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Futuristic Armored Core (World Information)



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This page will hold all the lore for the story and information about important characters for easy reference.

Armored- Armored is the name of the VR mech fighting game that has swept the world. It takes place in a massive solar system home to many different planets. Players make their own avatars to explore the planets and interact with other players.

Armors- Armors are the names of the mechs that are used in the game of Armored. They can be bought in game, created outside the game and scanned into the game, created in game from parts, won in competition, or found throughout the system.

Ranks- Armored is a PvP game with a rank system to show the level of the player. The ranks are as follows is order from lowest rank to highest.

Bronze 1-5, Silver 1-5, Gold 1-5, Platinum 1-5, Diamond 1-5, Master 1-5- Grand Master 100-1 (only the top 100 players can be in the grandmaster rank)

(These ranks are based on solo PvP play. Team ranks are the same but the Grand master rank is just the top 100.)

Legacy- A mech that is tied to the legend of a planet. They are hidden somewhere on the planet. They are a highly sought after prizes as they sport the highest in game stats and special systems made only for them.
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Major Places


Time to murder the English language.

Multum is one of the three open hub planets. It is home to a vast number of locations and is the main location for most of the major tournaments. It is prime in game real estate and even small rooms and apartments on this planet go for a high price. The greatest tournament in the game of Armored, The War Festival, takes place across this planets surface. This planet is also home to the Zafir Market, one of the largest open trading location in the game.

Legacy of Multum: A different name for every land. A different view for every man. He runs on land and runs through the sky. The beast of Multum, a mystery lost.

Nero is the second of the three hub planets. Unlike Multum, it only has one major location on the entire surface appropriately named Nero City. Nero city is futuristic by comparison to modern style of Multum and Nero City spans a large portion of the planets surface. Nero draws all the players who find their joy in building and testing the limits of technology. The major events hosted on this planet are the Light Road Races, and the Builders Cup. If Multum is the home of fighting, Nero is the home of racing. Many bring their best builds here to test their speed and control on the roads of light that span the planet.

Legacy of Nero: The two fought with the power of the gods. Both seeing the others future with ever growing clarity. The angel and demon decimated all who dared to interfere with their battle. Only god saw the results of the battle. What happened to the two and the power they possessed? The power of Zero.

Where do players go to get away from their Armors, the answer is the last hub planet Chimaera. Chimaera is a planet that is entirely green lush wilderness. Know as the wild, this planet does not have any pre made major settlements. The closest thing this planet has to civilization is the various player made communities. This planet has become a retirement location for many players and an explorers haven for many others. The major draw for this planet is the unusability of Armors anywhere other than the landing zone and mech hunting. On Chimaera mechs of all shapes and sizes roam the land. Players can use their avatars to attempt to hunt these mechs and gain their parts for themselves. Most of this planet remains unexplored, so searching its wilderness has become a pastime for many veterans and new players alike.

Legacy of Chimaera: Where he goes darkness follows. All are lost in the night of the hound. Eyes of crimson and claws of gold are your only warning. We thank the hound for giving us that much. What is fear? Fear is darkness. What is darkness? Darkness is the hound. Beware the darkness of Chimaera.
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Important NPC's


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Avatar: Dominus


Gender: Male
Team: Asylum

Main Mech: Savage Konig Wolf



Name: Maxwell Kaiser
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Background: Maxwell is the team captain of Asylum the number 1 team in Armored he also holds the rank 1 Grand Master position.
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Various Legacy Armors


Time to murder the English language.
Legacy of JIOR: This is all we have left of the first knights, memories and memorials. He wouldn't want to you to shoulder the same burden he has. If you believe that your cause is worth your humanity then I wont stop you. It resides where we first found it. Remember your life while you can.

Legacy of Celestial: Our Mission was to eliminate war by any means, but peace cannot be kept by force, it can only be achieved through understanding. Prove to me that you understand all and what is mine will be yours.

Legacy of the Digital World: Purity, Chivalry, and Honor. If you prove yourself as one worthy of it's service and his lance will be yours.

Legacy of the Central Continent: We made the tool of our victory, but the heavens had other plans. Only this act of god could have prevented our victory. They believe it gone, but I know better. Not even god could stop that machine.

Legacy of the Archangel: It is all we have left. It must be protected, but that doesn't mean that we should kill our enemies. There has the be another way. Show me that other way.

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