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You're Gonna Have A Bad Time

"Doctor... Doctor... are you okay," a soft voice asks gently, her words floating lightly above the chaotic background of machines beeping and an EKG keeping track of your pulse. A young woman you faintly recognize places her hand in yours and clasps onto it tightly, warm and light in your own cold and heavy hands. She looks worried with tear filled eyes as people you think are doctors rush her out of the room as your vision begins to fade. She is soon pushed out of the room by security as other doctors and nurses gather around you, the EKG flat-lines and several alarms begin to ring.


You wake up some time later. No one else is in the room, but your body is weak. You sit up and tightly grip onto the hospital bed frame and stand up using whatever strength you can muster. This place seems so familiar, but your memories are clouded. You slowly make your way around, trying to make some sense of what just happened and head over to a large open window overlooking a vast landscape. In the background you see gigantic black crystals towering over cloud covered mountains. An entire city mounted upon a moving platform. And a maelstrom brewing beyond the horizon. You then hear the sound of footsteps coming up from behind you, you turn around and the young woman you spoke to before going under is there now holding onto your arm tightly. "I'm so glad you're alright, I won't ever leave your side," she states. As memories begin to flow back to you bit by bit.

Rhodes Island...


Lungmen City...





Hey guys, its been some time and while we've been locked down here in quarantine I've sunk a lot of my time in this mobile game called Arknights. It's been a wild ride, and I honestly love the story and world, and I'm wondering if anyone is interested in RP'ing this. And even if you're not but play the game, I'm looking for some friends as well.


You're Gonna Have A Bad Time
Character Sheet (rough draft)
Race: Human or Ancient ( Aegir, Anaty, Anura, Archosaurus, Aslan, Caprinae, Cautus, Draco, Durin, Elafia, Feline, Forte, Itra, Kuranta, Liberi, Lung, Lupo, Manticore, Oni, Perro, Petram, Qirin, Reproba, Sankta, Sarkaz, Savra, Ursus, Vouivre, Vulpo, Zalak ) Note: For more information about each race check out Race
Birth Date:
Infection Status:

Skill 1:
Skill 2:
Skill 3: (optional)

Since I'm also allowing the use of canon characters in this RP, if you decide to play as one it won't be necessary to make a CS sheet but you're more than welcome to do so anyways.
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