too much she has a nice Roommate who im sure will protect her plus i sent Zibron over to ensure she will be safe." after a few more second he then added "A friend of mine named Sanza used to say that if your ever caught in a free falling elevator it would be best if you laid down and covered your head since it would slightly increase your chances of survival." Though in the schools case it was more like a plane crash than a elevator but they were pretty much falling out of the sky so they thought Sanzas advice would stand either way. Though their was the concern of the possibility of debris falling onto them, though Talvyn knew he could just pull up a Tenebris shield if that grew into too much of a concern. Talvyn thought a bit about Sanza as he mentioned her, she was a bit terrifying desipite being so short, though she was also a very good theif and taught them many skills when it came to theiving and blending in with the shadow.

Aelia Aeldyne

Rhonas Khalyfet

The tip of the quill was running across the thin sheet of paper, inscribing words in egyptian under a small schematic of a wrist piece. It was barely grazing the fabric of the sheet, leaving behind itself a trail of ink as dark as the night, stilling for half an instant then seeping down into the white, ever so slightly expanding into the material, enshrining the words into a temple of paper. Three lines later, the quill had run dry, and an expert hand dipped it in the small inkwell laying ahead of the sheets, before bringing the tip back to the paper, the writing resuming as naturally as it had stopped, from a fade to white to a shade into black. It wasn't really an interesting text, for someone who wasn't interested in Rhonas' research; delving into the mysteries of his magecraft was more appreciable to the theoreticalist. The few lines he had jotted down were simply detailing the workings of the bracelet he had crafted during the week; nothing too complex, really. Two rings of braided copper wire, holding a row of what looked like arrowheads made of stone arranged in reverse from one another, all edgewise to the rings. There was a bit of magic running through the item, just enough to keep the stones welded to the rings; he had decided to set the stones with a structurally frail link, so that they'd come out easy and deploy faster.

Having finished his writings, he put down the quill and closed the notebook, after having made sure that the ink had dried properly, and toyed for a few seconds with the bracelet he had made, spinning it around his finger before putting it back where it belonged, a wet piece of thick textile, a square of about 6x6 inches that he wreathed around the bracelet before tying it up with a bit of rope. The wetness would preserve the welding, while the softness of the fabric would polish the materials as it rubbed against the item inside. It wasn't a very good quality item, would probably not sell for even twenty bucks, but it wasn't poor either, and could come in handy if one was in need of a weapon. Or more than one weapon. The trick was compression; the magic that had been applied on the arrowheads was keeping them in their current shape and form - should they be removed from their socket on the bracelet, the magic would be released and the small stone would turn into a five feet long stone spear. Granted, it'd be more brittle due to reduced density of material, but if you could parry instead of blocking with it, then it would last more than a few blows. It'd also be efficient for throwing.

Putting the packed item on a shelf, alongside a couple other small objects of similar nature - a compass crafted with magic, a lamp fueled by magical fire, a necklace containing a shield of fire should it be released - nothing really wondrous, small projects that the redhead liked to work on in his spare time. He sighed, laying down on his bed, scratching at his horns aimlessly.


"What to do now... I kind of want to try and make a coffee machine, but I'm not sure I can make something convincing without wasting a few tries on trying to make a self-contained heat resistance. Shit's always a bother... Hrm. I'll probably sleep for an hour or two, think about it later..."

And the island rocked, and thunder boomed through the air. The immense frame of the noble was thrown aside off the bed, landing with a dull thump on the floor. Groaning, he rose to his feet as the president's voice rang in the atmosphere, urging everyone to go to Trade Island. He had stayed in his room the entire afternoon, single-mindedly working on the bracelet, and his muscles were protesting a little as he stretched; he wasn't wearing much, only a black bodysuit that had for sole advantage to be concealed by any other piece of clothing, and allowed him to move unhindered while also having some sort of decency. Not that he cared himself, really, but other people did, and when he was the minority he had to bend to their wishes. Now though...

Now was the time of action as the school was descending, and the noble put on heavier clothing, namely a white kimono top, and the rest being sturdy leather, nothing too extravagant, but it was minimal protection. He unpacked the bracelet, passing it around his left wrist, then made sure all of the crystals implanted into his body had been loaded with magic; he then took something, a small pouch, from his bedside table. It was grey-brown, tied by a small rope, rather unimpressive. Inside was a sort of dark green paste that had a pungent smell - haschich. Picking some of it, he rolled it into a tiny ball that he then snatched with his tongue.

Rhonas Party Started.jpg

As the drug dissolved onto his tongue and permeated the membrane, the acrid taste overflowing his tastebuds like a downpour of lemon juice onto nake flesh, he could feel his entire body untensing, his skin's sweating ceasing, the tissue softening and hardening again, breathing freely anew, his muscles pulsating as they came back into full activity after six hours of motionlessness, his eyes slightly revulsing in their sockets, the pupils shrinking to nothing and growing back to full, golden with obscure sclerae, and his tongue writhed out as he breathed in and the cold air sprayed renewed sharpness onto the extended muscle.

After maybe a minute, the effect subsided, and Rhonas exhaled sharply, passing his tongue on his lips before leaving his room, heading not for the center of trade island but to the edge of the school, still keeping his guard up even though he was an eight feet eight walking war machine who couldn't really be inconspicuous. Nonetheless, he frequently checked his surroundings, left right and center, above and behind. Finally, he arrived at the edge of the island, and witnessed the spectacle of the school slowly descending onto the brazilian forest. It was somehow mythological, as if some sort of skyborne behemoth crashing into the garden of Eden, if Eden could ever compare its everlasting lush and peace with the mortiferous atmosphere of the otherworldly-looking brazilian jungle. It was Eden alright, if Eden wanted you dead to the point of tarnishing its own primordial natural beauty to evolve plants and animals capable of tearing a man in half.

"Fun times ahead. I just hope that whoever did that had a good reason, or I'll find myself with a corpse to experiment on."
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The lord of randomness and the warp

interaction: none? (guess hes at the trade island?)​
Xelon was just sorta messing with some runes/enchantment stuff during he free time it wasn't exactly going well actually it was going exactly as well as the recovery time of people in an insane asylum if Xelon walked in. next to Xelon was a strange fuzzy bear, monkey? it was hard to describe the entity as it seemed to wear a mask and was painting another one, wall perched on Xelons shoulder the familiar despite its size was incredibly light the fact that the school was landing did catch Xelon kinda off guard... even the little creature on his shoulder seemed confused "right then come on you two looks like we got somewhere to be" he'd say in the perpetually cheerful way that only Xelon could even manage to muster the little gekoy head of carl poking out from the green fur of Xelons familiar. he was about he head off when Xelon remember the lovely fact of his... affects on others if they were worried or anything well that was like throwing gasoline onto a fire... then add some sparkly fireworks to make the explosion look pretty... but also... staying here wasn't a good idea either so thusly Xelon decided to cause the firework filled gasoline explosion.

Aelia Aeldyne

Ariu Ei - The dorms

The redhead was resting, sleeping lightly on her bed. Both her eyes were closed, though not for the same reasons - on the left the eyelid was merely closed, twitching errantly as thoughts went back and forth in the sleeper's mind; on the right, Ariu's beautiful face was marred by a massive burn scar, the tissue ravaged by a fire now long-gone, the eyelid merely a patch of charred fleshy wasteland, unable to ever open again. Thankfully, a band of black felt was dissimulating the ugly wound, leaving only the beauty to be admired. Her chest was heaving, rising and falling with the ebb and flow of her breath, small and slow, steady and silent. Her left arm was spread out, the wrist resting on the edge of the mattress and the hand hanging there, while her right arm was sprawled across her body, the thin fingers of her hand holding a book that she might've fallen asleep while reading. With her hair splayed across the pillow, bright scarlet shining under the light of the bedside lamp that she did not have time to turn off when sleep seized her, she looked like a dying sun, or a timid volcano, a statue of the whitest marble crowned by spilt crimson magma flowing harmoniously all around its source.

There was no one to witness the faint tremor of her breath, no prying eye in the room to contemplate the sleeping woman. Or was there ? Perched upon the back of a chair next to the table nearby, flicking through the pages of another book with the tip of its claw at a composed pace stood an owl, regularly turning its gaze to the woman at rest. In any other place, in any other world, it would be a peculiar sight indeed. Here in Augurium though, a familiar keeping watch on its sleeping master was no strangeness, and when one understood the symbolism at play here, it might even draw a chuckle from the amateurs of mythology. It wasn't any owl there - it was a little owl, Athena Noctua, a nocturnal hawl associated with knowledge and wisdom, its reddening fallow hue spread like an antique fan's folds, feathers dotted black and white, giving it the shade of flames and autumnal leaves, mirroring its mistress' color of magic.

Fire Owl.png

Nothing was disturbing this peaceful scene. Neither the sounds of playfulness coming from the other room, nor the rustling of the wind over the building. It was an intemporal, timeless moment, a repeating image like a painting in the dark lit only by the light emanating from the reading owl, a dim yet warm feathery chandelier spreading its hushed radiance across the silent room. Nothing... Then... a feather-raising instant. It was a feeling, a high-pitched note, an ominous harmony resonating above their heads, the melody of a looming threat falling over the school, troubles ahead. Without losing a second, the owl closed its book, whizzing through the air in the same fluid motion, landing beside the pillow; it hooted smoothly, softly, but loud enough to stir the motionless redhead awake.

Ariu smile.jpg

Sleepily, her eye opened, the light of the fire-like nightly bird of prey filling her vision. Rubbing it with one hand, she put her book aside, and looked worriedly at her familiar. The both of them were tilting their head to the side, the human slowly and dumbfoundedly, her lips thinned by her expression of worry, the animal hurriedly, twitching and rotating to and fro like a maddened spinning top. Something was about to happen, and she didn't know what. She got up, her clothing already on, exactly how it was when she fell asleep in it mere hours ago, only having to slip into her shoes. She looked around, seeing nothing abnormal, peeking outside the dorm, witnessing the setting sun... A wonderful sight, but nothing was happening. She sighed soundlessly, and closed the door again.

And then the school quaked, and thunder roared across the islands. To her, it sounded like the bellows of a wrathful war god, the scream of a beast beyond fathom, tidings of dark hours to be. Ariu was rocked by the impact, thrown down by the violence of the shock, narrowly avoiding the sharp corner of the table. As she got up, her breath ragged, and panting in tightly-constricting anguish, her lungs half-locked by the sudden flow of epinephrin, her first thought was to rush to the other room and check on Arik.



St. Ka'alia
~Guiren Nyverk~

1590288861092.png He hadn't wanted a pet. Or whatever this familiar thing was. He felt some shred of relief though that his was silent and easy to ignore, unlike some of the familiars he had seen. He still didn't like it though. The thing would follow him around and sit motionless, staring at him, no matter what he was doing. It's fucking creepy. There was no getting rid of it though, so Guiren had resigned himself to having the small familiar shadow him day and night. At least it gives me more mana. He wasn't running out as fast in training anymore now that he had a familiar to boost him. Though now, it was only annoying him. The school was falling into the earth and students were evacuating to the Trade Islands, but Guiren wanted to see what was happening; maybe even who the fuck shot them down. As soon as he moved against the flow of students the normally docile familiar had latched onto his pant leg. "Fuck!" He stumbled as the thing had a surprisingly firm grip on him and fucking growled at him. He kicked his familiar until it released his pant leg and snarled at the creature. Despite being made of stone, the familiar's lips peeled back in an answering snarl but didn't try to grab him again. Good. Aren't familiars supposed to listen to their masters? Just his luck that he'd get stuck with one that had some sort of rebellious streak. Not my problem. He didn't even want a familiar in the first place; maybe if he was lucky it'd go fuck off to a new owner to terrorize. Continuing towards his destination, Guiren saw his familiar follow him from the corner of his eye. Damn it. Why the hell couldn't it just leave him alone?


Once he was away from the main buildings and paths, the island was devoid of life. He had no trouble making his way to one of the edges and peeking down to watch the ground approach them. His familiar growled again as it paced behind him; the most activity he had seen from the creature since it had first hatched. Honestly, it wasn't as exciting as he thought it'd be. He hoped that whatever shot them down came after him. He had grown since he first came to this school, and he needed a practice dummy to test his abilities. A real one. Not a weak-ass sparring match. His familiar's head swiveled, causing Guiren to mirror the movement. Guess I'm not the only one. A man with horns stood a distance away. Egyptian. If there was another student here with him that meant that there had to be others that weren't listening to the principal's advice either. He just hoped that they wouldn't find the person or thing that did this before him. Maybe the teachers had finally gotten into his head or maybe it was the experience of fighting against people who were actually challenging, but fighting was much more exciting now. It was almost addicting. He wanted more; and what better challenger to face than the thing that brought this entire fucking floating country down.

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The world just isn't fun without a little chaos.
Arik Kawin

Interactions: Ariu @Aelia Aeldyne
Arik was just outside their room sitting on the ground crossed legged with their familiar right in front of them, they had a small pouch that was filled with food for their pet Spirit Owl along with a protective glove on one of their hands. They were intitally weary of having any sorta animal considering them to be too big of a responsibility to take care of especially since they didn't have any servants or maids with them. Though upon reciving them they grew to actually liking their spirit owl who has shown to be pretty intelligent and has show the ability to grasp situations in the past, though the spirit crystals on them were sharp especially on their talons. Arik went on to name their familiar Neon and had considered them to be the perfect familiar for them smart and dangerous with the ability to fly as well. They had spent a lot of time trying to get to know their new familiar along with the abilities they possessed since new things typically intrigued them. They took out a small ball of food for Neon from their pouch in order to grab their attention, Neon stared at the small ball with keen interest as Arik soon thew it up into the air. Neon flew quickly up into the air in order to chase after it grabbing as it was still ascending in the air. Arik got up watching as Neon hovered around in a circular pattern around the dorm room, Arik then held out their right hand which had the protective glove on so that their Familiar could land on it. All was going well until a thunderous boom was heard shaking the ground beneath their feet , the unexpected shaking caused Arik to let out a audible yelp and lose his balance causing them to lean forward and fall making it so that their familiars talons which was made of some pretty strong spirit crystals cut across Ariks right arm as they fell towards the ground. They initially felt intense pain which, quickly subsided as they began to process what happened. Their arm was bleeding intensely but on the bright side for them they choose to wear a short sleeved shirt as of today so their uniform did not get damaged. Though the bleeding on their arm was still intense, they did have their magic item on them but they didn't really know anything that they could do to help themselves heal from their wound. Their pet, neon was stunned by what they done and quickly landed a few feet in front of them not sure what to do as of yet. Arik took off their protective glove as held their arm out right in front of themselves as if to inspect the giant cut their familiar accidentally made, and though they did find the color of blood to be pretty in their own way, they found it to not really be good for them to be losing it. Not much longer though their roommate Ariu made their way out of their room, Arik and their Familiar flashed Ariu a look of distress as blood continued to pour out of their arm with Arik sitting on the ground as if resting from a long run.


St. Ka'alia
~Taram Isa~

1590378331446.png She was just a TA, she wasn't required to help but she did anyways. Rounding up students like sheep to bring them to the center of the Trade Island was easy enough for her and it made the teachers' lives easier. Bonus: less corpses to clean up later. Not that she actually thought that there'd be any problems. Sure, the island got shot, but Ultimas were literally crawling everywhere. There was no way someone was dumb enough to bring them down on purpose. And if they were...then Taram wouldn't mind some excitement in her life. Plus it's a break from doing homework. Hell, maybe her test would be cancelled too. One could only hope...

It was only when someone screamed something about their cat's tail did Taram pause. No fucking way. Glancing over revealed that she had recognized that voice correctly. It's him. The fucking prick that shoved her familiar into a jar to sell him. She was happy to leave him and let natural selection run its course but there was a civilian with him. That didn't stop her from seriously debating if she really wanted to march his ass over to where the other students were being corralled. Another shockwave went through the island, this one much bigger than the others, and when it was over the man was dangling from the tree he had climbed onto. The Familiar Kidnapper was watching with amusement. "Oh that's just great. Nice example you're setting for the school kid." Her dull annoyance turned into panic as the man fell. Her hand flashed towards her mana tool but Zak was apparently five steps ahead of her. The blonde blinked in surprise. Well, that settles that then. Good for him for saving someone, it didn't mean she wasn't going to kick his ass still; nobody touched Tuffy. The man seemed fine but Zak had already bolted away before he could react. Are you fucking kidding me? Taram threw here head back and groaned. This dumbass is making senior year a fucking pain. Dashing after the wayward Unum Forus, the blonde didn't take long to find the fucker watching the island's descent from the edge. If you fall off I will laugh. Nah, that'd be too unprofessional. Wouldn't look good on her resume if she was fired for laughing at a student's death. She called out, "Hey dumbass!" Jabbing her thump behind her, she shouted, "The kiddy table is back there, why don't you make my life a little easier and just head back to the teachers like a good boy?" Her other hand was already hovering by her tool's place in her waistband. She half-hoped that he'd put up a fight; she wouldn't mind knocking him down a peg. Responsibilities though. Being a TA meant behaving and she was already in trouble for her cafeteria stunt. Sure it was only a warning thanks to Pandora's testimony, but fighting outside of sparring was still heavily frowned upon; especially when it was a TA trying to kick a freshmen's ass. Why can't people just fucking listen?

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