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hello! my name is oliver and i am very new to this site.

i joined because i want to find new roleplay partners for the arcana.

some info:

-i prefer to play asra, however i am open to trying other characters!! though i really only have an interest in rp if asra is involved.

-i also like to do canon/canon character things. the character you play can have variance because i like to see a lot of different dynamics with asra. the exception is that i really want to do something with my own mc miro sometime so if you play asra and you’re good with that great! some mcs i’m okay with but most of the time i just do not enjoy it :/

-i play asra as a transmasculine afab...person. i see him more of a trans man but i do understand he is technically labeled non-binary, it’s the projection

-i will do almost anything haha. i do not like lucio or him being glorified but yeah i will even do something involving him. julian/asra is my favorite because i love their dynamic so much but i’m super open to more.

so yeah :] is anyone interested?
So, I just registered here to reply to this...

Sign me up for this!
I'm not that great at writing male characters, but I do love writing Julian, so I'd be up for writing my MC and Julian~ Also other characters needed for the story!

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