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Fandom Anyone looking for a romance? (REBOOT)

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River Rose

RIP Avicii 1989-2018
Hi there, it's me again. The last thread did well but I just needed to make some changes, add stuff I missed. New plots, edited fandoms (with cravings!), and other random junk! I am very friendly in OOC and would love to collaborate with someone on plots!

-Be respectful
-Be open
-I only do MxF so if you're looking for something different you've come to the wrong place
-Be creative: Don't just give me the sentence, spice it up! If a character is sad, make it sound elaborate! If a character is in pain, describe it vividly!

-I would like for you to able to handle dark themes and vivid descriptions of injuries/illnesses
-Post at least once a day
-Post lengths around a paragraph. If you can manage more, great! If you can't, that's fine too! Don't try to match what I put out, just write what's comfortable for you

Me Fandoms:
++each * is how bad I'm craving it++

Merlin x OC
Knight x OC
Morgana x OC

Doctor Who*
10th Doctor x OC

The Umbrella Academy*********
Five x OC
Ben x OC
Grace x OC

Star Wars
Anakin x OC
Obi Wan x OC
Ashoka x OC
Ventress x OC
Captain Rex x OC

Stranger Things**
Steve x OC
Will x OC
Dustin x OCOC x OC

Power Rangers (DON'T LAUGH!)
Tommy x OC
Billy x OC
Jayden x OC
Mike x Emily

Percy Jackson*
Percy x Annabeth
Grover x OC


From the very day you are born, there are numbers on the inside of your wrist. Hours, minutes, and seconds. A date and time when you will meet your soulmate. But it comes with a catch. If your soulmate dies, the numbers on your wrist start to burn and turn into black Xs. People with these Xs are never supposed to find love again. But maybe there's a loophole somewhere-

Soulmates feel one another's pain. The anguish, the heartbreak, every bone that has ever been broken. A scar on your soulmate is a tattoo on you. It shows up when the wound is made, and disappear if it heals perfectly. If not, it stays forever. So what if someone had tattoos all over their body? Was their soulmate dead or just very unlucky?

There was an old legend in the village every child wanted to hear. But it struck fear in their hearts to feel the words resonate. Vampires were most definitely real. And extremely dangerous. In fact, the old seer told them, if you were ever to see one, it would gobble you up! Of course all the children ran and screamed with terror. But the old seer knew more than she was letting on. When a severely injured and traumatized vamp comes to town, who will be willing to step up? And who will be devoured in the wake of this 'treacherous beast'?

(Specifically for Umbrella Academy!) Versailles Lovely was a killer. Lethal. Precise. Cold and uncaring to all. That was the mask she put up. That was the curtain she hid herself behind. That was, until, she met the Hargreeves. Upon learning that there were people like her, people with powers, she pondered letting the curtain fall. Questioned what would happen if her mask shattered. Her powers were great, and her lies held fast, but did they need to? Training with the siblings and knowing their stories changed her cold shriveled heart. It would take a lot of time, and a lot of effort, but maybe Versailles could be normal again. Maybe she wouldn't have to be a killer anymore.

(Specifically for Stranger Things!) 001. Number burnt into skin with the promise of never healing. Endless days of torture. Powers grew, experiments died, life went on. Blindfolds and saltwater chambers. Blood, tears, trembling in exhaustion. Escape was a dream, an impossibility. But if Eleven found a way out, then why couldn't others do the same? 001. Her name. She was alive. She would be free. If a thousand men stood in her way, there would be no stopping her. Hawkins was a wonderland, and 001 was falling down the rabbit hole.

PM me and tell me what you're interested in!

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