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Fantasy γ€€.&γ€€π’‚π’”π’•π’“π’‚π’π’Šπ’”βœ γ€€magical girls/boys (1 role)

  • intro

    a million miles away



    early fourteen billion years ago, the universe was born. Galaxies, stars, and all the tiny specks that make up the world came into existence. Celestial beings, GUARDIANS and KNIGHTS of planets, followed soon after. They were born to defend their system's star until its dying breath. Stars provided systems with light, offering guardians power in exchange for their protection. DARKNESS craved such power and plotted to consume the stars, bringing war to each galaxy they sought to conquer.

    Our own solar system formed ten billion years later, giving birth to SOL and his nine guardians. MERCURY and VENUS flourished so close to their star and neither had any need for a KNIGHT. EARTH, just far enough to require protection, had LUNA to watch over them. Each planet that followed had knights at their side, all prepared to serve their guardians in defending their galaxy.

    SOL appreciated the efforts of all of his planets, but his love only extended so far. PLUTO was often neglected and with so little power many did not even acknowledge them as a full-fledged guardian. The solar system was weaker for it, but they would not realize this mistake until it was too late.

    DARKNESS had come for the MILKY WAY countless times, picking off the weaker systems in hopes of reaching the galaxy's center. They fought valiantly, holding off the DARKNESS for as long as they could. It took them thousands of years to reach our solar system, their minions coming in small numbers until a full-fledged war began a millennium ago. They had grown stronger by then, having consumed dozens of stars.

    In the war, PLUTO was the first to fall. They died alone, fighting to protect their planet and a system that never believed in them. The rest of the guardians and their knights met the DARKNESS at NEPTUNE, fighting for as long as it took to force the DARKNESS to give up and retreat.

    The solar system was victorious, but safety and peace came at a great cost. MARS lost their knight PHOBOS, JUPITER lost CALLISTO, and SATURN lost RHEA. These guardians were never the same after the war, even now a thousand years later.

    SATURN, however, always knew that RHEA would someday return to this world. Out of all the guardians, they were the most familiar with life and death. They feared neither, knowing that what followed death was rebirth. Their fellow guardians did not believe them, but in time their faith was rewarded. The fallen knights were reborn on EARTH. SATURN knew not of their existence until one fateful day when RHEA unlocked the power slumbering within them.

    Memories of their life as a knight returned to them, overwhelming RHEA until the world went dark. They dreamt of SATURN, of the war they died in, and the DARKNESS. When they awoke RHEA knew of their true identity, losing the memories of their mortal life in the process. They were far too weak to leave EARTH on their own, but lucky for them SATURN felt their presence return. SATURN intended on finding RHEA on their own, but word reached MARS and JUPITER soon after. They forced SATURN’s hand, determined to investigate RHEA's reappearance in hopes of finding their own knights. Together they entered EARTH's domain, disguising themselves as mere humans in search of RHEA and any sign of the others.

    PHOBOS and CALLISTO were indeed reborn as they hoped. Unlike RHEA, they have no memories of their time as knights. They live as humans, befriending mortals such as ARIES, SCORPIO, and AQUARIUS. The guardians will have their hands full once they arrive, more than they realize. DARKNESS is waiting for its moment to strike.




a million miles away,

come back and


comedy, romance, magical girls/boys



spots open






β™‘coded by uxieβ™‘
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ok i know it doesn't sound like obviously romcom but this is intended to be a romcom LMAO the setting will be an ambiguous small town's "downtown" area with a cluster of aesthetic shops and businesses where all the humans/knights will be working and interacting together. then these guardians are gonna roll up and be like πŸ§β€β™‚οΈ"come back with us" and it won't work out that way so they have to live amongst earth mortals and figure out how to pretend to be normal


also may change mars' fc i'm still kinda looking and yes this is heavily sailor moon inspired LMAOO
absolutely interested but tentative participation
Hi y'all! Ty for your interest~ Let me work on getting Mars put together and then I'll get a cs thread going! Super excited to see where this goes!!!
the cs thread is linked on the first post! i also included some clarifications on the cs thread, so please be sure to read the first post there too.

as a reminder, this is not first come, first serve. i encourage posting an app as it gives me a chance to determine if your character suits the role without you having to complete an entire cs. if you decide to post a placeholder, you have 72 hours to post an app/cs. placeholders do not reserve anything. anyone is able to app for the same role and i will look between them. uhhh no definitive deadline right now, but maybe friday i'll take a look at what we have? idk i don't like waiting too long HAHAHA i'll see how it goes

lemme know if y'all have questions
mars is a full cs, but that's because i didn't want to have to worry about finishing him while managing the apps and such
hi yall! i'm going to be busier than anticipated today, so i'll take a look at the first batch of apps this weekend instead!!
unfortunately i don't think i can have something up by then... my weekend is pretty busy :( hope y'all have fun with this, though
you can app after too, we're not closing the roles. i'm just responding to what's been posted tomorrow and then i'll respond again to whatever comes after
MARS, PHOBOS, ARIES, and CALLISTO are now taken! All other roles are available for apps~

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