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Fandom Anyone wanna do a Total Drama High School RP?

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anybody there?
So basically, I wanna do an RP about Total Drama, but in a high school scenario. When they first announced that they were doing another season, everybody was disappointed that it was daycare instead of high school (which is what they originally expected). So, anybody that wants to join, go ahead ;D.
Also, you can make fan-couples using these characters, but plz put a story-line behind it (and PLZ make them be compatible). All characters being played will start out single. You can only rp as 1 or 2 characters, but no more. This will start by the time we have at least 10 signups... Well... HAVE FUN!!!
EDIT: I forgot to say, if you wanna join, post it on my profile wall thingy (whatever the frick it's called)
1. Shawn played by: Ezekielduds Ezekielduds
2. Ezekiel played by: Ezekielduds Ezekielduds
1. Dawn played by: AARON_Mason AARON_Mason (me)
2. Heather played by: AARON_Mason AARON_Mason (me)
3. Courtney played by Lycoris Lycoris
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