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  1. I don't see Cristiano having many relationships with anyone unless they have business with his stock company (which may or may not sell info on the down low), work for him, have a mutual friend (example would be Cecilia or someone else in college), or are old friends from college.
  2. I can see the moms being coworkers and talking about it.
  3. Sounds good to me. And did you have something particular in mind for the time of the wedding? If not, I can do a random number generator.
  4. I guess anywhere from 6 months to 1 year, give them some time to get to know each other.
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  5. Alright. I did a generator with those parameters and it gave me 7.
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  6. 7 it is.
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  7. @pasta ; @MaeJacrezz003 ; @Beauty_Belle ; @DeerPrince ; @SuperUnicorn ; @CharlesAngel ; @Steve Freeling ; @Kumari
    Just as a heads up to everyone, we'll likely start tonight (around 9:00 EST) or tomorrow morning (dependent upon personal circumstances).

    Once I create the thread, anyone will be welcome to post first - no need to wait on me. I'm currently unsure if there will be a prompt, but since we're all starting at different places, I'm leaning against it.

    Also, if anyone has problems with their RP partner never showing up for more than two days after we've started without hearing from them, let me know and we'll fix that issue.

    And don't forget to fill out your engagement info and relationships on your form! It's fine to do that after the RP starts, but try to get it done. It just makes it easier for other RPers to get a quick perspective of your story as well as link everyone so we're not constantly 1x1-ing.

    Thanks, everyone!

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
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  8. @DeerPrince, I have an idea on how their families might know each other and why they arranged the marriage, unless you had another idea. Maybe Vincent's mother was one of Alice's mother's company models. Like she was always doing commercials and magazine's with Alice so they knew each other that way. Vincent's mother being worried that his future wife wouldn't uphold the company name well and Alice's mother being afraid she'd lose her focus if she didn't settle down, they arranged the marriage?

    @MaeJacrezz003 Unless you had another idea, I was thinking maybe Charlie's mother hired Carl's mother to help with Charlie's sobriety and the marriage would look good for both families since it would look like Charlie's family was fixing Carl and it would look like Carl's mother's methods worked all along, since Carl was settling down to marry someone with such a high status?
  9. @CharlesAngel that's a really good idea actually. I was trying to think of something and it was along those lines. So Charlie and Carl would probably know of each other, and maybe know in passing, but they never really interacted until the marriage was set maybe. Do you have any preference to how far off the wedding should be? (also, sorry replying late. phone internet was really suckish and not showing me any notices)

    Also if anyone wants to be friends or past relationships with Charlie just say so (^w^)
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  10. @MaeJacrezz003 it doesn't matter to me how far off the wedding is. Having a close wedding could mean wedding crunch and a far off wedding could mean like more time to work with the idea or could mean the idea is still fresh in their minds and stuff.

    (Sorry about the late reply I was closing at work last night so I was exhausted when I got home)
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  11. I'm working on my post now~
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  12. @CharlesAngel That makes sense. I think the families would probably want it close to get it over with, but not super close to where people would think something sketchy was going on. Five months maybe? Six?

    And don't worry about lateness or whatever. I don't have a schedule really lol. Working a closing shift at work today so gonna have to vanish for a few hours later.
  13. It's a bit long but posted
  14. @Aato
    What do you say we start out with them finding out about what their mothers did and how they're supposed to marry in seven months? I kind of want to see the reaction someone might have upon finding out.
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  16. Okay, I have a post in the works.
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  17. @Steve Freeling ; @Beauty_Belle
    Sorry I haven't posted yet; apparently, I'm a little exhausted, so my body pretty much knocks me out. I'll definitely get to it in the morning...later morning, hahah, so in the next few hours when I wake up again.
  18. I wanted to give everyone through the weekend to post before saying anything, but now that's gone, so without further adieu...

    I haven't seen posts or heard from the following:
    @pasta ; @MaeJacrezz003 ; @DeerPrince ; @SuperUnicorn ; @CharlesAngel

    So, if you could post A.S.A.P. or let me know something, that would be great.

    Thank you!
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  19. I'll probably post tonight or later this evening. Sorry for any confusion.
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  20. Sorry. I've been on vacation but I'll post later today.
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  21. I'm so sorry i'll have my post up soon... i didn't get any notifications so i had totally forgotten
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  22. Well, since I've finished his sheet for the time being, Steve has a theme song and a couple roommates now. Also, his mom has a new picture since her last one completely disappeared. And I'm gonna try and post soon. I think Vinh's gonna get a phone call from her husband-to-be.
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  23. I'll try to get a post in tonight because I definitely won't be getting one in tomorrow due to some other priorities
  24. So just wondering, since it was never established I don't think, but where is everybody? (Character wise. I don't really care where you are irl. I'm not that much of a creeper) I took a stab in the dark but Steve just mentioned a valley, which I'm pretty sure are basically California ways of saying area.

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