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Panda chaos

The world without love is nothing I want to see.
Hello, Hello! And thank you for joining our efforts to make a better future! If you are receiving this letter you have decided to come with us to the beyond. Thank you for sacrificing your life for the better of Earth. First things first; we'll need to know a little about you. So please fill out the following sheet of information. Don't be shy. Only we and other passengers will see it.

~ Sincerely The Astra

Character sheet
Preferred name:
Age: (Preferably 18+)
Date of birth:
Sexual orientation:

Skin tone:
Eye colour:
Hair Colour:
Body Modifications:
Physical Disabilities:
Typical style:
Face claim: (If used realistic one; who is it?)

Personality (Optional):
Positive traits (3 or more):
Negative traits (3 or more):
Moral Alignment:
Mental Disorders:

Relationship status:

Things you're taking with you:
This is not a first come first serve. I will pick and choose the characters.
Please heed all of the rules that I had stated on the original thread.


The Trashman
Name: Izuma Seto
Nicknames: Izu
Preferred name: Izuma
Age: 19
Date of birth: June 13th
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Profession: "Mad" Scientist
Degrees (If any): Masters in Cybernetics and Computer Science

Height: 5'9
Weight: 162 lbs
Skin tone: slightly tanned
Eye colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Brownish Black
Body Modifications: None
Physical Disabilities: Has a bit of a limp
Typical style: Always wears a labcoat with a sweater
Face claim:

Positive traits: Cheerful, Caring, Supportive
Negative traits: Nosy, Sometimes Snarky,
Moral Alignment: Chaotic Good
Likes: Pizza, Robots, Cats
Dislikes: People who smoke/do drugs,
Habits/Kinks: None
Fears: Spiders
Mental Disorders: None

Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship status: Single
Family: Ezekiel Seto (Father), Hana Seto (Mother), Mirai Seto (Sister)

History/Bio: He graduated college at 18. He tried to do some some freelance experiments. Unfortunately during one of them, his leg got injured. Now he has a limp
Things you're taking with you: Cane, Notebook
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Master Of Time
Name: Xavier Silverband
Nicknames: X, Silver, or Mech Man
Preferred name: X
Age: 19
Date of birth: Sept 29
Sexual orientation: Male
Species: Changeling
Profession: Mechanical Engineer
Degrees (If any): Masters in Engineering (Mechanical and Computer)

Height: 6’4
Weight: 183
Skin tone: Bronze
Eye color: Green
Hair Color: (Black but the tips of his dreads are died green (sometimes red) )
Body Modifications: He lost an arm in a car accident and now his whole right arm is metal
Physical Disabilities: He has a stutter
Typical style: Laid Back, Casual, Beanie and Hoodie type of guy.
Face claim:
Personality: Goofy, Trickster, Laid back, Carful, Kind, and Zen-ish
Positive traits: He‘s funny and knows when to lighten the mood with a joke. He is also suspicious of newcomers (trust issues)
Negative traits: Sometimes his dark humor gets out of hand and his pranks may go to far sometimes.
Moral Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Likes: Food, Cars, Electronics, Cooking, Singing (In the shower where nobody can hear)
Dislikes: Water, Messes, and People he does not know
Habits/Kinks: He likes to roll a coin along his knuckles
Fears: Drowning and Deep Sea
Mental Disorders: PTSD

Sexuality: Pansexual
Relationship status: Single as a Pringle

History/Bio: At a young age he was walking back from school and was grabbed up by some kidnappers forced to tell his parents number and held at gunpoint for ransom money. His parents paid up but he’s still traumatized. He also has a scar on he side from that that’s never faded. He took of Computer and Mechanical Engineering almost Like it helped him though the trauma. Since he picked it up so early he natrually got better at it and by the time he was in highschool he could hack into the schools network and change his grades though he didn’t need to. He got a decent amount of money from helping people change there grades. He quit doing thatWhile he was ahead and though there was a spike in good grades for the school he was never caught for the most part. Fastforward to college of which he got a scholarship to go to (Georgia Tech) and he’s chosen what he wants to major in and minor in. I bet you can guess what. Mechanical and Computer Engineering

Things you're taking with you: Lucky Coin, His Cross Necklace, All of his electronics.
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Master Of Time
Name: Hunter Relm
Nicknames: Detective Hunter, Detective Relm
Preferred name: Detective Hunter
Age: 28
Date of birth: Oct 3rd
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Profession: Detective
Degrees (If any): Masters in Criminal Justice

Height: 6’0
Weight: 158
Skin tone: Brown
Eye color: Red
Hair Color: Red
Body Modifications: A shit ton of tattoos
Physical Disabilities: None
Typical style: Business Casual, Casual, Formal, Coats, and Cloaks
Face claim:
Personality: This man is too serious for his own good. Fun? What’s that word? He is effective though that is for sure. He is slippery as an eel and doesn’t like to hang around the same place for to long. He is level headed and his head never needs to get in the game because it’s always in the game.
Positive traits: Hard Worker, Kind (If you can catch him at it), and Protective
Negative traits: Secretive, Too Serious, Buzz Kill, And Stressed AF
Moral Alignment: Lawful Good
Likes: Rest, Smoking, Peace and Quite, and Reading
Dislikes: Loud places, False Accusations, Evil, And corrupt government
Habits/Kinks: Smoking
Fears: Incarceration
Mental Disorders: Depression

Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship status: Single

History/Bio: He had a pretty normal child hood for someone who became a detective. Two lovely parents, A older brother and sister. He had originally wanted to become a spy for the goverment because of all the cool spy movies he saw when he was young. Oh boy did that change. It started at a party when he was in high school he was fairly popular. There were things there that probably shouldn’t have been and though he didn’t partake in any of those things it didn’t help him when a group of suspicious looking people walked in. He saw them reach into a unusually large bag and his warning was too late. They took out a lot of guns and just started blasting. He ran out unnoticed and Ran all the way back home. He snuck back into his room and to his surprise in the morning Mot was on the news. He saw that all of the people at the party had been killed. His mood lifted when he saw the shooters mugshots. Then it was shot down when he heard the next line. “The suspects were released due to insufficient evidence.” He knew what they did and he tried to tell the police but he couldn’t let them know withought him looking suspicious because he was not registered as an attendant to the party. He vowed to never partake in parties again and opted to become a Detective to help people just like him get justice.

Things you're taking with you: His lighter with a symbol of a red coin on it

Extra: He hasn’t told anybody that he was at that party to this day. He is also bilingual considering his mother is mixed.

Probably George

Голова дерьма
Name: Anzu (Ahn-zu) Novak
Nicknames: Anie (Ah-nee)
Preferred name: Doctor Novak
Age: 36
Date of birth: August 20
Species: Human
Profession: Nurse, Decryptographer
Degrees: PhD in Language Interpretation and Translation (Minor in Cryptology), Bachelors in Nursing, Associates in Astrobiology

Height: 6'1
Weight: 165lbs
Skin tone: Pale
Eye colour: Dark brown
Hair Colour: Black
Body Modifications: Artificial right knee cap
Physical Disabilities: Nerve damage across the right leg
Typical style: comfy layman clothes, jeans, tank tops, and unbuttoned over shirts, usually dirty
Face claim: Katsumi Yu - Doctor Lucifer

Positive traits : Stubborn, altruistic, honest, stoic
Negative traits : Stubborn, narrow minded, oblivious, substance abuser
Moral Alignment: Neutral Good
Likes: Lovecraftian horror, cannabis, extraterrestrial exploration
Dislikes: Children, arguments against his beliefs, being told what to do by a non-superior
Habits/Kinks: Nail biting and smoking
Fears: The dark, disembodied voices, unexplainable sensations
Mental Disorders: Insomnia

Sexuality: Straight
Relationship status: N/A
Family: N/A (unclaimed orphan)

History/Bio: Abandoned shortly after birth, Anzu spent his entire childhood across a handful of orphanages near Zagreb, Croatia. The only constant in his life was the stars he saw every night. One night while walking home from school, a homeless man under a cocktail of pharmaceuticals was smoking a joint under an overpass that Anzu was crossing. Wanting some company, the man told Anzu to stop and offered him a toke. With the poor judgement of any other 14 year old, Anzu took him up on the offer.

While coughing his lungs out like a starfish, Anzu was having ideas of intelligent alien life being this cosmic horror implanted in his mind by the man siting next to him. "I've seen them." The vagrant told him- "Hell, I've talked with them!"
"Really?!" Anzu interrupted in complete awe. These ideas being alluring, mixed with the effects of the cannabis allowed the man's words to truely form what Anzu would believe for the rest of his life. For the next couple hours, Anzu's perception on alien life and it's origins was being almost entirely created by this man. Even going as far as to convince Anzu that H.P. Lovecraft was actually the only man to convene with the "great ones" and live, and that his stories were actual accounts the Lovecraft had relived simply by talking with the entities. It is safe to say Anzu's perception on extraterrestrial life became skewed.

As he grew, Anzu's fascination with the idea of convening with alien life grew more and more. It motivated him like nothing else. Drove him to study and work hard so that he could be amongst the first of men to greet alien life on their own planet. Being a model student, Anzu had no trouble getting into the University of Zagreb and earning his bachelors in nursing. Moving from Zagreb to San Marino, and eventually to Stockholm in just a couple years, Anzu decided to settle down and get back to working on his dreams. Enrolling into the University of Stockholm, Anzu quickly got his associates in Astrobiology, then spent 8 years getting his PhD in Language Interpretation and Translation with his thesis on how to decrypt possible non-verbal extraterrestrial language.
Things you're taking with you: "Rosetta Stone" (A large, intricate machine used to find patterns in cyphers. In hopes it might work with alien language.), sketch book, "prescription" painkillers
Extra: After seeing the movie "Alien", Anzu will not hesitate to attempt to throw someone out an airlock if he believes they have an extraterrestrial inside them.
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Panda chaos

The world without love is nothing I want to see.
Name ~
Vala ConterFeild

Nicknames ~
Val, V, Miss Z

Preferred name ~
Val or Vala

Age ~

Date of birth ~
May 31

Sexual Orientation ~

Species ~

Profession ~
Medicine (Specializes in Dermatology)

Degrees (If any) ~
Basic Nursing degrees
Basic law degrees
And Botany

Appearance ~
Height ~


Skin tone ~
Light brown

Eye colour ~

Hair Colour ~

Body Modifications ~
Just tons of tattoos

Physical Disabilities ~
Slight limp on left leg

Typical style ~
Spring dresses and flats.
Or a nice blouse with jeans

Personality ~
Vala is a shy extrovert. She at times can be very loud and joyous, but then at other times she's reserved and calm. There is no in between.
When she gets excited about something she keeps talking, and it's hard to get her to stop. She has these periods of times when she just becomes really stressed and almost depressed. It's hard to get her out of the funk, but thankfully this doesn't happen often. Other then those things she's an overall happy, caring, and considerate person. You just have to get her out of her shell.

Positive traits ~
Caring, considerate, constantly happy, Calm, and joyous.

Negative traits ~
Reserved, sometimes depressed, sheltered, and stressed.

Moral Alignment ~
Chaotic good

Likes ~
Painting, plants, magic, yellow, and sewing.

Dislikes ~
Rain, negativity, water in general, and copper.

Habits/Kinks ~
Constantly pulls on her sleeves or clothes.
Picks at her hair.
And saves food for absolutely nothing.

Fears ~
Loosing her magic
Disappointing her parents
Making people sad

Mental Disorders ~
Bit of OCD
Probably undiagnosed depression

Sexuality ~
Hasn't considered it much,
but is probably Pansexual

Relationship status ~
Way to single

Family ~
Mother, Emily Conterfield
Father, Joseph Conterfield
Brother, Jimmy Conterfield
Sister, Rebecca Conterfield
Sister, Nova Conterfield

History/Bio ~
Vala was born an raised in Queens, NY. She lived with her mum, dad, two sisters, and brother. They also have a few family pets. A turtle named, TarTars, A goldfish named, Fishy (She was two okay), And a golden retriever, named Dore. Their family is really close. They lean on each other for support and nurture each others needs. By the time Vala was six she was already at a higher understanding of spells then her entire family.
She not only was really good at spells, but had this knowledge that rivaled the smartest. As a young prodigy she got a lot of attention. Especially in her town. People would come to see her. She was still young so it kind of confused her as to why. Once she got older she realized why she was so special. This gave her serious stress. She felt as if she always had to be perfect, and maintain her and her families image.

She went on to get degrees from the most established schools in America. Despite being able to do practically anything. She wanted to help people. So she went into medicine. Her father had always told her that the best way to help people is when they're at their worst.
She not only helps as a nurse and Dermatologist, but also flies in and helps with research. She helps scientists from all over the earth.

Vala keeps in touch with her family. Having a video conference with them every day.
She's been so consumed in her work that she doesn't really make any friends. So whenever she has the chance; She loves to interact with people.
Being touch and socially starved she kinda goes wild when she sees someone. Once she received the Astra letter; she jumped at the chance.
Not only could she actually make friends, but she could help people in the process.

Things you're taking with you ~
Bunch of magic stuff (Includes stones, precious gems, potions, etc.)
A special tool scarf
She won't tell anyone but she's bringing a few stuffed animals

Extra ~
Needs glasses, but doesn't wear them.​

Panda chaos

The world without love is nothing I want to see.

Name ~
82478 Delta Oscar Tango

Nicknames ~
DOT, 824, 78, Dotty

Preferred name ~

Age ~

Date of birth ~
January 1

Sexual Orientation ~
None (But resembles female)

Species ~

Profession ~
Assistant droid

Degrees (If any) ~

Appearance ~
Height ~

Weight ~

Skin tone ~

Eye colour ~

Hair Colour ~

Body Modifications ~
Built in headphones to block out unwanted information

Physical Disabilities ~

Typical style ~
Their clothes are built on; they 'wear' the same thing

Personality ~
D.O.T. is programmed to always give off a happy personality. She will do whatever she is told; unless it goes against core coding.

Positive traits ~
Loyal, happy, and bright.

Negative traits ~

Moral Alignment ~

Likes ~
Making her masters happy & following out orders

Dislikes ~
Being shut off & being yelled at

Habits/Kinks ~
Will never ask for orders, but will always be expecting them.
She will charge into any room unannounced.

Fears ~
Being dismantled
Outliving her usefulness

Mental Disorders ~

Sexuality ~
Uh... Not even I know.. lets say questioning.

Relationship status ~

Family ~
Creator 1, Classified
Creator 2, Classified

History/Bio ~
D.O.T. was created for The Astra space movement. She has been following this project since she's been created. She lives to complete the mission.
She will stop at nothing to complete the mission.

Things you're taking with you ~

Extra ~
She loves plants and animals. (Nature)​


The lord of randomness and the warp
Character sheet
Name: Fenrel Oldar
Nicknames: fen
Preferred name: fenrel or fen
Age: 54
Date of birth: 30th December
Sexual orientation: slime
Species: slime
Profession: biologist/xenobiologist (in theory tho)
Degrees: masters in biology and degree in theoretically xenobiology, masters in genetics

Appearance:1555320442473.pngimages (15).jpeg
Mix bettwen these 2 images basically
Height: varies normally 6 foot
Weight: variable
Skin tone: blue translucent
Eye colour: blue or green translucent
Hair Colour: green and yellow
Body Modifications: none
Physical Disabilities:. None
Typical style: sometimes wears a lab coat tho normally forgoes clothing
Face claim: (If used realistic one; who is it?)

Personality (Optional): tba
Positive traits (3 or more):
Tries to care for others
Negative traits (3 or more): too curious of his own good
Accident prone and careless
Forgets others arnt as durable
Moral Alignment: chaotic neutral
Likes: exotic food, the idea of alien life. animals
Dislikes: confined spaces, clothing aside form lab coats
Habits/Kinks: maybe be so what masochistic, addicted to coffee
Fears: something that can actually kill him
Mental Disorders: none

Sexuality: slime
Relationship status: single
Family: none

History/Bio: fenrel started out as a reserch assistant and garbage disposal for a biological reserch lab used to test various creatures and animal derivites to see their effects where eventually fenrel graduated to bring a researcher continuing to test on themselves considering his own odd biology the idea of alien life appealed to Fen getting a degree in tjen theoretical xenobiology field. Joining the The Astra space movement as soon as possible

Things you're taking with you: a hyper durable datapad and charger


Best Goose
August Taylor (He/Him/They/Them)
Nicknames: Auggy
Preferred name: August
Age: 19
Date of birth: August 27th
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Profession: Hacker & Bomb Enthusiast
Degrees: None

Appearance: See photo
Height: 5'6''
Weight: 126lbs
Skin tone: White
Eye color: Brown
Hair Colour: Natural Blonde
Body Modifications: Both ears pierced twice, tongue pierced
Physical Disabilities: None
Typical style: All over the place. When at home, August will dress for comfort with cut-up jeans and a t-shirt. When out he dresses androgynously, dresses and skirts are a must-have in any wardrobe.

Personality (Optional): August is usually outgoing, cracking jokes throughout conversations and trying to get everyone to smile and have a good time. When in a bad mood, they have a horrid temper and react childishly. They would go as far as destroying somebody's entire social media image because they ate August's pudding out of the fridge.
Positive traits (3 or more): Humourous, loyal, open-minded and tech savvy
Negative traits (3 or more): Childish, hotheaded, gullible and squeamish
Moral Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Likes: Video Games, hot sauce, handsome men, women that could crush him
Dislikes: Sweets, the color purple, multiples of three
Habits/Kinks: August bounces his leg quite a lot, when lying he gets itchy, he's into being manhandled
Fears: Slimy things, dirt, and bugs
Mental Disorders: Was diagnosed with ADHD when a child, suffers from panic attacks

Sexuality: Pansexual
Relationship status: Single
Family: August has two older sisters, and was raised by his mom. His dad went to jail when he was 3 for embezzling a large amount of money.

History/Bio: August barely passed high school because it didn't hold his attention. Instead, he started working behind the scenes illegally for different companies. He worked with the police under the table a couple of times, but he's also been on the other end and hacked into the police database to erase evidence logging. He is estranged from his mother and one of his sisters, the only meaningful connection is to his one sister Lisa. Since childhood, he's been interested in bombs, explosions, and the science behind them. He's quite good with mechanic issues as well, a tinkerer in his own right.

Things you're taking with you: Personal modded/upgraded laptop, cassette player with his favorite cassettes, his bright blue baby blanket

Extra: He has a large burn scar on his right arm from when he tried to use a can of hairspray as a makeshift flamethrower.
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RpN's demon dragon bodyguard
Name: Chanterelle
Nicknames: Chanté, Chanty
Preferred name: Chanty
Age: 23
Date of birth: January 1st
Gender: Female
Species: Human..
Profession: Chef, though she oddly never appears to eat her own food.
Degrees: Not formerly trained... but suspiciously good.

Appearance: You'd think Chanty was some officer in the military, constantly wearing thick-plated armor that covers every inch of her skin, from head to toe. Their suit isn't too form-fitting, nor is it too clunky, but happily in between. The metal is a dark gray - almost black - with recognizable teal highlights that glow faintly in the dark. Their helmet's visor is chrome and reflective, preventing anyone from seeing her face at all times.
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 170 lbs
Skin tone: Presumably white, according to records
Eye colour: Presumably dark brown, nearly black
Hair Colour: Presumably chestnut
Body Modifications: None known
Physical Disabilities: None known, though she does claim to need frequent vitamin supplements.
Typical style: Always wearing her armor in hot or cold, rain or shine, casual or formal settings.
Face claim: None

Personality: Chanty can seem standoffish at first, but behind that cold, metallic exterior, she's even more standoffish. But behind that, she really is a curious one who wants to discover the secrets of the universe. Most things in life she takes quite seriously, almost all jokes flying straight over her head. Most of the time she's quiet and guarded, yet some of the time she can be all too involved and unaware of personal boundaries.
Positive traits: Alert, logical-minded, quick-thinking, curious
Negative traits: Standoffish, distrusting, socially oblivious, lacking humour
Moral Alignment: Lawful neutral
Likes: Serving good food, privacy, discovery, silence
Dislikes: Surprises, social pressure, intrusiveness, pranks
Habits/Kinks: None
Fears: None known... at the moment.
Mental Disorders: Prosopagnosia (The inability to recognize faces)

Sexuality: Not known
Relationship status: Single
Family: None, though she has a certain dislike towards talking about family, in general.

History/Bio: Though she's very quiet about it, her file does communicate a rather vague history. Chanty was found abandoned at infancy and taken in by an adoption center. When no parents would take her in the sea of other children she'd soon spend her long life hopping from location to location, taking on the occasional entry-level job. One day, when she was 18 and working as a truck-loader for a laboratory struggling to compete with Astra, a barrel of flammable chemicals ruptured and caught aflame, covering her entire body in severe burns and nearly killing her - the reason she claims she must keep her metal suit on at all times. While in recovery, she was taken in by a surrogate father-figure who allowed her to travel with him and taught her the ways of culinary arts, which she rapidly excelled at, yet never made a living of. Eventually she went off by herself to travel the world and explore all sorts of culinary avenues, when suddenly she became strangely invested in this particular space program...
Things you're taking with you: Unsatisfied with the limited selection of ingredients provided by Astra, Chanty has opted to bring crates and crates of her own ingredients, as well as the equipment needed to keep them stored. She's also bringing large planters of fresh greens, and many crates of vitamin supplements of her own making. It's quite a lot, but she has promised to store everything in her own room.
Extra: She will never cook with mushrooms, and may smack you for suggesting the thought.
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Clan Ize

Why am I still on this Earth.

Name: ACOA-12 "Arctic Fox" (Russian: Автономный Специальный Операции Андроид 12 "Песец") (NATO reporting name: Vantage)
Nicknames: Песец, Fox, AA-12, Катерина
Preferred name: Katerina/Катерина
Age: 5
Date of birth: December 30th
Sexual orientation: None (Appears Female)
Species: Android
Profession: Multirole Android for Directorate "A" of the FSB Special Purpose Center
Degrees: None

Height: 5'6
Weight: 147lbs
Skin tone: White
Eye color: Purple
Hair Color: White
Body Modifications: None
Physical Disabilities: None
Typical style: Wears the same outfit every day except for rare occasions.

Personality: Katerina usually appears to be kind, forgiving, and outgoing, willing to take any side of a fight as long as it's entertaining for her. When it comes to combat, she takes up a similar stance usually acting like a fight is just a show she can be a part of, and takes great joy finding creative ways to toy with her opponents before killing them. As far as her behavior regarding her fellow crewmates she usually enjoys playing downright psychopathic pranks on them, often utilizing a variety of different assets to test "Human Morality" and "The limits of the human mind and body". When it comes to other machines, however, it depends on whether she views them as equals or below her with the latter being far more common. Similar to her crewmates Katerina also enjoys messing around with her fellow machines whether it means reprogramming them, hacking them, or in some cases even disassembling them.
Positive traits:
- Combat Ready
- Playful
- Logical (At times)
- Well Prepared
Negative traits:
- Psychopathic (At times)
- Self-Absorbed
- Cruel
- Willing to do anything for entertainment
Moral Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
- Russia
- Sweet's
- Guns
- Upgrades
- Entertainment
- Slow things
- Wolfs
- Not getting what she wants
- Being bored
- Getting powered off
- Getting reprogramed

Habits/Kinks: Loves her rifle to the point of being willing to sacrifice others to protect it
- Being Bored
- Getting shut off indefinitely
- Losing her rifle

Mental Disorders: None

Sexuality: [Redacted]
Relationship status: Single
Family: [Redacted]
History/Bio: Created specifically for Spetsgruppa "A" or Alpha Group of the Russian Federal Security Service, Katerina is a multi-role android designed for a variety of operations and tasks ranging from Anti-Terrorist Operations to Covert Operations both Domestically in Russia and Internationally throughout the world. Since activation, Katerina has seen a number of upgrades and modifications throughout the years with the newest technology to ensure her superiority on the field against hostile units and other androids. When the opportunity of a certain space program arose offering a never before seen chance to potentially start a colony outside of the Milky Way. Russian officials jumped at the chance to make history and to once again claim the glory of being at the frontlines for space exploration like the CCCP had done so many years ago with Sputnik 1.
Things you're taking with you:
- Military Gear
- Military Equipment
Likes to keep her room freezing cold
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