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  1. It's okay, I'm sure you get enough requests as it is. It's weird because Amethyst's abilities are all pretty physical, her whip, the rolly charge thing, I think she had purple fire at a point? But Lapis just has the wings and water :0 So idk if you'd want to try to find a balance or nah, google tells me sodalite is much more similar to lapis though, ton of SODIUM (surprise) 
    Gems just end up being salty a lot of the time #ThisIsACalloutPost
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  2. I'm probably going to go with the lapis route for her given how her gem is so similar to a lapis lazuli :)) I originally made her with amethyst and lapis in mind (amethyst's hair and outfit design mixed with lapis' body build and color scheme) cause both of their personalities pret much make up mine. I never gave abilities a srs thought until mentioned. I think I'll sleep on it, but I do agree with you on the hashtag LOL
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  3. Watched the Heather's Musical and I just had to

  4. BDAY DOODLE (I'll lineart it properly someday) for my rp sis @thefan1 !!

    OC credit: Belladonna belongs to her


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BELLS; hope u like it ;;

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  5. I love it @Aster!!!! You're the best of the best!!!! 

    Im legit crying right now over how pure and awesome you are  :* ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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  6. I'm glad you like it!! ;; sorry it's so rushed and scrawled /// I'll def fix it up when I have the time :`3

    nyways, hope u enjoy ur bday bb!!
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  7. Beautiful art! I really love your style :3D:
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  8. Is it bad that I find the male one sexy---
    #Thunderbird #Ravenclaw #DownWithWumbo
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  9. You know when you get thrown in a social situation that you can't get out of and it high key makes you wish you never stepped out of your house?

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Yeeaaaapp. Never again.
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  11. Is he masturbating
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    Life Update:



  13. hey there u handsome devil u
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  14. Thank but the mirror is over there not here
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  15. these are really good
  16. Damn this is some good shit fam!
  17. These are so cute ;o I love your little character
  18. aster.png
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    When you want to RP but inspiration and motivation just leaves you like:

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  20. ^ me when I wanna write something
  21. <3 That is so cute!

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