Army of the Southern Cross

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  1. Moira gives a smile at the thought of going up on some high peak to look over the city. "Sure! Sounds great. We can pack some food and make it a picnic. We'll take some pictures and save them for our memories of this great time."
  2. With the idea of a picnic offered up, you head off to gather up supplies, rent a hovercar and head for a scenic overlook of the city. The view is spectacular as you look down on the bustling metropolis. Just the thing to do as you wrap up your time in the tropical paradise. Eric almost looks sad as he gazes out. "Too bad this trip is almost over. I've really enjoyed myself here. I guess that there will be fun things to do in Monument City as our illustrious leader is getting his officer's training, but it just won't be the same. I like sunny sand and bikinis more than snow and parkas."
  3. "Yeah as shame that this vacation's about to end. But maybe there might be a few fun things we can do in there; though I think I need to polish up on my shooting once we get there. I don't want to lose to my old man when I meet up with him on leave soon. He'll never let me live it down if he beats me by a landslide. Maybe after that, find a dance studio and get back to the motions of things. Oh there are so much to do and I don't know what to do." Adrian said as he took in the picturesque surroundings of New Rio. He brought out his phone and quickly sets up its built in camera feature. "So, let's catch a couple of photos before the light leaves us, yeah?" He said as he turned to the others with a grin.
  4. In the afternoon light, the photos of the city and shimmering ocean are spectacular. The perfect end to an awesome vacation. It is a sad fact that in the morning, you will have to pack up your souvenirs and clothes and head back to the airport for your sad return to Anton-17. Perhaps not so sad, since you are all pretty worn out from your vacation, almost enough to look forward to going back to the simple routine of daily military life.

    The wake up calls come far too early for you, drawing you all out of bed and into the world of the awake and aware. Already back in the military mindset, it doesn't take you long to pack your gear and swag. A short taxi ride later and you find yourselves back at the airport, waiting for your transport to be ready to load and take off. Looking out the windows, you have your last chance to say farewell to New Rio before you go.

    Being the old campaigner that he is, Eric promptly falls asleep in his seat of the transport, trying to get some shut eye to recover from the rigors of the vacation. Landing at Brazilia Base is uneventful, and you transfer your gear from one aircraft to a waiting transport helicopter for the last leg of your return flight back to the BSURB.

    It is now time to pack the rest of your gear, prep your tanks, and get ready to escort a handful of trucks to an airfield large enough to handle a pair of Tunny heavy lift aircraft to carry your mecha up north to the headquarters of the Army of the Southern Cross; Monument City.

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  5. As much fun as the vacation was, it felt good to be back in her uniform once more. Upon their return to Anton-17, she checks the clock to see how much time there was before having to be on the road, and decided that there was enough time to take a few laps around the athletic field before a quick shower and getting to her packing.

    As her body moves in the simple motions of her run, her mind keeps going back to the time she spent with Adrian, wondering how this will affect them now that they are back in the mix of the Green Machine. She likes to think that she's professional enough to be able to separate herself from the emotional attachments when needed to be able to focus on the mission, but for the first time in her life, she has someone else's feelings and needs to think about.

    With her short workout done, the Zentraedi soldier grabs her PT gear and heads for the showers.
  6. With the conclusion of that wonderful vacation, the gang returned to Anton-17 in preparation for their transfer to Monument City. After a quick shower and donning a fresh uniform, Adrian took his time in preparing his equipment and things from checking his guns and packing his stuff.

    Slowly losing himself to the routine of disassembling and assembling his guns as well as packing them alongside his things, his mind wandered on the future involving himself and his beloved. Now that they're all back in active duty, their would come a time that they will need to act professionally; although, he would try his best to show his affection through little things here and there until they could have a proper alone time together in the future.

    As he was almost done packing, he suddenly remembered this one quote his mother loved, a mantra of sorts to her and to him at times, "There is a time for everything." At the moment, he didn't want to fully remember her convoluted tale about his mother's fascination to that quote but it involved a harrowing battle, a Glaug Officer Pod, and a Rocket Launcher. He just had to admit, his mother has a pair of huge brass balls from that story alone; but needless to say, he knew patience when things need it. He also made a promise anyway to take things slow and enjoy the journey than rush to the destination.

    Realizing that he was done with his preparations, he made his way to his Chimera to deposit his stuff.
  7. For Marcus, the end of the vacation comes with a bittersweet and wistful feeling. Yes, it was fun, but all things must come to an end eventually; now was the time for action. It felt odd to be back in military garb after weeks(?) in loose civilian clothing, and Marcus unconsciously itched at the stiff, starched collar of his uniform. It would probably be helpful to get back in the right mindset, and with that in mind, Marcus decided to head to his room for some quiet meditating. There was lots of packing to be done, but that could wait.
  8. Action-packed days, and long nights - a peaceful time in a beautiful city. But in the end, those things still cannot be taken for granted; and as long as that's the case, duty will call for Fia at some point. She'll happily remember the moments spent in New Rio when she's back in the cockpit, as an extra motivation when the flames of war surround her once more - but for now, the memories will have to stay in the back of her mind as usual routines take over. With her luggage stowed away, and back in her uniform once more, she takes a few moments to climb into her mecha, leaning back in the cozy seat that has carried her weight through dozens of dangers. At this moment, it almost feels like returning home, or meeting a very old friend - as strange as that might seem. Finally, she starts the engines, and moves to take her place behind the trucks. For now, it looks as if she'd be early for once - if only to take a picture or two as the other Hussars gather once more for their travel to Monument City.
  9. Heinrich seemed to be the happiest to return to work, not only did the man have quite a bit waiting for him, he also felt rather relieved he didn't need to worry about those strange people or anything!

    He was back where he was best, the military, and being the good soldier be was. And an ever better one soon!

    He was also content he managed to get through the vacation with nobody getting into a brawl. Though his first night was fuzzy and... confusing, he didn't wake up to any shiners, so that's good enough for him! Ignoring the large tattoo that he has managed to keep a secret...

    Dark shirts while swimming helped keep prying eyes away... though... he is going to need to report the tattoo...

    Later though, it was time for them to make their ways to monument city, and he was more than happy to drive abit before another ride.

    Hell, he damn well nearly broke a few tears as he saw his tank again. "So beautiful... I missed my darling so much... They better not had messed with anything in there..."

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