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Fantasy Archeflight CS


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FC (Drawn/Anime, or Realistic):
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download20220106133228.pngName: Indris Ailred Parlton.
Age: 22.
Gender: Male.
Sexuality: Gay.

Role: The Ice Prince.

FC (Drawn/Anime, or Realistic):

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beyond the wall
The Animal Whisperer

Name {in game}:
Aria Nightborne

Name {out of game}:
Tanaka Akari




The Animal Whisperer

Aria has the ability to speak to animals and read their thoughts, though she needs to be bonded to the creature to read them. She can take their senses and abilities and use them to her advantage. Whether granting her the night vision of a regular house cat, or the ability to grown wings and fly like a bird, Aria has lots of possibilities at her hand. This magic tends to be quite rare, and she often hides it. She doesn't have to worry much about creatures coming after her because of these abilities, and often fears humans more.

Tanaka Akari:
View attachment 891637

Aria Nightborne: FC is Cardia from Code:Realize.
View attachment 891641

Out of game
Akari is known for having a free spirit. She loves a challenge, and having fun, but also tends to quickly anger. She's a bit of an airhead at times, and she has little to no filter, but she does mean well. She's very confident in her abilities and head strong. She knows what she wants and how to get it, and likes to follow her own path. Despite this confidence, she does tend to be her own worst critic. If it isn't perfect, she finds every reason for it to be wrong, and critiques every little small detail until it is. She tends to be the exact opposite with other people though, sweet and gentle.

Her friends often describe her as, 'having her heads in the clouds' or, 'doing her best, needs to stop being so hard on herself'. Despite her being strong physically, mentally she is a bit weaker. She hates being outside for longer then she has to be, and gets anxious if she's in a crowded area. She got the nickname the 'walking contradiction' for these meshing personality traits. Since she tends to be loud and aggressive when angry, but then meek and shy when she's nervous.

She has a natural athletic ability, her parents being two former athletes, and has good reflexes, but lacks the ability to work out for more then two seconds before getting bored and wanting to go and play games again. Games are her happy place, and she uses them as a sort of escape from the stress of school.

In Game

Aria is quite the wild card for someone as headstrong and stubborn as Akari. Aria is quiet, shy, and timid. She's very, 'go with the flow' and doesn't like making decisions if someone else is involved. She's lived her life away from most people, so she tends to be a lot more nervous around them and finds them even more dangerous then animals, even if the animals have large fangs and claws. She tends to be a bit fidgety, since she's always been on the run from hunters, and tends to have a hard time trusting others from the start. Though the towns people call her, 'Snow White' since when she is in town, there's always birds, or other tiny creatures following after her.

But with Akari now having taken over as Aria, Aria has changed from the timid, shy personality, to someone a lot more confident and loud, who holds her ground and doesn't back down from any fight in front of her, even if it is smarter to just run away. Though she still hangs out in the woods more, she started coming into town, growing her confidence by playing her lute in the towns square, or going to the library to pick up a new book.

Out of Game

Born to two athletes, Akari was naturally also an athlete from a young age. She did martial arts, basketball, and even volleyball at one point, before she found Softball and fell in love with the sport. Her older brother by two years was a little different, he preferred video games and watching videos too sweating in a gym all day. He was what put her onto video games, and soon she was spending all her free time with him playing fighting games or random rpgs he had found.

Her school life was normal, though she did tend to get into a few fights because of her stubbornness, and she also once punched a vase in the office because her teacher was refusing to hear her side and only wanted to listen to the other girls. That, of course, didn't go down well with the school or her parents and she was suspended for a month from the Softball team and school. During that time her parents worked the hell out of her, making her run miles everyday and work out since she couldn't do any schooling. While they did believe her, and believed what the teacher did was also wrong, her punching a vase wasn't the correct way to fix the situation. They always taught her that violence was never an answer, despite her background in martial arts, she should only use it to defend herself.

Akari after that stopped getting into as many fights, though, one time she found out her friend was being bullied, and she dragged the girls out of the school by their hair like she had watched them do to her friend. It wasn't a big fight, the other girls weren't really fighters and preferred using intimidation, and Akari left with only a few bruises and cuts. The school ended up suspending her again, and her parents nearly shipped her off to her grandparents in the country so she could work on the farm. Nobody truly understood why she does the things she does, except for her best friend and brother. Her brother and her were always close from a young age, and consider each other best friends, so every time she got into a fight in school, her brother would be one of the first ones there to pull her away from the situation. Her best friend was also one of those helping her out, and always encouraged her to do whatever she wanted with her future.

Once college came around, Akari decided to go into Computer Science. Her love for games pushed her into doing it, and she ended up joining the College Softball team as their catcher. Though her few suspensions in High School gave them a lot of distrust with her.

When Archeflight was announced, Akari was excited. Her best friend would always tell her about otome's, so being able to try one, while also playing her favorite genre of RPG was exciting and new to her.

In Game
Aria was born in the small town of Aston on the border of the Sylvan Kingdom. She was a bit of a surprise, since neither of her parents had the magic she did. It was a bit of a shock when a two year old Aria was babbling with their family house cat Bun, and then a little cat tail appeared, mimicking Bun's own tail. Her parents were obviously not expecting this, of course they had heard about this kind of magic before, but it was incredibly rare especially because people hunted them for the ability to have pelts and horns.

They hid her after that, not bringing her out into town in fear she would see an animal and mimic it since she was a child and didn't understand what was wrong.

She was 8 years old when she first started walking into the forest. Her parents would watch her leave early morning and not come home until dinner with lots of stories of the creatures and adventures she had that day. She would often come home with a stray rabbit or a few birds before being yelled at to take them back to their homes.

Aria met Pip at 16. He was a newborn Tressym that she had found when venturing in the forest one afternoon. The tiny cat like creature was curled up, surrounded by monsters. Aria was terrified, it was just a baby, she couldn't just leave it, it couldn't fend for itself. She threw a rock into the bushes behind them, and while they were distracted trying to find the source of the noise, she swept up the baby in her arms. The creatures rounded on her, but upon noticing the familiar figure of the human girl who often stayed in the forest, and the girl who had once saved one of their own. They turned and fled, leaving Aria with the crying Tressym in her arms.

Her parents allowed her to nurse the baby back to health, since it looked like he was all alone and Tressym's weren't common at all in the area. As soon as Pip was strong enough, she would try and release him. Though, that never ended up happening because the two became best friends and Pip refused to leave her side.

At 18 she started traveling, wanting to meet all the creatures of Iyeatia. The one condition was that she would learn to protect herself, so Aria had taken up swordsmanship and martial arts. Once she got proficient enough, her parents allowed her to travel with the promise of writing. Pip travelled with her, and the two had the best time exploring the land. She had even met Jax, her fern hound. Jax had saved them from an encounter with some hunters, but the hound preferred to stay near his family and friends instead of traveling, so Aria only calls for him when she needs him.

Now at 21, Aria still explores, but she does spend lots of time in her hometown, reading books and playing her lute for the enjoyment of others (and some extra cash), and also does some herbology work at the local clinic since she isn't scared of venturing deep into the woods.
Likes: animals, gardening, sunsets, pastels, music, and reading.
Dislikes: yelling, crowds, hunters, fake people, loud noises, and thunderstorms.

* More of a hand to hand combat person, prefers her sword to anything from afar.
* Terrible cook, and a vegetarian.
* Terrified of the corruption.
* Wears a matching wooden pendant with her parents.
* Dragons are her favorite creatures, will talk about them for hours if you get her started.

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hands u poor traumatized meowmeows

choose him?


the shifter




etienne octavius sylvan








the crow, blue salvia

image cred.




To describe Etienne with one adjective, he is free-spirited.

The young prince finds the court stifling, collared to his eventual throne with a pretty gold chain as tight as the silk bow around his neck: pleasing others, accepting courtesies, and playing the game of politics. As the only child of the Sylvan royal family, he grew up with the weight of expectations of a nation and lineage. He cannot resent his privileged position and accepts the necessities and his prescribed duty– the well-being of the kingdom eventually rests on his shoulders after all– but that doesn’t mean Etienne will not go down screaming and crying.

Rather, the prince prefers to mingle among the common people, anonymous through his shapeshifting abilities. Etienne is known to disappear for days at a time, much to the chagrin of his preceptors. But the prince’s escapades are to the benefit of the latter, for he is always one step away from doubling over from stress.

On a separate note, Etienne is good-looking; it is a fact and he knows it. The prince is not shy about his face, taking great care to flaunt his best assets.

♡ Festivities, looking beautiful, adventure, dueling, poetry, and a good drink.
✗ Politics, unmannered people, kiss-ups.

Power: Etienne can shift into anyone and anything, as long as he has seen his target for more than five seconds– a perfect physical replication, though he must go through the trouble of dressing in the appropriate clothing. With this gift, he became a symbol of hope for the Sylvan kingdom’s future, a doted-on and coddled son, and perhaps unfairly treated as more idol than person.



Etienne has been lucky. His upbringing had been a happy one. Though his parents were a bit absent, tending to the needs of the kingdom, at least they offered their stern encouragement whenever possible. While they couldn’t provide him with their presence, they were particularly attentive in cultivating him into the next king.

Much of the family coffer has been dedicated to his education. As a result, Etienne is well educated and versed in subjects befitting a prince. History and culture? Of course. Trade and economies? Naturally. Literature and treaties? What title and which volume? How much effort he puts in applying his knowledge, and how said knowledge is applied, is another matter. One course of study he has never skipped is dueling, and he’s always looking for an opportunity to hone his skills.

On the matter of politics however, Etienne finds himself cynical. As an impressionable young boy, he found himself an admirer of Gerlan Sylvan, his ancestor and the Sylvan kingdom’s founder. Gerlan was his role model, the lofty dreams shared between Edred and him Etienne’s aspiration. But the more moons that passed, the young prince’s idolization soured. Who could blame the nature of a court in spoiling the idealism of a child? Nowadays, Etienne makes a habit of curling his lip. In his eyes, peace has become less an expectation and rather a porcelain plate teetering on a stiletto, one uncareful breath away from losing balance and shattering. And history is a string of conditions and decisions which have led to the fragile present. What if Gerlan had fought back against a corrupted Edred? If Gerlan did not meet Elm? If Edred had not arrived in time to save his friend?

Etienne is not above bad decisions– his adventures are sure examples– but when it really matters, he’d be damned if he doesn’t raise a hand to save his home.

Asides: i. ii. iii.



Relationships: [coming soon]

Gallery: i. ii. iii.

- the face he wears as Jonah, it belong to that of an old friend
- he is a lightweight and prone to spinning verses when drunk
- he keeps a silver dagger on him at all times, a beloved thing called Blanco

♡coded by uxie♡
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Paranoid Android
Roleplay Availability
Name: Aldarion Georgios Parlton
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Role: The Hot-head
Magic: A master wielder of fire magic Aldarion's flippant attitude stands in sharp contrast to level with which he has tamed the element's famed volatility allowing him to conjure and manipulate flames ranging in size from a candle light on each fingertip to a conflagration that could rival moderately sized dragon or at least a wyvern.

FC (Drawn/Anime, or Realistic):
Personality: A classic case of what happens when a younger son is raised with all the perks of the upper class while the responsibilities are loaded onto the elder in the name of grooming a leader Aldarion is a playboy who jokes with a touch of concealed bitterness that his biggest contribution to the kingdom is being scandalous to make his brother look better by comparison.

Ever treated with caution for his powers despite the work put into taming them he openly flaunts his status and abilities in flashy displays under a carefree attitude that belies the effort required to maintain control of his fire. While his devil-may-care attitude makes him quite wasteful it also allows him to be very charitable and forgiving of honest mistakes though he becomes short tempered when actively insulted.

History: One of the twin princes of Parlton the order of their birth was a well kept secret among the royal family for the first several years of their lives until their magical abilities became apparent, conveniently it then came out that Aldarion the wild child bearing fire magics reminiscent of those seen at the heart of darkness was the second prince while the calmer wielder of ice was the first and therefore heir to the throne. The vast majority of the citizenry were only too happy to accept such a narrative but rumours continue to rumble beneath the surface that Aldarion is in fact the eldest and true heir.

As the second prince Aldarion was left to watch as the lion's share of attention, responsibility and accompanying accolades were heaped on his brother while he was pushed into the background with only the occasional spared look to make sure he didn't burn down anything important. Seeking his own form of recognition Aldarion formed a sort of knights-errant group out of like minded nobility that took to travelling the land to slay monsters or put down bandits in between famously rowdy and expensive partying, later as commoners began to show interest in the ad hoc group Aldarion brought them together to form a still new but expanding adventurers guild with himself as it's chief patron.

Likes: Drink, music, falconry, spicy food
Dislikes: Rain, sailing, formality
Relationships: Indris Ailred Parlton - Twin brother

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Stitches and Patchwork

The Cheese Knees

Out of Game
Hisa Makino

Serena Abilith




The Goddess

Dream Magic
A secret ability of Serena’s, dream magic allows Serena to make anyone in close proximity fall asleep. She also has full manipulation of dreams, being able to enter the dreams of others through dream walking, manipulate those dreams, and even create one of her own, allowing her to peer into one’s subconscious and even manipulate them through their dreams. However, she must be in some state of unconscious to do so.

Out of Game


Before entering the game, Hisa was a friendly and intelligent but quiet and nervous young woman. Growing up lonely due to moving often and having overprotective parents, she is quite socially awkward. Thus, while she does her best to be polite and helpful to others, she can’t help but get easily nervous in social situations, overthinking the smallest things and anticipating the worst despite denying it to prevent others from being discomforted. This does lead to her being rather passive as she does all she can to not get someone irritated with her, especially seen in arguments where she is usually quick to agree despite her own thoughts or do her best to stay neutral, especially when it’s with people close to her, which can lead to her getting easily manipulated.

Hisa’s clumsiness certainly did not help this as she is slightly oblivious and, after having grown used to her parents often controlling her life, finds herself struggling to be independent and make decisions for herself, especially decisions that she feels confident with. Since entering college though, Hisa is working on it but does struggle with indecisiveness, naïveté, and getting easily distracted. Especially since, while she is intelligent, Hisa has a habit of hyper-fixating on her interests to an obsessive degree as she fails to notice things around her and walk right into accidents as a result as well as her tendency to let her curiosity get the best of her, often wandering straight into danger because of her curiosity. Nonetheless, she does appear to be surprisingly quite brave in the face of danger and usually does have a plan in these cases, even if sometimes they are last minute.

Nonetheless, Hisa is a passionate and energetic young lady who has quite an impressive intellect, being rather resourceful, intuitive, and witty in times of crisis, and always seeming able to make the grade. Being an intellectual, Hisa loves exploring everything and anything and is often seen taking notes and questioning everything about something that catches her interest as she seems to find wonder in just about anything. She gets easily riled up by her passions and often has energetic outbursts when one of them is discussed. However, sometimes her curiosity and energy can cause Hisa to come off as a bit too intense, forward, and sometimes nosy during these outbursts, so she often tends to try and restrain herself to not intimidate others due to past experiences and advice from her parents. Nonetheless, Hisa finds solace with these interests, being a bit of an escapist, especially with visual novels, as she can’t help but long to be part of that fantastical world. Where magic and miracles exist, she’s the hero, and interacting with others just felt easier thanks to how these games are structured.

Upon entering Archeflight, Hisa, now Serena, finds herself swept up by excitement by her fantasy coming true. Thus, she is much more openly energetic and passionate, often being seen brimming with excitement as she tries to enjoy all this new world has to offer with her curiosity only intensified. She also is shown to be a bit more confident in her social skills thanks to her experience with otomes, which she initially believes would make interacting with these characters a bit easier. However, her status as the Goddess does lead to some stress as she often gets more attention than she’s used to, and with her naïveté and passivity, this can lead to her getting into trouble. It does not help that her in-game father, similar to her real parents, is similarly slightly overprotective of her due to her magic. Nonetheless, Hisa tries to ignore the negatives and focus more on the positives, leading her to be a positive ball of energy for others. However, with Hisa embracing her situation as her fantasy, she is a bit ignorant and in-denial about the more negative aspects of her circumstances such as the fact she can’t just rely on her video game knowledge here with there being no way to undo her actions and the possibility she may never return home and maybe even die here.

Out of Game

Serena was born in a village on the outskirts of Parlton Kingdom that served as a secret haven for all those with types of magic that led to them being ostracized. And despite being born to two non-magical individuals (specifically a hunter and a healer within the village), Serena was born with dream magic which appeared early on, much to the delight of her mother who was quite a magic enthusiast. Her father… no so much, as despite living in a magic-friendly environment, he had begun to notice that the kingdom had begun to suspect the village of housing magic users. Not to mention, there happened to be sightings of a cult made up of followers of Cedonia and Arwen, believing that only through the destruction that the world can rebuild itself, happened to be sighted nearby.

This all culminated in the invasion and destruction of the village when Serena was just five years old. Her parents barely escaped with enough supplies to allow them to find refuge within the wilderness for a bit. Yet Serena’s mother did not handle the loss of her home well, both due to her connection and love of magic. And she wished for revenge. Meanwhile, Serena’s father, shaken by the loss of his home and almost losing his family, just desired a peaceful life. This led to Serena’s parents beginning to disagree frequently as Serena’s father attempted to keep his family out of trouble at all costs as he attempted to have Serena suppress her magic and move away from the village at all costs. Meanwhile, her mother, in deep despair, insisted on returning to see at least if there was some remnant of the magic that filled the area and encouraged Serena to use her magic and develop it. She even began expressing thoughts of using Serena and her abilities to enact revenge on the people who tore away their home from them, manipulating them through their dreams.

Afraid as his wife seemed to lose herself to this madness and see their daughter as more of a weapon than a child, one night after a few weeks since the invasion, the two decided to have a conversation a distance away from where Serena was sleeping. Unfortunately, unable to compromise, Serena’s mother lost herself to her madness and anger, and, refusing to allow anyone in her way, even if it may be her husband, she attacked him. Caught off guard, Serena’s father was quick to defend himself but wounded Serena’s mother and, unable to trust her around Serena but not being able to bring himself to finish the job, left her for dead. He had he and Serena move deeper into the forest that night, refusing to explain what happened to her mother and the reasoning behind his actions. It was only until a few years later that he lied, saying he and his mother were attempting to discuss their plans for the future and were ambushed by thieves. And that was the reason Serena’s mother died. And that was the reason they ran.

Despite the tragedies they endured, Serena and her father thankfully managed to get by on the road as her father began hunting and exchanging his catches for shelter and anything else he could attain at any place they could find. This lasted for a year until the two stumbled upon a small abandoned cabin close to the center of the kingdom itself, tucked away in the wilderness but close enough to a source of supplies and food.

Together they made a new beginning here with Serena as he used his job as a hunter to get enough money to rebuild the cabin and get the necessities needed to survive. During this time, Serena was especially sheltered as her father often had her by his side, doing all he could to avoid attracting negative attention from having her repress her magic once more to ensuring that she never strayed too far away from him. And when Serena grew old enough to be in the house by herself (specifically 12 years old), she found herself often spending her days at home, taking care of the house when her father was gone, and staying where she was led to believe was safe and hidden.

Thankfully, their time period didn’t last long as Serena’s father noted the loneliness her isolation had brought her, so, at age 14, she was allowed to join him into the kingdom once again. Later, she was allowed to go into the kingdom by herself but with a curfew. And as Serena grew older, her curfew grew later and later until her father allowed her to stay in the kingdom until at least the end of the day whether it be to do errands, help around the area, or just enjoying life as a normal girl. Just as long as she doesn’t draw too much attention to herself (a bit of a struggle considering her beauty but she is getting by) and keeps her magic in check. Then all should be fine.

During this time, the memories of her old village and its fate faded away, a blurry childhood memory that Serena only revisits in her dreams.

•Sour and salty foods (anything that has a tang to it)
•Strategy games (especially chess)
•Puzzles of any sorts
•Video games (especially fantasy open-world sort of games)
•Exploring and trying new things
•Theorizing about just about anything
•Instrumental music (especially webcore and video game osts/video game ost-sounding stuff)
•Cozy clothing (scarves, hoodies, cloaks, sweaters, anything soft and warm that makes her feel safe really. Also some of these accessories like scarves and cloaks flutter dramatically in the wind which is a bonus)

•Being the center of attention
•Sitting still
•Pessimists (she’s stressed enough about what can go wrong, pls-)
•People messing or going through her stuff (especially her notes)
•Being separated from her notes/Having nothing to take notes with when learning
•Being disliked
•Complete darkness
•Making decisions completely on her own


Raised by a hunter, Serena was taught archery by her father with Hisa having inherited some of these skills upon taking the part of Serena. Thanks to the game’s programming, she does need training with Serena being a bit rusty due to not having practiced in one or two years. Nonetheless, this does lead to her primary method of defense being archery.

For the sake of her safety, Serena often has one hunter dagger from her father hidden in her belt which she is able to use for self-defense in more close combat situations.

The silver necklace Serena wears is the last memento of her mother as it is a family heirloom that has been passed down her mother’s side of the family for generations. Due to this connection, Serena, and thus Hisa by proxy, is meant to be rather protective of it. Specifically, Hisa feels a strange connection to it, having a subconscious urge to keep it beside her. A side-effect of being put in the place of another character.

Hisa is the kind to take notes on everything. So it makes sense she would take notes on everything on the game, attaining a journal as soon as possible and writing everything down whether it be small bits of facts about the land and people around, strategies for how to approach people and get through this “game”, and all her theories about the “game”… yeah I am most definitely planning for this girl to get a wake-up call but right now, she got them issues.

Because we gotta have them plot twists. Although it was believed that Serena’s mother was dead with her father manipulating Serena to believe she died in an ambush caused by thieves, her mother did survive her father’s attack, having been found and taken in by the cult that was sighted near the villages. Betrayed, vengeful, and enraged, her mother joined the cult, adopting their beliefs as she helps carry out her plans and continues her search for her family, hoping to be reunited with her daughter and possibly have her join them.

Serena was actually taught how to play the flute by her father, flute-playing seeming to be a family tradition on her father’s side. Coincidentally, Hisa played the flute in her high school band (which her parents recommended she joined due to her interest in music and also to have extracurricular on her college record) so she is skilled in the instrument and enjoys playing it when she can. Though, considering this is a girl from modern times, she most definitely knows and enjoys playing video game tracks and meme songs on the flute.

When she was younger, Hisa’s parents had her take ballet classes, seeing as they thought taking on some more hobbies would not only look good on her resume but also help her bond with others and she did happen to be interested in a ballet-themed game at the time. While Hisa wasn’t particularly passionate about it, shows and recitals often gave her the worst anxiety, Hisa did enjoy the art. She did have to drop out in her last few years of high school when her schedule became much busier due to college planning and such but she still practiced on her own when she could. And now, she enjoys practicing, often dancing around when playing the flute or trying to pull a few fancy tricks when shooting arrows.
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