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Digital Art of my Characters~

My characters are up for asks ❤️ If you’d like to ask them a question, I’ll draw them answering it!

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The Great Sage

The Storyteller
Your art style is great. Can you tell me whose artwork inspires you most? I have a feeling it's some webcomic somewhere, but it's just a guess.


despicable little he/him
your style is so nice! your characters are very expressive/distinctive :~) i'm also in love with your merboy art HA


Senior Member
Sir Fungus Sir Fungus I wish I could "like" your comment with a 😂, it made me chuckle :')

The Great Sage The Great Sage I've been inspired by the anime InuYasha, Sgt Frog/Keroro Gunsou, and Pokemon over the years, but I've since developed this style as my own :)

solmachine solmachine Aww thank you so much!!! I may make more merboy art because I think it's so fun~

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