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Futuristic Armored Core (Characters)



Time to murder the English language.
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Avatar Name: Martial Strike

Gender: Male
Standin for Genesis

Avatar Inventory: Special Dual long swords, that act as thrusters as long as they are sheathed. Special outfit (As seen above), that functions as a pilot suit and a replacement for the standard issue suit. A small dagger, that acts as his mech key and an unmanned drone.

Main Mecha: NXT-M004 Musashi

The Musashi is a medium frame designed for close combat. It was created as a reward for a PvP tournament that a well know builder, Slater, hosted. Designed with the winners play style in mind, the Musashi boast a array of boosters, and other tools for closing the gaps between enemies. It also houses a special energy system that can be activated in areas where a moon is present and unobscured. This system, when active, allows the unit to fully use its special sword, and access hidden abilities of the unit.

Systems and Armaments:
Caladbolg, The Anti Ship Blade- The sword is the same size as Musashi, and sports not only a long blade, but also a small attached knife, and a barrel at the back. The sword only reveals it's true abilities when the Lunar System is active. While the Lunar System is active Caladbolg becomes a channel and storage device for the newly received energy. That energy can be channeled into blade to create a devastatingly large energy slash, or shot out of the barrel to create a more focused devastation.

Lunar System- The system was introduced to give the Musashi a finisher against larger enemies that the Caladbolg could not finish with its blade alone. The Lunar System absorbs energy sent to it from the moon and thus can only be activated when a direct line of sight can be maintained between the unit and the moon. The transfer can only be done while the unit is stationary, but energy will be retained if the link is broken. The lunar energy functions as an alternate energy source for the unit and is the only source that can power the Caladbolg. The energy is typically stored in Caladbolg or Svalinn, but it can be shortly stored in the armor plating if neither are unavailable for transfer. Energy stored in the unit must be expelled, or the units armor will explode and the frame will structurally collapse. To this end the hands and wings of the unit can be used to expel stored energy.

Svalinn- Svalinn is a shield that also functions as a grappling hook. It can be shot out and clasped on to enemies or fixtures to limit or control movements. It functions as a storage device for lunar energy, and can be used to transfer the energy to a connected target. This energy transfer can either restore lost energy or violently over charge an enemies system based on the amount transferred. In case of emergency, lunar energy can also be expelled to produce a grand scaled energy shield.


Name: Jermaine Ali
Age: 26
Gender: Male

Jermaine is a cool down to earth guy, who is always looking for the next thing to excite him. He is a competitor at heart, and is happy to take a challenge. Strong in the face of adversity and humble in defeat. He takes everything he does to the highest level that he can, and is always happy to help those less capable than himself. Morally strong, he likes to let his actions and his words show what he is about.

Background: He is the child of a martial artist, and is a professional boxer. He has been fighting since he could remember and he likes to use games as a fun break from life. He has been playing Armored for as long as it has been around, but had only done PvP. After working his way through the rankings, he was invited to join the team Genesis. After a time with them, he decided to leave the team so that he could face them as competition. He now spends his time honing his sword skills and seeing was other opponents the world of Armored has for him.

Other: He has received various cosmetics and in game armaments from his winnings during PvP's and his time at Genesis. He wears them proudly even though it makes him stand out amongst other players. Due to his time playing high tier ranked PvP, he was gained many in game and out of game connections.
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Feet First into hell

Avatar name
Crimson 'Oh Three' Valkyrie



The Coalition

Avatar inventory
Holo tags with her name and the Coalitions insignia, 3 thermite charges(for attacking mechs if she isn't in her own), Basic P-900 submachine gun, all weapons for her are in the event of being mech-less.
Main Mecha
Red October
The Red October is a Mecha with the armaments of a battleship and submarine in mind, made for Long-Medium range combat depending on the mechas loadout. It has thrusters on both the middle, left and right side of its belt, that work underwater-mainly meant for underwater movement, making certain movements faster than a mecha without them. It is also designed to work very well under water, to the depth of an average Submarine, and no further, but it is recommended it is dropped at least 5 miles from mainland shore, and at most 11 miles. Prolonged exposure to deep sea can cause harm to the pilot.

System and armaments
(Ignore those cannons on the leg, i have literally no idea what to make of them besides extra cannons, grapple hooks, laser or thrusters, so I've decided to void them)
Box tomahawk missile system: The mecha is armed with a standard Tomahawk Missile launching system. It works like any tomahawk missile system, except once empty it detaches and removes itself from the frame, the system hinders most land movements such as dodging and rolling.

40mm cannon: The mecha comes with a shoulder mounted 40mm cannon with tri-barrels, using armor piercing rounds, the cannons can slide into the shoulder for later use, as they are best used on Tanks and upclose engagements.

The mecha uses a neural plug in. Plugging into the back of the head, and spine. People who wish to operate the mecha must go through surgery to have augments implanted to allow what the designers call 'Hook up'. The pilot will be unable to move within the suit, and will be passed out while hooked up. There are many failsafes that immediately wake the pilot, such as the mecha not able to move due to high damage, head is removed or highly damaged to the point of technical blindness, leak within the suits cockpit-water, deadly gas, anything that can kill the pilot within- , among many other failsafes. Most pilots will be wearing scuba like gear. There is a slot within the cockpit that houses a small air tank and scuba mask.

The mech uses Coalition brand weapons. Many of the weapons were also converted to be used by humans-turning them into small arms, ya know.-. But Crimsons mech is armed with a Mk 289 Railgun and a L-96 fully automatic cannon that fires 40mm armor piercing rounds.


Christine Alvarez



Christine is..hard to describe. She barely talks in real life, but can talk all day in the virtual world.. Let divide these into IRL, and VR.
VR: Christine (or Crimson, Crim, Valk, Oh Three) is very talkative and up beat, she is also quite cocky in combat if not sadistic. She uses any means to destroy her target, she can also be quite serious and stern. Really it depends on her mood and how the fight is going.. If there is one, as she does train the new people that join the clan.
IRL: Christine is basically a mute, she doesn't talk almost at all except the quite yes/no and silent head nods. She is indeed depressed and escapes it via VR games. She doesn't get out much during the day so she can avoid people, going on late night jogs. She is more than capable of handling herself so...

Christine grew up with a rich family, her mother a doctor and her father a business man who invested well into the video game market and music industry. Chrisy(nickname) took an interest into military stuff at a young age and was one of the few kids in her suburbs with tons of toy guns and prop gear. Her father bought her a WW2 Panzer II for her 18th birthday. Which sits at their ranch in Arizona. She doesn't act rich and for the most part doesn't look rich, wearing t-shirts and jeans most of the time with combat boots, skate shoes or sneakers. She tries not to let money describe who she is, she only buys things that would impact her performance in her hobbies. Such as video games, guns, cars/trucks, military memorabilia, really just tomboy stuff. Course she doesn't know why she gets the stuff, she...well she USED to enjoy showing off her hobby stuff... That was before an accident involving a school field trip. See, the bus they were on got caught in a snow storm and the bus was driving back from a camping trip, the bus hit a bad ice spot on the road and slid off a cliff, rolling down a hill and soon wrapping around a large tree. She survived with a broken arm and leg with a heavy concussion, and a few broken ribs. Most of her classmates died while awaiting help to arrive, most of which were her friends, she couldn't help them as she was in too much pain, she herself could have died if she moved too much, as the ribs broke in a way they would puncture her lung if she moved a certain way. She could do nothing.. After their funerals she secluded herself and tried to stay away from people. It's still a mystery why she opens up more on a video game than in real life.. But her family is trying to get her out into the world again.. It'll take some time

(Debating on adding my dog as her faithful companion. Might add as a plot thing later. Who knows?)​
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A rock?
Avatar Name: InveRogue

Gender: Unknown
Technically maintains leading position of FieldMasters, though the team is long gone. Rogue still hopes, but it's slim, and they might join someone else soon.

Avatar Inventory: Rogue mostly carries items and weapons that allow them to evade pursuit on the ground and evacuate from combat situations safely.

HelmDall: A helmet integrating an advanced sensor suite, a custom Echolocation system, and access to Teamlinked cameras. Allows for high situational awareness on the ground, but not as powerful as the mech-portable version.
Mobility Assist Frame, Flak: A mechanized frame that grants its wearer additional strength and agility. This Frame includes an integrated set of light flak armor.
Light rifle, Suppressed: A light assault rifle equipped with a suppressor. Though an excellent antipersonnel weapon, it is ill suited to fighting armor.
Refractive Smoke Grenades: A combination of an ordinary smoke grenade and a variant of Chaff grenades that creates visual cover, confuses most sensor systems, and mildly reduces the effectiveness of energy weapons. This manportable version is quite heavy and sizable, but well worth it for covering an escape.

Main Mecha: BTMV-U043 FrontRunner (FieldMaster Custom, "Backrunner")

The picture shown is the standard model FrontRunner: A high-mobility unit straddling the line between Light and Medium Mechs. Its normal armaments include a high-power assault rifle and Heat Axe, intended to be used with its hoverjet systems for high-speed charges. A very basic mech, with plenty of room for custom armaments made by the user. Great for new players, and even utilized by a few pros! The FieldMaster custom referred to as 'BackRunner' maintains the base mech, but changes its armaments radically. The BackRunner rarely engages in direct combat, instead utilizing a combination of stealth, traps, remote weapons, and Refractive Smoke to scout, hinder the enemy team, and support its allies.

Systems and Armaments:

Heimdall sensor suite: A powerful advanced sensor suite and low-frequency sonar array, combined with teamlinked vision access. Allows the equipped mech incredible situational awareness, live visual feeds from both teamlinked mechs and drones, and the ability to get a bead on its surroundings in even the most blinding conditions. Infinitely valuable for scouting.

RadioMetal Jammer: A simple jamming device that renders most sensor systems and communications ineffective in a short radius around Backrunner. However, it can do nothing against visual identification.

Refractive Smoke Grenades: A combination of an ordinary smoke grenade and a variant of Chaff grenades that creates visual cover, confuses most sensor systems, and mildly reduces the effectiveness of energy weapons. This mech-portable version covers a large area, and Backrunner can carry a great deal of them.

FrontRunner Hover Legs: The legs of all standard Frontrunner models are equipped with two high-speed jet engines. These engines can allow brief bursts of flight and high jumps, but their true forte is fast hovering movement. FrontRunners cover ground fast, and it's hard to catch them unless you've got your own high-speed mobility system in place, or by using a much lighter mech. Additionally, though they aren't intended for such usage, some highly skilled users can kick with the jets at full blast, doing more damage than a kick with the leg servos alone could, and potentially scorching sensors or other exposed electronics.

Sunburn Flamethrower: A powerful flamethrower using a napalm-like substance that can melt armor and can overheat an enemy mech with sustained fire, but has no penetration to speak of, and rarely kills mechs on its own. However, it can soften a target considerably, and dissuade pursuit. In heavily forested areas, it is highly likely to spread its fire and burn a large area. Whether this consequence is a good thing (it's hard to pick out a hot mech in a burning forest) or a bad thing (fighting in a burning forest makes mechs run very hot) is entirely dependent on team strategy, coolant reserves, and one's nerves.

AM Mines: Powerful self-burying mines that are hard to detect, and go off when an opposing mech approaches. Linked to its users FFID system at burial, and will not detonate when teamlinked members approach. These mines are high-explosive, intended for antiarmor usage. Many a mech has lost its leg to one of these at a crucial moment, and they were one of the FieldMaster's few signature weapons.

Laser spiders: A simple drone about half the size of a small light mech. with 360-degree vision and a laser weapon on par with a mech-carried laser rifle, these drones may only deal moderate damage with a low rate of fire, but they have a surprisingly long range, and are great for defending areas, creating diversions, or wearing down foes without putting oneself at risk. Capable of being Teamlinked for vision sharing and remote control, though their slow speed and low firepower make manually piloting it a far worse option than simply piloting one's own mech. They're heavy, and BackRunner only carries one. Sad, since these are another hallmark of the FieldMaster playstyle.

Burn Wires: The brainchild of FieldMasters Engineer ArkiMeches and Commander LadyZhukov, this weapon is truly sadistic. A thin, difficult-to-see tripwire that can come in the form of single tripwires, nets, whips, or even Bolas. These wires, once anchored, tighten and arm themselves. Once something trips them, they activate, burning like the edge of a heatblade, and tearing into whatever touches them. Mechs unlucky enough to become entangled are certain to lose armor, and may lose weapons or even limbs, in some cases. However, they lose effectiveness quickly once cut, and a savvy player can easily spot their attachment anchors and use a melee weapon to remove them. Due to the high damage they cause, and the difficulty in detecting them, many players have called for them to be banned in professional play.


Name: Bella LakeSmith
Age: 24
Gender: Female

In the real world, Bella drifts listlessly. They work retail, they have an absolutely tiny apartment, and aside from cooking and model building, they have little in the real that interests them. It's Armored that interests them. In Armored, they were once part of something incredible: FieldMasters. But that team's gone. They still hold a grudge against their sister, and have mild abandonment issues. But more than that, they feel the same listlessness creeping into Armored. They play solo PVP, and desperately search for members to fill a new team, but they're scared. Scared that soon, they'll just be drifting through life AND games without any purpose.

Background: It's nice to grow up with a sibling. Bella and Kelly were close. Two siblings, doing everything together. They played VR games, watched the same cartoons, and were best friends. When Armored came out, they took to it like moths to a lamp. Building mechs, trying out wild strategies, and being as sadistic as teens can be. Between a few history lessons and a little cruel creativity, they slowly began to form the basic strategy that would form the basis of the team Kelly would form. Master the terrain. Make it yours. Own the field. Thus, as they entered the pro team scene, they formed FieldMasters. Kelly as LadyZhukov, master of artillery and rapid assault drones. ArkiMeches, trench-digger, defense builder, ambush predator/Tank. Bloodshot, sniper and recon drone master. and Belle as InveRogue, trap-layer, support, and backline harrier. Though it took Fieldmasters time to entrench themselves in the Pro scene, they did so relentlessly. Even those who defeated them left the battlefield with mauled mechs and exhausted pilots. And when they won, they won HARD. Teams ill-prepared to search for traps under artillery and sniper fire stood no chance, and even teams with advanced sensors and tactics would have issues. Though FieldMasters had a hellishly difficult time against airborne foes, their adoption of turrets, remote weapons, and flak guns on LadyZhukov's mech made these fights winnable, if only just. Fieldmasters was a strong team, and they'd actually won a few high profile tournaments. They even won second place in the world championships. But, Bella and Kelly kept chasing the gold... Until... Kelly had other things to do. She was moving up in her career. She got married to her girlfriend. She was losing interest in the game, and the team. Eventually, she left, telling the team that they could keep going without her and naming ArkiMeches as their successor. Without Kelly, the team suffered, leadership disputes began springing up, and the team slowly fell apart. ArkiMeches became part of a non-competitive team dedicated to the weird and wacky weapons Armored could allow. Bloodshot went solo, and has been steadily climbing Platinum. Bella still holds the team license, and is still desperate to get a team together. But FieldMasters had more haters than fans, and many saw them as 'the bad guys'. She's modified her mech, trying to fill the roles the others used to have by her lonesome, and it's got her the low end of gold on a good day. Living on her own and having a job only makes it all the more disheartening. She wants to fight, she does! But she can't do it alone.

Other: Though Kelly still plays Armored on occasion, she does so with a radically different mech, and gave her old artillery mech, Kursk, to Bella. Bella refuses to use it, sell it, or steal its parts. (aside from one Laser Spider, but that's not 'part' of Kursk) She just holds on to it for the sake of nostalgia. Maybe someday Bella might step into the cockpit, but she's not nearly ready to.


Eliminating the Heart


569492 Team: Phantom Strike (OPEN)
Information about the Team: Phantom Strike was originally led by Username; BrxkenLiez. However, BrxkenLiez was banned from the game due to breaking game rules and having other players pay them to go "rogue" and essentially help other players in PvP until the end of the round. Unfortunately, one transaction went wrong when BrxkenLiez ended up killing the payer (in-game) instead of helping them due to a previous argument. Now BloodStalker_X1 manages the team Phantom Strike. This team has some reputation for both good and bad but doesn't stop them from taking down anyone who get's in their way. The members on Phantom Strike tend to be rude towards others but occasionally could be found having intellectual conversations. Some believe their rudeness is a way to steer others away from their business. Though there has been no reports of anyone breaking game rules unlike their previous leader.

Avatar Inventory:
Leviath Daggers - These special daggers are top when it comes to sharpness, and it all comes down to the handler when it comes to skill. The Leviath Daggers have a dark, blue tone in the blades representing the sea. While the handles are carved to the shape of a mythological Leviathan decorated by emerald and opal gems. The handles are relatively heavy which are designed for more of a stabbing style over slicing.

Lightweight "NxtGen" Combat Suit - BloodStalker_X1 prefers lightweight armors over heavy as she excels in agility and speed. The Lightweight NxtGen Suit is brand name and tend to have better quality selections compared to other places. However, do not provide the wearer with any special skills. This specific suit allows BloodStalker_X1 to move more freely without restriction.

HoloCards - Phantom Strike are notorious for leaving HoloCards for their marked victims. Meaning that if you happen to find a HoloCards with their insignia on it, they're probably out to get you. Unless you have connections with them.

Smoke Bombs and Flash Bangs - BloodStalker_X1 tends to have a set of smoke bombs and flash bangs on her if she gets caught in a nasty predicament. She'll either run or catch you off guard.

569504 PR0WL3R SIH3

The PR0WL3R lineup has multiple different versions, each having slightly different looks. This one in particular is the SIH3 model and is used in hunting and tracking tasks over executions, however, will have no issues executing 1 V 1 matches. It is deadly when it is presented in a team. PR0WL3R's are highly customizable as long as it doesn't overheat the systems. These are built for speed and agility, but their bites and claws can cause some serious damage if you're not careful enough.

Infrared "Heartseeker" Sensors - This allows the Mech to pinpoint where players are located despite the time of day, and even some Mechs depending on how much heat they put off via damage or memory usage during combat. The "HeartSeeker" edition allows the pilot to see the heart rates of other pilots which allows them to identify the enemy's alertness level among other things.

Cloaking Shield - This gives the Mech the ability to become invisible to the naked eye and cannot be scanned by most Mechs including their teammates. This gives it a one-shot shield. Once it has taken damage, it must be recharged before it can be used again.

EMP Shock Jammer - With the use of it's tail, like a whip, can cause electrifying damage that not only can harm both pilot and mech but will disable their systems for a short time. It is long, wide range. However, must charge before using. The tail will glow a static blue when it's fully charged. This can cause a full Mech to become disabled if it is hit in a vital area.

EnergySnipe - The PR0WL3R is able to build up quick energy to perform single shots long distances. However, completely relies on the Pilots skills to aim. Their is no assist on the EnergySnipe.


Sonya Dober
Female, 32

Sonya is a playful, sarcastic individual in real life and sometimes even so to her teammates in Armored. She can get a bit snippy at times especially when she becomes stressed out but is rather level-headed and intelligent. Some say that her most attractive features are her pride and strength to carry on despite what she has been through.

Background: Before Sonya even got into Armored, she use to watch her brother Niko, (BrxkenLiez), play day in and day out. Sometimes she would even given him pointers when she notices something on the battlefield but never participated herself. That was until Niko asked her to join and gave her a good amount to get her started. Sonya didn't ask questions and just thought it was because how good Niko was at the game. So, she joined up with him in Phantom Strike. Together, they were deadly. Even alone, they were still dangerous.
However, Sonya noticed how the income from the wins were not matching Niko's wallet. Instead they were a lot more. When they both were sitting down and eating at the dinner table, Sonya confronted him about it. It was only the two of them that lived together after their parents passed away from age and didn't have any life plans. Niko was not happy from her confronting him and it did cause a fierce argument. Yet, he still ended up telling her anyways. She never repeated anything he told her that night but she still believes that their fight caused him to get himself banned. He was too upset, went AWOL and shot a buyer instead of helping them. Only the former members of Phantom Strike knows that BrxkenLiez and BloodStalker_X1 are related.
After Niko got banned from Armored, Sonya says that he has not been home since and is worried. But tries not to show it. Occasionally, she can be caught in game as if she's looking for someone. Each night, she still makes dinner for two hoping he'll come back.
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Quiet Snowfall

Avatar name: Nebula_MXX


Gender: Male

Team: Unaffiliated
(Open to recruitment)

Pilot Armaments: Heat-Resistant Pilot suit (seen above), Double-Jump Pilot Kit (Ten second recharge between uses), Four "Sparkler" sensor-scrambling sticky charges (remote-detonated or timed, must be attached directly to a mech to work), 9mm sidearm

Main Mecha:


A heavily modified FrontRunner Armor that has abandoned the base model's flexibility in favor of going all-in on its mobility for use in CQC. Although classified as a Light Armor, it is heavier than the standard Frontrunner, which results in a lower maximum speed. This added weight comes mostly from the Armor’s special power core and a large number of added thrusters and boosters that allow it to "push" itself in any given direction without needing to change which way it's facing in a manner similar to hummingbirds, resulting in the mech's name.
Hummingbird also features an almost obscene number of cooling mechanisms, all of which are present to keep the power core running as cool as possible. The entire machine, in fact, was redesigned around this singular part.

Systems and Armaments:

Overclock Core
(O-Core) ----- The Hummingbird's rare power core, and the piece the entire machine has been built around. As the name suggests, this part allows the pilot to forcefully overclock the rest of the Armor's parts, drastically increasing performance. It becomes stronger, faster, and far more dangerous than Armors with similar specs. However, this part comes with three major drawbacks: power, heat, and stress. When in Overclock mode, the O-Core consumes significantly more power, lowering the machine's operational lifespan, and produces absurd amounts of heat--enough to melt parts if not properly managed. Additionally, taking advantage of the increased performance puts huge amounts of stress on the frame, which can result in the machine quite literally ripping itself apart. In its current state, the Hummingbird is only capable of running in Overclock mode safely for an average of two and a half minutes, depending on the environment.

Stress Resistant Frame ----- Hummingbird's flexible frame has been upgraded with the sole purpose of preventing the O-Core's stress damage, which this particular design allows it to do, if only just barely. This also makes it surprisingly resistant to blunt attacks, but it is quite flimsy when presented with anything else, especially when it's been softened by the O-Core's huge heat output.

Quick-Charge Power Kits ----- Effectively giant batteries, the Hummingbird uses these to replenish some lost energy after Overclocking. It carries two, and each can only be used once, giving three chances to use the O-Core in a single match.

Custom Heat Sinks ----- Appearing as a small set of thin wings on the Armor's back, these are the primary method of keeping the O-Core from overheating during battle by having heat "dumped" into them, which is then rapidly released into the air. Additionally, several vents are located on the Armor's arms and torso where coolant pipes are briefly exposed when opened. Both the wings and the pipes within the vents glow more brightly as they heat up.

Modified FrontRunner Hover Legs ----- The only true remaining part of the Hummingbird's FrontRunner origins, these hover legs have been synced up with similar boosters located on the shoulders, hips, and back, allowing for the Armor's signature form of movement.

Modified Heat Blade ----- Hummingbird's only actual weapon. A run-of-the-mill sword with a single heated edge, wielded with one or two hands. It has been altered slightly by having a flexible pipe attached to the hilt to allow it to act as another heat sink for the O-Core, which also increases the effectiveness of its heated edge. Like most other parts, however, the blade wasn't designed to handle such intense temperatures, often resulting in it breaking mid-fight.


Name: Spencer Innes
Gender: Male
Age: 25

Spencer is shy, timid, and a total wallflower. Having moved from one point in his life to the next with little resistance or fanfare, he always keeps his head low and simply tends to do as he's told. Those who only know him through Armored, however, would never be able to guess this. In there, he moves quickly, aggressively, and with purpose. In there, he speaks his mind freely. In there, he isn't afraid to challenge authority. Armored allows him to be the person he's always wanted to be; someone who can make something of himself. Tough as nails and twice as sharp, Spencer carries himself with pride--but only in Armored.

Background: Spencer is, in every possible sense of the word, completely and totally average. He had an average, unremarkable childhood, average, unremarkable teenage years, and an average, unremarkable early-adult life. Aside from above-average gaming skills, nothing about his life could be considered even slightly out of the norm.

And he's hated every second of it.

Spencer fears nothing like he fears going through the rest of his life the same way he's been going through it, living an unremarkable life and eventually dying an unremarkable death. If he never makes himself stand out, never creates anything or does something that will outlast him, did he even really live at all? What would there be to distinguish him from practically anyone else? Would there even be a point in trying? As such, he's resolved to make his name known to the world, even if only temporarily. The only thing he's ever been confident in before, however, is his ability to game. If that was his only option, then what could make him more famous than by defeating the most powerful units in the most popular game?

Determined to defeat all of the Legacy units in Armored once they'd been found, Spencer dove in head-first despite having little experience with the game, having mostly stuck to single-player games throughout his life. A lucky lotto drawing early on earned him an Overclock Core, a super-rare part that was often labeled a "noob trap" due to the self-damage it dealt to even the sturdiest of mechs and its inability to simply be slotted in to any old unit as an upgrade. Spencer ignored these warning signs, however, and decided to go the route of dedicating a mech entirely to the core. For two years he learned through trial and error, scraping by despite constant losses and slowly clawing his way up from the bottom. Recent upgrades to his Armor have given him a small breakthrough, though only time will tell if he's capable of reaching his goal.
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Not Quiznos


AVATAR NAME: DeadManStanding (DMS)
TEAM: Horizon Tactical

DeadMan's Cane: DMS's weapon of choice is a black AR-10 chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum Armor Piercing rounds. It comes with a 4-20x50 smartscope, folding bipod, and a unique suppressor that completely deafens gunshots. This long range weapon is graceful, reliable, and lethal. (Weapon Image)

DeadMan's Watch: A digital wristwatch that holds the codes required to pilot the SERAPHIX. In permitted areas, the watch can summon the SERAPHIX to DMS's location. From the watch face, it can project small holograms of maps, diagrams, or pictures. This timepiece is elegant, rugged, and life-saving. (Watch Image)

DeadMan's Suit: DMS is never seen without his black, military-style fatigues. On top of the fatigues are armor plates and a plate carrier that holds ammunition and tools. Draped across his suit are strips of optical camouflage tape that offer limited stealth capabilities. This stealth suit is sleek, practical, and cyberpunk.

DeadMan's Glasses: The helmet on DMS's head comes integrated with an active target tracker system that allows him to keep tabs all combatants at all time. Thermal vision, night vision, video capture, and smart scope integration are additional functions of the HUD. This helmet is perceptive, tactical, and all-seeing.

Horizon Tactical is a small team composed of DeadManStanding, 6thCents, C3, changtianlong, darknessmetalDragon, and bl1ndsp0t that could've been a Top 100 team given more time, but real life took its toll. While in the competitive scene, they are known for employing flawless coordination, militaristic tactics and for winning a set of Vertex Furnaces at the peak of their success. With only DeadManStanding and C3 remaining in the current day, Horizon Tactical has dropped out of the competitive scene and is clinging onto its last breaths of life.
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