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Realistic or Modern Apocalypse Country

The Dark Creator

Not fun at parties
A zombie virus that started as your typical undead virus, slow dumb zombies, eventually mutated to turn the entire country of the US into a horde of angry monsters within human bodies. Brave and Skilled Survivors, along with the Military, are fighting through in hopes of finding a cure for the virus and to stop it from spreading to the other parts of the world.

This RP is inspired a bit by Resident evil... I ask that people play as a Military soldier, or a Survivor working towards the cure. I have 3 separate characters for this rp, a Hero, Villain, and a neutral character. Please pick what you would want me to play. I can answer questions.

Sparrow Sage

The one who brings anxiety to the party
This sounds really interesting! I'd love to do this. I'll be a survivor looking for a cure, you can be whoever you think fits best. Would it be alright if I use my OC who has DID?

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