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Fandom Attack on Titan MxM search

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figh as huck

Hiya, anyone who bothered to poke around here!! :0

I just got super into AoT/SnK again recently, and I was looking to do a few RPs involving the environment surrounding the series! I’m interested in both canon and OC ships, and any OC storylines!! ^^
A few of the canon ships I’d be down for playing are Jean x Marco, Reiner x Bert, and Erwin x Levi, but really feel free to propose any other ones! I’m not really interested in M/F ships at the moment, but I’m definitely open for F// ships such as Ymir x Christa/Historia, Mikasa x Annie, etc, as well!
And I’m fully interested in writing platonic-based relationships, of any gender mix!! ^v^

I’m not comfortable with any sort of OC x canon ship, sorry about that..! ;v;

As for OC ships, I do have a few plot bunnies floating around in my brain at the moment, and I’d be glad to solidify any of them if anyone’s interested, or even discuss a different one entirely!
I have a few OCs already, but if none of them would fit in any particular plot, I have no issues whatsoever making a new kiddo.

Anyway uhh, that’s about it I think..! :’> I don’t have any particular rules, other than no one-liners ofc, but certainly let me know if you have a question!! I don’t mind writing here, but I also have a Discord if anyone would rather work on stuff there instead!​
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