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Fandom attack on titan (doubling friendly!)


New Member
hi! you can call me beau or anything you want really!
i'm here looking for some attack on titan roleplays!

i'm completely caught up with the anime, but have never read the manga unfortunately! :( that being said, right now i'm looking for canon x oc roleplays where we double!
i'm looking to play against: bertholdt, reiner, or armin!
i'm willing to play anyone for you - including people on my list!

my rules:​
  • please be 18+! i am 23​
  • write at a paragraph per response. i usually write 2-3, but let me know if you prefer longer RPs​
  • willing to go either canon or AU​
  • please be patient and i will do the same!​
  • prefer to talk ooc on discord​
  • pwease be my friend ooc! if we click of course <3 i think it makes the RP so much more fun!​
PM me if you're interested!


Do you do Cannon x PC pairings? I'm willing to double if you're game on pairing (and playing) Levi with a non-cannon character.

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