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Fantasy Ash Islands RPG

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Forces of Redukan.png
The expansive isle of the Ash Islands, ruled by the council, has seen war for the first time. Despite their rather neutral nature, they have always been fully prepared to take on threats, having raised a large army capable of warding off an invasion. It is thanks to this that they were able to fend off the attacks of hostile forces for as long as they have. Additionally, due to fighting on their homeland, they are more experienced at fighting on ashen and basalt terrain.
Not even the sun that rises every morning deters creatures of the night, as long ago, knowledgeable wizards were able to concoct a solution that would cause the large volcano in the archipelago's center to constantly spew ash into the air, enough to block the sun's rays from reaching below, preventing vampires from being damaged from its harsh light.

Today is another silent day for the people of Terran, a village within the southern sections of the islands. For most of the war, it has remained protected due to the stalwart nature of the army even further South, which has been preventing the Hew army from marching even further inland.

On this day, the local guards were informed that Captain Arien Tullet of the army was to be arriving today to recruit volunteers for his militia army. However, they have yet to arrive, and the sun has just about reached its peak, which at the time gave it enough strength for a few rays of light to pierce through the ash clouds blanketing the sky.

It's a relaxing time for everyone at the moment, as everyone knows that it's very unlikely for the Hews to breach far inland due to the unknown aspects of the continent.

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