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One more heist
Chen jumped as Elaera boomed at him, almost dropping his little bag overboard. He fumbled for it, juggling the bag between his hands for a few tense seconds before regaining control of it, breathing a sigh of relief. For a moment, he tried to decide if she had been trying to make a crude joke. A quick look at her embarrassment told him that she had just accidentally chosen a strange way to arrange her words. That sounded about right, given their interactions thus far. After she finished conversing with Galdurr regarding a performance, Chen got her attention and gave her a quick rundown of the small velvet pouch. He too would like to hear her play, but it certainly looked like she was uncomfortable with the thought of playing for Galdurr alone. He took lead of the conversation, kind of just explaining to her without looking for much reciprocation. He'd leave it up to Elaera if she wanted to keep going. They probably had a decent voyage ahead of them, so it wouldn't hurt to open up a bit. Gently shaking the weighty bag into his free hand, the songbird pin, a jade ring, and an intricately carved bullet came out. He held them out to Elaera so she could see them.

"Whenever I fight a memorable opponent, I always try to take a little something to help me remember them." Chen shook the bag back and forth, the contents gently jingling together. "So every little thing in here's got a fight or a story behind it. Some might see it as disrespectful to rob the dead." He paused, rolling the bullet between two fingers before shrugging. "But it's just my little way of honoring that opponents memory. If they were a real nasty person, I don't take anything. That kind of individual deserves to be forgotten."

As he waited for a response from Elaera, he listened to Adonis's speech in the background, considering the offer. Of course he wanted to return to his home, and to look for his brothers. But to return with few stories, no gifts, and nothing to show for the ordeal besides his own life? That wouldn't do. He'd always wanted to explore the world a little. There was so much he didn't know about it if Elaera, Galdurr, the island, and pretty much everything else was an indication. But what if his brothers needed his help? Sure, the Monkey's Fist would do its best to aid them, but to sit idly and go off adventuring would be a shameful act. Finally, he reached a decision. Tacrof bordered the Qarian Empire, his home. He'd probably be able to pick up news from the port, and he could make a decision based off of what the others decided as well.

His chain of thought was interrupted by the odd, mushroom clad individual he'd waved to earlier. He hadn't noticed that they'd been edging through the crowd, getting closer and closer. They spoke with a thick accent that he was yet unfamiliar with, but that unfamiliarity lessened significantly when he realized that a joke was being made. Although the jab was childish and crass, it was the first joke he had heard since he had been shipwrecked on Bermuda Island. In other words, it was perfect. Snickering, he did his best not to laugh openly, which would probably draw Adonis's wrath. Whoever this other pirate was, they seemed to have an affinity for humor. He respected that highly, and decided that he liked this new arrival. With a quick glance to Galdurr and Elaera, he surmised that they were open to them as well. He leaned over and whispered back, trying not to laugh.

"I've no idea, but the way this stuck-up crew acts? It certainly feels like they've had their heads stuck up their own rears for quite a while."

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Elaera looked confused as she noticed Chen was talking at her, before realising with a start that he was talking to her. Seeing the pouch in his hands, of which he was talking to her about, Elaera jumped at the opportunity to clear up her previous attempt at conversation, pointing earnestly at the velvet pouch with a thick, green finger, and clarifying, "Th-that was the sack I was talking about." After a pronounced blink, as though she were refreshing her brain, the Orc blurted, "N-n-n-n-not that there's any other sack! B-B-B-BUT NOT TO SAY THAT--" Her words stumbled over each other, progressively getting louder as if they were running closer towards your ears, before abruptly being cut off by a hand she slapped to her mouth. The woman seemed to shrink as she cringed inwards. Behind her clammy hand, sticking uncomfortably to her skin, her face sizzled from within and darkened on the surface. Hand still barring her mouth, she nodded sheepishly along to Chen's words, trying her sincerest best to listen, but being distracted by thoughts of, Do they think I'm weird? I must've seemed so weird. Oh no, no, no, no, no. And now because I'm not focusing, he'll think I'm not interested and that I hate him! Her teeth ground almost audibly as her eyebrows met in the middle.

She tuned back in at the point that Chen had said, "But it's just my little way of honoring that opponents memory. If they were a real nasty person, I don't take anything. That kind of individual deserves to be forgotten," and, looking down frantically at the trinkets in his hand, finally pieced together the purpose of the velvet pouch's contents. As calmness spread through her mind, she breathed a deep sigh of relief. Immediately afterwards, realising that the sigh would have given away the fact that she wasn't truly listening despite her constant nodding, Elaera exhaled deeply several more times in a poor attempt to mask it. After too long, she mumbled, "Noble... That - uh - the thing you do, it's noble," she said, having to clarify due to the Orcish grammar she regularly lapsed into.

When Galdurr asked to be introduced, Elaera looked up in confusion, her eyes falling on the person before them. Elaera's face seemed to scrunch up, ridges of skin folding up on her nose, her forehead guttering with lines, her eyes narrowing as her cheeks pushed up into them, and her upper lip rising until it almost touched her flayed nostrils, showcasing her parted rows of brutal teeth. It looked like a ferocious expression of savage, murderous intent. This was Elaera's face of innocent wonder and glee. She bubbled within. Green! Tall! They're just like me! Elaera assumed the newcomer was a woman, which only boosted her excitement - another tall girl - but didn't voice her suspicions in case they were wrong. Coming from a family of Orcs, Elaera was used to women with masculine features - but non-Orcs were different, she reminded herself. Her fidgeting intensified as she stared at the other person for an uncomfortably long time, forgetting to even laugh at their joke. Then when Galdurr's request jumped to the forefront of her mind again, the Elf-Orc started, hurriedly thrust out a hand, and declared, "Galdurr!" With a sense of horror, she realised that her aim to introduce Galdurr and her desire to meet the new person had become jumbled up in her action. Then, retracting her hand suddenly, corrected, "No! His name is Galdurr!" pointing at the white-haired pirate as she said so. "Me, Elaera..." she muttered, her vim dampened.


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Fergie had already been preparing for a less than enthusiastic response. So imagine her delight when her joke was not only well-received, but encouraged. She was already beaming when she managed to get a laugh out of at least two of them-- more so the man in black than that pasty white fellow-- but when it was played along with, she had to slap a scarred hand over her face, muffing a wheeze of laughter best she could. Oh gods, that was too good! What could she counter that with? Another snort threatened to escape when something came to mind, but when she was ready to drop her hand, she was quick to shoot back, "An' here they be sayin' we're the one's needin' showers, when we can smell the hoity-toity fer leagues--"

And she liked to think she could detect a hostile gaze from leagues away too, but for the life of her, she could not figure out what the hell that look the orcish woman was giving her was. As intimidating as that... snarl? Sneer? Whatever it was, just the simple fact that she didn't know was becoming unsettling for her. It took additional self-restraint to not jump three feet into the air when the woman practically shouted to the heavens her name-- no, the pale one's name. Her name she almost whispered, as if it had been shameful?

Ah. The continued body language cued her off. Just a wee bundle o' nerves, this'un.

"Elaera!" she called whilst nodding towards her, as if to make up for her previous mumble. "Galdurr," she addressed in turn, in a lower voice. "Call me Fergie." To the last one to be named, she spun an inviting hand as she asked, "An' you?"


The Lone Athgari
Fergie. Galdurr has never known a Fergie. He liked the name. He looked up to Elaera after another smile to their new companion. “Now that we aren’t worrying about searching for a chest, or fighting for our lives, might I ask you something?” He turned to look over the ship at the shoreline where they had fought. The big one, who smashed his arm? He was like Elaera. At the thought he tried to move his broken arm, felt the bones beginning to stitch and reassert themselves, but it was still limp to his commands. He expected as much, but tried anyway.

“You seem very...reclusive. As if you are afraid to be caught in a social situation. This may just be the rambling thoughts of someone who knows the inability to communicate, but perhaps you didn’t fit in where you were from? If I am overstepping I apologize.”

He gave her a friendly pat on the forearm before turning To look out at the sea again, a light shiver coursing through him as the wind caught his bare skin. “Are you alright? You got hurt due to the fight. I hope they can tend to wounds here.”

Galdurr wondered what port they would be stopping at. It was clear he was far from home. Perhaps he could ask Chen, or Elaera when they’ve had a moment to decompress from the worries of the island. He wondered if he should attempt the ritual with them, now that they were all locked together on a ship. Give Elaera a break from having him in her head.


One more heist
Chen's interchange of crude humor was interrupted as he noticed that Elaera assumed what looked like a vicious snarl. It was a face that Chen would usually associate with Foo Dogs, the stone guardian lions that often flanked the doorways to important places in the Qarian Empire. Oftentimes, the statues were enchanted with magic so that their protective purpose became a little more literal as opposed to symbolic. The pirate almost felt a little sympathetic to anyone who found themselves trapped between their merciless stone jaws. With a little pang in his heart, he remembered that there were a couple of Foo Dogs stationed outside of The Peach Mountain, the headquarters of The Monkey's Fist. Chen had fond memories of petting the magic stone lions on his way in and out of the complex. The pirate realized that he might be missing home, even though he'd only been away for a couple of weeks.

With a little shake of his head, he realized that his rambling thoughts had lead him to miss the introductions between Galdurr, Elaera, and the new arrival. Looking at Elaera, she seemed to be her usual fidgety self. He must've misinterpreted her, she'd probably been smiling. He had refocused just in time to catch a name, and to see the stranger stick out a scarred green hand, asking for his name. Sticking out his own hand in response, Chen firmly grasped her long-nailed hand and shook it energetically with a large smile stretched across his face. As with the others, her name was a strange one to him, but it wasn't too hard to wrap his tongue around.

"Fergie? Nice to meet you, my name is Chen, but you can call me Smiles if you'd like to." Remembering the odd telepathic connection between Galdurr and Elaera, he went and got the explanation out of the way so that there would be as little confusion as possible. "Oh, and Galdurr over there is mute, but he's got a weird brain connection with Elaera. She speaks for him."


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Asmund Adonis
Pirate Ship---------->Dakra Port, Qaria​

"LAND HOOOO!!!" The voice boomed over the ship. The members of the ship, the actual crew all gathered on the deck and their captain emerged. This was obviously a custom for the ship, the entire crew gathering when landing was imminent. "Listen up! We should be landing at Dakra Port in Qaria." he informed everyone gathered with a commanding voice. "For those who aren't Basenjis, this is where I will let you all off to either join my crew or to fuck off and live your lives how you so desire." He couldn't care less in all honesty. His entire thing was getting them off that island. "For my crew, you all know the drill. I want this ship completely restocked and inventory reported by tomorrow morning. Other than that, you're free to do whatever. I'm not bailing anyone out of captivity, from either the police or the Sirens that live here."

He turned to the group of tag-alongs. "If you're joining my crew, I want you all to meet me in the navigation room," he said. "I will get some information from you, get you some clothes that aren't literal rags, a weapon or two, and a room. I will grant you all 2 favors as a gesture of good will, so long as they're within reason." With that, the ship moved closer to land and Adonis dismissed the entire crew to do what they pleased until they landed circa 5 minutes.

The talk on any pirate ship when land was spotted was what they would find there and what they would do once they landed, and this ship was no exception. Discussion was filled with plans of drinking themselves cross-eyed, getting some Dakra tail, sleeping in a hotel, using their cuts of the loot to get new clothes or enough ale to keep in their rooms to drink. For Adonois himself, he also wanted to get wasted, but he had admin stuff to do. Figure out who these people were, get them their stuff, and figure out why they wanted to join his crew in the first place. When the anchor dropped and they pulled into port, the gangplank was put down and the crew started to exit the vessel
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Elaera was about to reply to Galdurr, her mouth cracking open slightly to force a few words out, when a booming voice cut her off. Mumbling an incoherent apology, she made a vague gesture with her head that was meant to mean, I'll tell you about it later. She pondered the question herself. Did I fit in? she thought. At first, I grew up with Orcs, then I moved to a place with Elves and Humans... Though I didn't fit in at either place, she ruminated. The biggest problem was her personality, though her appearance didn't make things any easier. Her parents were always such strong personalities - she wasn't like them at all; she couldn't contend.

As the captain spoke, Elaera stared at his feet, her languid nodding being the only indication of her listening. She'd join the crew for now, she decided - what else could she do? She had the option of going home, but what then? She had skills, but was often too shy to use them. The offer of new clothes was appreciated - she'd run out of sleeves to tear off. And the favours... She could think of a few.


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Fergie's initial response was to recoil her head, a little stunned at Chen's decision to take her hand. Once she had remembered that this was, in fact, a normal greeting, and one she had been the one to unintentionally initiate, she returned the shake with an enthusiastic grin of her own. "I think I'll call you Smiles. Fittin' for a fellow merrymaker."

Shit, Ferg, not every sea dog out there's gonna reel ye into a headlock.

His brief explanation led her gaze to the two in question. "Huh. So, it be one a' those telekini-- telep-- aye, I get what yer sayin'."

The announcement that the vessel was approaching land turned her attention. Sure enough, a blue stretch of shoreline marked the horizon, but before her narrowing eyes could gauge its distance, the ruckus of the gathering crew drew them to the center of attention. Naturally, that was the captain. And given his words, it was clear that the time to come to a decision was now. But she'd come to that long before he'd listed off all the benefits of being a crew member.

The fuck was a Dakra? Where the hell was Qaria? Given how casually he spoke of them, this seemed to be common knowledge of these parts... wherever those were. And if she stepped off of that gangplank into the unknown of that port, without a guide... well, it wouldn't exactly have been the first time. But that last time fucking sucked. Stumbling about in a foreign land, getting weird looks for asking stupid questions, being whisked away into some shady place because the local criminals caught onto the fact that there's an easy target about. No, not again. As appealing as a journey in solitude was, it would have been stupid to not take this opportunity.

Brushing her fingers over her marked cheek, Fergie looked over towards the small group she had just acquainted herself with. Besides, she'd spent enough time in solitude on that island anyway, hadn't she?


The Lone Athgari
Galdurr notes the approach of land, squinting his eyes at the unfamiliar mass approaching them steadily. When they docked he immediately wanted to hop off the ship, but the idea of the captain’s favors intrigued him. Not only that, but he wouldn’t be able to get anywhere without some assistance from Elaera off the ship. So he decided he would stick around. He gave his companions, including his newest, Fergie a nod and and moved towards this navigation room of the captain.

“Will you speak with me to the captain, Elaera?” Galdurr asked as he began to unlatch the leather holsters that held his flintlocks. “Speaking with stranded pirates is one thing, but if speaking to the captain will make you nervous I won’t put you in that position. I can make due.”

He checked the flintlocks, the two weren't damaged, so he wouldn’t need to have them replaced. Neither was the one at his right hip. His blade, while it’s magic inert, was still as sharp as the day he had it forged. So he wouldn’t use a favor for a replacement of gear. Though Galdurr wondered just exactly what these favors were, and how far reaching this Adonis’ abilities were. What could he give them? He figured they would all be finding that out soon enough.
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One more heist
Chen bit his lip as he watched the port grow nearer. Although land had been hazy at first, they were now close enough to discern the distinct architecture and signs of a Qarian port. Ships soon began passing around them. Hulking naval vessels, small fishing boats, and ornate merchant treasure ships weaved their way in and out of the busy coastal city.

Anxiously cracking his knuckles, Chen realized that he'd have to make a decision about whether or not he'd join this foreigner's crew without knowledge regarding his brothers. He'd been hoping to leave the ship to dig for information, but it looked like that wouldn't be possible. Apparently, Adonis wanted a decision now. Unsure of what to do, he looked at the others before realizing that Galdurr was already heading to the navigation room. Chen decided on a plan B. He'd join up with the crew for now, but he'd decide on whether or not he was actually staying later. It couldn't be that hard to slip away from this crew. Right? Realizing that he could use one of his favors to ask for news of his brothers, he felt determined enough to boldly follow Galdurr.


I'm not crazy. My reality is just different
Asmund Adonis
Navigation Room

Adonis was looking over some future plans with his admin, the most notable of which was the mocha-skinned psychic woman with the shaved head. "So are we abandoning the Chrysalis Chest?"
"We don't have a choice, Fatimah......." It held in it a relic he had been tracking for months, a sword named Crystal Plague. It was lost for now though. "We have another map that leads us to an underwater ruin. What information do you have on it?"
Fatimah looked through her books. "I have the wrong book. I'll get back to you with information."
"I smell someone approaching." A growl said to them

While the group who wanted the join made their way to the Navigation Room, the door was opened right before any of them could knock. "Come in," Fatimah told them and led them in

The navigation room was fairly big. In the dead center was a huge map, labelled with a bunch of current unknowns as they didn't know the Basenji way of labelling or reading maps. Dakra Port was noticeable on the map though, at the bottom of a peninsula in Qaria, labelled as the Qarian Empire. There was a shelf on the side full of books and atlases, and another full of scrolls, presumably more maps. The entire room had the pleasant odor of a library or bookstore full of aged books, though it was mixed with the less pleasant odor of sea water. Still, it beat the smell of abandonment that permeated all of the Dead Man residents before they took a shower.

Placed around the center map were 7 chairs, 2 of which were occupied, 1 claimed for Fatimah who opened the door, then Adonis himself in the big chair at the head of the table. Sitting in the chairs were a werewolf man with impeccably groomed fur, though that didn't take away from a fiercely scarred face and intimidating resting face, and an angel with a flawless stunning face, but with wings that housed multiple tears, holes, and burn scars, with her face having an indifferent look about it. Since that left only 3 chairs but 4 butts, it was safe to assume that they would be standing.

Adonis addressed the group. "So you're wanting to become a Basenji. Excellent." he said at first. Why else would they be in his presence like this? "I was eyeing you after how you took out that Orc that I was eyeing FIRST. Of that whole brawl, you were the only ones working together." It gave him the impression that they had an aspect of teamwork.

"Since you're all here while a lot of the others choose to go their own way.......that's fine........I need an introduction, your role on the LAST ship you were on, how you ended up on Dead Man's Isle, and your weapons of choice." While the middle 2 weren't really important to him, it would give him more of an overview on who he was dealing with. "Oh, and any questions you would like to ask before making your final decision."

On all of them were the glaring eyes of all 4 of the Ship's leaders, Adonis gazing particularly hard with a complete poker face.

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The Lone Athgari
Galdurr took in the appearances of the crew that Adonis held in high regard, obviously choosing to keep these people close to him for some unknown but great trial that they proved their worth’s through. Galdurr nodded at Fatima, and then listened to the captain as he came to stand at their end of the table, his arms crossed
across his bare chest. Galdurr has begun to contemplate how he would answer the man without forcing Elaera to speak for him when a cold chill spread through him. A familiar, and very unwanted one.

Galdurr spun, his gaze whirring across his companions and the the crew that made up Adonis’ court until he found what he was looking for. A large inky spot that swirled like a pool of water trapped in a typhoon that rested on the ceiling of the room. A large black snake cooled down from it, tightly winding down to the floor of the room, as it did its amber eyes traced over the figures in the room. When it reached the floor it cooled tightly, as if you strike. Though instead of lunging our at anyone the snake unraveled, shifting and slowly transforming into a dark skinned woman in a dress that mirrored the ocean floor’s darkness. Her hair was made up of long braids littered with golden loops and rings, baubles that resembled pearls and well polished glass marbles, and her eyes matched the form of the snake she had just been before her unraveling ended in a flourishing dance that made the loose fitting dress whirl around her.

“There isn’t much that finds me curious.” She said with a light airy tone that showed her amusement as she approached Galdurr, who had watch the woman’s appearance with every muscle in his body tensed. “But managing to hide my pet from my gaze? Now that’s a feat he hasn’t been able to accomplish in the many years I’ve had him. What has my mute been up to? Why are you so injured? Why are you bare chested? What anomalous endeavors have you participated in the past few days where my sight could not find you?”

The woman looked around the room, and immediately she smiled, revealing a mouth full of sharp teeth as she took in the people in the room.

“Why...this isn’t your ship, Galdurr. This isn’t your crew! Nay, you are just a passenger here! Have you been captured? No? Not in chains, are you now? My my...the strange adventure you’ve had, and to be without your coat...but I’ll belay the pretenses. I’ve heard everything this captain has asked you. I do enjoy tormenting you.”

The woman had indeed drawn on Galdurr’s heckles, his hand fisted in the cage of his blade, though he didn’t draw it as he watched her move around the edge of the table as she continued.

“My pet here, Galdurr the Silent...such a foolish name...but Galdurr was the captain of his own ship. The Black Serpent, most likely lamenting the loss of their silent and worthless captain. As for how he ended up on your isle? That was me, I suppose. Torturing him. Though how he ended up there after being thrown overboard his ship I don’t know. Such a curious development. Galdurr thinks his wits are his best weapon, though if that were the case he wouldn’t be under my thumb, would he? But I will impress, the man is good at thinking outside the box. That’s what got him in his predicament in the first place. But if you mean a physical weapon? He thinks that blade on his hip is good enough to kill a goddess.”

The woman smiled at Adonis. “Silly him. And who is this man that can control time and space enough that I can not see a whole island? That’s quite powerful! Though...something tells me the island isn’t your doing. I must thank you for being my pet back to the world where my eyes can reach. I was so lonely without him.”

Galdurr sneered. Guess his answer came in the form of the witch. He could attack her now, but the magic was gone from his weapon, and even if it wasn’t? It didn’t work the first time. He slowly released the grip on his weapon and exhaled.

“He would like another coat, no doubt.” She said to Adonis, the woman curiously glancing over the others seated beside him. “Lycanthropy? And you? An angel? How does Galdurr find himself with all these curious individuals?” She then turned to Fatima. “You. You have a touch that would do well in my court. If an allegiance with a man who requires a boat to sail the seas ever bores you? You can find my methods far more enticing.”

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One more heist
Slack jawed, Chen watched as yet another magical figure did Galdurr's talking for him. Instead of Elaera, a dark haired witch paced around the room condescendingly, introducing the pale pirate in white. Apparently, Galdurr wasn't fond of this new arrival. By the cut of the man's body language, the two had history. Chen nervously fiddled with his beaded bracelet. As the strange woman finished, silence filled the room. Apparently, Adonis and his council was reserving judgement until the rest of the new recruits introduced themselves.

Smiling widely, Chen stepped forward next. This new group of individuals obviously represented a leadership group; a council of sorts. Judging by the way they carried themselves, they had no shortage of experience, combat prowess, and smarts. It'd be best to err on the side of caution and give them the respect befitting of any captain. Bowing deeply as a sign of respect, the pirate repeated the greeting he had given to the rest of the crew, resolutely clasping his right fist in his left palm. Straightening up, he made eye contact with each of the seated individuals in turn as he spoke, as well as with Adonis.

"My name is Chen Xiang. I'm 25." Chen rapidly made the decision to forgo the matters of his birth. "I've been a street urchin for 11 years, and a pirate for the last 7. I'm part of the Money's Fist. I'll spare you the details. All you need to know is that I've a bone to pick with any who would do good folk injustice. With my old crew, I served as a swordmaster. When I fight, I fight to win. But alas, I could not slice cannonballs out of the air, and my ship was brought down by a disguised Royal Navy vessel, off the coast of West Qaria. I found myself on Bermuda Island not long after, where I became friends with these others."

Chen gestured to his blades. "The only weapons I carry are my broadsword and meat cleaver. Anything that those two can't cut down? I use my fists."

Flexing his fingers and raising his fists, Chen took a deep breath and tried his skin hardening spell again, aiming to reinforce his skin from his hands to his forearms. It would be his first time trying magic since leaving the island, and he was hopeful that his body wouldn't let him down. With a familiar numbing sensation, Chen watched as the skin on his fingertips hardened, turning to stone. To his dismay, he saw that his magic was still weak. The spell didn't pass his knuckles, and the stone armor was cracked and weak. However, he hoped that the gesture wasn't lost on the observers around him. Dropping his arms back to his sides, he continued.

"I only ask that I be allowed to find news of my brothers, who were on the Stone Monkey when the ship sank, before I make my decision. Should they be alive and well, I've no problem joining your crew." Chen's smile wavered. "But should they be in need of my aide, nothing on heaven or earth will stop me from returning home to them."

"Oh, I had almost forgot. I wish to ask the mission of this vessel."
Chen fixed Adonis with a steely gaze, with a cheerful grin still on his face. "Does the captain direct his crew to do good? To fight those who would do evil? Or does he encourage more...unsavory practices?"

Stepping back, Chen waited for Elaera and Fergie to make their introductions.

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Elaera's eyebrows jumped up on her forehead as she flinched at the arrival of the magical woman. She drew herself back against the wall, hand hovering over the hilt of her hammer as she glanced between the mysterious woman and the mute pirate, her head moving as though she were spectating a tennis match. Hesitantly moving forward, she rejoined the other 3, and listened intently to what the woman was saying. Is this another person that Galdurr has a telepathic link with? she pondered. That'd be good... I'm almost as much of mute as he is. But taking in Galdurr's body language, how stiff he looked, the Orc guessed that they weren't too friendly. She called him 'pet'... Elaera couldn't begin to guess why.

Elaera listened carefully to Chen's introduction, trying not to be distracted this time. Everybody else sounds so cool... she thought. In comparison, she felt a bit incompetent.

When Chen had finished his introduction, Elaera turned her head towards Fergie, and, nervously pointing a finger between herself and the other half-Elf, tried to figure out who would speak first. Awkwardly raised a hand to indicate that she would speak, she started, "Elaera... Around 24, I think?" She couldn't really tell how long she'd been on the island. Skittishly, she kept shifting her weight from one foot to the other. "I... Uh... Was a rower, on my last ship, mainly... Also lifted heavy things a lot... I can help out in the kitchen!" she choked out falteringly, the pitch of her voice peaking and dipping. "I was blown overboard in a storm. And, my - uh - weapon that I use is a mallet," she said, vaguely gesturing towards the blunt weapon at her side, "But, really, anything heavy is fine... Also good with big axes..."


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Angels? Werebeasts? Self-proclaimed goddesses who could teleport on a whim? Well, that all suited Fergie just fine. Here she'd been afraid that she'd be the weirdest one in the bunch.

Trained eyes followed Galdurr's motions, a poised hand mirroring the cautionary grip on his weapon. This woman seemed only interested in toting backhanded compliments, but not being one to ease herself into first impressions, Fergie wouldn't drop her guard until her so-called "pet" had. When his hand slipped away from his sword's hilt, so did hers.

When Chen-- or Smiles, as she was quickly associating with him in her mind-- stood forwards to give his piece, she briefly wondered if yet another magical being would materialize into the room. She had to mentally scold herself when she caught her other hand twitching over her pistol. It made sense that a fellow like Galdurr had some bizarre company following him around. Running about in battle, as if he didn't have a banged-up arm flailing behind him; even now, she'd since noticed, his deeps wounds had mended at a rate akin to a bitten tongue's. Weird magical shit was expected of him.

But Smiles was different, as well as Elaera, so she suspected. She wasn't about to diminish the skills Galdurr had shown; it came as no surprise when that woman declared him a prior ship's captain, after watching how he rallied the two against that orc. But his unusual abilities made him fearless, being nigh untouchable to the common foe. His companions, on the other hand, had no such luxury. Not to say that they weren't in possession of their own magical affinities, as Smiles had demonstrated with a hardening fist. And despite Elaera's lack of such a demonstration, Fergie figured that she had something waiting to reveal itself after being stifled on that godsforsaken isl. But recalling the finesse of Smiles's swordsmanship, the almost robotic familiarity of Elaera's swings as she wielded her mallet, brought the realization to her. Those two must have dedicated years of their lives training for a life of the fight, without the aid of powerful magic or curses. By their own strength and will, they had become nigh untouchable in their own right.

Fergie knew the struggle well. And for all those who shared in it, she had nothing less than respect.

... Oh shit, it was her turn, wasn't it?

"Name's Fergie." She might have stepped forward, but the trembling in her prosthetic warned her against it. Now would be a bad time to flop onto her face. "Been a fighter for twenty years, a sailor longer since. Battled on the front lines o' me last ship, an' I's searchin' for a new un' 'till a damned storm swept me off to that landfill." She slipped her hands into her pockets, assuming a relaxed posture as continued, "Swords 'n firearms 'r me specialty. Cutlass, dagger, pistol-- anythin' with a blade 'r a barrel. Not picky 'bout it." One hand slipped out to tap a long nail against the side of her head. "A good pirate relies on 'er wits o'er weapons."

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I'm not crazy. My reality is just different
Asmund Adonis
Navigation Room

Galdurr's Introduction
Renagog appearing on the ship caught Asmund off guard. It wasn't really unusual for crazy shit to end up on the ship, but deities were another thing entirely. Most gods and deities had a rule to not meddle in the affairs of the earth residents..........unless they meddled with the deity's property (which included things like shrines, artifacts, hoards, and places of worship.) Asmund reached for his gun, but the angel stopped him by placing her hand on his. "You'll give her a reason to destroy this ship. Deities and Gods can't harm us without provocation."

Fatimah responded to the woman. "Renagog," she said, seemingly not bothered. Completely fearless. "Not interested. Will never be interested in what you offer."
Asmund laughed and leaned back in his chair. "I have no control over the properties of Dead Man's Isle. I would think that, as a deity, you would have access to the God who made the magic around the island. But..........."
Asmund leaned back in. "........A new coat? Granted." His eyes glowed and, in a flash of purple light, a coat appeared in his hand, the exact one Galdurr. He tossed it over to Galdurr. "I've seen you fight and since you're the silent type, we should get along fine. You'd serve as an excellent spearhead." Too bad he had attached to him an annoying deity who wasn't as mute as Galdurr was. "Who's next?"

Chen's introduction
Chen introduced himself next. He wanted some news and he asked some questions. Asmund's eyes glowed red and the shadow of his hand shifted. It jutted out and jumped up to form a bird. The bird was a complete silhouette. No eyes. No other color than the black of the shadow it came from. "You heard Chen. Get me some information. Double Time." With a loud multi-toned caw of acknowledgement, the bird few into a wall and disappeared. "In due time, my boy. Should the information come back in your favor, you will serve as an excellent Knight Piece."

Elaera's Introduction
Before he could answer Chen's question, Elaera raised her hand to speak. "I'll answer your question in a second, Chen." When Elaera started to speak, Asmund listened. She was quite nervous and obviously shy, to the point where Asmund's poker face cracked a smile looking at her. Something about this big-ass orc girl fluttering about like she's never spoken to a group bigger than the companions she was currently with. "You really need to relax, Elaera. We're not gonna kill you." He did hear her mention a big axe specifically. However, she spoke in cryptics. "You know, Elaera," the angel said to Elaera suddenly. "If you want a big axe, we can gift you a big axe. If either of you want your weapon repaired, we can repair it. Just ask." If they wanted a new weapon of that type, they can get it. If they wanted to keep the weapon(s) they CURRENTLY had, he could repair it. "Matthew 21:22- And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith."

Fergie's Introduction
Fergie and Chen were definitely the most normal of the group and, while Chen edged her out at the very end of the day, Fergie did have that old style charm about her. "Given your prosthetic, you obviously can't be on the frontline."
"If I may, captain," Fatimah said, and took over speaking with a nod of approval. "The prosthetic......well the magic in the prosthetic is quite peculiar. A connection to the earth too strong to be ignored. However, your magic is currently weak. You do have a favor to ask of the captain. With that favor, I can restore your magic to you. We can also replace your leg, but that's more in the captain's domain." Nothing piqued the woman's interest or put a twinkle in her eye more than the subject of magic, especially magic that was less than traditional.

Asmund looked at the group here. A good group.........hopefully. "Before I answer your question, Chen, I must ask everyone........." He held his hands out openly. "Anyone want anything else? Another favor for those who haven't asked one of me yet? Any of you want new weapons? Want your weaponry repaired?" If they wanted to walk around with blunt, damaged, or decaying weaponry or waterlogged firearms, they could be his guest. Less work for him. "If none of you have anything, I will answer Chen's question as to the mission of this vessel. You all need to hear it."
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The Lone Athgari
“I don’t associate with the filter feeders.” Renagog said with a scoff. “Only the weak rely on the council of their lessers.” She turned, looking at Galdurr who stared at the coat with a strange look on his face. As he put it on he looked up at Adonis. “There. See? Better. Remember how loose a term Provocation is, my pet. tell me thank you for asking for your coat back.”

Galdurr’s jaw tightened as he looked at the woman. Another tense moment shared between them before he did as she asked, silently thanking the woman. Of course no one could hear it. But it sated Renagog and she patted him on the cheek.

“I’ve got my eyes on you, Galdurr. Don’t stray to far again. I won’t be so forgiving next time.”

As the woman returned to stand below the inky black portal she gave them a wave, turning to examine the companions that Galdurr had come upon the ship with. “Shouldn’t stay with your silent friend. He will drag you into his abyss, and leave you there to rot. Spearhead indeed.” Renagog smiled as the inky portal consumed her, a pillar of blackness dropping over her like a shadow cast behind a large object and then disappearing, leaving them with the unspeaking man once more.

Galdurr had barely been able to register what had happened. Though the captains words snapped him back to reality. He had about a hundred questions to ask about the captain’s abilities, though perhaps he would save them for a later time. He gave Galdurr his coat back, down to the golden button inscribed with the letters of the three lost crew members of the Black Serpent. He narrowed his eyes. Perhaps the captain could return the magic to his blade...and then to what end? So he could fail at killing Renagog again? The blade wasn’t powerful enough. But Galdurr’s ire for the woman was. So he approached the table and drew his silver ornate blade, placing it Before the members and Adonis. He didn’t bother saying anything through Elaera. Galdurr didn’t feel like speaking, and the look upon his face showed as much. A stern and hard look that might of came across as hostility if he had placed his gaze on a pitiful at person. Galdurr didn’t though. He just stepped back and stared at the ceiling, a silent sigh escaping him as the chill brought on by the woman who cursed him slowly faded.

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One more heist
Watching the supernatural bird wing off, Chen breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that information about his brothers was sure to come soon. Not wanting to appear particularly needy, he looked at the others. He was ready to hear Adonis's answer to his question, but the matter of favors came to his attention. If his request for information counted as a favor, he still had one left. The first thing that came to his mind was the replenishing of his defensive magic. It made fighting a lot easier if he knew he could blunt damage, but he reasoned with himself, knowing that he could train the spell back up on his own. It would involve a lot of physical abuse, but he'd done it before, and was fairly certain he could do it again. With the help of others, of course.

New clothes? He had never been one for fancy dressing; the ones he had worked just fine. Money? Ew. That stuff had a habit of poisoning everything it touched.

As he was deciding, Chen watched as Galdurr stepped forward, placing his Cutlass on the table with a gentle clink of metal on wood. The action got Chen thinking. It wouldn't hurt to refit his weapons. A couple of the sailors he'd sailed with before had enchanted their weapons to increase their combat utility. Bajie, The Stone Monkey's jolly quartermaster, had owned a magic staff that could grow or shrink at command. Chen had never tried infusing his weapons with magic before, but it wouldn't hurt to try asking.

Stepping forward, Chen drew his broadsword with a gentle rasp and carefully placed it besides Galdurr's fancier weapon. Looking over to see if the white haired pirate was going to dictate anything, Chen saw that the man was staying silent, watching the ceiling. It looked like he was free to speak. Addressing Adonis and his crew members, Chen made his second request after taking a deep breath.

"Would it be possible for me to get my weapon enchanted? I don't need anything fancy; if it helps me break my, or our, enemies faster, I'm all for it."

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Asmund Adonis
Navigation Room

"Enchants for both your weapons. These are both of your final requests. Granted." The pirate captain grabbed the weapons, one in each hand, and his eyes glowed once again. The weapons began to glow brightly, but soon petered out. Adonis slid the weapons back to them. "Go ahead."

(I'll let you two choose the enchant since you didn't specify. Just be sure it's not some super OP insta-kill enchant. If it's strong, it needs either activation conditions or a weakness.)
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Chen's News

A squawk and something familiar entered the room. "Here's the news you desire, Chen," Adonis said as the shadow bird landed in his hands. It dissolved. "Brother......." Adonis started. He leaned forward. "You have many siblings. 11 older siblings? 3 adoptive siblings: Jiang, Cho, and Sao. After the Monkey's Fist went down, all 3 of your adoptive brothers managed to be picked up by a cargo ship. A familiar cargo ship named the SS Xia. Apparently you're all known by that ship's crew." So a guardian angel was watching over them and kept them ALL from dying.

"While YOU weren't found and ended up in this world's Gulag, your brothers worked on that ship in exchange for hitching a ride back to your homeland. Cho........is now working on the SS Xia as an official ship hand and bodyguard, under the Xiamen Escort Agency. The other 2 are groundbound back in your homeland. Jian now spends his days managing a tavern, the Tiger's Claw Inn. Sao is part of a guild, the Xuansu Sect." All of those locations were fairly consistent with the city the former street urchins lived in and, considering the fact that Adonis just gave some information about Chen's OTHER siblings, where the bird got the information from was.......legit and believable, but also mysterious, though he has already shown that he dabbles in some dark stuff.

Asmund sighed. "There you go. Your brothers are alive and well, though it seems like you being dragged under made them realize that the pirate's life isn't for them." He shrugged. "Unless they can sense magic or have heard of Dead Man's Isle.........." an actually common story amongst pirates. Whether or not believe it is up to the individual. ".......they most likely believe you to be dead." Whether or not Chen wants to show himself to his brothers was now under Adonis's control as that was Chen's last favor. Now if he wanted to see his brothers, he'd have to wait until the ship ended up docked at the closest city to them.........or encounter Cho's cargo ship which worked for the shipping company in Xiamen
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"Now for Chen's Question........"

Answering Chen's Question
He spoke to all in the room. It was pertinent for all to hear. "I'm not gonna moral grandstand about my crew. However, we do have standards. I don't want government bounties on my head, so breaking the law is gonna get you no assistance from me." If someone committed a grand crime, they were gonna end up getting disowned. Asmund wasn't gonna be breaking anyone out of prison. "While I won't pick on the weak, I'm not gonna be breaking up any fights. I don't take slaves, I don't take those who want slaves. No rapists either."

The angel spoke. "As a victim of sexual befoulment, I take great pleasure in beating rapists to a pulp........and even greater pleasure in killing those who do it to children. Violence against innocents is one of my Provocation conditions." Some pirate crews are notorious for the slave trade, raping and pillaging. Asmund wasn't interested. He doesn't pillage innocent towns/villages. Only other ships. "I'll liberate slaves if I encounter them and get them to dock like I did with you lot, but I'm not exactly hunting down slave ships unless someone approaches me with a damn good reason why I should." He rubbed his fingers together, symbolizing money being the reason

Asmund leaned back. "The mission of this vessel and my others is multiple. Mercenaries, Treasure hunters, relic hunters, myth hunters. If we're paid to engage in naval warfare, we got it. If we need to deliver or steal cargo, we got it. If we need to hunt down some wretch and drag them in, we got it. If we need to smuggle someone or something in, we got it." In their free time, they tracked treasures, relics, and myths. They did take missions though. "We don't just sail the seas though. The things we look for aren't always found in the seas. We sail the sands, the snow, the skies. We get subterraneous and subaquatic if we need to." There are only so many things that can be accessed from the sea.

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Fergie allowed her tensing muscles relief when Galdurr's tormentor slithered up into the portal from which she came. That woman gave her the creeps. She pitied the man who had gotten himself entangled within her coils; though admittedly, she couldn't help but be impressed. To challenge a god in her own domain? He either had to be stupidly brave, or just plain stupid.

Though she no longer felt a magnetic pull towards her weapons, she still stood tall and straight, maintaining a solid posture to combat the urge to fidget in her growing anticipation. This was nearly chucked out of the porthole when the captain gave his reply, and hands squeezed into white-knuckled fists at her sides. "Obviously" couldn't fight frontlines? What, was he calling her a liar? After just-- well, okay, maybe her display on the island had been less than impressive. Skirting around the edges of the skirmish and rolling onto the sand every time her damn leg gave out hadn't been a flattering look for her. But dammit! Just the simple fact that she pulled out of that mess relatively unscathed, and none the worse for wear, you'd think he had the sense to figure--!

Swallow it, Fergie.

It left a bitter taste in the back of her throat, but acting like a prideful idiot in front of the captain-- and the one who had the good will to rescue them, no less-- would just shoot her in the foot. Metaphorically speaking, that is. Literally, it was tempting, since the stupid thing wouldn't stop its damned twitching. Instead, hiding her clenching hands into her pockets, she listened to what Fatimah had to say. By the time she had finished, that anger that flickered in her eyes died to a sober curiosity.

Magic restoration? As tempting as it was to decline the offer, knowing that her connections would strengthen with time, it would have been stupid to do as such. She wasn't laying about in the beating sun, waiting the aimless days away anymore. Balance was crucial on any ship, let alone one that would no doubt frequently find herself in the thick of battles, storms, seabeast attacks, and gods know what else. If she wanted to be a good asset to this crew, she needed to be shipworthy now, before she could stumble all over the deck and make a bigger fool of herself.

Decided, she was quick to answer, "Magic I'll accept. But--" she patted the limb in question, "I won't be givin' up on this ol' thing. She's served me too well o'er the years to let 'er go that easy." That escapade on Sea Dogs' Isle had been an outlier event. As well as the slip that had thrown her off the longboat before it capsized on her. And all the times that she'd drank. In other words, those were just good memories they had together, and she would be remiss to throw all that away for a shiny new toy.

Chen's question had been one Fergie was wondering herself, though she felt no need to voice this. What more had there been to ask? Did the crew have standards to abide by, or was it just a free-for-all? Given the impression she had of them so far, she ventured to guess they had a code-of-conduct she could get behind. And she'd been right. An outright ban of unsavory practices, without the need to boast a standing on high moral ground? Perhaps these folks weren't as hoity-toity as she believed. But while that didn't surprise her, a pang in her heart made her jolt from her thoughts.

Treasure, relics, myths? A hunt to uncover all three? She was reminded of a creaky ship's rocking with the waves, her captain's weathered hand pointing towards a distant island marked in his dusty maps. That old fool thought he could uncover all of the world's secrets, didn't he? She found herself smiling at the memory. Maybe he would, someday.

She wiped that smile off her face . It would be a day she could never witness.

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The Lone Athgari
Galdurr took up his weapon as he listened to Adonis speak to Chen. The blade held its prismatic form once again, the inscription and detailing of the weapon slowly running the gambit of the rainbow before repeating on itself, until the entire blade was a slowly shifting of colors. The blade could absorb magic, and use said magic back against the foe that had deigned to use it in the first place. Galdurr had believed the blade would be enough to cut down Renagog. Turned out there was a limit to the amount of magic the weapon could absorb. A fraction of a fraction of a Goddess’ abilities turned out to be a little too much for the weapon, and the resulting explosion knocked Captain from his ship and into his current predicament. Now that the weapon was back in working order he had needed a new plan to deal with the woman. Killing a Goddess was an endeavor unfit for a blade of mundane materials, he decided. No matter how powerful they might be.

When Adonis began speaking of the ship and what the crew stood for Galdurr was happy to know that his previous thoughts of the well dressed pirates was sound. They weren’t ruffians, which seemed proper considering how this man held himself. In fact, they held themselves in the same way he conducted his own ship, the Black Serpent. Those they had a more pronounced goal, rather than simple spoils and riches. Perhaps if their goals were so loosely bound he might be able to convince them to find his own ship, and perchance the two of them could ally together to finish the task he started over a hundred and fifty years before hand. Though he wouldn’t start with that. He had accrued his favors, and before Galdurr asked a crew of strangers to assist him in revenge he would like to get to know them first.

Galdurr moves back to stand wit the others, standing beside Fergie. He looked up at her with a smile, the harsh effects that Renagog brought out of him finally fading away. As he sheathed the prismatic blade he looked at the other two with him, Chen and Elaera, before turning his gaze to the captain and his most trusted. Galdurr placed a hand on the basket of his weapon. His weapon and coat restored, now all he needed was a fresh set of actual clothes and he would be ready to serve this captain. A strange though, for the silent man. He had always been at the head of power. It might take him some getting used to. Following orders instead of giving them?


I'm not crazy. My reality is just different
Asmund Adonis
Navigation Room

"You're all part of my crew now, since I granted your wishes. Welcome aboard, we have much to accomplish

(Time Skip)

How Do You Drain Water From The Ocean?
Time: 0700
Weather: Cloudy, 65 degrees

Days after bringing them aboard the Adonis Crew, the ship set out for the treasure in question. Asmund sat up, his head pounding from a hangover. His water mages made excellent brewers and could make drinks that would put one flat on their respective asses. "Ugggghhh......." He was groggy. Last night was a haze, as there was a drinking game going around to rid themselves of ale stolen the ship they plundered that same day. He defended himself that night.

He grabbed a map and moved towards his seer's chambers. She was quite the early bird and opened the door right before he knocked. Before he even asked, she waved her hand across his face and much of his hangover felt like it was gone, it wasn't. She just suppressed the symptoms a bit, something she was very used to doing at this point. "Thank you, Wisawa. What did you do last night?"
She gave a smirk. "While you were getting wasted, I was busy tracking the path and before I went to rest, I gave your Night Hand the path. We're about another day's out at this same rate." The look she gave him asked him where he would be without her there.
"Guess I'll bring the night team in then."

A loud alarm rang out over the ship. Those out on the deck gave sighs of relief. Pulling all-nighters and being unable to get wasted with them wasn't fun but it was their job. Now needing sleep, they receded into the ship to head back into their rooms. The rest were to report to the deck. Given that he always did roll call to ensure that 1) no one decided to sleep in and 2) everyone was alive, no one would be overlooked.

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While the ship's captain was relatively free of alcohol's bitter aftertaste numbing his skull, Fergie was not so fortunate.

"Gods amidst..." Her arm snaked underneath her pillow, the throbbing of her temple well defined under her fingers. Had the bells woken her, or was that just the ringing in her ears? Hell if she knew. "L-... Lucy...?" Her other arm flopped across the hammock in search of-- "Ah, there ye are." It felt like a maelstrom had opened up in her head when she sat up, but setting her hat over its rightful place nestled her in a comfort to confront it. Maybe she could step down without her leg buckling underneath?

"Can't remember a bloody thing last nIGHT--!"


Stumbling on deck before roll call didn't bring the same looks as it had the first few days. She was far from the only freak aboard, and the novelty of seeing some cryptic-looking half-elf tower above most heads was sure to wear off sooner than later. No, this morning she was getting looks of different sort entirely. Why was that asshole hiding a smirk behind his hand?

"The fuck 'r ye gawkin' at, bilge-rat?" Oh shit, did she forget her pants again?

The bilge-rat in question let out a snicker, barely muffled by his hand. "Blacked out again, Ferg?"

Oh thank the gods, she didn't forget. Her pants. She forgot something more trivial this time. "Eh, there was this... game..." She dared let hope lift her back from a hunch. "Did I win?"

He wasn't even bothering to restrain his laughter now. "Ha! After one tankard? Chance a guess!"

"Ey! I'm no bloody lightweight!" She lifted her hands to adjust her hat, casting a shadow over her face to block those damned morning rays from assaulting her eyes. "Just fell out of the habit on the isle. Lost me tolerance."

"Aye, an' ye didn't fall overboard after halfway through yer cup, either!"

Ah, that explained the seaweed in her sleeves. "Shut up, you."


I'm not crazy. My reality is just different
Captain Asmund Adonis

"Oi, Ferg," Adonis said upon hearing her talk about the game. He approached her with a smirk. "I know you thought you could take me on in drinking last night, but I didn't know you wanted to go back to Dead Man's Isle." Adonis ended up having to save her after she threw her own ass overboard last night. He didn't know if it was purposeful, but it was definitely an emergency. "You drink like an aristocratic virgin." That gave off loud guffaws from some of the other crewmates. Drinking games were, of course, pretty much broadcast to the rest of the crew. Fergie's loss and her embarrassing sea drinking wouldn't be lived down until she redeemed herself by besting someone with at least a tankard downed.

"You still owe me, too. You bet a bottle of fine wine that you could best me," Adonis said smugly.
"You drunk! Get your ass to the front and do this roll call." The gun sounded off from his hip, its eyes flashing red with every word
Adonis looked down at his gun. "Shut the fuck up, Semira!" he yelled at it. As reliable as that gun was, Semira was constantly hangry. It only got docile when it was full with blood. It wasn't because it cost blood to cost spells from her.
"Remember the bet, Ferg. If you can't pay up, you'll be taking on a special role when we go find this treasure."
The word "treasure" sent some of the crew into a joyful frenzy. They were on the trail

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Oh shit.

The words almost left her mouth, but if they had, at least they would have been fitting. She'd challenged the godsdamned captain? Fergie hadn't just flown towards the sun and got burned. She'd grabbed a fist-full of feathers, hoping they would carry her into the air as she jumped, only for them to fail giving her so much as an inch of lift before she plummeted directly into the sea. It was hilarious to everyone else-- if not a little inconveniencing, given that they'd needed to save her ass from drowning-- but with herself being the idiot who did it, she was nothing short of humiliated.

But like hell she was going to let them know that.

"Tch. Fair 'nough." Her admittance to defeat should have demonstrated that she definitely didn't care at all what they thought. Probably. Hopefully. She would have to continue tweaking the angle of her hat so its shadow would mask how dark of a green her face was turning. "Aristocratic virgin"-- bloody-- piss off! Bastard's lucky I've got the sense not to try an' kick 'is arse. But she didn't have the sense to not challenge him to a drinking game, apparently.

While the mere mentioning of treasure sent the ship abuzz, Fergie found her mind lingering on a different set of words. "Special role"? Christ, what did he have planned for her now? Dare she even try to wonder? She was already dubbed Dumbass of the Week with last night's water sport stunt, so she sure as hell didn't want to be dubbed Dumbass of the Month on top of that. But where in the seven seas was she going to find a bottle of fine wine? That was a stupid question, any number of merchant vessels they'd intercept was likely to have some high-end, hoity-toity variant of such a basic beverage. The better question was how? She couldn't begin to decipher the difference between cheap wine and a 1628 vintage aged in barrels made from enchanted dryad wood with grapes fertilized by unicorn sharts, or whatever the fuck. And it probably didn't help that she could barely bloody read.

For a pirate captain throwing around "aristocrat" like an insult-- as it damn well deserved to be-- Adonis sure was a finicky fucker when it came to his alcohol.

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