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I'm not crazy. My reality is just different
Sebas Deadeye
Fishfolk Lair

When Ferg opened the current into the hole, Sebas shot a ball of darkness, letting the current carry it as far as it needed to go. An explosion rocked the hole, spouting smoke from it. The yells of pain was all the acknowledging he needed. The hole closed and then another one opened a bit of ways away. "We need to get in there! We don't have the mana to play the long game." He swam forward towards the hole and a bunch of Viperfish swam out to intercept him. Taking a few bites, he covered himself in Black Lightning so every fish that bit him died immediately after. It didn't stop the fish FROM biting, just killed them for doing it. As a result, he took quite a few bites, but it ended up killing many of the fish.

"Let's move!" Sebas crossed his arms and the shield projected outwards, blocking any and all fish from any attempts to flank due to the tunnel's narrow size. Adrenaline pumped through his veins from all of the bites. He was beginning to see red and he had to inhale and exhale, needing to find some form of a mental zen before he did what Ferg did but on steroids and go berserk. "Sub! We need information on Dark-Magic induce mazes."
"Requesting information. Standby.............."
"Hurry the hell up, sub!" Sebas yelled and cut off communication.

Before Ferg could follow Sebas into the hole, the hole closed and another opened 10 feet to the right of it, with Sebas nowhere visible within it. This one didn't flood out Viperfish, but there were 2 Fishfolk armed with spears blocking the halfway point of that tunnel

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By the time hostiles were pouring out of the tunnel, the blue stone flickered, and the current died off. If Fergie needed further proof that Water magic wasn't her forte, it would be the wave of exhaustion that hit her once she dispelled the spell. She couldn't keep up with Sebas, panting into her mask as she was. But she wasn't panting too hard to let out a hiss of annoyance when the hole dissipated before her eyes.

"Fuck..." The new tunnel didn't look much better, blocked by two fishmen with twin spears crossing to bar escape. Armed with a staff she could barely use and a broken harpoon barb tied at her hip, the odds weren't in her favor. But like hell she wouldn't try. In her increasingly rattled state, critical thinking took a level of concentration she couldn't quite manage. Instinct told her to use her last bit of mana to send out a pulse of water to dishevel the fishmen's stance, so she did that, pushing their spears back enough so she could slip past unharmed.

She quickly realized her mistake when she rounded the corner and almost slammed into a wall. "No--" The smooth rock had runic writings etched into it. If it was a dead end or an illusion, the only way to find out was to risk triggering a trap. "Sebas! I fucked up!" Dread pricked at her skin as she debated taking that risk, but her hesitance caught up with her, and a spearhead plunged towards her. There was a resounding crack, not from snapped ribs or broken bones, but from the case of her air tank caving in. Bubbles rushed from the hole as it rapidly depressurized, and dread turned into horror as she was rapidly losing her lifeline. Wait, the water breathing potion! If she could just--

"None of that!" A hand snatched her wrist just as she pulled out the potion. Since she couldn't stick herself with it, she used her free hand to stick his arm with the harpoon barb instead. Blood clouded from the puncture wound and he yelled out, but his grip didn't loosen. Fergie found herself slammed against the wall with a force that knocked the breath out of her, and she felt her mask rip away from her face before she could take in another. She needed that potion, her empty chest was burning, but her hands were pinned at the wall and she couldn't move, she couldn't breath, her legs were kicking against her attacker but nothing was happening, she couldn't breathe, she couldn't breathe--

"Take her to the pockets, quickly."

The fishman holding her down didn't turn to look at his comrade. In her fading vision, she could see wrath burning in his eyes.

"We should let her drown."

"You heard the orders." Further up the tunnel, a detour was manifesting. He motioned his spear towards it, an unseen gesture. "Come on. We don't have long."

He grudgingly obeyed, and Fergie could only feel water rush past her face before her world went dark.

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I'm not crazy. My reality is just different
Sebas Deadeye
Fishfolk Maze

"Damn it!" Sebas said in frustration. Ferg was radio silent. From the fact that she said she fucked up, she was compromised. He had no idea if Ferg was alive or not. What he could assume though was that Ferg's body wouldn't be left where he just came from. Holstering the Dark staff on his back, he drew his harpoon gun. While he recharged mana, he could take them out the old fashioned way, with brains on a spear.

He found himself in another area, with 3 spearman waiting for him. They rushed him, with one taking left, one on right, and one rushing center, effectively looking to flank him. Sebas swam down and kicked off the wall, putting him behind the center one and easily putting his first of two harpoon bolts in the fishman's heart. From there, he held his harpoon gun out, using the dead fishman as a bit of an anchor to use the chain to confuse and confound these last two. Luckily he had a TON of experience in both of these scenarios (underwater combat, and being down a partner). Knowing that Ferg was very likely compromised kept him from going berserk actually. It was like panicking when confront with a constricting snake. If you panic, you die.

"I promise you that you're not ready for this. You WILL die."
"Orders are orders,"
one of them replied darkly before rushing at Sebas. Big mistake as a head forward rush ended with a bolt directly into the top of the fishman's head and down its spine. A dual retraction showed the last one the brutality and he sought to retreat. Not happening. As a hole opened up, Sebas fired both bolt of his harpoon. One of them missed and the other hit the fishman's foot, stopping him in his retreat. A retraction shredded the guy's foot completely, making him screech in pain. With his foot destroyed, his swimming days are pretty much over. Sebas swam up to him and tackled him against a wall. "Where's my partner?"
"I ain't telling you SHIT!" the enemy spat. Sebas knew he didn't have the time to be nice here, with Ferg in dire straits

(This scene will continue while Ferg is in her predicament)
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Fergie would awake to a pressure on her chest, water erupting from her lungs in coughs and hacks. It spilled out of her mouth-- as well as more than a few swear words-- as she heaved for air, her senses rushing back to her with each ragged breath. Several minutes of fighting with her own body just to breathe passed by before she could even begin to wonder where the fuck she was and how she'd gotten there, why she was still alive, why someone in this hostile place had decided to revive her instead of letting her go the way of a lost sailor.

"Those idiots. Leaving me to find her with her lungs full of water," a muffled voice sighed.

That must have been the who. "Wh-- Wha--" Shaking arms struggled to push even her own slight weight off the ground, but she didn't let them give up hoisting her torso upright. "-GACK- Who the fuck--?!"

"Who" didn't deem it necessary to explain to her, and he didn't need to. Color and clarity was returning to her vision, and she could see well enough the fishman strapped in gear kneeling beside her. It was like looking into a mirror, a tank and tubes to match her own wrapping around his large body and attaching to his mouth and gills. The only difference was that his was actually working right now, if they were both out of water like this.

Many more coughs and hacks made her lungs spasm before she could ask, "Where-- Where the fuck--?!" Her head whipped around this way and that, taking in... some sort of cave? It wasn't unlike those tunnels, smooth stone cut into the walls, and at her other side, a waterline gently lapped at protruding rocks. She cobbled together that she much have been tossed into some sort of air pocket, which only led to more questions.

"-COUGH COUGH- What?! Why?!" Still no answer, just a large hand snatching up hers before she could scramble out of reach. "No! Get yer -HACK- slimy fish hands offa me!" When he finally did, a heavy weight was pulling as her wrists. Cuffed. Of bloody course.

"Come on." A harsh tug at the chain yanked her onto her legs. They wobbled underneath her, but she wasn't given the choice to slump back down. "Don't fight, and we won't have to hurt you more."

No, fuck this, she'd be yanking back! "I'll bloody fight as much as I goddamn pl-EASE!!" Flippers kicked underneath her as she was lifted off the ground, reminding her of these fishmen's impressive height.

"Don't be stupid. This is your final warning."

Don't be stupid.

She took the words to heart, but not for the given reason. Being stupid was what got her into this situation, got her swimming right into their trap like a frightened animal. If she wanted to get herself out of this, she'd have to use her brain instead of her gut. And her brain told her that two were better than one.

Her crystal was dangling from the chain around her neck, displaced after that mask was ripped off of her, presumably. That was a quick fix. Leaning her head down and catching the chain between her teeth, she hoisted the crystal up until she could trap it between her chin and shoulder. "Aw shit, ye sure got me. Got me chained an' cuffed in this... air pocket, thing." Relaying her whereabouts was all she could do right now, and she hoped Sebas would have the sense to not compromise his own. "Gosh, I wonder where ye be takin' me, big fishman in a reverse scuba suit--"

"I know you're talking to him."

"-- Shit."

"He'll be taken up here soon enough, as well," he continued, keeping her dangling as he lumbered down the cave. "Tell him if he doesn't fight, we won't have to kill him."

"How 'bout ye take this chain an' suck it up yer--!"

A loud crack would be heard on Sebas's side as Fergie was swung face-first into the hard stone floor.

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I'm not crazy. My reality is just different
Sebas pointed the harpoon gun at the fishman's knee. "I'll shatter your knee next. One more chance. Where is she?"
"Go to-"
He didn't finish, since Sebas pulled the trigger and defiance was replaced with otherworldly pain. Both bolts, point blank into his knee and his leg was practically severed from the knee down. It was hanging on by a thread. "When I retract, this knee is gone. Tell me, or I'll filet your leg."
The fish man's eyes grew wide. from the fact that his knee was destroyed, Sebas wasn't bluffing. "The pockets! She's a landwalker, so she was most likely taken to the pockets!"
"What in the FUCK are the pockets!"
"You all go there! It's to keep you alive!" Most likely for interrogations or to keep you fresh until you're needed to be a food source.
"How do I get there?"
"NNSEN. Those are cardinal directions! I swear!"

Sebas growled. "You'd better not be lying, or I'll put a bolt in your head!" he said savagely
"I promise I'm not! I'm only following orders!"
"Hmmmmm......." Sebas put the other harpoon bolt in the fish man's head, ending him. Liar or not, Sebas couldn't let him live. Plus, the only way to get the harpoon out of his knee was to retract anyways.

When Ferg was taken to this place, he could hear everything that was being said between Ferg and her assailant. He could hear it all, and they knew that she was in contact with him. They said if he doesn't fight, they won't have to kill him. However, there's no way they would take him to the pockets while he was still armed. If he was going to the pockets on their terms, he was going there to end up dead. His only option was to fight.
Sebas cut off his output to Ferg, effectively turning him into a message receiver instead of a transmitter. If Ferg spoke, she (and those in her proximity) wouldn't hear it, but she wouldn't be able to hear what HE said. This was to keep him stealthed and to keep his intentions hidden.
"Sebas, I've got that information you requested." Finally, Sebas thought. Requesting information was always like molasses when both the sub and Big Daddy were literally sitting there and waiting. The least they could do is get them information fast.

"A Dark Magic Maze is an extremely high level area illusion and area manipulation spell. The caster can move things and alter paths at will, effectively being able to herd a subject to wherever the caster wants them to go. In most cases, a subject will NEVER see the caster unless the caster desires to be seen."
"Is there a counter?"
"The first step of countering an illusion is always knowing that you're in an illusion. The most practical counter is Dark Magic, as one can use Dark Magic to carve their own path. In doing so though, the caster will be made aware. In another easier way, dark magic can just dissolve an illusion in order to expose paths from the original layout."

Sebas grinned. With the Dark Magic Staff on him, he was certain to make it to the Pockets. It was just a case of what the caster will send in his direction the moment he began carving his own path or exposing the REAL disillusioned path. He wouldn't be so brash as to tell the one in the Pockets he was coming, as he may just get Ferg killed. Oh, such danger. Such risk. Sebas was itching for a scrap, itching to go scorched earth on every fishman in allegiance with the leader of this maze. "Time to set off the silent alarm."

Wielding the staff, Sebas cast a disillusionment spell and to the west, a path opened, flying in the face of the information the fishman told him. Sebas swam through, leading him back to the area with 5 dead fishmen. A school of viperfish were already waiting at the ceiling and came at him in a flurry. His grin growing wider and no one beside him to keep safe, it was time to let loose..........

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Lapping at blood as it trickled down from her cracked nose, Fergie deemed it best to not poke this bear too much and withheld her comments until she saw where they were heading towards. And where appeared to be a large cell, poorly lit by a single globe of Light magic on the cave roof, and rows of stalagmites-- or was it stalactites?-- carved into makeshift bars casting long shadows inside. She thought she could see the limbs and faces of captives illuminated by the slivers of light.

"Damn, we all gotta share a room? That sucks ass."

"You're starting to annoy me."

The throbbing in her nose seemed to disagree. "Aye, 'startin' to'."

To his evident relief, the argument was cut short when they arrived at the cell's stone door. He procured a key from his belt, and in a few quick motions, opened it, chucked her inside with far more thrust than necessary, and closed it shut. While he locked the door and left with heavy footsteps, Fergie was spitting out rocks from after her second face-plant.

"Pleh! Fuck me!"

"Dragged you down, too?"

"Eh?" Looking up from her crumpled position, she saw rows of other men and women, most of them chained and cuffed in their own binds like her. Sitting along the uneven walls, they came in an assortment of sizes and races, predominately human and elfin but with a few orcs and goblins scattered here and there. She counted about fifteen total, give or take. "Sebas, we got survivors." Gods, she hoped he was just silent to maintain stealth, and not because...

"Looks like she tried to swim here herself," another noted, referring to her battered suit and gear.

"Well, so much for that rescue mission..."

"I'm not alone," Fergie retorted, giving that wiseass the stink-eye before redirecting her scorn to the cuffs weighing her hands. With her thin wrists, maybe she had a chance of pulling herself out. She at least tried, spitting on them for extra friction and holding the cuffs down under her foot. "There's a ship waitin'. Fully armed an' loaded. If it weren't for the bloody whirlpools, we could-- Aghh! Dammit!" She yanked harder at her binds. "She could dive down and give 'em hell!"

"And let it get torn into spare parts, like what those bastards did with our ship? Fat chance."

"Yer ship? So yer-- ACK!" Her back hit the ground in a thud that knocked the wind out of her, but it was worth it to see her hands freed from their shackles. "Huh, didn't think that would work." Rising to a shaky stand-- her low mana was effecting her prosthetic more than she would have wanted-- she took in the sight of their predicament, flinging the ache out of her wrists and hands. "Where be yer captain?"

(Letting you have the first say in the fate of the sunken ship's captain.)
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I'm not crazy. My reality is just different
"Dead," The man said to Ferg, "He took a few o the bastards down before they did 'im in, said he'd die before he becomes a prisoner again." There was a somber moment of silence for their fallen captain. "They're keeping us here to drain us of both blood and mana." There's no other reason to just keep them here. As soon as they leave, they'd die without gear or magic to help them breathe while underwater. They couldn't be used as any kind of work force, and their information was largely useless as the fishfolk stayed in that area. They were good only for blood and mana.

"Look, I don't know what's in that loot that they want to guard so much, but it can't be worth it. No loot should be worth the life of the entire crew AND the ship." Obviously he'd been doing some soul searching while imprisoned. Hindsight is always 20/20 though............"Tell your partner there that the loot needs to be abandoned. He ain't getting to it unless he brings an army."

Sebas Deadeye
Fishfolk Maze

"Survivors......" Sebas muttered after Ferg mentioned it. "Sub." he said, transmitting to the sub. He was floating in a sea of blood with the bodies of Viperfish belly up at the cave's ceiling. Panting, bites all over his body and bleeding, but fine.
"Ready to receive."
"The other ship before us, that we are to loot, has survivors."
"Shall I request backup?"
"Yes. I need a crew down here with me. At least 3 Dark Magic users if able."
"Acknowledged. I'll relay your message and get back to you with a response from the captain."

In the event that the crew was saved from a shipwreck, a pirate crew would usually give up all of their loot in exchange for a ferry back to land. Otherwise, they may find themselves back overboard and probably on Dead Man's Isle.

It didn't take long to get back a response. "Captain Adonis is sending a Strike Team of 7 and a Search and Rescue Team to extract the survivors. In the Strike Team of 7, 3 of them are capable of Dark Magic and experienced in Dark Magic Mazes."
"Excellent. This is beyond the capabilities of 2. There is an entire social chain down here." Ferg was most likely stripped of belongings like her Mana Potion, and she already used her Health Potion........and as much as Sebas wanted to save her, he simply didn't have the resources to both save her AND extract them all. Low Mana with only a single Mana Potion, Limited Dark Magic knowledge, a force with not only extreme homefield advantage, but complete control over the battlefield, AND superior numbers of unknown quantity. If he died here, Ferg and the survivors were done for.
"ETA 3 minutes. They're teleporting the crew to your position. Armed to the teeth."

Entity-based teleportation? That was pretty high level stuff. Like one of ship leadership level stuff. Maybe Captain got tired of waiting. Or maybe he realized that they were packed for a small hunt, not a whole social chain of intelligent creatures experienced in destroying ships and advanced level magic, and there was no realistic way they were getting out of this alive with only 2 people, especially now knowing that they've certainly done this at least a couple of times.

With that, all Sebas had to do was wait until his crew gets here.

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"Damn..." Fergie let her head hang, both out of respect and to fall into her thoughts. They would be making no body recovery now. Hopefully their contractors would be satisfied with a witness report, at the very least. As for that treasure, she was starting to have her own second thoughts. It could only be assumed how many they were up against, how many Water mages were left. She couldn't even count the one they'd taken down, since the staff had been retrieved from her before she could destroy it. What good would an army do if the whirlpools were still in commission?

"Sebas," she prompted once he'd finished. A quick look over herself, and she sighed. Nothing more than the clothes on her back and the punctured air tank, now useless. "Fuckers cleaned me out." Turning away from the other prisoners, more to the point she added, "Their captain died in the fight. Prolly nothin' left to retrieve. An' the loot, they say we'll need an army." And an army they had, but, "What we really need 's a damn advantage. How're we stoppin' the whirlpools now?" If that was even the priority anymore. As far as she knew, Adonis wanted to take the prisoners and run, but she doubted he'd give up the task so easily. "If Capt'n still wants at it, he better have a new plan, 'cause this one's gone tits up."

(Sorry for the late reply, work's been kicking my ass)
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I'm not crazy. My reality is just different
Sebas Deadeye
Fishfolk Maze

Not too long later, a group of heavily armed pirates appeared, fully geared and strapped to the teeth. They passed Sebas much needed potions and new weapons. "Any of you know Thunder Magic?" Sebas disposed of the small talk and formalities. They had things to do and he was sure they'd understand.
"Aye, we all do. According to the angel, the fisholk are weak to thunder magic. Something about conductivity," a woman said with a shrug of her shoulder. "Arc Lightning will make quick work of them. You just show us where we go."
Sebas smirked at her. "Use this Dark Staff and break out of this illusion spell." He passed the staff over to the woman, who began sparking with dark magic upon touching it. "Hot damn. This is high level stuff," she exclaimed, impressed. "I'm a powerhouse right now." with a swing of the staff, the entire surroundings changed. Entire walls disappeared. Sebas's attempts were nothing compared to a trained dark mage

"Let's move! Tell Ferg we're on the way."
"I wanted to remain stealthed."
"There's no way they DIDN'T notice our sudden appearance in the maze. Just tell her."

"Ferg.......Ferg, do you copy?" Ferg could hear Sebas now. "I could hear everything you said. I'm en route with heavily armed reinforcements and a rescue team. We have your advantage indeed." With these dark mages and their access to Arc Lightning, they could very easily take on all but their strongest of soldiers. "Give them nothing. Hold out as best you can until we arrive." This mission was not over yet. Failure doesn't sit well with a man like Sebas..........so he tended to avoid doing just that.

With that, Sebas led his crew into a waiting assault.

On Ferg's end, the fishfolk over them now know that Sebas has a crew in, and they most definitely wouldn't be pleased at the captured half of the intruder duo
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"Oh, yer not dead!" She found herself nodding despite the futility of the gesture. "Bloody relief, that. Thought we'd 'ave to-- wha, reinforcements? The hell did they come from, outta thin air?!" Little did she know... "Ne'er mind," she shook her head, turning around to look over the fellow prisoners squatting in the other corner, "Guess I gotta gear up the poor saps 'ere." Now turning to face them fully, hands on hips, she announced, "Ye 'ear that, lads? We're gettin' ye's outta this shithole."

"Hmph. Assumin' they reach us 'fore gettin' impaled."
Another prisoner scoffed. "What, would you rather sit around and wait for 'em to drain us?" Brushing gravel off her torn trousers, she rose to a stand. "I'll take any chance I can get."
A few more took a stand with her, needing little convincing. The others, less certain, looked among one another in trepidation. "What else can we do, besides wait?"
"Hm." A plan was brewing in Fergie's head, but a pair of voices kept her ear facing the cell bars.

"Shouldn't we just listen in, get an idea of their plans?"
The jailer shook his head, filing through his keys. "And let them make plans in the first place? No, best to cut off comms here."
The other fishfolk looked around him to peer though the bars, catching a glimpse of the shift that was taking place inside. "She's rallying them. Should we...?" She filed a finger across her throat.
He nodded, taking the cell key in hand. "Ready your spear."

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I'm not crazy. My reality is just different
Sebas Deadeye
Fishfolk Maze ---------> Cave to the Pockets

The fight was fairly easy at first. Even hordes of enemies stood no chances against a powerful Arc Lightning from a single mage, let alone 3 of them. Of course though, they knew not to get cocky. They were outnumbered, so a surprise attack or a dual front assault was effectively their death knell if they couldn't adapt in a moment's notice. Sebas was not in his element, which is unfortunate. He couldn't really attack as they would be taken out by the Arc Lightning, so he was effectively being an escort. He had to clear his mind from becoming more and more disappointed. As more bodies fell, he had to shift his mind, rationalize not being able to fight to being able to conserve his energy.

As Sebas followed the trail, they came upon a large cave. "There is Water Magic present here." one of the search and rescue team said. "It's water displacement magic, what we use to create air bubbles."

Sebas looked to his team. "This cave has to be where they keep prisoners." That made sense due to the driftwood floating around in the cave.
"There is a high level of Dark Magic as well."
"Most definitely traps. Some of them summon Viperfish like we've been fighting."
"Oh nice," a second Dark mage said, clearly impressed. "Maybe I can reverse a few of them. Mystic Magic can rewrite some of these traps."
"Look, so long as your Mystic shit doesn't activate them against us or get yourself killed, I don't care what you do with them," Sebas retorted. All he knew was that Fig Magic (or Mystic) was all about that psychic nonsense and he didn't care. "Let's move! Stay off the walls!"

With the path lit by one of the mages, they moved into more oppressive darkness, once again beginning to press down on the illumination magic. "Ah shit. Here we go again," Sebas muttered as they descended into the midnight of the cave

Into the tunnel that connected to the Pockets.

On Ferg's end, another fish man joined the 2 jailers, passing the other their spear. Total count increased to 3. "We killing them? I told you we should've killed all but 3." the newcomer hissed.
"Yeah well I don't make the orders," the jailer retorted, "You know how hungry the Grand Mage and the Viperfish are."
"Fuck the Viperfish! Why the hell are we putting our lives on the line for the damn VIPERFISH?"
"Shut the hell up or I'll feed you to Megalo myself!" The jailor growled at the subordinate, "Ready up!"
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"I'll go first," the fishwoman offered him, hoping that would end the disagreement if the threat wouldn't. "Long as you got my back."
He gave a resigned huff before holding his spear at-ready. "Fine."
"Corral them into the corner," the jailer ordered, unlocking the door. "Do it quickly. They'll fight back."

Perhaps it would have been quick, had the first guard not frozen in her tracks upon sight of the commotion inside.

"What the hell?"
"What the hell what?!" The fishman struggled to look past her, as she was blocking the doorway. "What's the hold up?!"
She pointed mutely towards the wall, where a prisoner had the new captive pinned and subjected to an array of smacks and slaps.

"Stupid bitch! Why don't you get yourself killed on your own terms!"
Fergie remained stoic in the face of this offense, ignoring the stinging in her cheeks to retort, "That's crazy bitch to ye, bilgerat!"

"Uhhh," she passed a questioning look over her shoulder. "Should we--?"
"Don't take your eyes off them!" he snapped. "Just fucking go in there!"
The warning was given too late, many thundering footsteps heading right for her blind spot. Gasping, she raised her spear just in time to defend against the first assailant, but it was hardly a killing blow. The spear point pierced hard muscle, burying itself deeply in an orc's shoulder. Too deeply. They both knew she wouldn't be pulling it out fast enough, and she caught a glimpse of his smirk before the bodies of every other prisoner barreled into her. Down she went, taking her backup with her as they collapsed like dominoes. With them blockading the door, the jailer was forced to watch as the prisoners flooded out.

"You idiots!" A break in flow occurred, and before the two could pull themselves together, he took it open himself to stand over them and in the way. Pointing his spear towards Fergie and her "attacker" before they could escape too, he growled, "I warned you not to be stupid--" A hard thunk and gushing water made the words lock up in his mouth.
"Like by turning your back on us?" Blood flowed freely from the gash in his shoulder, but the orc deemed it much better for the spear point to embed itself in the water tank. "Maybe take your own advice."
Taking his own advice entailed tucking tail and running for the water before his tank emptied. But pride and rage entailed getting the last word in, so instead of whirling around to retreat, he thrust his spear towards the orc. A wasted effort, as the orc wrenched the stolen spear out of the tank and danced out of harm's way in one fluid movement. Before he could gloat at the seething fishman, the other two had finally gotten their shit together. Startled cries of indignation called out from Fergie and the remaining prisoner as they were both snatched up and chucked at the orc, and it was their turn to crumble into a heap.

Seizing the opportunity, the jailer raised his spear again, only for him to be tugged aside and pushed away. "Dumbass! Go get underwater before you suffocate!"
"And get us backup!"

Realizing the gushing had slowed to a sputtering pour, he understood the gravity of his situation, grudgingly shoving his spear into the fishwoman's hands and making a hasty retreat. It was two against sixteen now.
"You still got my back?" she asked the other guard.
"Only because we'll be fodder if we bail without good reason."

The prisoners were scattered across the cave pocket by now, Fergie having already untangled herself from the heap and helped her fellows up. While they increased the distance between themselves and the guards, she declared into her crystal, "Sebas, we scared one off! If ye see a fishman with a tank, yer gettin' near!"

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I'm not crazy. My reality is just different
Sebas Deadeye
Cave to the Pockets

"Gotcha, Ferg!" Sebas yelled out. "We're still in darkness under water. Whatever you're doing, keep holding out."

"I'm getting a buildup of magic. We got company!"

Sebas smirked and whipped out his harpoon gun, ready to fire. His aim drifted to a dim glow coming out of a side hole. Firing his Flare Gun, it illuminated the area.......and getting gasps and indignation from his team. "Why the hell did you do that, Sebas?! It's blinding!"
"I can't SEE, ya idiot! Why the hell else would I fire an illumination round?"
"You know flashes of light mess with Night Vision."
"If I had that kind of magic," Sebas retorted, "I wouldn't have fired the damn gun! Shut up and illuminate the area!" This man had been watching his back in this oppressive aphotic darkness, nigh paranoid because Viperfish are damn near invisible in this kind of darkness..........and his freaking team all had the magic to see in negative amounts of light and even the magic to have them breathe underwater without a tank if needed. ............Why the hell was HE even sent down here?

Out of the hole a flurry of viperfish darted out and quickly split to hit them on all sides. His harpoon was ineffective against small and quick enemies, so he moved to the center of the group and let Arc Lightning take out many per cast, aiming instead for the fishmen that started to move out, armed with spears. These fishmen were bigger and faster.........but no tank on any of them, meaning they didn't come from the pockets. They charged the group, but fell to the wrath of Arc Lightning. Again, there wasn't much Sebas himself could do. If he charged out, he'd be hit by Arc Lightning and it would likely explode his tank. He DID shoot his harpoons like he was trigger happy though.

One managed to make it close, too close to use Arc Lightning safely. That means it was Sebas's time to shine. He intercepted the infiltrator and blocked the fishman's spear thrust with his harpoon gun. Sebas tried to turn the block into a quick takedown by firing, but this one knew he'd be done for, sharply veering to the left and stabbing at Sebas's leg. Scoring a glancing blow to his thigh, Sebas grit his teeth and moved on the defensive by pushing himself back, feigning a retreat. He fired both bolts at the fishman, who dodged again. Quickly retracting one bolt and letting the other fly, the hit against the rock wall made the fishmen think the bolts were stuck. When he came to punish Sebas for missing, he instead took the retreating bolt's barbs to the side. Thoroughly caught off guard, the harpoon gun rebolted and Sebas fired through his chest, ending him instantly.

The final fishman of this wave done for, Sebas rebolted his harpoon gun and took the lead again, pushing the stinging in his leg to the back of his mind. The salt water exacerbated the pain, but he was fine. "We're looking for a fishman with a tank."

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While Sebas and his teammates were bickering amongst one another, Fergie felt like she could get along with this remnant crew. Hell, she was laughing as she bounded away alongside them, giddy from the rush of the escape. Or maybe it was amusement after glancing over her shoulder, seeing the two fishfolk totter awkwardly after stray escapees on webbed feet. As large and intimidating they may be, that mattered little when they were well out of their element, stumbling on nothing and only succeeding in skewering air when they neared a target. Quite literally, they were fish out of water.

"I almost feel bad for 'em. Almost." The orc spun his spear in his hand, a tool that was almost too large to wield, even for his bulky frame. Grinning something malicious, he turned on his heels as he said, "Gonna put some more holes in 'em."
Fergie had to admit that she envied his position, more than a little bitter about her air tank getting popped open. Satisfied enough that he'd be getting payback for her, she figured she could pry for more info while they played the waiting game. To the woman who'd instigated the fake fight, she asked, "Don't s'ppose ye know where they be hidin' this treasure of theirs?"
"For the love of all gods, lady, can't you let it go?!" she barked, glaring at her from the nook she was nestling herself in. "Let's just get the hell out of here when we can!"
Maybe that beat-down had a little more heat behind it than Fergie had thought.

Not long after Sebas's team dispatched that wave of enemies, they would find yet another around the tunnel's bend. It was a team eight strong. Each carried a spear, and a shield that glowed a pale green. Earth magic didn't repel Lightning magic, but it absorbed it, still making landing a hit a hell of a lot harder. Upon sight of the intruders, they assumed formation and began the charge-- then a voice called from the other end of the tunnel.
"Prison break! We need reinforcements at the p--" the jailer froze in place when he saw the other opposition they were facing. He did a 180 and sped back where he came.

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Sebas Deadeye
Tunnel to the Pockets

"LET'S FOLLOW HIM!" Sebas yelled to his team. They had to go after the jailor
"They got Earth Magic Shields. Arc Lightning isn't as effective."
"Well you got Dark Magic and I got Serrate." Dark Magic had no inherent reaction to Earth Magic (Neither more or less potent against it), but Serrate did do more damage against shields. Still though, Sebas was the only one with the ability to take down magic shields quickly.........but this is a horde, and Sebas was a 1v1 person, not a 1v8 person

While they were colluding, the enemy team was also in talks. They decided to send 4 back while the other 4 would presumably fend them off. 2 charged. As if confirming that Arc Lightning was indeed ineffective against Earth Magic Shields, which served as a lightning rod if anything. With 4 of them, pretty much any lightning spell is a waste of mana unless pretty much pressed up against a target with a broken Earth Shield. Just don't use it.
"Try something else," Sebas said, trying to aim
Instead, one of the mages fired off a ball of darkness at the fishman, which did nothing when it hit.
"They're VIPERFISH." Their faces were disguised by illusionary Dark Magic. Arc Lightning was useless, Dark Magic was useless. One of the mages they charged at was impaled with a spear through the gut, which stunned everyone but Sebas himself. He's watched people die in front of him. He could keep his shit together.
"Shit!" Sebas jumped in and fired a Serrated Harpoon at the other Viperfish man to keep him from following up. It cracked the shield. Should've trained Sillpiercer, Sebas thought. The impaler Viperfish man punched the impaled mage straight into the floor. A scream from one of the water mages and she quickly swam down to try and help

Hyped up on the vast amount of blood that just spilled, both Viperfish men's eyes glowed red and they started to move faster. The impaling Viperfish man charged straight towards Sebas like a bull, spear ready to thrust. Sebas crossed his arms to use Aegis to counter. Upon the Viperfish man hitting the shield, Sebas moved back and shot both harpoon bolts into the Viperfish man's belly, which didn't penetrate all the way like the other viperfish men he'd fought before.
The other mages started bombarding the other viperfish man with spells that Sebas couldn't comprehend. Hopefully they had something besides Dark Magic, Arc Lightning, Fire Magic or Earth Magic. Amazing type coverage, now that Sebas thought about it

On Ferg's end, as they went down the corridor, Water and Ice spells began to fly at them from behind, with one of the prisoners being hit straight in the butt, who fell down with a yell. "Damn it to cold hell! There's an icicle in me ass!" Another was hit in the head with a water bubble and fell down dazed. Compact water. The reinforcements had magic and they knew they it would be required if they were to catch humans on foot. Their webbed feet just wouldn't do it here.
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"'Let it go'? We're bleedin' pirates, we don't just let treasure gOH FUCK!" A quick duck down was the only thing saving her from taking an iceball to the skull. Others weren't so lucky, a few prisoners dropping like flies in the barrage of ranged spells sweeping over the pocket. The shots weren't lethal, but those spears the guards wielded were, and it didn't take a tactician to guess what their angle was. The corridor wasn't too barren for everyone to find temporary shelter, but having been caught by surprise, many were on the ground and sitting ducks before they could hide. At this rate, Sebas and his team would only be rescuing half of them. Unless...

Straightening her hat in a show of determination, Fergie told her, "Go help icicle-arse," before taking off in a beeline towards the mages.
Shock delayed her eventual cry of, "You really are crazy!"

There was no delay in the shots that fired towards the new target, but none would hit their mark. The first spell whizzed through empty air as she side-stepped from her initial path. She ran diagonally, away but still growing closer in a brazen display. Another shot neared her, aimed at the space she would have been in had she not skid to a halt and darted the other way. Not bad, she thought. But they'd have to do better than that to earn anything more than taunts. "Couldn't hit the broadside of a brigantine!"

Out of the corner of her eye, she thought she glimpsed the orc forgo his hiding space, spear brandishing and that grin still on his face as he charged towards the two guards again. She didn't dare take her eyes off the mages to look behind her, so she could only hope the prisoners were taking advantage of her misdirection and were helping their downed comrades to safety. As lithe and quick she was, she couldn't keep this up forever, and the mages were sure to quit playing her game sooner than later.

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Sebas Deadeye
Tunnel to the Pockets------------------> The Pockets

The second Viperfish man soon fell from the barrage of spells. Sebas was still engage din battle. Having taken quite a few spear hits traded for his own shots, they were both weakening. However, Sebas knew he would triumph because now the mages were focusing fire on this same Viperfish man. Sebas turned his focus to the other two, who Sebas came to find out were the ones responsible for the viperfish men moving faster and striking with more power. Enchantment spells. Sebas fired on them to disrupt their spells, which caused the second viperfish man to be far less resilient. "Break his damn shield and Arc Lightning his ass," Sebas said, charging at the enchanters.

This duo were quick, but not exactly the fighting types. That's why they were alongside 2 brutes of Viperfish. They mostly tried to run, which didn't work at all. While they could escape him, they couldn't escape a well-aimed harpoon and its ability to force a choice between getting pulled back or opening your entrails for the ocean to see. Their spear thrusts were pathetic. Guess dedicated fishfolk mages are as pathetic physically as dedicated human and elf mages, Sebas thought


The team hauled double time down the side tunnel, rushed forward by a back current spell from the water mages to propel them all forward. Soon, they made it to a dead end. "A dead end? This can't be a dead end! Are we under an illusion again?"
A check from the Dark Mages. "We're not, but I can't exactly check since we're surrounded on all sides by Dark Magic. It effectively scrambles my Dark Magic senses."
"Then. We. ILLUMINATE!" Sebas retorted savagely, fighting the urge to berate his team. "I didn't speak out of my ass when I said to illuminate the area. It eliminates the point of leading if my crew can't be fucked to listen." They spent this entire time under night vision while Sebas had to fight that Viperfish man while keeping up the position of his Torch Rock the entire time. Spoiled, mages were.

The crew began conjuring balls of light to fight the oppressive darkness. Sebas began to feel less on edge as the darkness literally began to recede into the walls the more light was brought into play. For their efforts, they were greeted with a door residing in the top right corner of the dead end. Swimming over to it, Sebas slammed it open and swam into it............

................And was greeted with Earth's gravity making him fall to a smooth stone floor. He sighed with relief to finally have his footing back. This didn't last long as he was dogpiled by his crew. "Get your heavy asses off me. Did you not see when I fell?"
"You're always so uptight, Sebas." One of the smaller women said, a water mage of the Rescue team
He looked at her with a truly exhausted face. Being on his feet made all of the effort he's put in thus far come crashing on him at once. "I have no idea how long I've been swimming, but I'm tired of doing it and we're STILL not done yet. My partner is missing and we have no idea if we're gonna find any treasure or if we have the source of the whirlpools. I don't have the luxury to enjoy this as much as you can."

Without listening to any response she could give, Sebas moved forward to find a dead fishman with a tank. "Ferg, we got your fishman with a water tank. We're in the pockets!" Now to find the crew. Luckily they had the sounds of magic casting to guide them

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"Thank gods! We need backup fast, we're gettin'-- HHNNG--" Fergie tucked and rolled, making a narrow escape from a sweeping spell of darting icicles. Potential lethality was being reconsidered. "Gettin' fired at!" As she sprung to her feet and resumed her running, she saw another guard with a gushing tank flee the other way. At this point the mages realized what the greater priority was, and began focusing their shots towards the orc, who she surmised was locked in combat with the final guard by the yelling and clashing spears from behind. He was the only man keeping the prisoners from getting offed one by one, so they couldn't afford the distraction.

"O'er here, bastards!" Breaking out from a run into a full sprint, she charged in a serpentine path, a target impossible to ignore and improbable to hit as she neared their close range. "Give up already? Must be 's dumb as ye's look--" She certainly felt as dumb when she took a hit of compact water square in the face. The force threw her head back and her legs up to where she landed on her back with a painful wheeze. Improbable wasn't impossible, was the stinging reminder.

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Sebas Deadeye

"LET'S FUCKING MOVE!" Sebas yelled, high-tailing it through the corridor and passing many holding cells. Given the almost labyrinthian layout of this place, he followed the magic sounds. Out of nowhere, he was buffed by one of the mages. He was moving at almost triple speed and felt like he could punch through a stone wall. He was the tip of the spear, the frontline fighter, the only one in this group with the capability for close combat

The sounds grew louder and louder until he finally saw a fish mage charging up an ice spell. Harpoon gun out, he charged in and, utilizing the gun as a bayonet, skewered the mage's head and slammed it into the wall before it could fire off the spell..........

.........which dropped to the ground and exploded into a frigid cold blast, which blasted Sebas into a wall. Immediately dazed, his speed and strength buff was gone in an instant and his vision held glowing shurikens.....oh, they were stars? That makes more sense. Luckily, it wasn't only Sebas that was hit by the blast. Otherwise, he'd have been impaled on an icicle by now. 2 other mages were blasted as well.

His crew finally made it. "We have more company coming in behind us!" They were getting flanked as they were flanking the first crew. Luckily, there was enough in their crew to look both ways. "Repel them so we can take out this first crew!" Sebas kept his focus on the first enemy crew while a few of the mages projected reflection shields to bounce back projectiles. He saw Ferg and a big fucking orc man. "Hell yeah, we're here," Sebas grinned.

With their escape cut off and surrounded on both sides, the first crew fell really without much resistance. The ice blast incapacitated them like it did Sebas. The difference is that they were on land, which made recovery very hard for them should they be dazed.

"Glad you see you alive, Ferg," Sebas said, tossing her a Health Potion to inject.
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The surrounding shots and misfires were muffled sounds and dulled thuds in her ears as Fergie took her time to come to, stars of her own dancing along the stalagwhatevers hanging from the ceiling. She attempted blinking them out of her eyes when they kept her from focusing on the green mass that appeared. "Nnggh... Barry? Did ye leave 'em with somethin' to remember?"
Her answer was an offered hand. "Can you get up?"
It wasn't a matter of "can", but "will", as she didn't hesitate in snatching it and letting herself be hoisted to a stand. A very wobbly stand, her world spinning around her. "Holyyy fuck-- tell me I managed two pints this time."
A familiar voice brought her back to reality before she could entertain any more delusions of her standing safe on a rolling ship, not in the thick of a skirmish inside an underwater cavern. "Seb-- Ah! Er, same!" Despite her faltering balance, she was able to catch the potion in one enthusiastic attempt. "Hell yea, gimme that shit!" By some instinct, she knew injecting it would spare her the effects of this concussion, and sure enough, the fogginess had receded into the back of her mind, the stinging in her face to a dull ache.
The orc man glanced between the now empty bottle and the gaping wound on his shoulder, coughing.

"We got--" A quick glance over her shoulder told her little, as she could barely make a head count when only a few were peering from behind scattered rocks. "Survivors." Well said, Captain Obvious. "How're we gettin' 'em outta 'ere?" Teleportation or any such advanced magic never came to mind, when the first thing she thought of was someone she hadn't heard from for too long. The feeding frenzy incident was the last thing she cared about considering the other fuckery they were dealing with, and she asked through her crystal in growing concern, "Sub! How're things lookin' outside?"

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The sounds of magic, firing, and explosions came into their ears when alongside Sub's words. They were engaging in combat. "Not good, Ferg. Big Daddy is having to assist me in fending off hordes of enemies, but the limitation of the whirlpool prevents them from rendering effective assistance," Sub replied. "It's gotten very hot in my area, but I think I can hold them so long as they don't have some sort of piercing magic." Piercing magic to shatter the magic-protected, bullet-proof, and pressure-proof glass. If that shattered, the sub would die on the spot. "I need you two to get the hell out of there!"

Sebas Deadeye
The Pockets

"We're about to leave. Request more sub reinforcements before you get yourself killed," If it was as bad as it sounded, there was probably an army outside.
"Aye! Notifying Big Daddy. Move quick!"

This has turned into a full blown war between this ship crew and this fishfolk/viperfish alliance. Sebas turned to the surviving crew. It looks like he and the orc man would be the powerhouses of the crew. The fishfolk took Ferg's equipment, so she was given the equipment off the mage that was struck down earlier. A tank, a harpoon gun, and 2 mana potions.

Ferg asked how they were getting the survivor crew out of here. "I have a Search and Rescue Team to keep them able to breathe underwater while we make our way out of here," he told her, and then addressed all of the escapees. ".......so stay in the area when we get back underwater. I'm not responsible for you drowning if you don't keep up with at least 1 of the 3 water mages keeping you alive."

"Sebas, our shield is about to break. Figure out your life faster," one of the mages growled
"Less talk, more shield," Sebas retorted. "Is everyone ready? We're going out the way my crew came in." Back to the Fishfolk that were currently pounding on the shield. Their respite was about to come to an end.
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Fergie grit her teeth. It just kept going from bad to worse, and then some. She and the prisoners had their help now, but it was only a matter of time before their lucky streak came to an end. Naturally, this was a race against time, and gods forbid they waste a second of it. "Short version's this: don't lag behind." The implication was clear; stragglers would be on their own. With the hordes that were sure to come their way, Fergie could only continue misdirecting enemies from the unarmed crew, so it was up to them to keep themselves out of the line of fire. "Now hurry up an' get yer asses into gear!"

Relief to have a weapon in her hands again contested her dread of what may become of them all, but won out in the end. They'd make it out alive. And if not, they'd be bringing a boatload of bodies down with them.
"They're gonna have a lot of holes in 'em by the time I'm through," the orc said, twirling his spear before tightening a stout hand on the pole.
Taking this as a sign of readiness, Fergie peered behind her one last time, taking a brief headcount of the escapees. She was surprised all fifteen were still standing at this point-- especially poor icicle-arse-- but withheld such comments. The integrity of the shield was weakening, cracks growing in the magical barrier. Readying her harpoon gun and aiming towards the wave about to come their way, she answered, "Aye. Ready."

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I'm not crazy. My reality is just different
Sebas Deadeye
The Pockets

"It's time. Disable the barrier and engage!" Sebas charged forward and the moment the barrier was disabled, he fired his harpoon gun at the enemy. The barrier mages fell back to inject a mana potion and recharge. The enemy was about 10 thick at the end of them merging. 4 Mages, 2 Bulky Viperfish Folk, and 4 Spearmen. ALL of them had Earth Shields, which gave all of them a slight olive green glow. Their weakness, Sebas noted, is the tank on most their backs. Blow it up and they were dead immediately, while also blasting everyone around them.

..........Except for the Viperfish men. THEY had a dome around their heads instead of a tank. The dome was a heavy heavy defense magic and filled with water. It not only protected their faces, but it allowed them to breathe without a tank. Once again, Sebas was cursing himself for not learning how to turn Serrate into Stillpiercer. Those domes were impenetrable

The 2 Viperfish Men charged and they met Sebas's Aegis head on. If not, their entire line would've been punched through immediately. Their punches were strong and laced with spiky scales. Now that he had normal footing and normal gravity, they definitely had the advantage here.

The Mages floated above the rest and began flinging spells at those behind Sebas, aiming more for the Search and Rescue Team, who were healing up icicle-arse. The fishfolk mages recognized the importance of them to the prisoners. If they died, only Sebas and Ferg were leaving here alive. "Oi, defend those mages or you're gonna die in here." Sebas barked as Aegis broke, forcing him to dodge to avoid a punch from the viperfish berserker he was engaging
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Razor woke to what seemed like the norm now. He was sat down on a table in the middle of the room. He had been like this for a while now and was getting sick of it. The sad thing is, he had no way to escape. He didnt know how, but for some reason he couldn’t spawn in any metal; and for him, that meant he was rendered immobile. Having no arms or legs was quite pitiful in this scenario. All he could really do is wobble back and forth, though there really wasn’t much point in doing that as he would just flop onto the ground. He couldn’t exactly walk out. At least not without his magic.

He looked to his left to see a rudimentary slow IV drip pouring a potion into his bloodstream. It was a waterbreathing potion. He could tell because well... he was still breathing even though he was surrounded by water.
He had no idea how long he had been in this room, only knowing that a fishfolk would come in every day to collect blood and make sure there wasn’t any alge growing on him. He tried to get some words out of the person, but mostly everything they had to say was, “we need this for research purposes.” Or “Im just following orders”

Thinking back he could probably pinpoint a reason to how he was trapped here with no magic. There was this thing that they had around his neck when he woke up there the first time. An amulet necklace. It was obviously magical, as the thing had a steady glow to it. The only other thing he woke with was a large loincloth that they put on him to cover his manhood, and he had doubt that it was anything special.

So, why was I moved underwater? The table in the pockets would have been fine, not that a change of scenery isnt good every now and then.” This routine had been going on for a while now.

“Im just following orders”, the fish person said

Seriously? I was in that room for months. There must be a reason you moved me.

“I got Orders from above to move you to a more secure area. Thats all I can tell you.”

This was the most that Razor had gotten the fish person to say for a while, “a more secure area..? Was something wrong with the one I was in?

“No.”, the fish person said, “that is all Im authorized to tell you”

Ah come on, if you tell me more, i might be able to do something for ya. I see the way you've been looking at me. Ive seen that glint of curiosity.”, He cocks his eyebrows, “you know my mouth can do more than just talk”, he flicks his tounge.

The fish person just sighs and swims away to leave opening the door, “no thanks”

Wait... that was a joke. Please don't-“, the door is closed behind them, “well, shit.


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Before the second berserker could try landing a hit on Sebas, a harpoon shot from Fergie buried itself deeply into his abdomen. But not deeply enough to penetrate vitals, and too deeply to bolt back in a timely manner. Fergie let out a startled shout when he gripped the chain and yanked her closer, well within range of his bone-crushing punches. The fist that came down faltered, however, when the second bolt embedded between his ribs, a well-placed shot in this close proximity. He was bleeding out, but those bolts wouldn't be pulling out easily. His thought process had to have been similar to Fergie's, determined to bring his killer down with him, as he targeted her relentlessly. Dodging his charging and swinging would be easier if she weren't latched to him like this, but letting go of the gun wasn't an option. A compromise was due.
"Try harder!" she spat, ducking and running past him. By the time he stumbled around to follow her, she was rushing back, circling him until the chains were wrapped around his legs. His fall was inevitable now, and he hit the ground with a heavy thud. "Help me put this bastard out!" Unarmed for as long as it took to keep the berserker down, the approaching spearmen made to take advantage of her vulnerability. She rolled out of the way of an impaling spear head.

During this, the orc man heeded Sebas's order. The mages were wide open for a ranged attack, so he primed his spear for a throw, sending it flying into the group. It made direct contact with one fishfolk's tank, the resulting explosion from the depressurized water killing the one and disorienting the others.

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