1. "Oh no, don't get off me just yet. Let's savour this moment..." she purred but once the man actually did get up, she wasted no time getting up herself. She looked at the pair before glancing to the man as he asked if she was going to leave right after taking some food. "Oh come on, man we've just met why don't we sit down and I can blubber about my 'crippling backstory that'll make your heart melt'? Or..." she was about to ramble on when a loud rumble from her stomach cut her off. With a shrug, she put her hand against it and rolled her other hand as if she was still talking, "Yeah that... Hey maybe if you give me something to eat, maybe we could... get to know each other more?" She wriggled her eyebrows, "I will jump out that window and you will never see me again. Like something out of a novel. Won't that be peachy?" It seemed impossible for the woman to shut up but hey, the longer she distracted them the more she was going through the jacket and bag to look for something. Smooth. @Fizz @commodore 64
  2. Allegra Sauvagess
    Allegra grinned after every remark Rumble made. The girl was beginning to grow on her, and she admired her ease in such a stressful situation. But she couldn't let her guard down just yet. Removing the Uzi from the strap, she held it beside her thigh, finger fidgeting with the trigger.
    "Hey Liam-" she began with a smirk -"There isn't that many fish in the sea anymore... This could be your shot at not dying alone." She joked, shooting a glance at Rumble.
    @Fizz @Rumble Fish
  3. Liam Grove
    At this point, Liam was extremely creeped out by Rumble. He wasn't used to this sort of conversation, much less reply to one, but in this situation it seemed like he had to respond, "I- We don't need to listen to your backstory, we've already spent enough time chatting, and the group needs this place to rest soon before nightfall." The last part was mostly directed at Allegra, hoping she would agree with him. Liam didn't exactly fancy the idea of inviting Rumble into the group either, merely because of her 'choice of words', but it wasn't his call either way. When asked for something to eat, he shrugged and glanced at Allegra. All he had was half a can of spam, but he was keeping it for Francesca.

    @commodore 64 @Rumble Fish
  4. Rum blinked before flashing a grin in the woman's direction. See she was getting the idea here while the guy still seemed totally oblivious, and seemed to think her quip about her backstory was real... Hm. "Really? I can tell you a version where I keep my pants on and don't ahem, 'do it' with every attractive human I've seen up until now. But I understand, it can be hard to figure it all out it's fine, it's fine." Jesus did she ever stop talking?

    She happened to glance at the woman and spotted the gun she was holding, "Ooh that's a nice one. I'd get all hot and bothered but I'm in public, come on I have some class." She simply shrugged before moving part of her torn up jacket to reveal her own gun but tried to do it in a way in which it both told them she wasn't going to grab or fire the thing... and that it would show off part of her leg. "But of a gun nut, though I only got this thing that might as well shoot bbs." She explained before looking back to the boy as he mentioned that the group would need to rest. "Hey it's probably better I sleep up on the roof anyway. Won't be lonely got my... little doodad to keep me company. Will try to be quiet but no guarantees." she added before taking some jerky from the bag in the jacket and chewing on one of the strips. She pretty much expected the guy to try and throw her out the window. Not that she would mind that really. @Fizz @commodore 64
  5. Anastasiya Griggs
    Anastasiya did as told and wrapped her arm around Colette's shoulder, propping herself up slightly for balance. She sniffled before nodding, prepared to take the girl's pack whenever found itself in her hand. The cold began to creep up on her again now that the fire was out, but it wasn't enough to put her down again. Ana sniffled again, a little more violently this time; she'd rather keep the snot in than let it freeze over her lip. She shuddered at the thought - it'd happened too many times to her before. Her ears picked up Francesca's words and she sighed, "Francesca... Frankie. Just a little more patience. Please?" She said these words without looking to the girl, hoping they'd mean something. Anastasiya had her share of being left behind and she feared that this girl wouldn't hesitate to do it.

    @Cronos @spacient
  6. Nikita Vissarionovich

    "The apartment probably has much better insulation than the book store. The faster we get there, the safer we become. And once we do get there, we could find some place for you to rest until you become better. I am sure it would be a lot better than sleeping on these cold tiles. With some more proper rest, you will heal faster." Nikita tried to convince her that going to the apartment was better. He then walked to the exit of the book store, shooing the two girls out. A wave of de ja vu hit Nikita as he realised that he had been in this exact situation before. But at least this time he had someone who shared his perspective.

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  7. Francesca

    @Cronos, @AttackOnTak @The_Omega_Effect
    Frankie didn't want to wait, she didn't want to be in the bookstore, she didn't want to clear an apartment in the middle of the night with 2 strangers around with them now, albeit injured ones. She just wanted to fix a room and prepare for sleep. Still, she waited at the door for them. She was glad Nikita was doing something to help hurry the girls along, because any more waiting and she would leave all of them in there. While she was at it, she grabbed a couple newspapers, thinking she would shred them and use them for tinder tonight, like what they had done for this fire, "I wanna move fast, it's only gonna get darker out." She moved back to the door and pushed it open, feeling a cold blast of wind on her face that immediately made her want another fire
  8. Anastasiya Griggs
    With her eyes on the darkened figure of Nikita, Ana nodded reluctantly. He was right. They needed to go, and it didn't matter if she was ready or not. In the end, getting to where they were trying to go would help her more than them waiting up for her. "Right. Yeah... I'm good." She took a breath and grabbed Colette's bag, her hand wrapping tightly around one of the straps. Ana was ready to go. She was shooed out with Colette and met with an unforgiving breeze. A shiver ran through every muscle of her body as she squinted. "I wanna move fast, it's only gonna get darker out." Anastasiya, standing behind Francesca, responded to the sentence. "Alright. Let's move fast." Trying to sound motivated and ready for the move, her words came out as a weak slur of syllables.

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  9. Colette Angeliqué

    Once Anastasiya had grabbed her bag, she managed to stand upright and that should make it easier for her to move. As they walked out the door, cold air hit her face, making her cheeks redden and her free hand tug on the hem of the coat. "Alright. Let's move fast." It seemed like the other girl was as thrilled as she was, words coming out as a weak slur. Colette herself wasn't able to even fake excitement, the freezing atmosphere made her grumpy and she would probably yell at the first person who talked to her, so she just decided to keep her mouth shut.

    Will's jacket was warmer than her hoodie, which, at least, stopped her teeth from chattering. She tried not to feel guilty about wearing his coat, tried to convince herself that he made that choice on his own but her anxiety was slowly corrupting her mind. Colette shot a glance at her bag at Anastasiya's hand, worry filling her mind as she unconsciously tightened her grip on the smaller girl's waist.

    @spacient @AttackOnTak @The_Omega_Effect
  10. Liam Grove

    Why. Why was Runble still talking. He understood...some of her 'comments', mostly the less subtle ones, but now he was just a mixed splash of confusion and uncertainty. "I can't do this." He finally replied, walking towards a window and looking out at the front yard. "Just... If you do end up joining the group, please don't come near me." Liam heaved a sigh and leaned on the wall, staring at the floor in front of Rumble. He was in a middle of an Apocalypse, but instead he had to converse with an overly seductive woman that could potentially join his group. Great. "Allegra you can interrogated her or whatever. I'll just look around the place for anything useful." With that, he got up and exited the room. Anywhere away from Rumble should be fine.

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  11. Nikita Vissarionovich

    Nikita walked out after Francesca. He was not impacted by the cold as much as her due to her taking the initial wave of cool air and due to him coming from the naturally cold climate of Russia. But just because it did not wear him down mentally, did not mean that it did not do so physically. It had definitely gotten colder than before. He had hoped that the group in the apartment did not come across any more survivors. To Nikita, it was nothing more than less food for him to eat and more wounds that he would have to treat. The only reason he tolerated them was due to the fact that more people meant that there would be more layers of defence any attackers would have to get through to come close to Nikita. But this did not mean that he would be all happy about another idiot joining them. He honestly wanted Pax to be real and wanted to be working as a doctor for them so that he would no longer have to interact with these idiots. Well, with the exception of one or two.

    While walking out, he noticed Francesca was impacted by the cold quite a bit. He then patted her on her shoulder blade once and spoke. "Once we make it there I can get you some of that moonshine so that the cold does not bother you any longer. Come on." He then walked a bit ahead of her and then gestured towards the direction they were going with his head.

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    Felix The Stray

    Luckily, his falter went unnoticed and a sigh of relief passed over him. He slowly peeped over the roof, the group was beginning to move. This was a likely effort to unite the two groups before night fall. Felix slowly rose to his feet, he carefully maneuvered around the ice before snatching his M40. His satchel was hung by his left shoulder and rested at his right side. The survivor's python remained holstered by his left hip and his strapped M40 hung from his right shoulder, barrel in the air. "I hope this place isn't far" he muttered.
  13. Francesca Illiani

    The cold stung Frankie like no other, and it made her want a scarf or bandanna so she wouldn't feel this stinging on her face again. The rest of her was fine, but her face wanted to rip off, like she would get a wind burn. She began walking through the snow, heading in the direction for the apartment complex, and then Nikita said those glorious words that he would give her liquor. She knew it was a false warmth and drowsiness she would feel, but she didn't care. She sent him a sideways smile and teased, "If I didn't think you'd hit me, I'd kiss you right now. Come on, let's keep going."
  14. Allegra Sauvagess
    Allegra was going to protest against the idea of being in a room with a girl she barely knew, despite their initial friendly interactions with each other. But Liam was already gone by the time it took the blonde to open her mouth.
    She watched as the boy exited the room, and was soon left with the chilling silence that took over the outside world, with her only companion being the flirty stranger.
    "So..." Allegra began, jerking her head to look at Rumble, analyzing her physique and facial features. "Hi."
    @Rumble Fish
  15. Nikita Vissarionovich

    "If I didn't think you'd hit me, I'd kiss you right now. Come on, let's keep going." Nikita smiled at her comment. It was not quite a serious one and it was meant as a joke which he responded with "Oh stop. You're gonna make me blush." He then waited for Francesca to walk past him and then followed after.

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  16. Liam Grove
    The rooms were as uninteresting as each other, containing only a bland wallpaper and dull furniture that he doubted contained anything useful. At this point, he was trying desperately to get Rumble off his thoughts...her comments would disfigure any pure mind. After finding himself circling around a room multiple times, he remembered that Cole still existed. He slowly took his time while walking down to the second floor, until he called out. "Cole, come here. I'll help you up. It's...physically safe here." He leaned down and offered a hand to Cole, certain he would be able to pull him up.

    @S n o w
  17. Anastasiya Griggs
    She felt strengthened in the arms of Colette, and it was a very comforting feeling. The fact that a stranger would go so far for her astounded her, but the girl was more than just a risktaker or a caregiver; she was kind at heart. Hell, their first encounter, she talked to her as thought they were high school friends before things got serious. She gripped the bag tighter and held it close, making sure to keep the travel to the apartment as short as possible on her part. Anastasiya rolled her eyes as she couldn't help but hear the conversation between Nikita and Francesca. They were joking, and that was okay. And even if they weren't, she wouldn't care; everyone needs a little romance in their life. Especially this life.

    Huddling closer to Colette to conserve body heat, Ana took a deep breath and embraced the cold as a whole, merciless beast and took it head on. They were getting to that apartment.

    @Cronos @The_Omega_Effect @spacient
  18. "Bye, gorgeous!" The woman purred and waved innocently as the man left in a hurry. Aw bless him, he was just a baby. She had given up on trying to eat the jerky, it was pretty much inedible and would probably kill her if she tried to swallow it. She looked to the woman as she nervously greeted her. Rum would have answered right away but she was too distracted by her injured foot, which seemed to be more hurt than she initially thought. It was leaving blood wherever she went and the feeling of splinters in the ball of her foot was becoming impossible to ignore. But Rum was not one to show weakness. The only sign she showed was that she was not putting all of her weight on her foot. She sniffed and looked at the woman with a tilted head, somewhat like a bird. "Oh, I should introduce myself. Call me Rumble." She smirked at the woman. She was about to ask her own name when she suddenly felt an intense and extreme pain in her stomach. She let out a groan and wrapped her arms around it as she doubled over, hoping it would just pass. Damned hunger pains... With a groan she looked up at the woman, trying to laugh slightly, "Eheh... Don't... worry about that." she said through her teeth, "This... happens a lot." She finally felt it subside and she stood upright, her hands still on her abdomen. "So... what's your name, pretty face?" She wriggled her eyebrows at the woman. Hm. She wished she had tackled her rather than Liam. She looked like she could take a joke and also... she liked girls as well so it would have been a win-win. She wondered what would have happened if she kissed Liam... Curious. She should try it some time. @commodore 64
  19. Cole Bishop

    Cole considered all the ways that he could die before, but he never thought that it would be boredom that finally got him. He tried to listen for footsteps, voices, something that would tell him what was going on above him. He even tilted his head back, trying to see as far up as he could. He stood after a while, and was about to start pacing when Liam finally came back. He took his hand, noticing that he looked weirdly uncomfortable. "Physically safe?" He repeated after the older boy pulled him up, raising an eyebrow at him. "What did you find?"
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    Allegra Sauvagess
    Allegra noticed Rumble's pain, despite the girl masking it. She was admittedly concerned for her, but she couldn't let her see that. Not until she was completely trustworthy.
    She took note of her facial gesture, and couldn't help but crack a smile. She glanced down for a second, at her tattoos, before raising her gaze to meet Rumble's.
    "Nice tattoos." Allegra commented.
    @Rumble Fish
  21. "Ooh... Allegra." Rum purred, looking the woman up and down. "Luckily for you, I have a soft spot for Italian names." she added before her grin became more strained as another wave of agony came across her abdomen. Couldn't it give a rest for a second? She was trying to socialise! She sighed as it passed and she looked back at the grin the girl had on her face. "Oh I amuse you? That's a change! Normally people throw stuff and try and chase me off. Got hit with a salt and pepper shaker once, that hurt like a bitch but was tasty on the rabbit I caught that day so jokes on them really." Why the hell was she talking about food?! Oh yeah because food was something Rum could never not think about. She was still trying to distract herself from the pain. She could not let her guard down yet, what if the girl was just humoring her and buttering her up so she could jump, rob and then chuck her out the window? Okay maybe not in that order... Wait what was she thinking about again?
    @commodore 64
  22. Allegra Sauvagess
    Allegra chuckled at Rumble's joke, shaking her head slowly in a display of amusement. The blonde realized that Rumble was probably interested in her just as much as she was in Liam, given by all of her sensual gestures. Although she wanted to, she fought off the urge to tell the girl to miss her with that gay shit. Ally decided to humor her and keep on with the same conversation. It was a long time since Ally had seen anyone that friendly, and no one in her group - aside from her - was as carefree as Rumble was being right now.
    "Yeah? I don't see how would they." Ally replied to her comment, raising an eyebrow. She sidestepped closer to Rumble, a cheeky smile taking over its place. "Don't get a lot of friendly faces nowadays."

    @Rumble Fish
  23. Francesca

    @The_Omega_Effect @Cronos @AttackOnTak
    Frankie sent Nikita a grin - good, he knew she was just joking around. Sure, Nikita was a good-looking guy but she didn't know if she'd want to start a romance with him or anyone else in the middle of the apocalypse. So, she led the small group onwards, overtaking Nikita for the lead so she could show the rest of them exactly where they needed to go. Occasionally she glanced over her shoulder to check that Colette and Anastasia were close enough behind that they wouldn't get lost in the wind and cold. As much as it might be nice to not have them around to annoy her, Will wouldn't be happy if they were suddenly "lost"

    Before long, she brought them to the apartment complex, heading inside, thankful that she was finally out of the wind, "Alright, here we are~" she said as she began rubbing her cold cheeks with her gloved hands, "Might be a good idea if we found the others first."
  24. Will Harris

    Will strode towards the group the second he saw them come inside, glancing over everyone to make sure they were all relatively okay. He had been starting to think otherwise by how long it took them to get there. But there would be time for him to question Frankie or Colette later. "There was an accident with Kate. I need you to take a look at her again, and see if her leg is any worse than before," it was obvious that it would be, since she fell on it. But Will wasn't sure how else to say it without appearing completely clueless. "She's in that room," he turned away, hoping Nikita would follow him without too much of a protest.
  25. "U-um.. I mean there could be some corpses up there that you might not like seeing and stuff..." Liam trailed off, ignoring the second question. "Allegra's on the top floor, but I'm gonna search around the lower levels in case there's something important." Without another word, he left towards the nearest room, and started searching around. Right now, he was just stalling until the others got here and hopefully not allow Rumble to join. Allegra seemed to enjoy Rumble's company, but the others are more serious...right?

    @S n o w

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