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Fandom Asgardian Affairs (Loki & Eira)

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Asgardian Affairs

After what felt like hours of primping and prepping with her sister, Dagny, Eira was finally ready for tonight’s events. Of course, there was part of her that felt out of place in the golden gown she wore, but her sister swore it was perfect.

“Dagny, this dress is-”

Her sister glared at her, “It’s gorgeous, Eira. Stop sulking and get ready to have fun, just have a couple drinks and all that worry will melt away.”

Eira sighed softly, shaking her head as she looked in the mirror once more. The one thing she did refuse however, was a face caked with makeup. Not that her sister, who wore one, looked bad, but Eira just hated the way it felt on her skin. She wore some on her lips and eyelashes, but other than that her tanned skin was empty.

Within seconds, the girl was being whisked out of her bedroom and down the hallway towards the ballroom by her sister. With a groan she received another glare from Dagny, but Eira only smiled teasingly which made the older girl roll her eyes.

“Come on, there could be suitors there, potentially ones that aren’t a million years old like father keeps picking out.” Dagny raised a brow as they made it atop the staircase.

That was true. Ever since their mother passed and the girls came of age, their father had been set on marrying them off to royalty, whether that be here in Asgard or elsewhere. Though, most of his choices seemed to be old perverts who just wanted fresh meat.

With her hands raised in defeat, the brunette nodded, “Okay, okay. I’ll be on my best behavior.” She grinned playfully as she stepped beside her sister and took her arm.

Dagny simply rolled her eyes, standing straighter as the royal guard announced the two sisters to the ballroom. This was always Eira’s least favorite part of these sorts of events, all of the attention was on her and she hated it. They were watching how she walked, how she smiled, how she’d prepared for the evening, every physical flaw was on display and her face was hot with anxiety. She squeezed her sister’s arm and received a reassuring squeeze back as they reached the bottom of the stairs.

Almost immediately, Dagny found her crowd and was off with a swift wave leaving Eira alone. She made a beeline for the drink table, deciding to do what her sister had suggested and down a few glasses of wine before anyone could approach her.

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"Come brother!" Thor Odinson said as he beckoned his brother to go with him. "The ball will be starting soon and we mustn't be late. Mother and Father will be expecting us." The god of thunder stood at the door of his brothers room as he stood, looking himself in the mirror on his wardrobe door. The god of mischief examined himself and with the most serious face he could muster said, "Does this tunic make my butt look big?" He was wearing his signature emerald Asgardian leather with gold flashings, his ceremonial helmet hung on the side of his massive wardrobe.

Thor cocked his head to the side and nodded. "Yes. Gargantuanly."

"Good." He nodded firmly and turned around. With open arms, he said, "Let's go embarrass some nobles."

Thor laughed. "Yes. Let's."

Loki walked past him, leaving his helmet behind. "Maybe I can smack some sense into Lord Helderfeim with my gargantuan butt," he quipped.

"You'll do no such thing," a womanly voice said as Freyja joined them in the hallway.

"Mother," the men said in unison, nodding respectfully.

"Boys," she nodded regally. "If you're going to smack someone, Loki, do it with your wits, not your ass." And she walked off.

Loki looked at his brother and they shared a hearty laugh. Mother always knew how to brighten the mood.

They finally arrived in the ballroom and Thor wiggled his eyebrows at Loki who smiled. They parted ways, looking for different approaches to make mischief. After a few minutes, Loki noticed something. Or, rather, someone. He saw his childhood friend and mischief-maker confidant sipping some wine and made his way over to her, but first slipped into a portly old fellow's illusion.

"Madame," the old man said, making a bow to Eira, "May I request you dance with me this eve during the playing of the music?"

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Eira's eyes scanned the room, searching for someone, anyone, she knew that she could possibly go talk to instead of being alone. She sipped at the red wine in her glass, gently leaning against the table as her eyes moved to the dance floor where couples were dancing together.

A soft smile crossed her lips as she watched contently, happy to see others so in love.

The girl was then approached by an older man which made her stomach sink, "Oh," Eira began, looking around once more for someone she knew to save her.

However, her eyes landed on her father who nodded, obviously the old man looked wealthy enough for her father's liking. With a deep sigh, the girl downed the rest of her wine and set the glass down, reluctantly offering up her hand.

"How could I refuse?" She chuckled awkwardly, gulping down the disgust that lie within her.

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The old man chuckled, his cheeks turning red. "I am glad of your acceptance, milady. Shall we speak on the terrace? The atmosphere in here is just stifling," he said, fanning himself with a handkerchief. He extended his elbow, and led her outside to the patio where not many partygoers were.

When they got to the banister overlooking Asgard, he lost the old man voice. "Well, Eira," Loki said. "It is such a shame you should be seen with such a portly fellow," he chided, gesturing to the illusion of his body, chuckling snidely. "To think. My childhood friend seduced by an elephant. How crude!"

He looked at her with a smirk, nudging her shoulder lightly. "How's your family? Your father still trying to marry you off?" he asked. "And your sister? Does she still pine after my brother like a lost puppy?" He knew of Eira's father and Dagny's infatuation with Thor, and wanted to milk it as much as possible.

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