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Futuristic Assassin x Target (A Knee & Cherry Rose)

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Cherry Rose

Arts & OCs, oh my!
The usual hum of the train would normally drown out most of the soft conversations of the passengers, reducing it to white noise for those who were distracted. But rather than calming him with the slight sway of the vehicle as it rushed across the city, almost meditative in his still stance against the frame of the door, the sounds were like nails in his head. The headaches were getting worse, more intense and more frequent.

Someone’s voice cut through the usual hum and earned a momentary dark look, ignored because there was no follow through, no threat… that the woman was aware of, at least, laughing on the phone louder than the rest. Now wasn’t the time to draw attention to himself, so he simply let his eyes close again, listening only for the dings that accompanied the shifts in speed as they approached and left the various stations. They had already passed most of the major junctions, heading towards the coast and away from the thriving heart of the city.

Finally, the name he was waiting for was called, and again he opened his eyes as the train slowed. This time he joined the throng of people stepping out, narrowly avoiding those eager to crowd on after them. Everyone was too busy getting where they were going to pay him any mind. He went with the flow of the foot traffic, simple black coat buttoned from waist to chin. Finally, his long stride broke free from the people as he headed off to his goal, a tall silver building that was primarily full of offices, leased out to a dozen different companies and private citizens.

As his dark eyes scanned the building as he approached, rising to seek out the top edge against the sky, he reached into a pocket on his chest, flipping the ears of the sunglasses open with a flick of his wrist. No one heard them beep affirmatively as he put them on, immediately distorting any signal that reached his face. This kept his identity secret as he finally walked past the grand water works in front of the building and stepped inside.

Only a curious glance from the security guard noticed his even, confident step towards the elevators, shrugging off the blonde individual’s presence as there were many others casually entering and exiting the main lobby. Tapping on the call button, the assassin waited, keeping his head tilted away from the cameras even with his signal blocker. Another deep breath, another curt sigh.

Why wouldn’t these damn headaches go away?

A Knee

"We're all trying to forget someone"
Juno had spent the morning in bed. After all, with the discovery she had made, how could she have chosen to get up. Part of her just wished it was a dream, but when she disabled her chip it felt like getting a breath of fresh air. She could think but like really think! She could decide for her own and have the freedom she only had dreamed of. She was sure the Republic noticed though, they keep tabs on everyone's mind. They call it safety. Stopping crimes before they happen and all that bullshit.
Juno yawned and readied herself for the day. She combed through her short black hair with a sigh before jumping at the sound of a call. She frowned and walked towards her door. She pressed the intercom button and spoke. "Yes?" She answered the call hesitantly.
Oh god had they found her this quickly?

Cherry Rose

Arts & OCs, oh my!
Finding the door hadn't been hard at all. Her address was on file, as everyone's was. But he had an advantage in this as well.

It was impossible to not look directly at the door as he pushed the intercom, well aware that the cameras would be glitching in response to the signal from his glasses. It distorted his voice and picture, and lent truth to his words at the hesitant response. "I'm with building maintenance. Been complaints about the electricity going haywire, think it might have to do with this area of the building."

He'd unbuttoned his jacket by now, no longer at risk of someone brushing up against his side and revealing the silencer. It remained in its holster, however, depending upon who might be in the room, or watching it...

A Knee

"We're all trying to forget someone"
"Right, come on up." She answered, buzzing him in.
She was still suspicious though. Juno quickly ran to her kitchen and yanked open one of the drawers. There she got her tranquilizer gun. She quickly loaded it and rushed back to the door. Then she waited. She had spotted the dodgy connection and the delayed video. Jokes on this guy, she had her building's statistics running 24/7 on a computer that she had checked that morning. It was fine, so this was something she was pleased about her plan. Juno waited for him to enter, her back pressed against the opposite side, so when it opened, she would have some cover. Her hand rested against the trigger of her gun, her breathing was soft but frantic.

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