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Fandom Attack on Titan with Original Characters!?

Kawashima Lightning

Rising Kpop Star
Now I know that Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) is a very popular Anime. I have watched it myself and I am now thinking about creating a Fandom. However, I'm thinking about doing so with original characters. If there are enough people interested, I will create a Roleplay for it.


Just a Turtle. 50% Hitler.
I found a flaw in editing quotes. You can actually see the comment above it, and it kinda makes it clear you changed it.


The Unconcerned Ociminum
I'm ready, man. I'm so ready to do the do with the titans and the people eating and the box cutters. So. Ready.

Kawashima Lightning

Rising Kpop Star
[QUOTE="Sayuri Tokage]No titan shifters, right?

No, we don't need that, its gonna kinda ruin the roleplay xD now let's see how many more people we can get in before I decide to create. 
Screw it! I am making the Roleplay!

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