Army of the Southern Cross

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  1. Heinrich kept himself busy the week they were down, resupply what hes used, making good friends with a group of cats, and making certain he kept up his own supply of "the age old cure all" he kept just in case.

    But for now it was back to work, for some atleast, in his case work was never really finished. As he was the one who had to perform the paperwork.

    Not a hard job, but if something goes wrong, prepare to do it all over again.

    When it was time to head out again, he kept his standard load out and checkd group comms. "Today will be the first day our little Chimera tank gets a field test. Hope you are ready.
  2. Moira looks confused. "What's a Chimera? It must be some human thing that I don't know about. I'll have to look it up on the net. Other than that, I'm ready to go."
  3. "It's beautiful. All I need now are some Camo nets to make it a walking bush and some vegetation and we're good to go; but that would be for later, now let's break her in with this little patrol. Eric, you and the others did a wonder to her. Chimera, a fitting name for her." Adrian said all the while petting his new darling of war.

    He turned to the techs and asked for the standard compliment of munitions for the MCR-68A1 105mm Cannon. "I am unfamiliar with the tank so for now give me the standard munitions load out. Gotta get a good feel first before I can ask for one more shell over the other..."
  4. "Not a problem, corporal. We'll hook you up." With that, they load your mecha with a selection of different shells for your cannon. The camo nets are also draped over your tank, but they will fall off if and when you make the shift into Battloid mode. Other than that, it will help to keep your mecha concealed visually.
  5. "Thank you! A shame the net would fall off when it transforms, command should make ghillie suits for the mechs. Makes them cooler, meaner, and harder to find, I say. Whether it fall off or not right now would not be an issue for me. I just want to see if she can still perform well. Keep up the good work and thanks." He said to the tech crew before climbing on his new darling of war.

    "Right, let's get goin', Sarge. We have a patrol to finish and I have a beautiful tank to test out." Adrian said enthusiastically in the end.
  6. You are several hours out of Anton-17 and taking your afternoon lunch break, sitting around in a circle, talking and enjoying your break from slogging through the trees on your hunt. It is about time to brush away the crumbs from your MRE's and get moving once more when you see a pair of energy beams fire off overhead, much larger than a typical particle beam from a Zentraedi unit.

    Suddenly, your radio's crackle with an emergency signal. "This is Tiger Eye -02! Our two escort Valkyries have been hit and destroyed by starship scale weaponry! They were vaporized in a single hit! We are now taking evasive action, but we are being targeted by long range missiles; they are tracking in on us." Over the comlink, you can then hear a blast of static, and the level of panic in the voice on the radio ratchets up several notches. "Mayday! Mayday! We've been hit by missile fire, and we are in flames and losing altitude. We are preparing to bail out."

    Overhead, more of the massive energy beams lance out, this time in a slightly different direction. "Nighthawk -02 has been slagged by a heavy particle beam! Engaging evasive action and going for the deck."

    As this is going on, you start to pick up more distress signals from multiple aircraft, all indicating that they are being fired on by a massive energy beam. You are all aware that in a normal set of circumstances, starship scale weapons are not accurate enough to be able to target something as small and maneuverable as a Veritech, or even a larger aircraft like the AWACs jets in command of the RDF lockdown on the airspace of the region.

    On a command frequency, another signal goes out, "All ground units, air control of the Zentraedi Control Zone is currently lost. Be on the lookout for any downed aircraft crews for rescue and recovery since no Search and Rescue aircraft will be launched while this new weapon is in use."

    Looking at your maps, you can see that the distressed Tiger Eye-02 is practically on top of you, and from what you are seeing, the crew is about to attempt to parachute out to avoid certain death in their crash landing. With no chance of a recovery aircraft coming out to get them, the Winged Hussars are the only units in the area capable of rescuing the crew so long a those heavy guns are functional.
  7. "Well son of a bitch! They've got bigger guns than us?" Adrian was bewildered. How did those damned insurgents get their hands on starship grade weaponry? It just didn't make sense.

    He checked his scanners and sure enough, the crew of Tiger Eye-02 was visible, parachutes activated and descending towards their position. "Sarge, we got to help. We should save as much people as we can as we make our way and search for the damned gun. If they can use it to target aircraft, what more would it be if they can turn those guns ground side and blow us all to space?"
  8. "Acknowledged, squad lets go save those folks. I'll send word to the commander of our position and that of the tiger eye, we have to make certain those people get out of this safely. No doubt we'll be swarmed when we finally get there, so be ready to destroy whatever Zentraedi pods we find, we can't let them have their way, they may have the advantage, but we will steal it from them in due time.

    Now, we move!"
  9. The team moves out, making your way through the trees and scrub of the Brazilian jungle. As you travel, your radar lights up with multiple airborne targets that do not have a friendly transponder signal assigned to them. It would seem that the Zentraedi have taken control of the airspace above you. With the heavy guns that they are using, it would be near suicide for any allied unit to take to the air over the Control Zone right now.

    With the skies under enemy control, the Zentraedi are making full use of the time, launching several attacks as a general offensive across the theater of battle. Without being able to call in the RDF's air power, it has put the defending allied troops under an additional strain as they try to repulse the attacks.

    As you travel, Eric suddenly let out a startled cry. "The transport pod! That has to be it! Don't you guys remember when we were on our way to Anton-17 and we were jumped by the Zentraedi? They made off with a container with a couple of sets of anti-aircraft guns and advanced targeting and tracking gear. If they were to hook that tracking gear up to the heavy guns of a crashed cruiser of some kind, it would give them the ability to track on smaller targets like Veritechs and take them out of the sky with ease. If we were to find those guns, we could call in an artillery strike and take them out, putting us in control of the airspace again."

    With his new sensors, Adrian is able to start picking up rescue transponders nearby from the downed airmen of the Tiger Eye aircraft. So far, you are only getting about a dozen signals, all within a few miles of you and each other. That is somewhat disheartening, since the Tiger Eye has a crew of twenty radar techs and four flight crew. Some of the crew must not have gotten out in one piece.

    Closing in on the first group of five emergency transponders, Adrian is also able to pick up multiple targets closing in on you from the opposite direction. With the date feed from his tank, everyone is able to see the signals. For those that have the skill, please give me a Sensory Systems roll to if you wish to try and identify them.
  10. A general offensive by the Zentraedi?. This is no happy accident. They have been planning this for some time. It all makes sense. Moira hits the radio, "Eric, you must have hit the nail on the head with that. Sergeant, if we can, we need to find those guns and put them out of action. That will restore the ability of the air forces in the region to take to the skies again."
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  11. "What the hell? Multiple signals approaching?" Adrian wondered, knowing that they were the only people capable of rescuing the downed personnel. He turned to a console the connected to his sensors and tapped in a few keys in order to clear the feed and get a better read out on the approaching signals...
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  12. The electronic signature of the targets show them to be Male Power Armor, eight of them, flying low and slow over the area, heading towards the first group of emergency beacons of the downed air crew. They seem to be tracking in on their broadcast, either to capture or kill them. Either way, it is not a good thing.

    They MPA suits are six miles out, advancing at a flying speed of 300 mph.
  13. Moira growls in frustration. "I can't make out heads or tails of what those things are, other than a bet that they are Zentraedi and they are hunting for our people. Anyone get a positive ID on them? Or do we need to wait until they are in line of sight so we can hit them with our cannons?"
  14. "We've got company boys and girls. 8 MPAs approaching low and slow; looks like they either want to finish the job or are looking for survivors for intel. Overall, this looks bad." Adrian said as he kept his eyes on the signatures.

    "I'm sending over the feed to your screens," he said before sending the data to the rest of his squad.
  15. "No time to hesitate, we move! We msutn't let those idiots have their way. In the name of all that is good, just and righteous. LET US DESTROY THESE PITIFUL HEATHEN! Onwards!" heinrich, getting abit into character, urged his group forwards to meet their enemies. "We shall get as close as we can to get the drop upon them, Limit yourself in no way to eliminate our targets, the lvies of many people are on the line and we cannot allow these people to be taken... or worse. With me!"
  16. Moira rubs her hands together. "As you humans say, lets get ready to rumble!" She shifts her mecha into tank mode, readying her main cannon for action.
    15 Sabot
    10 Plasma
    10 MPAT
    5 HEAT
    5 Canister
    3 Smoke

    Is there enough time to try a EW attack against one or more of the powered armor units before they are in gun range? I want to try out my new jamming pods.
  17. Forgot my Initiative roll.
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  18. You and Adrian can use your jamming pods on two MPA units each before they are in cannon range. They are still six miles out, and will take some time to close in.

    And everyone (besides Psychie who has already rolled) should give me initiative rolls.
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  19. With a wicked smile on her face, Moira calls out, "Adrian! Lets hit these guys with our new EW gear! I'll jam the two on the far left, so you can pick different targets."
  20. "We'll give 'em hell! Once we're done with them, we'll take out that gun!" Adrian yelled with as much fervor as he could muster. Shifting his mech to tank mode and readying the gun, the anticipation of testing out the Chimera overshadowed the usual pre-battle jitters he usually feels.

    "You take the left you say? I'll take the right then!" He answered back, bringing down a familiar looking terminal connected to the Jamming pods of his tank. "I just pray that this won't cock-up like the last time..."
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  21. "Lets scramble their systems. Jamming now." Moira cranks up the power on her chosen targets, hoping to do some damage.
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  22. With a quick motion of his hands on his terminal, Adrian entered the necessary codes to disrupt the enemy's machine. "For the love of God above, please don't cock-up again..."

    OOC: Two separate rolls, pet peeve for rollers on my part. :P
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  23. Each of you are successful on scrambling a single target, leaving six of the eight unaffected.
  24. Heinrich's initative roll.

    "Once in sight, open fire. There are eight of them so if you can target multiple with a plasma or canister, do so to help everyone find their kill."
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