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Fantasy ATLAS: What Remains - Character Sheets



Architect of Worlds
Plate born on:
(Image is ideal. Description should be added if there are essential parts that are not depicted in image. Such as if your character has wings.)

Weapons/Magic: (Magic should be based on the plate chosen. Be clever, have fun. If it seems overpowered, try to give yourself a good weakness.)
God-given Attributes: (Attributes are skills and/or abilities mortals wouldn't normally have, such as flying.)

Weakness(es): (Give at least one weakness. If there are any you'd prefer to keep secret, message it to me or Calibutcher Calibutcher )
Brief Personality: (We will learn majority of your personality in the rp itself.)

Alive Relationships: (Live relationships can be anywhere from other rpers, family, people on your plate, the gods themselves, etc. They should be constant relationships. They're the ones that would be sad if your character went missing. You DO NOT need to make any relations though. This is not a requirement.)

∆∆ ∆∆∆ ∆∆
(This is a character sheet example using the goddess, Skarf.)

Skarf Plate
Female 3,000

Weapons/Magic: Can create constellation lines on the Earth to make illuminated paths for others to follow.
God-given Attributes: Astute in map creation and weaving cloths.

Weakness(es): Magnets and clouds.
Brief Personality: Unusual and mischievous. Particular to laughing.

Alive Relationships: Close to Thoth above all other five gods/goddesses.
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Name: Phyllis
Plate born on: Eleos
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Phyllis has skin and eyes that are apple green. Her hair though is dark brown with vines interwoven into it, but the vines wind around the hair to make it into a low ponytail that is draped over her left shoulder.

Weapons/Magic: She has something more like planet-based magic, in that she can create a magical seed. Once thrown the seed's effects depend on how far away it lands. Farther away will teleport her to the seed spot, but that will take several seconds to form the huge blossom that will unfold on that spot with her inside. The blossom is pretty vulnerable while it is forming, and what affects it will affect her too for that short period.
If it lands within the 2nd farthest range it can grow out a spear or whip from the blossom.
If it lands within the 2nd closest range it can grow a wooden shield with huge petals for the backing.
If it lands within the closest range it'll grow some sort of blade.
These weapons and shield will wither away within a few days.
God-given Attributes: Photosynthesis

Fire and not getting enough sunlight
Brief Personalty: She has a strong faith that can't be shaken easily, to the point where she'll take many things for granted. As such Phyllis won't work well in a group because she has trouble catching onto when they maybe, just maybe, might need help. But other than that ignorance, she is pretty kind-natured.

Alive Relationships: Her father (Theodulus) and 2 childhood friends (Irka and Alketas) she met while playing hide-n-seek when younger.
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Name: Mecatzi
Plate born on: Huitzilopochtli
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Appearance: Born with a turquoise birthmark on his face, Mecatzi had always been blessed with beauty and vitality of form. His body is lean as the jaguar, eyes bright and piercing like twin green stars. Hair, darker than a chasm, always tied into a neat knot. He wears an assortment of padded leathers, cloth shirt with jaguar motifs, and a metal belt. His wooden helmet sports grey threads that sprouted from the back. His back grows iridescent, turquoise feathers down the spine, like much of his people.

The Son of Tonatiuh
Mecatzi is able to wield the power of his patron, Huitzilopochtli The Sun God. With intense concentrations, Mecatzi can force a beam of solar energy out of his eyes with a lengthy cooldown period. Mecatzi is also able to generate warmth whenever possible by exhuming it from his body, as if he was the Sun with its rays. It is also possible for him to take on the aspects of a light source.

Hummingbird Razorwings
These wicked weapons of war wrought wrathful, weeping emotions in the enemy. One for offensive measures evidenced by the extended blade, the shorter-a shoto is used for defense. It is said that the weapons are modeled after the hummingbird's longest and shortest feathers respectively. They're seldom used as wars are vapor in the mind, but find the occasional usage in training or mock battle.

God-given Attributes: Can make objects weighing less than five kilograms orbit around him.

Water-based magicks or environmental hazards negate all of his magical abilities except for his GGA.

Brief Personalty: A fierce warrior of the Sun God's troop, Mecatzi is a proud man—especially arrogance when it comes to combat—but for all his bluster, he takes to life with utmost seriousness in all its facets, just as his ancestor-deity. He is not stoic, he sits down with his fellow cuāuhocēlōtl and laughs with octli in hand as they regale in stories, play sports, then wrestle or dual with blades. Despite the optimism in his soul, he is not kind. The existence of peace blunted his self-control, he is bloodthirsty, overeager to indulge in violence.

Alive Relationships: None—save his aunt, uncle, and sister—are alive today from his family. He writes everyday to his sister and her family now, visits them when he can, and has self-proclaimed himself as the guardian of his two nieces and nephew.


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  • Name: Íadaid
    Plate born on: Dagda
    Gender: Female
    Age: 42
    Additional Description: Íadaid has a short body which due to her magic was warped with monstrous elements, blended with reptilian and insect-like traits. She has a pair of antennae and bug-like eyes, and scales cover a large portion of her body. In addition, her hair seems to meld into a sail that stretches all the way to the tip of her tail, as well as blending into two feelers with a wing-like appearance. Aside from this, one notable thing is Íadaid dresses in crude garments of wool and other similar materials obtainable without killing the animal or plant used for the materials. They have colored markings/symbols on them, but its clear to see that whoever made those clothes didn't really have much of any idea of what they were doing, uneven and with pieces of thread sticking out.

    Saegul Frithissi'Cinid
    The world born again. An innate magic Íadaid possesses, allowing her to induce the process of 'rebirth', the imbuement of renewed life. The magic works differently applied to living creatures and non-living things. Inanimate things are turned into living organic creatures when this magic is applied to them, whereas living creatures are 'reconstructed'. In either case, Íadaid has little to no influence on the end result.
    Non-living things are gifted with life, converting into living breathing organic beings, the organic form seeming to sprout from within the artifice until it fully consumes the initial object. That being's form and characteristics will depend on the arrangement and materials that formed what was transformed, with more 'powerful' or otherwise beneficial characteristics typically requiring harder to obtain materials, though with something sufficiently exotic it's possible to even create beings with supernatural properties this way. The process is generally minor as far as stamina consumption goes, but anything sufficiently large, complex or otherwise innately mystical might take prohibitively large amounts of energy and time to apply the magic to. Extracted parts from dead creatures are considered inanimate for purposes of this ability, though only if properly separated.

    Living beings also undergo a transformation, but rather than converting into life, life is bestowed with renewal. A cocoon forms around, and within their form is reconstructed. Unlike the application on physical objects, Íadaid has no way to even influence the final result of this process, though it is generally beneficial, but also tends to leave a certain monstrosity on whatever it is applied to. Furthermore, the power requires physical contact to use, and can only be used on beings on the verge of death, with what that means being different depending on how sentient the target is. Even should every condition be met, the one Íadaid attempts to use this magic on can reject it.

    Íadaid herself is an exception to the rule. Thanks to her connection to the Garden, her magic can activate even if she has already died, causing her to be 'reconstructed' within the garden itself. There are of course, conditions and drawbacks to this. For one, since this exception is created through her connection to the garden, if the garden itself is sufficiently harmed then it will cease to function. In addition, unlike typical reconstruction which would take minutes, this revival can take weeks, months or even years, and when it is done she is remains in a weakened state. Finally the monstrosity still grows each time it happens. It hasn't happened enough times for Íadaid to be aware of the criteria for how long it takes to revive, nor if she will be able to keep her sanity as her body is warped by the revival.

    The monstrous body is not without its advantages. Íadaid's scales are mildly tougher than skin would be, and while her claws aren't exactly going to tear through metal they carve into wood just fine, helping her hold onto trees for climbing. She is capable of jumping a great height and distance than one would expect, and feelers wing-like form, while not capable of flight, is useful to wrap itself around a tree trunk and further helping her hold onto it. Those feelers are also capable of absorbing moisture, such as directly draining the water out of fruit. The sail is slight capable of helping to regulate body temperature, though doing this can leave her dizzy and more easily tired, and the feelers have an acute sense of smell, but require a great amount of proximity for this purpose, practically touching what they are being used to smell. Lastly, Íadaid is somewhat resistant to poisons and toxins (though by no means immune), in particular being able to eat decaying food without the risks that normally would come with it.

    God-given Attributes:
    Tír Na nÓg, The Garden
    With the regent's approval, Íadaid became the guardian of a place known as The Garden, and thus became connected to it. She finds it easier to navigate it, and things which live there have a friendlier disposition towards her provided she treats the place appropriately. She can sense life within the Garden and she can reach it from anywhere using treerings, a pair of trees that seem to bend toward each other. She cannot bring living things larger than a small dog with her though.

    Íadaid's primary weakness is simply not being a fighter. While she is capable of bringing life, she is not able to instill any loyalty or obedience into it innately, nor can she forcibly use the magic of rebirth on anyone is unwilling since they can reject it. While some of her monstrous features could potentially be useful in a confrontation she simply lacks the physique to stand up to, say, your average barely trained soldier.

    That warped body also carries with it other issues. Intense smells can overwhelm her attenae, and while some parts of her, namely her scales, are tougher than a regular human, other parts like her sail are far more fragile. Disguises, wearing equipment and the like are also out of the question due to her shape, and as she moves on 'four legs' as much as she does on two, it can also be harder for her to use a weapon.

    Brief Personalty: As a result of her highly cautious nature, as well as her dedication to her perceived duties, Íadaid bears a somewhat hostile attitude towards most people. She is uncompromising, distrusting and highly protective of things she believes to be important, though her overly serious mentality often leads her to taking things too far, dedicating herself to doing things in the name of duty that are either beyond what's necessary or unlikely to actually be helpful. One particular idea she's got into her head, for instance, is that of pretending to be unable to speak the language properly, when in fact she naturally has a more long-winded and verbose manner of speech. She believes doing this will help her be underestimated and potential threats be less careful about revealing their intent.

    Perhaps as an influence of the plate she was born in, or perhaps by the nature of the magic she wields, Íadaid has a great appreciation for life. She enjoys places where it flourishes and to help it become so, and conversely despises the idea of callously taking it or throwing it away. She has a deep respect for those who cling on to every shred of hope of survival, and looks down on those who would immediately abandon that hope or wish for death over minor things. While she has lived a good chunk of her life now in the Garden, if brought out of it she is sure to often become dazzled by the beauty in exotic and expansive kinds of life, be it animals, plants or at times even people.

    Living Relationships:
    *Sámae - A 'right hand' of Dadga, close to the current regent of the plate. After being accepted as one of her retainers, Íadaid offered her utmost loyalty to her. Íadaid's actions during this time led to Sámae recommending that she be made a hand as well, and appointed as the new guardian of the garden.

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Name: Iside Hut-Heru
Plate born on: Thoth
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Appearance: (Image is ideal. Description should be added if there are essential parts that are not depicted in image. Such as if your character has wings.)
Iside is blessed with wings that are pure white until you reach the tips, where the white feathers give way to rich darkness comparable to the dark side of the moon. When absorbing lunar energy, silver specks, mimicking stars, appear in the darkness of her wing tips. Her feathers, when detached, can act as eternal pens but only when she wants them to.

Selene's Frigid Soul - Iside absorbs lunar energy that allows her to produce and control the aspects of cold. She is able to drop temperatures from a slight chill to absolute zero, although she isn't completely immune to the cold. Iside's abilities have progressed to the point that she is able to manipulate ice & snow into intricate forms. The snow produced by Iside has a subtle hint of silver while the ice looks silver, like steel. She is also able to release the absorbed lunar energy in its purest form for a flash freeze or to cause a healing effect, but in doing so her reserves are depleted extremely quickly.

God-given Attributes: Iside is able to detach her feathers to shoot them like bullets, or her favorite application, to use them as a pen. The tips of her feather can act as an eternal pen, which also allows Iside to write on any surface or even in the air.

Weakness(es): Iside is obviously weaker during the day or when she doesn't get any direct moonlight for a few days. She also can't shoot her feathers recklessly because it will hinder her ability to fly, and if enough feathers are lost then she won't be able to even glide.

Brief Personality: Iside is a very calm and collected individual and will usually take the time to calculate the situation. For the most part, she is like most people of the Thoth plate and craves knowledge but for a long time, she has been pretending to be something she isn't. She has been quiet and passive for a few years, but she hates being like this and has only recently been trying to find herself. Iside has found that she loves adventure, the knowledge you learn on the way and that she likes to voice her opinions openly. She picks up on others' emotions relatively well, although most think she is cold and isolating, but in truth she is extremely loyal to people who show her kindness.

Alive Relationships: Iside was raised by her adoptive parent, Khnum, who is a Right Hand of Thoth. Khnum was very loving and doting on Iside, but their responsibility as a Right Hand kept them away. Other than the man that shouldn't be named, there is no one else.


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Name: Mimhíogi (nicknamed Mimi)
Plate born on: Skarf
19, soon to be 20


Weapons/Magic: Star Seer- With unusually bright silver eyes, Mimi is capable of reading the stars beyond the capacity of an astronomer and "ask" constellations for assistance. It is a finnicky magic that requires precise understanding to use. Stars are ever changing and with so many in the night sky, there is always new information being found. To Mimi, his eyes can see a woven network within that can tell him things such as the weather, where a ship sunk or the birth of a child. Rarely, if he looks hard enough, he can see glimpses into the future. However, as amazing as his ability may seem, it has negatively impacted his health.

Just as he can intricately see the stars, he can also hear them. By "asking" a constellation for assistance, they appear in an astral form near his own being. The constellation is able to refuse the request for whatever reason but if they accept, Mimi must repay the favor. Most stars are able to take some of his energy as payment. They say it helps them glow in the night sky. Some request a knitted fabric dedicated to them. It all depends on what is asked of them. This magic is dangerously powerful simply with the amount of knowledge at his fingertips.
God-given Attributes: The beautiful butterfly wings upon his back are not only capable of flight but when left in a resting phase, they transform into a cloak, even resembling the texture of fabric with a butterfly pattern.

A natural compass; he always knows which way he is going and is physically incapable of getting lost.

Weakness(es): Mimi struggles with bright lights and lots of noise, mostly because his ability doesn't have an "off" switch so he gets a constant influx from the stars. It is strongest at night and weakest during heavily clouded days when the stars become muffled. His butterfly wings are connected to his body which has cursed him with fragile skin so high heat, sunlight and physical activity could easily hurt him. His greatest weakness, though, is anything with magnetism. Just a small magnet can induce blindness to his vision and cause an ear-piercing shriek through his head. This naturally throws off his innate compass, leaving him with vertigo and fatigued.
Brief Personality: A quiet individual with a heart too big for his chest, Mimhíogi has an introverted nature. His energy is rejuvenated through soft contemplation and weaving flowing tapestries. While he may be of few words, his actions are larger than life. Mimi enjoys helping guide people to where they intend to go, often found creating maps for sailors to use through the oceans or returning a lost cat to it's family. His natural urge to help others has given him a wandering soul, going from place to place with no particular spot he calls home. He comes off as unusual, spacey and naïve to strangers which all prove to be true the more you know him.

Alive Relationships: Mimi does not remember his parents or even where he came from. All his can recall is a woman with wings and a moon in her hair holding his hand and taking him all over the plate as a child. When he had come into his abilities at thirteen, Mimi chose to leave her to follow the voices of the stars. In his mind, she was the closest thing to a mom he can recall. [To clarify, he was abandoned as a baby and Skarf, the goddess herself, found him. She raised him along her travels until he wanted to leave her side himself]


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Name: Kensiv
Plate born on: Skarf
Gender: Male
Age: 89
(Drawing currently unfinished)

Kensiv does not carry any weapons.
Ability to touch someone or an object of theirs to figure out where they've been. His eyes will glow and he will see constellation-like paths where they've been and are going.
- This ability works less and less the longer someone hasn't had their object. Power works best when beneath the constellation he was born under - Ophiuchus.

God-given Attributes:
He weaves and reads maps well.

Well... most things. He isn't incredibly strong by any means. His biggest weakness is not knowing when people are probably done with him, or when to back off.

Brief Personality:
Fairly upbeat guy who tends to forget where the boundaries are as far as person space goes. He involves himself in conversations that he has no original part in and finds himself often eavesdropping. Once you are family, you are his. He'll protect you, at least, as well as he is able.

Alive Relationships:
He has four siblings, two sisters and two brothers. He is closest to Najma, despite her being born on Thoth. He is also close to his parents and goddess, as he is a Right-Hand.

∆∆ ∆∆∆ ∆∆​

Name: Najma
Plate born on: Thoth
Gender: Female
Age: 37
(Drawing currently unfinished)

Double-ended Fan Axe
Able to reverse time or jump time by 3 seconds when people are touching her in any way.
- Weapons/clothing touching count. The time may go to 5 seconds during a full moon if she is feeling well. Done excessively will first leave her faint and ill feeling. If she pushes through that, it may cause time to repeat on herself over, and over until she does pass out. Thus, if she was cut, she'd experience multiple times.
Able to tell if someone is lying during a blue moon

God-given Attributes:
Straw-necked Ibis wings.
Inventive by nature.

She is unable to take on bulky things well, as turning back time on a massive thing is far more tough than on a normal sized enemy. Has a relatively unfocused mind comparatively to many other Thoth born.

Brief Personality:
Unable to keep still for long, must always be moving, and jumps between thoughts quick. That being said, she is quite strategic and good at it too, whether or not you understand what she is trying to strategize is a different question.

Alive Relationships:
She has four siblings, two sisters and two brothers. She is closest to Kensiv, despite him being born on Skarf with the rest of her family.
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Name: Drekni Skard
Born on: Earth
Gender: Male
Age: 328
(Cannot find the original artist and this is a recolor of that work)

Tipped wings
The spiked-tipped wings of Drekni are as much a part of his arsenal as anything else. He uses them as an additional pair of daggers to surprise any opponent who gets too close.

Nott Seax
A long tanto dagger with dark markings etched along the blade.

Uggr Scramasax
A shortsword bearing resemblance to a modern Machete, Uggr most notably is not made of standard steel, bearing more resemblance to obsidian albeit with a green hue. It was the only gift Drekni appreciated from Fafnir. Wounds caused by this blade will allow his cloud of gas to have a greater effect.

God-given Attributes: Uggr gas, a dark smoke-like gas that he can protrude from his mouth in great gouts, obscuring vision. When inhaled the victim will be inflicted with visions of things they fear. Sometimes Drekni can see manifestations of the afflicted fears.

Weakness(es): Drekni cannot be healed by typical healing magic, his wounds and health are restored by poison. Most things that would cause harm to others he may be able to use as ways to treat wounds.

Brief Personality: Drekni balances a fine line. He is never fully relaxed, his tail flicks or his leg bounces often when it is time to be still. He is apprehensive of those he does not know and trusts slowly. He can be seen as twitchy at times due to his restless nature. Drekni will ask more questions than he will answer. Wanting to understand those he is around before being willing to share anything about himself.

Those who do know him or the few still that have his trust recognize his fierce loyalty and drive to accomplish what he sets his mind to.

Alive Relationships: Hakano Bodden, his brother.

Seax: Dagger
Scramasax: Sword
Uggr: Fear

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