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Ashes of the Paragons [Always Accepting]

Blood Born Angel

Emissary of Oblivion
The world is ending.

War has consumed the Motherlands for decades. Scorched earth and cursed magics have eaten away at the fringes of civilization, and left all but the largest of strongholds in ruins. The land itself seems sick, as if it is simply limping along before it takes its final breath. Despite the world crumbling around them, the remnants of the once great nations continue their war in eternity. It would seem that the proud people of this land are destined to obliterate themselves.

At least... If the creatures hiding in the shadows don't get to them first.
- - - - -
OOC CS Lore Main

37 AR, 4th of The Showering Stars

Three men hiked their way over a stony hill. Their stride never faltered, but the weight of their steps was heavy with fatigue. The path along which they followed looked as if to be an ancient road. There may have been cobblestones once, but all that could be made out was barren dirt and moss strewn rocks. As they crested the hill stone pillars could occasionally be spotted; the odd building foundation or two jutting out of earth and vegetation as well. The scenery was bleak, but the trio simply saw it as a sign of their long journey's end at hand.

"I remember, they once called this the Old Kingdom." The largest of the three spoke. His breath leaving a faint mist in the morning air. His broad shoulders mantled in what appeared to be raven feathers, and his heavy wool cloak dragging lightly around his boots.

"The Old Kingdom? That's it? Did it's ruler not have a knack for names?" This was the lankiest of the men. Though his slender frame was hidden in the folds of tattered wool and leathers. A mottled grey and green cloak was strung tightly on his shoulders, which made his figure hard to make out against the dawning light.

"Obviously not you twit. No one back there remembers the name is all." The last of the three spoke with a bite in his tone. He wore the least protection from the frigid Northern air, but seemed the least perturbed by it. His dark grey cottons and charcoal black hair matched with the scenery very well. "Besides, it wasn't even a kingdom. More like a... council? I'm sure the big guy knows better than us."

The large man responded with nothing but a grunt. A large calloused hand ran through his beard, shaking free frozen condensation from the long, chilly night. The scrawny man clicked his tongue in disapproval of the others attitudes, but he said no more. Despite their banter the three had very little energy after this perilous trek. They were all close to the end of their strength, and knew better than to waste too much now.

It was nearly noon when they had reached the end of their journey. They stood at the banks of a wide river. A pothole ridden bridge of hewn stone the only way across. They could make out the ruins of an old windmill and a grass filled field. Along the road they followed the skeletal remains of what could have been a town fought against nature to remain standing. Some buildings were only held aloft by the vegetation that took root in their foundations. It was a surreal, but also relieving sight. The travelers simply gazed upon their new home for some time; reality not really settled in yet after so long on the road. In the end, it was the towering old man that spoke up first. His weathered face turning to look upon his companions.

"Shall we get started?"

- - - - -​

Hello all, and welcome to Ashes of the Paragons! You can call it AoP for short. If you've read through all this already, I applaud you for gritting through my 5am feverish scribblings. Hopefully if it got you interested, my insomnia hasn't gone to waste!

To elaborate on the role-play itself, this will be a High Fantasy/steampunk-ish setting. It is a group role-play with no limit on players for the time-being. Your characters will be part of a budding rural community living outside the influences of the briefly mentioned warring nations. What are they doing out there? Preparing to save the world!

How? Well aren't you full of questions...

The inhabitants of your new home call the place Old Town, and are attempting to start up a stable life where the ceaseless wars cannot affect them. The founders of the town also use the place to train would be heroes, because the war is not the only threat this world faces. Whether you are a hero in training, or just a simple villager helping out in day to day life is up to you. This will be a completely open-world for you all to enjoy at your leisure.~

The plan is to not have the whole role-play hinged on everyone making a post when an event happens. I will be controlling NPC's along with the three characters that appeared in the hook, and occasionally hosting events that people can participate in if they're interested. Some will progress story, some will simply be for fun or personal character development. However, I am not the only one who will be doing this.

I am giving you, the player, the power to host events and shape the world as we go about this journey as well. I work a (kinda) full-time job, and so I will not be here all of the time to entertain you all. As much as I'd like too. There may be times when I'm scarce for long periods of times. In those cases, you will have the freedom to pursue adventures and plan events without my supervision. What am I trying to say? Well basically, if you boil it down in simple terms; you can host your own role-play, within my role-play. If you really wanted to.

I have never tried this before, but hey, trial and error are part of life. I honestly feel like in the worst case scenario there is just people participating in whatever I post. Which isn't really a bad thing either as long as they're okay with a slow and steady pace. In the best case I see several small groups of players all going about and creating their own story within the world I crafted. Which would make me absolutely overjoyed.

If all this rambling has got you interested and ready to try out this RP, then simply give me a holler down below.~
I'll list some things I expect though, so we all are on the same page and I can keep this semi-organized as we head down the line.
~This thread: Go ahead and ask questions, brainstorm with me, and pre-plan adventures with friends if you so desire. I'll give more information in the Character Sheet once I have it completed.​
~Literacy: I don't really mind if you write amazing or not. Just make it understandable. I expect everyone to be respectful about this as well, and in turn, if closed groups of players appear that demand a certain level of literacy then please be mindful of their wishes. This is a place for everyone to make their own stories, not just ride along on others.​
~Denoting who you are playing with: In the beginning a lot of you may not have set groups that you plan to write with. That's fine, but once you do please tag the people that are relevant to your post. Why? Cuz once we all start breaking off into our own plots it will be hard to sift through what matters to your character and what doesn't. If you host an event that effects a large area, please make an announcement of some kind to either all players you feel may be affected, or just in the OOC once it's up.​
~Character Creation: You are not limited to any number of characters. Only make what you can handle. NPC's can be made and disposed off as needed (Though if you want to make recurring ones, let me know and I'll make sure to include them in my rosters.) I will personally approve every profile. If they do not meet the guidelines of the character sheet then I can deny them until revisions are made. This is to keep things balanced. If you feel someone is abusing their characters abilities, or just playing unfairly please bring it up to me.​
~Hosting your own roleplay in AoP: Really like the world I've crafted but not really interested in the starting place of it's setting? Guess what... there's tons more you could explore just idling in the background. If you have an idea for a plot line, and want to start your own story within AoP's thread then you have my blessings. Please contact me with your intentions and ideas first, and I can give you any information you may need to really have it fully immersed in the setting. If you want to completely break away from my thread as well, I do not mind. Anyone who stays will get my full support of playing NPC's as needed and constant informant on anything relevant in other RP's that could affect yours. If you start your own Interest thread I just ask to give me credit, or simply tag me so I can quietly oversee.​
~Common Courtesy: There is one pet peeve of mine in the online world, and that's common courtesy/respectful behavior. We are all individuals with our own thoughts and opinions, and we are not all gonna get along. Keep anything disrespectful or controversial out of these threads, and always keep in mind RPNation's rules. If it's in character controversy, then we can talk about it, but things still must remain within the sites guidelines. I am very strict about this. Please be respectful to one another, and everything will move along swimmingly.~​
~My Personal Schedule: I am off from work usually on Monday and Tuesday. You can also catch me in the evenings after 10pm CST on most days for a couple hours. If you need me and I'm not on RPNation, you can contact me on Discord at Blood Born Angel#1383. I will attempt to make posts daily if everyone who chooses to participate with me also manages that. Otherwise you can expect a post or two every 2 or 3 days. I may also make multiple posts in a day if I have the time.​
~Becoming a Part of the World: If you end up getting invested into more than just the role-play, but the world itself, feel free to contact me to be given special roles in the main story. You'll also be given the privilege of helping me plot out how things progress and leaving an impression on the original plot I've developed for this RP. This is only different from hosting your own plot in that it will be more of a collaborative effort rather than a personal endeavor with my guidance.​
For the moment I... think that's all. I don't know. It's now well past 6am and I forgot half of what I just typed. Hurray!
I'll bump this thread for the next few days and only get the character sheet up once I have a couple of interested individuals. Don't be shy! If you have questions just shoot away! Thanks for reading everyone. ^~^
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Blood Born Angel

Emissary of Oblivion
Are there any limits to what characters can do, like is there magic or is everyone just a normal human? @Blood Born Angel
You can be a normal human, or have magic, or even just have special abilities that aren't technically magic. There are also "firearms" that use magic, so you could go a type of artificer route as well. You can be as creative as you want as long as it would fit within the setting, and is not too crazy to start. When I have a character sheet I'll have bits to define restrictions and limits in more detail.

Blood Born Angel

Emissary of Oblivion
A bump?

Or an update?

The answer is... most likely both.
Greetings, lookie-looers. I have come bearing updates and tiding for anyone who has been peeking silently from behind their blue screens. I plan on getting the character sheet up within a few hours if I'm not indisposed, and will elaborate a bit more on the starting scenario for everyone who is wondering how I'm actually going about the beginning of this RP. First, let's meet my starting cast!

The Paragons
First, that big muscular man with the majestic beard. His name is Avak, and he will be your grumpy old martial trainer, as well as the overseer of most judicial cases within the starting town. You could say he's the sheriff around these parts... But he's more like your judge, jury, and executioner if you decide to cause trouble. Haha.

Avak will be the go-to "NPC" for those wishing to further their physical combat skills while training to be a hero or adventurer!

Next up is our local edge-lord, and most powerful mage, Caelum. He'll be able to give you many important lesson's on magic and power control in general. He's also the local priest, but he isn't the most devout fellow in the village... While the three Paragons hold equal power within Old Town Caelum is regarded by most to be the head of the group, most likely for his quick and decisive decision making.

Caelum will be who you want to see if your character is an aspiring mage, or has supernatural powers that don't work well with physical combat.

Last, but certainly not least, is our local lay-about Feochadan. That's pronounced 'Foh-Kuh-Dawn'. Confusing huh? Most people just call him Feo, which doesn't help but it's not really an issue. Feo would be the eyes and ears of the town. He's often away on long trips spying on the other countries, and sometimes helping make trade deals for supplies. Whenever he's back in the village; however, he tends to be a lazy bum that mooches off the other two. How he earned the title of Paragon is mystery for the ages.

If you are more interested in seeing the outside world, Feo might be the person you want to stick with! Or if you're into more... dubious and morally questionable lines of work. He might have something for you.

All together the three Paragon's are who the villages of Old Town look too for guidance, and protection. While they don't look like much they were actually hailed as some of the most powerful and skilled people in the world before the ceaseless wars broke out. Their goal in founding Old Town was to make a safe haven and try to rebuild civilization on the principles they fought for in the past. This brings us to how I'm starting the role-play.

The Prologue

The start of the role-play will be on 46 AR, 8th of The Golden Tempest. (Don't worry, I'll give you guys a calendar later.) Fall has begun, and the Paragon's have finally announced that they will be taking in pupils to carry on their past duties as heroes. Anyone who wishes to learn from them will meet by the windmill at noon. The beginning of the RP will focus mostly on training, and getting everyone settled into Old Town. Whether your character already lives there, or has only recently arrived is up to you. You also do not have to join this training. If the first players to join our RP are more interested in a slice-of-life kind of gig, then I'll cater to that interest. This is your guys's story as well. Be who you want to be.

If you do join the training program, I ask that you don't make your character crazy powerful to start. It's no fun to train if you already have mad skills ya know? This part of the story will be more about building up practical experience and solidifying your characters abilities before the gradual increase in threat that will appear in our upcoming chapters. That isn't to say you can't be strong though. For reference, think of regular humans as the norm for the villagers. Next up would be soldiers, who aren't really crazy strong compared to villagers but usually skilled in combat and well trained. Then you have adventurers! Which is what I expect most people to be at to start. These are people who show exceptional qualities that set them apart from regular people. It has a broad range of strength levels, but basically you could handle a few guards without breaking a sweat in most scenarios. At the top; however, are the Paragon's. These guys are what you should be striving for! Though you're gonna have a bit of a gap to cross to reach them anytime soon...

If you want a character on the level of Paragon, go ahead and submit the idea to me through PM or simply with the character sheet once it's up. I'll most likely approve it if I feel it's balanced. Though I will most likely be refraining from accepting those in the beginning if they want to be a part of the main storyline. For characters outside this plot I have no problems with accepting though!~

That's it for update one. I will make another one when I have a main thread prepared, and most likely a third when the RP is officially open. Also, if I get it done in a timely manner, I'll let everyone know when the Character Sheet is ready for you all. ^~^ Thanks for reading my late night ravings once more. Hope you all are interested.


One Thousand Club
Super interesting and probably really cool to! I would be really intrested but the words have killed meh X.X have a good day and love you all

Blood Born Angel

Emissary of Oblivion
Apologies for not getting you guys the character sheet sooner. In the midst of my procrastination I... procrastinated. 100% It'll be done before I sleep tonight though.

And yes! Feel free to make your own groups everyone~ Nothing would make me happier then to see what you call can come up with. ^~^

Blood Born Angel

Emissary of Oblivion
Fantasy - AoP Character Sheets

It is done~

I may have forgotten stuff. Yell at me if you think so. Also, there will be a Lore tab coming. In the meantime, the only thing you need out of it is this wonderful thing:


Current Year: 46 AR (Era started at the beginning of the War)

Date: 8th of The Golden Tempest [As of the beginning of the RP]

Months Based on the 28 day cycle of the Moon, the 1st is always on the New Moon. There are 13 months in a Sotiran Year.

✥ The Seeding Nights (Start of Spring. Starts on Spring Equinox)

✥ The Showering Stars (Rainy/stormy season begins)

✥ The Rising Dragon (Heat rises and days grow longer)

✥ The Queen's Light (Start of summer. Summer Solstice held on the 10th)

✥ The Dragon's Rest (Heat dies down as days begin to shorten again)

✥ The Last Torch (End of summer)

✥ The Golden Tempest (Fall begins)

✥ The Last Harvests (Fall equinox on the 18th)

✥ The First Chill (Winter begins)

✥ The Frozen Skies (Snowfall begins, days darken)

✥ The Darkest Heavens (Winter Solstice on the 26th)

✥ The Icy Desert (Snowfall stops. Temperatures still cold but dry)

✥ The Last Chill (Land begins to thaw and snow melts. Days become longer again and things begin warming up for spring)

AND AS ALWAYS, please ask questions if you have any. I'm willing to elaborate on anything you may need. If I feel like it might be secret stuff though I'll talk to you through PM's. XP The Lore will probably take a little longer, but I'll attempt not to make god-awfully long posts like I have been. And with your permission anything you guys come up with on your own will also be added with your names for credit down the line!

Blood Born Angel

Emissary of Oblivion
Still got some room before we start. Please take a look around and see if this might be for you~

Also, I'll reiterate that groups can be made that role-play autonomously from the main plot. Don't be afraid to send me a message about starting your own story within the world I've crafted.

In addition, if we get a large amount of players I'll be looking for Co-GM's to help keep the story running along smoothly~ Let me know if you might be interested in that for the future as well.

Blood Born Angel

Emissary of Oblivion
To all those still interested, the first post has been made! The role-play is now open, and we'll soon be on our way with a new adventure~

If you haven't already, take a hop over to the character sheets and fill out an application to be able to join us as we get started. If you have questions or something you'd like to discus, just send me a message or @ me in the OoC. We'll always be accepting new players. I hope to see more of you soon. ^~^

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