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Digital Art of my Characters~

My characters are up for asks ❤️ If you’d like to ask them a question, I’ll draw them answering it!

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Folly-Derrezzed Folly-Derrezzed
No that was the joke, it was meant to be 5 pm xD the saying is “it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere” refers to “it’s never too early to drink alcohol” and Barton is serving wine with breakfast.
I was trying to be witty with you


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Prompt #5 - Training
Jiro learning how to be an archer
he has no training before this but when Gabby is taken away, he stops at nothing to try and get her back


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Prompt #7 - Gentle Stream

“You’re kidding.”

Gabby stared blankly at Jiro as he removed his jacket and dropped it over his cape, clumsily clumping them together under a tree. She peered around the dead forest, half-dreading the idea of getting caught.

“Isn’t the water cold?”

“It’s summer, my dear,” Jiro said placidly, finally taking off his undershirt. “The water is warm.”

The princess looked away, silently mortified. Jiro simply continued on, removing his boots.

“I’m not taking off my trousers. You can look.”

She didn’t, not until she heard his feet dip into the water and quietly splish-splash his whole body in. She glanced timidly over her shoulder, where he was bobbing in the water.

“It’s quite nice,” he said. He flicked his wrist forward. “Aren’t you going to join me?”


Jiro gave her a small pout and a playfully pleading expression.

“Not even your feet?”

Gabby hesitated. “....I could. It’s just this armor is a bit...”

Jiro eyed her for a moment. “Do you need my help taking it off?”

“No. No,” she said warningly, holding up a finger. “I can take it off myself. It’s just...”

She didn’t think she could undress in front of him. Granted, she didn’t have much skin showing under her armor— but they were still undergarments.

“Coward,” Jiro teased.

“At least I’m not the one who’s immodest.”

Jiro rose an eyebrow and smirked. “You’re the one who’s still looking.”

Flustered, Gabby looked away again. He observed her for a moment, and then dunked his head in the water. When he ascended, she was gone. He frowned, pulling himself up and resting his upper body on a boulder.


Did he offend her? His expression only deepened with worry as his neck stretched up to look around. He noticed a being behind one of the thicker trees, wiggling and pulling at white glistening armor to come off. Jiro relaxed and waited, smiling as Gabby returned with her arms full of her gear. She carefully piled them beside his clothes and uneasily settled on the rock Jiro was resting against.

Jiro watched her.

“Just my feet,” she chided lightly, dipping one leg in.

“What if I pull you in?”

“You wouldn’t dare.”


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this is actually not recent at all; rather, these drawings are old characters I redrew... last year? I might redraw them with bodies actually connected to their necks lol.
I’d really love to roleplay with them— please hit me up if you’re up for it.

otherwise, tell me who’s your favorite design wise!

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