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Futuristic βœ΅ π’œπ“ˆπ“‰π“‡π’Άπ“ π“…π“π’Άπ“ƒπ‘’π“ˆ ✡ (Always open)

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Panda chaos

The world without love is nothing I want to see.
β†  Astra β†ž
Hello! And thank you for taking your time to read this;
here at The Astra we have dedicated our time to making the world a better place for humanity.
We have helped the human race reach many milestones, and we continue to do so today.
Where will our next milestone be? Space.
We have created a spacecraft that is capable to travel in space for a long period of time,
and we have the research needed to keep a human in space for just as long.
If you have received this letter you are the best in your field.
That's saying a lot; take some time to congratulate yourself!
You've made it this far and now we want to take you farther.
Professionals of all kinds from all over the world are needed in our efforts.
We would like you, yes you, to come to another world, and galaxy, with us!
You would be the first of our initiative to make a colony outside of the Milky way.
Once you take off there is no turning back, so be sure to have everything in order.
You have five weeks to decide; before we take off into space.
If you have any family they may come with you,
and please limit what you have on your person.
Any and all necessary items will be provided for you in the space station.
Now, there is limited space in the station.
So please act now and reach out to us if you would like to be the next generation space traveler!
If you would like any additional information about our efforts.
Please do not be shy to ask! Hope to see you very soon!
So as I mentioned in the... ad? above; if you have any questions please reach out to me. I will answer anything you want to know.
Now I am rather picky with what I want so please read the following spoiler; if you're interested.
Heed these rules. If anything does happen; do remember that I can and will kick you from the RP. That being said if anyone or anything is making you uncomfortable, please let me know and I will handle it accordingly. Anyway now to the rules.
  • Please have at least two paragraphs per reply. It is very hard to work off of something so small, so please no one liners
  • Please have your posts be in 3rd person
  • If anything happens where you can no longer be in the RP, or are taking a hiatus, please let me know. It is understandable, but if you ghost then I will assume that you are no longer in the Rp.
  • This is in the rules but still I'll say it. No 18+ content. That includes sexual scenes and gore.
  • If you have triggers; please tell us.
  • This kind of goes with the one above; Please heed others triggers. And be mindful of others when you write; I can and will kick you from the RP.
  • Be friendly! People make mistakes that's alright; we're all human. So please no OOC drama.
  • This isn't really a rule, but please be LGBTQIA+ friendly. It is extremely important to me that you are.
  • This is not a first come first serve; I will pick and choose the characters. I will only do this because I’m looking for certain types of characters for the RP. Please do not take it personally if I ask you to change something or reject your character entirely.
  • When using art for your FC’s; please make sure to credit the artist.
  • Please do not god mod or move other characters. If you would like something to happen that’s what OOC is for. Please talk it over with me and the other people in the RP.
Those are the rules and requirements laid out. If any of them are not okay with you; then this is not the RP for you.
If you read all this way.... Uhmmm tell me your favourite drink. I just want to be sure that this was read, and you understand it.

The roleplay will go as such.
We will start with your characters getting to The Astra, and settling in on the ship.
Then we will go to all of your characters meeting.
The ship taking off and so on and so forth.
Once I notice that the roleplay starts to dull a bit; I will put in an obstacle your characters will have to deal with.
- Meeting an alien craft
- A ship malfunction
- An approaching astroid
- So on and so forth

Thank you for taking your time to read this, and have a great rest of your day.

Panda chaos

The world without love is nothing I want to see.

That was sooner than even we anticipated.
I will join. My favorite beverage is RIBS
I’ll bite, this sounds interesting :p
My favorite drink is sake
Probably George Probably George Love your character, hope you can make it back! :)
Also my favourite drink is "royal milk tea".


The lord of randomness and the warp

That was sooner than even we anticipated.
I’ll be bringing my boi back

Panda chaos

The world without love is nothing I want to see.
Bumping with lore Day 1

The Astra
The Astra, a multimillion dollar company, controls most of the major economy of basically the entire earth. (Ever watched Wall-e? Yeah think Buy N large) They sell everything from gum to cars. The Astra 'focuses' on space travel. Their 'goal' is to get the residents of Earth all the way into the beyond. At first the company was true to their word, and they only did research for space travel. Then they realized that they could do more; they became a little power hungry. As their company grew so did their profits. They kept expanding on what they sold. Making everything better and more. Soon they put many competitors out of business. But along with the bad things; they've done many good. They helped raise money for tons of things. Like more natural parks preserved. They helped millions get food and jobs. They also have been actually giving out homes to those in need. The Astra owns a few hospitals, and is pushing the limits on disease research. So far they've helped cure at least three illnesses. Not only that but they’ve helped colonise several plants and moons in the Milky way; still trying to expand. Is The Astra a good company that helps the economy and strives for a better future, or are they a power hungry one only looking for their own interests? That is your choice to decide. But right now they want you to go into space with them, and help carve out a new colony. Will you leave behind the world they built to build one of your own?

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