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Fandom Anyone would be interested in a Multiverse RP?

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Trafalgar Hoshi

One Piece Lover
Here my idea for this roleplay.

  • Year 3020, The world had ended. The earth is nothing but a wasteland. It been destroyed in in meter crash. The world that was once safe haven for people. Those who wanted to protect it from harm. Now the earth being rebuilt little by little it's coming back to life. As three years passed the technology today is better it's was years ago.

    In large city that been named as Paradise Valley this place is home to many people who lost there world in the meter crash. This place becoming more and more home for many people. They're living in peace and getting along with others. Or are they? There is shadows hiding in the darkness. Waiting for the moment to attack this peaceful place.

    They're only ones that can protect this city from harm. Along with some new faces who fallen into this new world. Let built this peaceful paradise together! Two ways you can do this. Get along with the others or die trying.

Here the discord if you guys/girls want be interested in the RP just hop on.
I'm looking for Canons from different series.
OC's they can be from the series also.
If you're interested drop a message here or join the discord.

Here the character sheet Fandom - Paradise Valley (Character Sheet)

Main Thread Fandom - Paradise Valley [ Multiverse RP ] Open / Accepting
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Seems like this has been up for a bit. I have an entire team of characters that I wouldn't mind using, just wanted to run it by you first before I post them up and get ready to go.

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