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Panda chaos

The world without love is nothing I want to see.
Hello, Hello! And thank you for joining our efforts to make a better future! If you are receiving this letter you have decided to come with us to the beyond. Thank you for sacrificing your life for the better of Earth. First things first; we'll need to know a little about you. So please fill out the following sheet of information. Don't be shy. Only we and other passengers will see it.

~ Sincerely The Astra

Character sheet
Preferred name:
Age: (Preferably 18+)
Date of birth:
Sexual orientation:

Skin tone:
Eye colour:
Hair Colour:
Body Modifications:
Physical Disabilities:
Typical style:
Face claim: (If used realistic one; who is it?)

Personality (Optional):
Positive traits (3 or more):
Negative traits (3 or more):
Moral Alignment:
Mental Disorders:

Relationship status:
Things you're taking with you:
This is not a first come first serve. I will pick and choose the characters.
Please heed all of the rules that I had stated on the original thread.


RpN's demon dragon bodyguard
(Copy-pasted from last time!)

Name: Chanterelle
Nicknames: ChantΓ©, Chanty
Preferred name: Chanty
Age: 23
Date of birth: January 1st
Gender: Female
Species: Human..
Profession: Chef, though she oddly never appears to eat her own food.
Degrees: Not formerly trained... but suspiciously good.

Appearance: You'd think Chanty was some officer in the military, constantly wearing thick-plated armor that covers every inch of her skin, from head to toe. Their suit isn't too form-fitting, nor is it too clunky, but happily in between. The metal is a dark gray - almost black - with recognizable teal highlights that glow faintly in the dark. Their helmet's visor is chrome and reflective, preventing anyone from seeing her face at all times.
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 170 lbs
Skin tone: Presumably white, according to records
Eye colour: Presumably dark brown, nearly black
Hair Colour: Presumably chestnut
Body Modifications: None known
Physical Disabilities: None known, though she does claim to need frequent vitamin supplements.
Typical style: Always wearing her armor in hot or cold, rain or shine, casual or formal settings.
Face claim: None

Personality: Chanty can seem standoffish at first, but behind that cold, metallic exterior, she's even more standoffish. But behind that, she really is a curious one who wants to discover the secrets of the universe. Most things in life she takes quite seriously, almost all jokes flying straight over her head. Most of the time she's quiet and guarded, yet some of the time she can be all too involved and unaware of personal boundaries.
Positive traits: Alert, logical-minded, quick-thinking, curious
Negative traits: Standoffish, distrusting, socially oblivious, lacking humour
Moral Alignment: Lawful neutral
Likes: Serving good food, privacy, discovery, silence
Dislikes: Surprises, social pressure, intrusiveness, pranks
Habits/Kinks: None
Fears: None known... at the moment.
Mental Disorders: Prosopagnosia (The inability to recognize faces)

Sexuality: Not known
Relationship status: Single
Family: None, though she has a certain dislike towards talking about family, in general.

History/Bio: Though she's very quiet about it, her file does communicate a rather vague history. Chanty was found abandoned at infancy and taken in by an adoption center. When no parents would take her in the sea of other children she'd soon spend her long life hopping from location to location, taking on the occasional entry-level job. One day, when she was 18 and working as a truck-loader for a laboratory struggling to compete with Astra, a barrel of flammable chemicals ruptured and caught aflame, covering her entire body in severe burns and nearly killing her - the reason she claims she must keep her metal suit on at all times. While in recovery, she was taken in by a surrogate father-figure who allowed her to travel with him and taught her the ways of culinary arts, which she rapidly excelled at, yet never made a living of. Eventually she went off by herself to travel the world and explore all sorts of culinary avenues, when suddenly she became strangely invested in this particular space program...
Things you're taking with you: Unsatisfied with the limited selection of ingredients provided by Astra, Chanty has opted to bring crates and crates of her own ingredients, as well as the equipment needed to keep them stored. She's also bringing large planters of fresh greens, and many crates of vitamin supplements of her own making. It's quite a lot, but she has promised to store everything in her own room.
Extra: She will never cook with mushrooms, and may smack you for suggesting the thought.


The lord of randomness and the warp
Character sheet
Name: Fenrel Oldar
Nicknames: fen
Preferred name: fenrel or fen
Age: 54
Date of birth: 30th December
Sexual orientation: slime
Species: slime
Profession: biologist/xenobiologist (in theory tho)
Degrees: masters in biology and degree in theoretically xenobiology, masters in genetics

Appearance:View attachment 891986View attachment 891987
Mix bettwen these 2 images basically
Height: varies normally 6 foot
Weight: variable
Skin tone: blue translucent
Eye colour: blue or green translucent
Hair Colour: green and yellow
Body Modifications: none
Physical Disabilities:. None
Typical style: sometimes wears a lab coat tho normally forgoes clothing
Face claim: (If used realistic one; who is it?)

Personality (Optional): tba
Positive traits (3 or more):
Tries to care for others
Negative traits (3 or more): too curious of his own good
Accident prone and careless
Forgets others arnt as durable
Moral Alignment: chaotic neutral
Likes: exotic food, the idea of alien life. animals
Dislikes: confined spaces, clothing aside form lab coats
Habits/Kinks: maybe be so what masochistic, addicted to coffee
Fears: something that can actually kill him
Mental Disorders: none

Sexuality: slime
Relationship status: single
Family: none

History/Bio: fenrel started out as a reserch assistant and garbage disposal for a biological reserch lab used to test various creatures and animal derivites to see their effects where eventually fenrel graduated to bring a researcher continuing to test on themselves considering his own odd biology the idea of alien life appealed to Fen getting a degree in tjen theoretical xenobiology field. Joining the The Astra space movement as soon as possible

Things you're taking with you: a hyper durable datapad and charger

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