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Anime & Manga Assassination Classroom Ending (Spoiler Alert)


A Strawbaby
Spoiler alert for the ending of Assassination Classroom!

Someone please tell me I wasn't the only adult who ugly-cried at the ending of the series.

I absolutely fell in love with Koro-Sensei's character and honestly, I was expecting some sort of assassin-inspired miracle to save him. The kids worked so hard and that's how it ended for them? Damn, that's so much therapy for everyone, especially Nagisa. I was sobbing for like, three hours, and the very last episode didn't help at all. Talk about ripping me open to display my tiny fragile heart.

I wish my school teachers were like Koro-Sensei. But not, y'know... dead.....


The Pun Tyrant The Gif Hydra
I wasn’t particularly crying , but man it still hit me in the feels. Often with sad stuff like this I get depressed for a while rather than cry.

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