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Attack on Titan- World of Titans

Dice System
Apocalypse World
Interest Check
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    All according to my Scenario
    One hundred years ago, man-eating giants called Titans appeared. Humanity, already devastated by war, was devoured and driven to near-extinction by the Titans. The survivors constructed three walls: Wall Maria, Wall Rose, and Wall Sina.
    There are three branches of the military. The Military Police are responsible for upholding the will of the King, and maintaining order in the Walls. The Garrison maintains the Walls themselves. And the Survey Corps venture out to do battle with the Titans directly.
    To battle Titans, you will need to give your all. In this cruel world, only the strong survive, and only monsters can truly succeed.

    Give your hearts!

    Character Classes

    The Natural
    One of the hardest parts of this business is learning your way around Maneuvering Gear. Most trainees need weeks to get from keeping their balance to flying.
    Not you, though. You're a natural.
    The moment you put the harness on, you knew that you were made for this.
    You take to the air like a fish in water. Others maneuver, you dance.
    Even if every Titan died, even if a new weapon was created that made it obsolete, you wouldn't go back. You may never be truly at home on solid ground - the sky is calling.

    The Warrior
    The war against the Titans is a business, and humanity's primary export is murder. You understand this better than anyone.
    You're not here for the chance to uncover the secrets of the world, or for the chance for fame, or anything else.
    You're here to kill Titans, and you're going to kill as many as you can.
    Even your fellow soldiers may be intimidated by you, but that doesn't matter. Your enemy is in front of you, and you're here to make sure it doesn't stay there for long.

    The Tactician
    Not everybody shines brightest on the front lines. There's much more to this war
    than how fast you can move or how many Titans you've killed. You know better than anyone that this war is going to be won or lost by the flow of information. You've been tasked with coming up with The Plan.
    No matter how large or small the scale of a conflict, there always has to be a plan,
    or you're all just running to your deaths. Your burden is heavy and your responsibilities are great, but few soldiers have more trust and support from their allies than a damn good tactician.

    The Leader
    The war against the Titans is brutal and unforgiving. Surrounded by death and chaos, it's easy for a soldier to forget what it is they're fighting to protect.
    That's why every team needs someone like you - to remind them.
    When all hope is lost, you become a beacon of hope.

    The Shifter
    You never quite felt like you were the same as the people around you, and now you finally know why. After all, they're only human.
    Nobody knows what shifters truly are. Their origins are shrouded in mystery, and they're too rare to be easily studied.
    All that is certain is their abilities: You can change between human and Titan at will.
    Titan shifters are the most powerful and dangerous weapons of humanity, the only force we have that can truly fight the Titans on their own terms. With fists that can topple buildings and a body that can stop cannon fire, you are a manifestation of humanity's hatred of their eternal foe.
    Your only impulse is to kill. Just hope, for all our sakes, that you can hold on to enough of your humanity to only kill your enemies.

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