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Fandom Attack on Titan/ SnK rp (OC X cannon) Search!

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Hello! Feel free to call me Bunny! (Although my Gmail says Kasserole that’s more of a random OC’s nickname because I needed a name for the account lmao.) Or you can call me Liz I’m 19 years old, so I’d prefer the person I roleplay with to be that age, or older.

Response time / post length

I’m sorry but I can not keep up with an RP if you write very little/ keep nothing going on your side. I’m only speaking from my past experiences, but please don’t be like them and make me do all the work! No one liners. In fact, I normally go for 500- 1000 words (if I’m feeling inspired. Sometimes you write a little less, that’s okay!) As for reply time, I’m 18 years old, trying to get ready to go to college, also looking for a job so I may not be able to reply everyday, but, If I take a week to reply feel free to bump me! Also! If you need to take a break that’s okay! Just let me know, and when you think we can start the RP up again! <3


As long as your oc fits the world, I don’t care who/ what they are! Also I love hearing about OCS! So feel free to tell me anything you’d like to. Also also, I love love talking about headcanons over OCS, of their pairings! However, no god modding please. And no one is perfect! Make it fun! Also no controlling my own OC and I won’t/will not control yours!

Love interest OwO

Dm me for my discord or email as I'd prefer to rp there

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