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Multiple Settings Anyone up for some dark/fluffy fun?

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I get distracted, please poke if I don't respond

This thread is kinda long, but detailed. I'm Matamoja, but call me Mata. I have been RPing for a few years now, but have been writing for far longer. Made on phone, sorry to pc users for the formatting~

  • I usually write anywhere between 150 and 1000+ words per post. Starting posts are usually kinda long or kinda short. I mirror the style and length of the one I'm writing with.

    Ghost friendly! Feel free to drop the RP for any reason, no hard feelings I promise ^w^

    On that note, I'm super patient. Don't feel pressured to respond every day, I can wait months for a reply.

    I love to come up with plots! Let's have fun making a story and universe together ^w^ Bouncing ideas back and forth is the best part of the planning process.

    Any gender characters. Male, female, neither, anything works.

    Realistic characters. One of my favorite parts about RPing is making and developing characters.

    NPCs. I enjoy making and playing NPCs. There have been times when NPCs became main characters.

    Open minded. I love everything from tooth rotting fluff to dark murder plots. I will probably say yes to whatever idea you throw at me.

    LGBTQ+ friendly! Not sure if this really needs to be stated, but LGBTQ+ characters are more than welcome. Hell, a lot of, if not all, my characters fall under that umbrella as well.

    clichés. I love clichés, sue me. But, I also love doing the opposite of a cliché if that makes sense?


I delete comments periodically, so just be aware of that. That said, please don't post here unless you can't send PMs ^^
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