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hello lgbt community
Hi! I'm trying to get back into the groove of roleplaying, so I'm hoping for partners who are willing to do it with me. If any of this interests you, please PM me!

- Call me Aqua
- 18 year old Filipino bisexual demigirl, I use she/they pronouns
- My time zone is PST
- I have around ~6-7 years of roleplay experience and I can usually provide at least a paragraph, though I also try to write more if my partner writes more. I try my best to match my partner's length
- I write in 3rd person for roleplaying, but I may only write in 2nd person depending on whether or not I think it might be appropriate for the emotional impact of the scene lol
- Don't worry about ghosting. If you want to give an explanation and tell me that you want to drop, go ahead, but I also won't demand you to do so. I'll understand if you have personal things going on, if you feel anxious to tell me you want to drop, etc.
- I tend to play female or nonbinary characters more, however I'm also comfortable with playing male characters!
- I'm mostly comfortable playing my own OCs
- However, I might be willing to do OC x Canon depending on the canon character you want me to play, just ask. However, I'm mostly only willing to do OC x Canon if I'm playing the canon character if we can double up
- I'll admit it. I'm a sucker for romance, so a lot of the roleplays that I want to do tend to involve romance in some way or another. That doesn't mean that I'm not willing to do roleplays where romance plays little to no role at all, however I do get very easily invested in romances
- That being said, I'm willing to do any kinds of ships! MxF, FxF, MxM, FxNB, NBxNB, etc.
- I'm fine with beginner roleplayers!

- It's easier for me to feel more comfortable and more easily invested in a roleplay if there's a lot of OOC communication and talk between us! It helps me to stick to a roleplay if I get to talk and get to know my partner well in a friendly manner
- I'd much rather prefer to roleplay with others around my same age range. At the very least, I wouldn't want to roleplay with anyone who's below 16 years old. I also don't care if my roleplay partners are a lot older than me either, so as long as you're comfortable with roleplaying with someone my age as well
- I'm willing to write and do dark topics with you so as long as it's treated sensitively, however if I feel uncomfortable with anything I'll let you know, and I expect you to respect that. In turn, please be clear about your boundaries with me as well! I'll respect your boundaries, and you'll respect mine
- Please use tone indicators with me where you think they're appropriate. I have a very difficult time with telling tone and I don't want to take things more personally or might lightly than you want me to
- I do not do any kind of RPF, do not ask me about that. References to celebrities or the like are allowed however roleplaying real people themselves is not my thing

Just a list of genres that I really like
- Romance
- Fantasy (high or low, dark or whimsy, I tend to like most fantasy settings)
- Urban Supernatural
- Sci-Fi
- Science-Fantasy
- Horror
- Western
Of course, I'm willing to do most genres so as long as the plot sounds interesting. I tend to be less easily invested in slice of life plots but if you insist on them I might give them a shot

- ToG/ACoTAR (I'm personally very SJM critical however I'd still probably be willing to do a roleplay in these settings!)
- Wings of Fire
- Warrior Cats
- Transformers
- Tolkien (anything Tolkien, from LOTR to The Hobbit to the Silmarillion)
- The Inheritance Cycle
- Percy Jackson
- Dead by Daylight
- Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks stuff
- Inuyasha
- DC / Marvel
- Pokemon
- Devil May Cry
- Star Wars
- Hellsing
- Cookie Run
- MDZS / The Untamed
- She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (2018)
- Lego Ninjago
- SCP Foundation

What the title says, these are basically some of my favorite dynamics. Mostly in a romance context, though if you want to take a different route with it then I'd be fine! Feel free to mix and match and combine some of these if you want as well
- Enemies to Lovers
- Demon x Angel
- Demon / Angel x Human (especially a priestess of sorts hehe)
- Or any kind of monster x human tbh
- Childhood Best Friends to Lovers
- Best Friends to Enemies to Lovers
- Reincarnated x Immortal
- Resurrected x Lover who lived on
- Royal x Knight
- Beauty and the Beast
- Detective x Criminal
- Superhero x Supervillain
- Big Bad x Devoted Second-in-Command
- Deity x Follower
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(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧crying over fictional lesbians (╥︣﹏᷅╥)
I'm super interested bean! < 3 would love to scheme up some sort of monster x human or light fantasy plot! feel free to send me a message. I prefer fxf pairings if thats okay? or fx(they). I consider myself semi/advanced lit but that fluctuates depending on inspiration and time! (I'm also a lil' rusty... ngl.) I'm currently freshly 20 years old (as of last November).

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