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I thought I would pitch a simple RP that could handle several players.

I had a very successful RP going called "YOU ARE A GOD!" which had players create gods and godlings and co-operate and fight one another.

I've decided to scratch my roleplay itch, to have an "Arena" type game where people create gods (with my unique god-creating interview process!) and then challenge other gods for wealth, reknown, worshippers, and just to prove they are the best.

Combat will be handled with a custom dice system. Battles can take place in discord (which would come later if people respond to interest check) or in the forum channels.

Dragons, Titans, and all manner of monsters and heroes are waiting for the challenge! Are you among them?!

Here's some flavor text to get people interested:

The wheel has turned...

The cycles of creation see gods start close to their creation and very involved with the world, but as time goes on gods grow in power and vision and knowledge and most importantly DISTANCE from the worlds they create... eventually, they ascend into beings or forms not even known by the gods themselves, and leave a power vacuum in creation for new "pretender gods" to step into. This is an age where creatures and godlings from previous creations, dormant or imprisoned, or great people or beings throughout the world -- can vie to attain godhood in their own right.

Maybe the protagonists are entity imprisoned from a previous creation or dormant for ages, or suddenly or intentionally realize themselves as a "Pretender God" and must experiment or find their new powers and most importantly seek a following for belief in the pretender is what actually gives a true godling dominion. Clashing with other pretenders perhaps or allying them to be a part of your future pantheon.

...Now it is the start of a new era, for NEW gods.

Choose the form you walk among mortals as, and choose your monstrous or glorious true form. Band with other pretender gods and attempt to rise to power and become a new pantheon. Face rival pretenders and vie with them for the faith and fear of the populace, secure elements and environments important to your domain to grow your power.

You are a GOD! However in a world of pretender gods can you rise to prominence and rule over all, banishing your rivals until the next age the wheel turns -- or are you another idol to be cast down in the struggle for dominion? FORGE YOUR DESTINY!

This game will use the forums for keeping track of gods and important events/resource management but will also have a strong real-time adventuring component on discord. There will be free-form use of dice (for combat, fate, and fortune), but no experience with dice systems is necessary to play. If people just want to keep combat to the forums, that's cool too. <3
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Interested! I've always wanted to fight other Player Characters without the limitations of story.

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