Atom Bomb Apocalypse [CLOSED]

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  1. A. Let's try to surprise the son of a bitch now that he has no cover.
  2. A. Actually but can we disarm the combatant?
    Just shoot I'm in the arm?
  3. As you lunge up from behind your cover to shoot at the nearing entity, you're shot in the right shoulder. As you fall backwards, you're shot again in the chest. The last thing you hear before you go unconscious is the sound of voices shouting.

    Hours later...

    Your senses begin to return. A light is shining in your eyes, moving back and forth. You hear voices. Your head is cold and your wrists and ankles are bound. You try to produce words, but your tongue meets a cloth gag. Intense pain surges throughout your upper body. Excruciating, deep, horrendous, pain. Your eyes flutter open. You can see a man sitting on a steel chair with your M1911. He's wearing a tracksuit with brown boots on. There's another, standing next to him with his arms crossed in front of a door. He's wearing a green flannel shirt with brown chinos and Converse sneakers.

    "Wakey, wakey," says a smooth voice. It's the man with the flannel t-shirt. "Now listen, we know who you are and what you did. Remember Myles? Yeah, he's the guy who you shot in the leg. He said you also killed Cody and Davis. Now those were the only two we thought you killed until we found Horatio slumped against some shelves in the maintenance closet. Care to explain yourself?"

    A. "Horatio tried to attack me. He grabbed the wrench and swung. I defended myself."
    B. "Horatio ask me to collude with him to kill the rest of you since I had a gun. I saved you."
    C. "Does it matter what I did if those guys outside are going to come in and kill us all anyway?"
    D. "Dead men are a commodity in this world. What's it to add just a few more to the body count?"
  4. A. We don't know whether Horatio was loyal to them or not, but it's safe to assume that we can fool him into thinking he tried to attack us. That might be enough justification to give him incentive to at least let us live.
  5. "Even if Horatio did try to attack you, why did you kill Cody and Davis? The only reason why you aren't dead right now is that you spared Myles."

    A. "They started to come after me with their weapons!"
    B. "They called my mum a ho."
    C. "They spilt guacamole on the cashmere carpet."
    D. "They scratched the car!"
  6. "Now why would they do that? Just out of the blue?"

    A. "Because I did kill Horatio. And they heard me. They tried to avenge his death."
    B. "They were fucking lunatics! How am I supposed to know why they came after me?"
    C. "They were trying to loot and I told them to stop."
    D. "Myles and the other two blokes were planning to kill the rest of you. When they saw my gun, they tried to neutralize me."
  7. "Well... fuck." says the man in the flannel t-shirt. He taps the man sitting down with your M1911 and they walk out of the room. The room isn't much. A single light bulb hanging from the ceiling provides all the light. A metal door barricades you from the rest of the compound. There's an oak chair sat next to the door, along with a metal bucket. There's also a ventilation vent, too small for anyone to fit through it, though. What do you do?

    A. Crouch next to the door and wait to try to surprise them.
    B. Accept your death.
    C. Grab the bucket and prepare to use it as a weapon when they execute you.
    D. Cry for forgiveness.
  8. Actually just A so I can Nike tactic. (Run for it)
  9. Don't worry I read the accepting your death wiki page
  10. You sit and contemplate on what you can remember of your life before the bombs dropped. You remember living in an apartment building. You had a girlfriend. You were working as IT a tech giant in New York City. You were visiting your parents in Ohio for a week when the declaration of war came through on the news. The Federation landed in Walney. The captured the HMS Vengeance docked at BAE Systems. The U.S. launched a counteroffensive. Then the Federation launched Nuke 0001. Then the world went to shit. Luckily, your credentials as an IT were deemed "vital" by the company you worked for. At the nearest regional headquarters, you were sent to your IsoPod.

    The man bursts through the door. He points his gun at you. Time slows. You see the fire spark as the bullet leaves the barrel. You can hear the ring. Then it's black. You don't feel anything. Are you even you anymore? It's quiet, then you hear bells. Cars honking. Laughter. Screams. Crying. Sirens. Then it is quiet again.

  11. I'm good at quests.

    (I suck)
  12. Can we start at the beginning? People made it a kill everything run.
  13. I'm making a new one set in a new setting.
  14. Wow I really fucked up. But I hope in the new run not everyone is trying to kill random people we encounter
  15. Suggestion! Make something about being a mage in the modern world.
  16. Well, actually, this one was going to be set in a world where industry has taken over the surface and pollution has more or less destroyed the atmosphere. So in a desert wasteland, where societies thrive above and below ground, the character must survive until the next day.
  17. Holy fuck, that's even better. I'm down for it.

    Let's hope we don't die this time.

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