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Fantasy Atargatis mermaid cs


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I have examples of shifter mermaids in the lore

    • These mermaids are in charge of the outsiders and how they interact with the insiders. You might be tasked to follow fisherman ships,leading them to overpopulated areas,away from endangered species. You don't have magic and instead rely on tools,weapons,and your ability to shift into a sea creature. Shifter mermaids can vary in there looks as they all resemble the sea creature the shift into. Shifter mermaids do not need to breath air even if they shift into a sea mammal. They are carnivores for the most part but can have cravings depending on what they shift into. Your clan is secretive, and well hidden,your territory consist of Caves, Reefs, and ruins/sunken ships.

      King: Chosen not by birth right, but by trial. The previous king chooses who is to compete and what manner they are to do it. It is one of the most gruesome hardships anyone in there clan is to face. Your job is to ensure your clan is protected,besides this you are left to do what you wish. The king is the second most unapproachable member of his clan. He is usually left alone and since he is at times the strongest member of his clan he needs no guards. His chambers are located away from everyone else to ensure his solidarity

      Queen: There is no clan without the queen in the most literal sense. A shifter mermaid clan can not survive without their monarchy ruler. Just her presence alone can strengthen the clan both physically and unite even the worst of enemies. She is the soul of the clan, a gift from the moon goddess herself. Only a certain type of shifter mermaid can be queen, the previous queens can usually sense them. Sometimes a queen just arise, instincts take over and as one queen gets closer to death focus is shifted on to the other. In the case of Queen Kira it was a matter of waiting, everyone knew that she would eventually take the crown when the Great Queen Ester named her as her predecessor years ago.

      Prince: Prince, a title given to the leader of the guards. You have proven yourself with your leadership and combat abilities and have be rewarded with a title and respect.

      Princess: Probably the most confusing role too outsiders and a deeply cherished one in your clan, the sacrificial princess is a tradition that dates back to ancient times. In the early history of your kind. The princess was sacrificed to the mermaid goddess in times of trouble or gratitude. Though out of practice, bringing back old traditions can bring serenity and peace of mind to your clan if troubled. You are to give comfort to your clan, if you fail to do so in life it will be achieved by your death. Your fate is in the hands of your queen.

      Guard: Merfolks of your clan fear and respect you. The most common defenses of shifter mermaids is depending on your beast form, you all can defend yourselves just fine without it. Usually the strongest of your clans, guards are born not made. You have the presence of an apex predator when you shift, as well as some beefed up features thanks to your dna: armoured sharks, bladed jellyfish, poisoned ink squid, super fast dolphin, etc.

      Workers: Unlike sunclan, life for the moon clan consist of rules and regulations. You are to stay away from the surface of the water, the sun clan border, and never do anything to jeopardize the secrecy of your clan. Everyone has their responsibilities, though some are greater at some task than others. You spend your times hunting, montering the ocean wildlife, scouting the ocean waters, improving the caves, looking for treasures,or aiding the Royals.

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    • These mermaids are in charge of keeping the ocean and all its natives in order. they control the wave, keep dark magic at bay, and will aid in the migration of sea creatures. They use magic for combat and daily task. Surface Mermaids are magical creatures with the affinity of healing, tide, bubbels, and animal communication. They have human features for their top half and colorful tails. Surface mermaids usually stay away from meat, mainly herbivores. They enjoy meals and prepped food unlike their cousin species who eat like animals. The sun clan is joyful place easy going place, of course there is still work to do amongst the dressing up dancing and singing. sun clan lives in deeper parts of the ocean and in open seas with not that much going on. It's to hide your magical kingdoms and yourselves.

      King: The king alongside his queen are responsible for keeping dark magic at bay. They are the only ones capable of using pure magic. He also is in charge of the library, and keeper of sacred text. He is knowledgeable in most aspects of life and a great asset to his queen.

      Queen: The Queen ensures that her subjects are safe as well as monitors over their duties. The royals focus their efforts on dark magic but it is also their job to keep the harmony and balance. Making sure your workers are maintaining the tides and the guards keep track of migrations and on alert of dark magic is how you do this. You possess the same magic as others with a stronger degree, and also a special ability unique to you.

      Prince/princess: They can be older than the king and queen, they are most of times cousins or even younger siblings. The prince or princess will aid his/her king and queen in the daily task of purifying the waters of darkness. Being that there are much bigger roles to take care of the bigger things, those in this position are in charge of the happiness of their clan. You plan festivals and balls, attend games ,an encourage everyone to have fun. While the King and Queen are off discussing the well being of the ocean, you open your ears to the problems of your clan ensuring their wellbeing doesn't go over looked.

      Winter Guard: Your daily task or no different from the other guards except for when it comes time for the whale migration. Winter Guards will travel with the whales who migrate to the arctic ocean with the help of the orca pod. Because the arctic regions are not maintained regularly going there can be very dangerous. For example if dark magic has taken over you might be attacked by the very animals that you help,or have your own magic tainted. You are to return it back to order and have the heart breaking task of killing any newborn animals that were born into that region to stop contamination.

      Guard: Moon clan is a rare sight to sea on your territory,but you still need to keep your guard up. Most of you have joined not to fight,but to explore. You are the ones they send out with migrating animals, you have the tough decision when deciding when you should intervene and when you shouldn’t. Your main purpose is the animals and keeping a track on corruption. You can be tasked to watch over the royals if necessary, but it is everyone's job to defend the clan. You are not so much warriors but adventures. even if you don't spend your entire time training you are still fighters, there are many threats in the ocean that need those who can defend themselves against it.

      Workers: The sun clan life is simple and filled with joy. They have fun, follow their hearts and maintain harmony. All inhabitants possess magic, tho some are better at it then others. You work hard and play even harder you idolize your royals and trust that they will do their best to maintain you alls way of life.

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Kyoya (kee-yo-yah)

age : 125


Personality: Kyoya is wise for his age, taking his duties as king very seriously. He has a very reserved nature but has a charming effect on everyone. Kyoya may not be the most talkative person but his voice, when he does choose to speak, carries weight. Without knowing anything about him one could tell that he was a respected individual just by the way here carries himself. People have even found him intimidating. It could be understood, the sun clan was a cheerful, social group. Someone of his nature could be seen as odd or even unapproachable

Your thoughts on the Moon clan: He has never voiced his own opinions about the shifters.

Rank: King of sun clan

Magic mastery:

  • Bubbels (offensive): 8
  • Tide (defensive): 10
  • Healing : 7
  • Special ability : He can project his thoughts to others

Ability: Snails

His privacy

bitter things
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Name: Gan

age : 225



Personality: Junabee is one of the oldest mermaids remaining in the sun clan. She is the senior member of the winter guard and was apparently a friend of the previous moon king. They were once seen laughing together during a meeting called to by Queen Harmony. She could teach a merperson many things if she wasn't so damn unapproachable. She isn't the kindest surface mermaid but she is far from cruel. Her teaching methods are a bit harsh,but most of her insults are sarcastic rather than her true feelings.

Your thoughts on the Moon clan: barbaric....

Rank: Winter guard

Magic mastery:

  • Bubbels (offensive): 6
  • Tide (defensive): 7
  • Healing :6

Ability: Orcas

being left alone
racing the orcas
warm waters

dislikes: (at least three)
being bothered
crowded places
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Skipping Endlessly
Name: Oxyrin


Oxyrin is long and sleek, built mostly for speed. Her pectoral fins extend out from her elbows, her first dorsal fin sits just below her shoulder blades, and her second dorsal fin rests pretty far down her tail, just cranial to the caudal fin. She also has a pelvic fin on the underside of her tail just cranial to her second dorsal fin. Her back is a dark, indigo blue and her underside and face are white. The separation of colors is distinct on her sides and continues until it reaches her caudal fin, where the white terminates and the indigo colors the rest of her tail. She has a strong broad nose, round, completely black eyes, and several sets of thin, wickedly sharp teeth that angle inward.

Shifter Form: Shortfin mako shark

An extremely high energy individual, Oxyrin is always on the move. She has a tendency to create more work for herself if she feels like there isn’t enough to do, and is always eager to help others, either through increased manpower or advice, if it looks like they’re struggling. Despite, or perhaps due to, her never-ending workload, Oxyrin is highly organized and focused, preferring to work on one thing at a time while still keeping in mind everything else that needs to be done. By working on tasks methodically, she believes they can be accomplished with the most amount of efficiency and quality. This approach to life has left her with a long list of accomplishments and even propelled her to her current position of Prince.

Oxyrin’s intense focus and serious nature often make her hard to approach. Many find it difficult to disturb her when she seems so busy, however she’s always happy to hear about other things that need to get done. Better to lose a minute on the current project than hours or days on the next.

Thoughts on the Sun Clan: Mostly indifferent. As long as they stay out of Moon Clan territory, she doesn’t really care what they get up to.

Abilities/Skills: She’s incredibly fast, tending to rely on superior speed rather than strength. Her natural countershading combined with her speed make her very hard to track. While not true invisibility, most merfolk have trouble keeping their eyes on her when she gets up to speed. Her fins, particularly her pectoral and caudal fins, are strong and sharp enough to be used as blades.

Rank: Prince

Weapons: War scythe

Trinkets: well preserved metal scraps

Being productive
Creating new heads for her scythe

Down time
Unfinished projects


~Hypnosis mic~
Name: Ariadne
Appearance:WhatsApp Image 2020-02-15 at 18.04.05.jpegCheryl Walsh - Mermaids.jpg
Age: 55
She has a straight face most of the time and might come off as arrogant or soulless in the beginning. She does her job in the most optimal way possible and is very straight-forward if necessary. Very mature and wise, she often tends to overwork herself. Ariadne has a vast knowledge of healing and potions. She doesn't like to chat with people that are too loud. If it wasn't for her angelic appearance, people could swear she isn't from the Sun clan. The best one to seek help from during an urgent problem. She might seem hard to approach due to her straight-forward nature. She tries to not roll her eyes, click her tongue or raise her voice when annoyed. She will often force herself to smile with new people. Even so, people respect her and often seek her help because they know they can rely on her.
Once you get to know her and she starts opening-up she is sweet, kind and selfless. She is always trying her best and she will do anything for her loved ones. She can have a lot of reactions and can be very sharp-tongued if she's feeling comfortable enough with you. She can make rushed decisions if it concerns the ones dear to her and might risk getting hurt because of that. Once she warmed up to you, she is the most loyal from them all. Doesn't like having conversations if she isn't in the right mood. She will listen to all your problems and will try her best to help and console you. Even though she is comfortable with you, she still can't manage to open up and talk about her problems and dreams. She is a sweetheart but is too afraid to open up completely in fear of getting hurt.

Your thoughts on the Moon clan: Not all of them seem bad, they seem more reserved and calm than others
Rank: Princess of Sun Clan
Magic mastery:
  • Bubbels (offensive): 9
  • Tide (defensive): 7
  • Healing: 10
  • Special ability: The ability to manipulate sound.
Ability: Dolphins
Dark and quiet places
Reading and singing
Warm and kind people
Spicy and sweet things

Too much light or too much noise
Being unproductive
Annoying people
Having to open up to people

Quotes: 'I would do anything for the people I love. Even if it means destroying myself in the process.'
Backstory : She and Atta are childhood friends. The red-head is almost the only one who can calmed her. They have such a strange relationship being polar opposite. Workers and guards talk about their interaction almost daily.
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The lord of randomness and the warp
age : 29

name: galarn
appearance: his skin is pink not like the colour in the picture

personality: galarn is one of the stranger members of moon clan. While he has a ruthless combat effectiveness and cold hearted efficiency. a good deal of the time he appears to be a total softie (also literally like his tails tentacles are soft) appearing not to care to much and just playing around. yet when duties calls galarn suddenly switches to a no nonsense ruthlessly effective killer/protector. no one knows how he is capable of this sudden switch some sight spilt personal or something the truth only galarn knows the truth of this, and he isn't going to tell

Your thought on the other clan: “Fine they do there job keep the dark Magic’s at bay we do the real... oh is that a seal he’s cute awww so adorable”

clan: moon

rank: gaurd

abilities: many many many manipulation tentacles on his tail each holding deadly neurotoxins, able to sense changed in water pressure, able to swap form being a total softy to a ruthless killer on and the tentacles are super soft and nice to touch.

powers: galarn can transform into a sea anemone while yes it seems useless, it’s a massive one the anemone is able to burrow under the sea floor and burst out thousands of massive long tentacles lashing out each filled with a debilitating neurotoxin that can easily paralyse and kill its victims either by drowning them in there own body fluids or them causing them to spasms out till death or heart stopping instant in the worst cases nothing is safe form this potent toxin even though that are immune to most other find the sting of galarn excruciating painful... nothing escapes his wrath, he prefers swift ambushes

weapons: a old ceremonial halberd nothing special just it kinda never bluntes

likes: cute sea creatures, playing with cute sea creatures or just messing around a little bit, totally annihilation of his Enemies, showing that he’s not some useless layabout hugs, head pats.

dislikes: people that question his position, long drawn out lectures that he is not giving, others failing and not living up to his standards of military training
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Name: Talori Floris Aquela

age: 25

appearance: 699AACAE-38D8-432F-973B-CCACE70A2EEC.jpeg

Personality: Talori is very wise for her age. She has many traits that other merfolk her age do not. Her simplistic appearance is a pleasant facade that conceals her complicated nature. She is extremely kind but also strict.
Her scales change color based on her mood; normally they are light blue.

Your thoughts on the Moon clan: Talori thinks that there is no reason for there to be conflict. She doesn't blame conflict on anyone specifically, or either clan. She thinks it's a lack of understanding. As such, she more than tolerates the other clan.
Rank: Queen of the Sun Clan

Magic mastery:

  • Bubbels (offensive): 9
  • Tide (defensive): 10
  • Healing : 7
  • Special ability: The ability to call forth and retract scales on her body. They act as a kind of armor. When she retracts enough on her lower tail and where her thighs would be, her tail splits into two human legs, allowing her to walk on land. However, she is weakened on land and her skin will dry out quickly if she does not stay near the ocean. Talori's scales act as her clothing. She prefers to be simple, but she can call forth her scales to make intricate patterns on her upper body.

Ability: Dolphin Speak

Friendly merfolk

dislikes: (at least three)
Sea urchins
Being lied to

"The common enemy is misunderstanding. That's what drives us apart."
"A drop of dirty water does not make the entire ocean polluted. As such, one bad merperson does not make all merfolk bad."
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Kohei.jpgName: Kohei
Age: 103 years old

Personality: Kohei enjoys life. He takes his responsibilities as a guard seriously but... if he slacks off sometimes, who can blame him? The ocean is just so wondrous and for Kohei, that means there's so much to explore. He likes being able to live in the moment and tries his best to be the optimistic one in every situation. He's not naive to the struggles his clan has been going through but knows that as a guard, there's little he could do to change what fate decides.

Your thoughts on the Moon clan: Although he's apprehensive because of the tension between the clans, he's not naive enough to hate every single merperson from the Moon clan. In his eyes, everyone is innocent until proven guilty—their 'enemies' included.

Rank: Guard of the Sun clan
Magic mastery:

Bubbles: 4
Tide: 6
Healing: 7

Ability: Different species of reef sharks
Likes: Working as a guard, goofing off, helping others to cause mischief, healing injured creatures in the reefs
Dislikes: Being reprimanded (happens often), serious situations, contemplating politics

Name: Suri
Age: 87 years old

Shifter form: Thresher shark

Personality: Suri respects her culture deeply and serves her title with pride. She can be hesitant at times due her weariness to trust others but most of the time, she enjoys talking and assisting her people. There is a very rare side to her with only a handful of her friends where she is comfortable enough to speak her mind and not worry what others may think of her. She can be a little vain at times due to her looks but doesn't flaunt her emotions enough to make others aware of that.

Your thoughts on the Sun clan: She doesn't trust their intentions and is extremely cautious of whatever repercussions may come from their leaders.

Rank: Princess of the Moon Clan

Abilities/skills: Suri can use her tail to whip and/or herd her prey. She can even cut smaller creatures with her tail; although, the cut is never fatal.

Weapons: Relies on her sharp teeth when transformed. Carries a small knife with her that she found.

Trinkets: Gold wires she wears on her fingers. She also owns a cracked pocket mirror that she uses to admire herself on occasion.

Likes: Performing her duties, spending time with others, learning/training with new weapons
Dislikes: Having to be vulnerable/discuss her emotions, being undermined, being alone
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Reptile with wings and plumes.
Name: Pelag
age : 30

(Placeholder picture, will draw him myself later.) The short hair one. Pelag is a brown merman with white underside. His tail is those of the marine reptile he share the form with, with 2 pairs of flipper from the flank and one dorsal fin at his back. He has vicious grey eyes and sharp teeth lining his mouth.​

Shifter form: Great Temnodon (Temnodontosaurus sp.)

Personality: Pelag is quiet and stoic most of the time. He doesn't talk much and doesn't like to socialize with the others. However, he normally isn't aggressive and wouldn't mind company of another guard or other moon clan members providing it doesn't irritate him too much (Blabber is a no-no for him). In any conversation, he is mostly the listener. However, his intimidating look and quiet nature would drive off weaker individuals from his path to begin with, thus he doesn't really have many friends. Pelag is loyal to his clan and its king and queen because it's what he was taught from the very young age. He's close with the king guards of the moon clan, viewing them as his only known family and has high respect of them, even though Took, the youngest of the king guard who he viewes as his sister has many time irritated him due to her lust of violence. When agitated or in his duty to fight, Pelag could be very vicious fighter and will attack relentlessly until threat is gone or eliminated. However, he isn't a senseless fighter and know when to fight, to give up or to flee.

Your thoughts on the sun clan: Pelag hasn't got any chance to know about sun clan much. He find them different and alien to his liking but doesn't outright hate them (yet).

Rank: Guard

abilities/skills: Pelag is among the strongest swimmer guard of moon clan, especially in his impressive endurance. His speed is decent and in his creature form, he can attack with tremendous power and precision. His creature forms has acute eye sight that allows him to see even through the darkest part of the sea. His teeth are sharp and blade-liked, capable of tearing flesh with little effort. He is also very tolerant of cold temperature. In his merman form, Pelag was trained to fight with his arm strength and melee weapon as his form is sometimes to big to fit in smaller space.

Weapons: A pair of dagger made of sea turtle's shell.

Trinkets: A small emerald ring he found a long time ago when he was just young fry.

- His foster family (King guards)
- Amberjack's meat
- His ring
- Peace

- Crowded place
- Failing at his duty
- Blabbers

Backstory: Pelag was an orphan that lost his parents before he could remember them. In his youth, he started to follow the the king guard Fema who eventually took him in and raised him as her own child. To this day, even though Pelag had become independent of her care and has his own duties to tend to, he still long to see her as much as he could as she and the other king guards were only the merfolks that he could truly calls family.


Smol Kawaii Bean Bunz Pokemon (。◕ω◕。) (^ω^)
Mellownis Kamara

age :

(Very colorful orange, blue and purple spiked lower half, poisonous tendrils.)

Shifter form:

A once innocent and overly curious young mer she's now rather withdrawn and anxious due to the shunning and treatment to herself by others. She's always loved the idea of freedom, and living up in the warmer waters, joining the two clans to stop the war!- but.... always been too softspoken to say anything. She's a hopeless romantic with big dreams and wishes for how things could be, but often won't act on things to achieve these goals. She hopes for a good life for herself and her child- even if that means running away forever.

Your thoughts on the sun clan:
They seem.... so much- happier.


Singing, Animal Guiding.


A small shell necklace in a golden colour.

-Warm waters.
-The way the suns rays hit the water.
-the freedom of the sun clan.

-The dark.
-Being alone.

"Is it really right to live in darkness and pain just to be shunned by your own? Is not it better to live like them, to enjoy life!"

TBR. Impregnated by a rumored Sun Clan member causing her to be shunned.
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Name: Kiva

age : 14


Shifter form: "Oh...i'd rather not show you that."

Personality: No one was allowed to interact with Kiva while queen Esther was still around. Besides her appearance at the crowing no one has seen much f her, let alone speak to her. It's safe to assume that she is youthful, maybe she is a lot like her mother only time will tell.

Your thoughts on the sun clan: "My mother told me that I alone can bring the surface mermaids to their knees..."

Rank: Queen

abilities/skills: As a shifter queen her presence alone can compel others to do her bidding. It will be almost impossible to disobey her when she reaches adulthood. She has brought out a maternal side for the entire clan, and they have physically grown stronger in contrast to their queens vulnerability.

Weapons: she doesn't need to fight, the clan would come to her aid in any situation.

Trinkets: "Well...it's all mine isn't it? I am the queen after all"

sea urchins

Sun clan

Backstory: All that is known about Queen Kiva is that she appeared by the queens side about three years ago. Besides King Syhporayues no one was close to queen, the clan was shocked when the girl appeared. Despite Kiva being timid and soft spoken, the previous queen has made a reputation for her. For all anyone knew this could be the very daughter of Queen Esther, perhaps her reserved nature was due to respect for the queen. Maybe she was too scared speak, maybe she was not allowed. Those who are close to her, knows that she refers to Queen Esther as her mother, and has felt very lonely since her departure. Kiva is a physical reputation of her clan, her very existence is secretive and full of mystery. She is young, perhaps too young to be considered queen, that is her greatest weakness.
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Death is no excuse for disobedience
Name: Atalanta

age : 27

She can look intimidating and kind of scary to some and really beautiful to others. Depends on the person. Her rings are brighter blue when she’s upset, scared or startled.

Shifter form: Blue ringed octopus

Personality: Atlanta can come off as quiet at first but once she feels comfortable around someone she’s actually very talkative. She curious about everything and is always trying to explore or new areas, she’s definitely a chaotic good character. She wants independence and freedom and she firmly believes that she can handle herself, much to the frustration of those who care about her. She still very young and even though she thinks she’s a great decision maker, her age really shows when it comes to making important decisions since she is mostly led by her heart. Her impulsiveness has gotten her in trouble with the queen. She loves her clan members and hates disappointing them, but her curiosity always gets the better of her. She can also be very stubborn, once she sets her mind to something it can be very difficult to convince her otherwise. She is also a pacifist and doesn’t believe in killing other mermaids, she won’t lace anyone else’s weapons. Don’t even ask unless you want a lecture.

Your thoughts on the sun clan: she believes they can get along and is curious about their way of life. She has been caught trying to observe them from a distance.
Rank: Worker (hunts fish)

abilities/skills: she is a skilled fighter compared to the other workers, but she isn’t skilled enough to hold her own against a trained guard. She is venomous in her octopus form and uses her venom to lace her hunting equipment.

Weapons: Atalanta has one weapon that isn’t poisoned and that’s a small dagger she keeps with her for protection.

Trinkets: a blow dart with darts she’s laced with poison to help hunt fish. She’s picked up a few other useless trinkets like a jewelry box she keeps particularly cool shells or smaller items in. She also has a small jar that she likes to go inside of in her octopus form when she wants alone time. Even though everyone can still see her through it she usually screws the lid on so she can’t hear them. This is also how she pouts when she gets in trouble. She wears a necklace with human back vertebrae’s on it, she doesn’t know what they are but she found it on a sunken pirate ship and it looks really cool!

likes: collecting trinkets small trinkets, her jar, FOOD, following cute animals and trying to learn about their behaviors, shiny stuff, her clan, checking out all the hot guards

dislikes: strong currents (she’s not the strongest swimmer since she lacks a tail), being ignored, getting scolded, jellyfish and other stinging creatures, when other people fight or get into arguments.

Quotes: “I don’t seek out trouble, it just happens to find me.”

Backstory: She uses her job as a worker to sneak around more than to do actual work.
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1583952337276.pngName: Takari 'Tak'

age : 46

Personality: Takari is very energetic and bubbly. He is a social butterfly(fish) and loves to play games. He loves to make people laugh and has a hard time taking things seriously, except when it comes to his job as guard, but even then he has a tendency to goof off. Tak is prone to talk someone's ear off if they give him the chance but he also likes to listen to other people's stories as well. He is also very lighthearted and docile. When it comes to the care of animals it is of upmost importance to him. He can be sensitive but he usually let's things go pretty quickly.

Your thoughts on the Moon clan: They seem sad and lonely. It must suck having so many rules.

Rank: Guard

Magic mastery:

  • Bubbles (offensive): 6
  • Tide (defensive): 8
  • Healing : 8
  • Special ability: N/A

Ability: Turtles

+Helping animals

-Being chastised
-Being held back

Quotes: "Let's play a game!"

aja maji

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Name: Leo

age : 32


Personality: Leo is your typical happy go lucky let's sing a song surface mermaid. He spends most of his time tending to the royals and is considering becoming a guard. He is most known for his golden hue that appears to illuminate in sunlight. Others joke that he wasn't born, he is just a drop of sunlight that found its way to the sea.

Your thoughts on the Moon clan: They killed queen harmony, I know it.

Rank: Worker

Magic mastery:

  • Bubbels (offensive): 5
  • Tide (defensive): 7
  • Healing :4

Ability: flying fish

the sun and its warmth
playful creatures

party poopers
tight spaces
sour food

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Name: Blue (like the previous king)

age : 27


Personality: Blue is just as playful as his brother, but a lot quieter. Not in the sense of less talking, he was just a soft spoken individual. Blue is a bit of a thrill seeker and enjoys the fun of danger. He often feels trapped within his clan once traveling outside of the border was no longer safe thanks to the previous moon queen.

Your thoughts on the Moon clan: If the new queen really is an offspring of Esther the cruel then there will be no resolution.

Rank: Worker

Magic mastery:

  • Bubbels (offensive): 4
  • Tide (defensive): 5
  • Healing :7

Ability: Herring

Wild shark riding
Racing to the surface

Being in one place for to long
slow days
night watch.

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Name: Miko

age : 16

appearance: His fins are black while the rest of him is a dark grey with specks of white.

Shifter form: Barracuda

Personality: Miko is eager to please and has a friendly smile, his generous disposition might go away as he matures into a proper guard but for now youth has kept him approachable. He is very confident in himself and does not get easily deterred by failure. He can be a little brash and foolhardy but he will hopefully grow out of it as he gains more control of his instincts.

Your thoughts on the sun clan: He hasn't been able to form an opinion, he is much to busy training.

Rank: guard in training (worker)

Miko best offensive attack is charging, he can go into burst of speeds up to 30 mph but can not keep that speed for very long.
Miko like Took has frenzy mode. If triggered he can become a bloodthirsty killer and shred into his opponent ripping them into pieces

Weapons: (if you have one, some like to rely on their creature form to fight)

Trinkets: He has found anything worth keeping yet.


night watch


New Member
Name:Anneatta Frillshez(Atta)

age : 65


Personality: She is extremely laid back and doesn't usually panics. Unless anxiety is randomly kicking in. She is serious amd strict when needed, but with the people she likes is extremely cheerful, kind and talkative.
She is mature, but knows when to joke. Has a problem with inequality and thinks everyone should get a chance and be respected.
Loves art with all her might, but she is a genius in procrastination. She needs to be 'forced' to do something quickly or you may find her spacing out looking at a wall.
She serves the Royals with pleasure, especially the princess, even though they are polar opposite. Everyone finds their relationship strange, but only some workers ever voiced out that.
She will do anything for the ones she cares for.

Your thoughts on the Moon clan: She is extremely sure not all of them are bad. She believes everyone deserves a chance and should be respected

Rank: worker

Magic mastery:

Bubbels (offensive): 3
Tide (defensive): 5
Healing :7

Ability: The frilled shark



Quotes: : 'Panic won't resolve something at all. Just stay still and chill!'

Backstory : Atta and Princess Ariadne know each other technically since they were born. She became a worker because she wanted to be closer to Ari. She is almost the only one that can calm her and their relationship is extremely strange for others. Workers always asked themselves how they can be friends.


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