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At the Adventurers' Table: Chapter Twelve


Kaerri's Man. =)
Ah! It was removed when I took away the bodies of the dead. Sorry about that! @Psychie

Go to the campfire. It's spaces (10 feet) down from the campfire, or 2 spaces right of Nivirea, or 10 feet up from Warg Rider 1 (however you please to call it).


Princess Psychie
Is it possible for Oreleth to make a melee attack on Goblin with Spiked Chains as she runs to the pack as two of her three available actions on her round? With my third action being to grab the pack?


Kaerri's Man. =)
Let's see! Oreleth has a movement of 35 feet per round (hooray for Boots of Striding & Springing!)...

If Oreleth puts herself in the square just down of the goblin (2 squares down from Paladin Bria), she'll be Flanking and therefore able to use her Sneak Attack ability on the Goblin with Spiked Chains!

Action #1 - Stride to that square
Action #2 - Strike Goblin with Spiked Chains (with new, awesome Sneak Attack action!)
Action #3 - Grab the pack... Hmm. Yes, she has a free hand (according to your earlier posts, Oreleth has only the normal short sword in her hand).



Kaerri's Man. =)
"Oreleth, seek you the Sunfire Blade in the Warg's saddlebags! 'Tis the mate of the Moonlit Edge and a weapon of legend amongst the Elf-kin of Waterwind. Claim thy birthright and put these mongrel scum to the swords that defied a legion!", he called out in Elven over the din of battle.
Am I the only one really impressed with Otiorin here? Here he is, directing a stranger to fulfill one of Otiorin's life goals, heedless of his own desires, except to see it done. Man, I have played with other players who would be mad and jealous and do the opposite, but not Cap'n. Cap'n, you and Oti are true. =)

*puts a lollipop into Cap'n's mouth too.* =)


Luna's Concubine
A quick mechanics check please? If I'm reading it right, Luna's power of Faerie Dust uses up one of her Spell Points to cast, and does not take away from her normal spell slots, is that correct?


Kaerri's Man. =)
Hey, Gang! Read in-game first again, if you would.

Whew! We're really moving today! I like it! =)

I don't have much to add to this post except to ask you to remember that Oscar is in Bria's square, moving with her, and yes, the goblins are still quite angry with him!

Color 06
Battle in the Red Cave - Color 06.jpg
(Image credit: Michael Fitzhywel and Roll20.net)

Tactical 06
Battle in the Red Cave - Tactical 06.jpg
(Image credit: Michael Fitzhywel and Roll20.net)

And here's our Initiative Order for Round 2
Bren - Natural 20! (Used Ready action to Channel Energy upon Nivirea again, threatening Warg Rider 1)
Ranged Goblins - 21 (Crossbow goblin hit for 4 Hit Points. Longbow goblin drowsy, -2 to Perception checks)
Otiorin - 20 (fired two arrows for 4 Hit Points damage to Goblin with Crossbow)
Luna - 19 (Struck for 6 Hit Points of damage by Goblin with Long Bow. Cast Faerie Dust on Goblin with Longbow; Goblin saved)
Melee Goblins - 18 (failed save from "Foxes, Foxes, everywhere!" Condition). (Have gone already on Round 2; Initiative -3 due to "Foxes, Foxes, Everywhere!" condition)
Bria - 18 (swung on Warg Rider 2 and Young Warg 2, missing twice. Stepped with Oscar out of goblins' Flank)
Oreleth - 17 (used Stride, attacked "Goblin with Spiked Chains" with short sword and missed again, took pack from dead Warg 1 )
Nivirea - 5 (Cast full-power Magic Missile on Young Warg 1 of "Warg and Rider 1" and slew it)

@Wolf Rawrrr What's Nivirea going to do next? =)

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