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Futuristic [Archived] VOIB 1.5

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A science fantasy roleplay taking place in a world called Empyria.


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Chapter 0. Prologue
  • Serobliss

    Kara Lazuli / Female / Unknown

    Vigilante Data Collector
    Chapter 0. Prologue | 131st Street, Seraphiel City, Aucteraden
    Cerberus understood the dangers that came with the operation given to her by the directorate. The probability of death loomed over her shoulders like weights, knowing that a single mistake or unintentional sound could alert the hostiles, which would inevitably end with her capture and cause the entire operation to collapse. A single blunder could cost her life, and the thought of it had sent shivers down her spine.

    Most would ask why a girl of her talents and age dives into trouble so willingly. It was an earnest question that many had asked her. From family to past associates that attempted to stop her addiction of searching for danger, all had tried to convince her that the life of an independent vigilante would end with shackles chained to her wrist, and have her freedom stripped away by the ruthless system that was the law. An obvious result, as it should have been.

    But all it took was the realization of boredom and the eternal question that was the meaning of life. To be born into a higher working-class family, experiencing casual childhood that any other people would dream of having, and the nail in the coffin—the inevitable and mundane future of following the footsteps of her successful parents.

    Cerberus shivered at the thought of the alternative future that was formerly offered to her. How anyone could find the casual lifestyle of the Empyrian dream enjoyable was beyond her understanding. As an Exhelian limited of her time on Agartha, was it so wrong to desire the bliss of an exciting adrenaline rush, by voluntarily being involved with the sweet drama of Empyrian law enforcement? Surely, there has to be someone that recognizes her decision to chase the adrenaline rather than to endlessly crawl the banality of the social ladder?

    In the midst of the endless internal monologue, the data collector found herself staring blankly at the wall, despite the percentage bar on the device reaching the maximum width.

    She had realized her lousy mistake too late, already behind schedule for the first time since her debut into the world of decryption. She blinked in rapid succession to wake herself up, embarrassed of her honest mistake. "Ah... Shit," she muttered silently in response to her stupidity and promptly shoved her work devices back into her bag, leaving only a single device to be held in her hand.

    The data she had collected from the building console was now kept firmly inside her apparatus. Without delay, she sent the decrypted data to the leader of the team, Commander Remiel, and pocketed the equipment to now begin her escape from the hostile environment infested with agents of the syndicate.

    She recalled the floor that she was currently residing on—105, as the proof was coincidentally painted on one of the walls. Then she routed her escape plan onto her other equipment and began her daring venture the outside, taking light steps as she avoided all possible red zones, stealthily leaving no traces of her intrusion. All she required was to reach the 60th floor without trouble. As the building was occupied by multiple corporations and entities, enemy presence was bound only to the floors belonging to the syndicate. Like she had done before, Cerberus continued forward to freedom, and allowed no additional mistakes to put a dent on her resume.

    But even for the professional data thief, miscalculations were common in this field of career. Before being able to process the fatal mistake, the silver-haired girl bared witness to an explosive charge behind the exit she was attempting to reach, leaving nothing but burning debris and smoke to fill the room, as Cerberus herself was caught off guard.

    Luckily, she was far enough from the exit to have experienced fatal injuries other than a faint scratch on her face. Her clothes were covered with dust and debris particles, but that was the last bit of her worries, as the masked agents from the other side of the door began to search the dust-filled room, their rifles aiming at the silhouette of the intruder behind the dust.

    Cerberus wasted no time and recovered back on their feet, and activated her self-covering mask to shelter her identity from the syndicate forces. Whether or not it was too late to protect her face from being revealed, Cerberus equipped her pistol and aimed directly at the heart of the agents, and fired her shots without hesitation.

    The gunfight lasted not a second, as the third shot was met with flames hurling towards her, severely injuring the girl, and launched her to the wall—critically damaging her internal organs on impact.

    Blood leaked from her mouth, as a response to her body receiving damages requiring immediate medical attention. She groaned, clutching her wounds behind the burnt vest, that was made with materials that should have normally nullified all pyromantic abilities from being able to reach the wearer. How the firebolt was able to pierce through the enchanted vest was beyond her understanding, but from how strong the flames were, it was obvious to any that she was not dealing with the average pyromancer, but rather, someone who could use empyromancy.

    Out of options and unable to operate, Cerberus prepared for the worst and gritted her teeth, wondering if her early daydreams were a sign of the incoming fate.

    Lucian Asher / Male / 31

    Fifth of the Kaiser Knights.
    131st Street, Seraphiel City, Aucteraden
    However, as the sound of footsteps closed in at Cerberus' location, her most desperate moments were answered by a man who she was already familiar with—the Kaiser Knight Lucael, one of the operatives belonging to the Imperial Security Directorate and the investigation team formed by the Collbrande of Aucteraden under the imperial decree. Like a soldier fitting to be called a knight, he swiftly advanced towards the action and briefly clashed swords with his energy blade against the blazing steel sword held by the mysterious individual, and landed near the injured girl.

    "Gah. It looks like we're late to the invitation." Lucael clicked his teeth, not being able to make it in time before the deliberate trap was triggered. Understanding the time limit on the girl's llife, Lucael pressed onto his tactical earpiece and spoke, "Pixie, I'm going to need you to come towards the 61st floor immediately. Bring the team, let the backup deal with the evacuation."

    "Chief, I found the suspected target. I'll have Pixie care for Cerberus while I stall the target until the team's arrival." With that said, Lucael turned focused his attention back on the silhouette behind the smoke, and cracked a smile. "And so the rumored Sanguinum problem child found their way to the City of Opportunity. If only your family was still of the Collbrande nobility, I would be here calling you Lady Feuersturm... Fortunately, that isn't the case."

    Lucael raised his energy blade and readied his stance. The Exousiarch mark on his back expanded nearing his wrist and neck, granting him the necessary power to go against the rogue noble. With the preparations ready, Lucael took the first step and dashed into his enemy, causing a gush of wind to blow the dust away to reveal the face of the target.

    Their brilliant, crimson sword blazing with combusting flames clashed against his empowered energy blade, his Exousiarch giving him enough resistance to withstand the heat radiating from the heirloom saber. No normal commoner would be able to withstand the heat, and that was the fact that he could gather from his first swing. It was a miracle that Cerberus could survive direct impact, thanks to her magically enchanted vest, but even a high-grade defensive gear wasn't enough to face off against a sword fabled with a legend.

    The skirmish came to an end after several minutes of clashing, as Lucael was quick to realize that his skills were not enough to match against the Feuersturm might. As his Exousiarch was still maturing, the heat-resistant passive it granted the wielder could only do so much to protect him from third-degree burns caused by empyromantic flames.

    Luckily, as exhaustion was starting to get the better of the knight, the aid that was called forth was imminent.
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    Chapter 1. The Formation
  • Serobliss

    Lady Bismarck
    Evelyn von Bismarck / Female / 26

    Collbrande of Elesrith
    Chapter 1. The Formation | Grand Alcazar von Bismarck, Imperius, Elesrith
    The indoctrinated soldiers of the great Empyrian Empire all knew the Philosophy of Valor, as it is the driving force of those who choose to serve their grand nation. As such, the empire's first economical plannings heavily influenced the growth of its military forces, introducing multiple doctrines to ensure the loyalty of its soldiers and the ultimate agenda of the Empyrian supremacy.

    It is simply what Empyria strives to become for the next centuries of its towering existence. To expand their will and persuade the other worlds of the shared galaxy, simultaneously warning them of the impending doom if they dare raise their swords against the empire and to follow the general law of the Aeterna Imperium, written and introduced by the First Empress Eleanor to assure the eternal existence of her great nation.

    To follow and safeguard the heavenly words written in the Aeterna Imperium, was the primary responsibility tasked to the Collbrandes of Ophelia since the beginning of the Empyrian sovereignty. And to break their oath was the most treasonous crime one could commit against their beautiful empire. That is how Evelyn von Bismarck saw her sacred duties as the leading individual of the prestigious Collbrandes. The immovable force that was the Bismarck name, together with the title as the Collbrande of Elesrith, she would allow none to corrupt the empire, even if it meant having to turn against the members of your bloodline and especially those who used their surname to commit crimes against the Empyrian glory.

    Her rage could be felt through her blank expression. The silent, blazing aura she emitted when discussing the crucial developments of the world with the Collbrande of Aucteraden and Anteräs, was not to be taken lightly, as it secured her involvement with their future plans to form a team of capable fighters and detectives to combat the unlawful group that was the Arcalion Syndicate. The fifteen Vanguards of Imperius, beloved and cherished by the Collbrande of Elesrith, understood their next priorities during their active duty as the bodyguards for their master.

    "The Vanguards will cooperate with the Kaiser Knights and combine forces with the Imperial Security Directorate to ensure the end of the underworld's reign, as we have always done."

    The Collbrande's words remained true. In honor of the triumvirate agreement, the Bismarck nobility selected four of her fifteen trusted vanguards and prepared to have them sent to the western provinces to join the effort to exterminate the criminal conglomerate. With their hours limited on the golden province, leading the force was the first of its command tree—Saranna Virelius, formally known as simply, Siesta.

    Upon their arrival to the balcony of the estate, the Vanguards would greet and respect the distance between their Herrscher, kneeling before the Collbrande as Siesta announced the last of their preparations.

    Evelyn viewed the scenery without much attention to her noble soldiers, allowing her blonde hair to be seen breezing against the soft wind, highlighting the beauty of her composure. The occasional sip from her scarlet wine in between her tapping fingers on the glass table suggested that she was deciding to be mindful of her next words, carefully constructing what needs to be said to make certain that only favorable news would return from their journey to the west.

    As the clock reached its second hour of the afternoon, the repetitive tapping stopped, and only the silence of the wind accompanied the atmosphere until the Collbrande's next words.

    "I suspect that someone of tied affiliation will attempt to sabotage the forces organized by the western Collbrandes. Perhaps the individual will be among your new teammates, or will surely join the forces when their time is right. No matter how deep you find yourselves involved with the group, I will leave one piece of advice to ensure that you understand my desires."

    "Trust absolutely no one. Return from the operation the moment you suspect that the [Order of Eden] is involved with the syndicate. From that point onward, I shall personally wreak havoc against those responsible."

    Khocolatte Khocolatte (Siesta), kasigi kasigi (Grimoire), The One Eyed Bandit The One Eyed Bandit (Klauss), Paltajayd Paltajayd (Fleur)

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    Chapter 2. Hammer and Anvil
  • Panther

    I thonk, therefore I am

    Thessia Tyrren / Female / 40

    The Shadow Huntress
    Luminarium Underground Armory, Seraphiel, Aucteraden
    It was already mid-day with nightfall nigh on the day after the first assembly and meeting of the team at one of the Kaiser Knights’ private properties. Remiel’s assurances of quick action would hold true as earlier in the morning, everyone in the team would get a message blast from an unknown number that seemed to pose as an ordinary restaurant handing out a promo but of course would just be a front for Remiel to call for another meeting in the Kaiser Knight Order’s home turf as per Lucael’s recommendation in small talk after the whole matter at his private bar, they know all too well to not trust the provincial police and ISD enough to have a meeting in their buildings despite being more suitable. How their phone numbers were acquired is anyone’s guess but should be a no-brainer for those who operate on the more legal side of things as their contact information was a requirement for their workplaces and associates, and sometimes the law, to get a hold of them.

    Remiel was not the first in the meeting venue in spite of her calling for it amidst her day-to-day bustle and preparations. The venue being the Kaiser Knights’ home turf would mean that at least one other person would be there before her and the rest of the team who would later trickle into the meeting place bit by bit in the middle of small talk or silence as the commander quietly made her preparations alongside who else will or might want to give their piece during this meeting. Whether or not they were free to have a look around in the metallic room of such military qualities, stocked to the brim with weapons, armor, and other equipment while waiting was up to the custodians of the building. The team would notice that Remiel had pieces of armor covering parts of her get-up which seemed to be the same as her get-up the last time they met with a helmet meant to obscure her whole head resting on an armory table at the front, presumably the presentation area as a holographic projector along with a few holsters and sheathes full of firearms and an assortment of melee weapons, including her single-edge vibroblade katana, rested with the helmet, looks like the raid was tonight and the Ashen Ember will be giving a final briefing before everyone heads off into the fire.

    As soon as everyone was here, she wasted no time and stood up, calling the attention of everyone with her voice instead of her metallic sabatons, “Everyone.” The moment she caught everyone’s attention, she continues, “Since you’re all here, I’ll get to the point. The raid will occur in the next 3 standard hours and I will partially assume that you’re all already prepared with your gear and a heavy meal so let me get to the final briefing.” She switches on the projector showing a much more detailed layout of the port with colored surveillance photographs taken from the air using a drone that are much more recent, some of which proving that the intelligence she spoke of is correct about a major factor in the operation that the Ashen Ember gets to.

    “The Marauder and the lightly armored suspect are confirmed to be in the port according to these surveillance photographs. The general plan will remain unchanged where we will strike the port from four directions and surround the Syndicate with a few squads remaining behind to protect the entrances and to serve as reserves. Central team, remember your roles, we will serve as the main force that will strike the Syndicate while the flankers commit to the encirclement maneuver and the securing of the merchandise hidden in the warehouses and containers inside the port perimeter with the follow-up EOD teams. The randomness of it all will definitely peak during our engagement with these two so be prepared for anything. I’ve procured a degree of support from the air in the form of surveillance drones and helicopter snipers and gunners that will act as our battlefield eyes and early warning for any responders from outside that the Syndicate will send our way during the operation, to the greatest extent, the latter will serve as close air support. Better-equipped tactical teams with heavy infantry weapons have also been allowed so our law enforcement allies will not be coming in squad cars looking like your run-of-the-mill policemen but armored cars with tactical units with military-grade equipment and training inside. They’ve been vetted but not the least of our worries. Now…”

    Next, the special communicators that she mentioned in the previous meeting, for this, she points onto another table lined up with pairs of handheld devices that looked to be the more futuristic equivalent of burner cellphones and an earpiece communicator to go with it, the number of pairs is exactly the same as the number of members in the team, “Those will be the communications apparatus that we will be using throughout the operation and the time that we’re together as a team. Future message blasts or announcements will be on the burner phones that will be containing only my number and those of your teammates. Reminder that they are strictly business phones, very disposable once we’re done as well if you don't intend to return them. Calls, messages, and conversations through the phone and earpiece will be on a heavily encrypted frequency so don’t worry about unwanted eavesdroppers. Other, more secure means where no digital footprints are involved, of communication will involve old fashioned snail mail but those are going to be reserved for the most sensitive matters that can’t be discussed in a phone call or meeting.”

    Finally, the teammate that did not show themselves in the first meeting and opening the floor to questions, “As for your missing teammate, I’ve already informed Cerberus and another associate of Lord Liberalis’s who will be assisting us about the situation. They’re in the building so you should be meeting them shortly after they’re done with… whatever it is they’re doing. If you have any questions now, don’t hesitate to ask. Unless the questions in your mind are reserved for them.” She crosses her arms, waiting both for any questions and Cerberus who she was sure was in the building.

    GM // Serobliss Serobliss (Lucael, Cerberus, Saintalia) Khocolatte Khocolatte (Siesta)
    KKO // @Satella (Anthem) @pomme (Jammy) @Rielaix (Bethlehem) @Worthlessplebian (Breaker) @_Line 213 (Darklight)
    ISD // @StorybookParagon (Dove) @GasMaskie (Glint) @Ghostiiys (Guts) @Funnier President (Windshot)
    IOS // @Huntertabbysandshark3 (Zengren) @azenmannumber2 (Sterling) @simj22 (Pixie) @lunar_moth (Zenko)
    VOI // The One Eyed Bandit The One Eyed Bandit (Wayfarer) kasigi kasigi (Grimoire) Paltajayd Paltajayd (Fleur)


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