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At the Adventurers' Table: Chapter Fourteen


Kaerri's Man. =)
Thanks for the update, Wolf. I'm glad you and your family are O.K.. I can relate with a lot of things you've said and the sooner humanity pulls out of this, the better. I'm also very happy that you were not among the earthquake casualties. I understand if you're not feeling creative.

I'm using video games and RP Nation as a release so I'm going to continue posting. February and parts of March were very busy for me (6/days week with a lot to do), but now I'm enjoying the first two days off in a row that I've had in awhile. I've been responsible enough; time to recharge my batteries before I get back to it! =)

Keep your chin up, Wolf! That goes for you too, Gang! =)


Dannigan's Lady
Oh man, that sucks, Wolf. :/ Thanks for checking in, though. It's good to hear from you at times like these.

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