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Anyone up for a Kingdom Hearts RP?


One of Kingdom Hearts's biggest fans! :]
Actually scratch my last post, what if we move the ideas for the RP and the RP itself to Discord? that way none of us can get spoiled by the internet. It's thanks to another friend on another RP that I was able to think clearly about this, all credit goes towards them. Is everyone okay with this idea?

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Jenn [Trash Remastered]
Hello everyone! Is there still room for one more? Mainly because I haven't had a good Kingdom Hearts roleplay in ages and it'd be nice to embrace that sweet taste once more!

The setting you all were discussing was Scala ad Caelum, correct? The world implied to be the training grounds of young Xehanort and Eraqus?

I mean, given the size of the place you could easily weave the backstories of a lot of original characters into there. The most obvious and easy to do is Keyblade wielders. There is probably Keyblade masters there in the upwards of at least 20. Even though Xehanort and Eraqus are undergoing training in the tower, if they are not needed in the story it's very easy to say our cast simply didn't cross paths with them due to how many Keyblade apprentices there are walking about. They are essentially like any other NPCs walking past in the background. As for non-Keyblade wielders, there's that huge town underneath which is essentially a sandbox to make up whatever type of backstory you like from a narrative standpoint. I mean, so long as everyone starts off in the same world to meet up and get the plot rolling, there shouldn't be any issues. The only thing we have to do is think up a central conflict in a time of relative peace.

We could keep things cliche for simplicity's sake unless anyone else slams down one hell of an amazing idea. Basically, we need an excuse to go to all these worlds. Maybe hide a McGuffin in them? Pages from some legendary Keyblade master's journal that were definitely not hidden to cover up some evil wrongdoings? Maybe none of these worlds have keyholes yet and our cast has to clear out the heartless (Or monster of the week) and then place a lock on the heart of the world so they stay out for good (Until Ansem Seeker of Darkness' shenanigans in KH1 at least).
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Jenn [Trash Remastered]
Also, final point of business before I vanish to play Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight.

I love my Kingdom Hearts OC to death. They are a gummi ship pilot. Usually, I write them as a secondary character to the heroic leads of the story, someone just along for the ride. But you know what I also like- More accurately, adore? Einhänder. Which is also a Squaresoft game.

And it just so happens... For Kingdom Hearts III, Square Enix brought back the Einhänder staff to make the gummi ship segments. This resulted in the iconic Einhänder ship being made into a gummi ship for the game.


Hah- I was just... Y'know wondering if my character could pilot this super amazing gummi ship? Einhänder's story ends with the ship drifting off to deep space anyways so it be a perfect excuse about how it got into Kingdom Heart's gummi space. The pilot is tired of war so they are just gonna... Drive around all these original characters to Disney worlds and watch them save the day like a proud parent without being too plot essential.


Jenn [Trash Remastered]
Since Iamkingdomhearts1000 said all the worlds I'd probably have suggested, I had to think long and hard on if there was anything else I'd like to see.

I'm going with Great Mouse Detective, since we'd have an excuse to see everyone try to solve a mystery with an exasperated sherlock holmes mouse. Also just the novelty of everyone being tiny like Ven in the Castle of Dreams storyline.

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