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Realistic or Modern April showers, bring May flowers.🌟

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Just a girl, trying to find her way.♡☆
Copper, is what she tasted as she felt the warm blood from her own mouth pool into her bottom lip. She was biting it again, harder this time than the last. Trying to find words to fill the heavy silence.
Warm water, sloshed around her feet and webbed up her ankles as she reached for the green and black shampoo bottle. The bottle, felt heavy in her hands.
Well, this is what happens when you work three twelve hour shifts you goof. She reminded herself as she worked the soap into her hair.
Her eyes closed as she stepped under the water, the drops falling like rain down her body and into the drain to never be seen again.
The purple towel she had laid out for herself twenty minutes before, was thankfully still hanging where she left it. Drying her hair last, she brushed her teeth and absently pointed at the wrinkles in her face, and the crows feet around her eyes. "Are you going to love me, still when I'm fourty-five?" She said out loud, silently hoping he would hear her, silently hoping he would not. She could only imagine his reaction, he'd roll his large eyes and stare at her the only way he did. With his own toothbrush hanging from his mouth, he'd respond with "of course" before going about his-

♤it's too long! If you want to read the whole thing let me know!♤

Hi guys! Above will take you to writing sample of mine.
If you read it fully thank you!!

I'm currently home sick with covid, and on spring break. Looking for some active people to write with.

I adore angst, don't have any triggers and love a clichéd romance. I prefer to write female oc's but i can be convinced to double!!

Send ya girl a message. (:
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