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Fandom // ATLA \\ - Searching for Long-term Partners ✦ Plots Included (Closed)

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Avatar: The Last Airbender

Multiparagraph - Story & Character Driven - OC Friendly - Canon Request Available - Longterm

    Hello and welcome! I'm Squidiot and over the past few weeks I've been rewatching Avatar: The Last Airbender which means I've fallen in love with the series and world all over again. Now, as inspiration would have it, I'm itching to write within this world! I've even got a few plot ideas brewing around in the ol' noggin that I've shared here and invite you to check out if you'd like. I'm also down to hear your plot ideas, combine ideas, or work with you to come up with entirely new plots. I'm even open to playing canons for you. My main interest is capturing that same feeling as the show: Lighthearted funny moments intermixed with strong emotional notes & all the powerful ups and downs that come from found family dynamics and high stakes choices. Please spare me from constant angst though. I can't do it I must crack jokes or I WILL die.

    Sound like your cup of tea? Great! Check the tabs for information pertaining to my writing habits & what I'm looking for!
    Please be sure to give each of them a thorough read. Thank you!

    As a note: I have NOT seen Legend of Korra yet. I plan to soon! For now, all my plots & worldbuilding will be based entirely on ATLA information and references.

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